Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 147: The Divorced Leftover Woman [5]

"As long as you like it." Jing Ma said with a smile.

Si Shao calmed down a bit and thought that this matter turned really messy. She likes Jing Ming, but Jing Ming wants to break up with her. She wants to get Jing Ming back, but her relationship is not clear with his younger brother Jing Yu.

Seeing that Si Shao's complexion was not very good, Jing's mother guessed that it was because of Meng Bozhen. She said: "I need to marinate the meat, why don't you come over to help me out."

"Okay." Si Shao went over to help Jing's mom, and both chatted while marinating the meat.

"Xiao Shao, you're a good girl." Jing's mom said, "Actually, it's our Jing family that has wronged you."

Si Shao bowed her head and said, "Auntie, don't say that."

"I'm just telling the truth." Jing's mother sighed, "Although I really want you to be my daughter-in-law, if we husband and wife force Jing Ming to marry you, you won’t be happy either."

Of course Si Shao knew this, she slightly turned her head away to hold back the tears in her eyes and said, "I don't understand how Jing Ming can suddenly become so heartless."

"Not to mention you, we don’t understand this. Jing Ming has always been a good boy, he would never do such a hurtful thing before." Jing's mother looked at Si Shao lovingly and said, "Why don't you just forget about him, so that you will have more chances."

Si Shao looked up at Jing Ma and said, "Auntie, you want me to quit too, so you can help them both?"

"No, you don't cry." Jing Ma said clearly: "To be honest I don't like Meng Bozhen, and I don't want you to break off your engagement to fulfill them. I just think it's unfair for you to continue like this.You're such a good kid and the current Jing Ming really doesn't deserve you to grieve for him."

Si Shao turned his head, through the window she saw Tao Ran sitting on the swing.

From this long distance, she could not see Tao Ran's face clearly. Other than his face, all she could see was his skin exposed from the collar of the shirt as he sat facing this side, under the shade of the tree. He seems to be looking here, is he looking at me?

Jing's mom followed her gaze and waved to Tao Ran who was outside. Then she said to Si Shao: "Xiao Yu and Ming Ming are very different. Sometimes I feel very sorry for Xiao Yu, he couldn't be by our side since he was a child."

Tao Ran walked in and saw Si Shao at first glance. Seeing him coming, Si Shao remembered what happened with Tao Ran earlier, and remembered that she could see the courtyard from the kitchen. For a moment, her cheeks were flushed red, oh my god, did the auntie see that?

Tao Ran said without changing her face: "Mom, do you need my help?"

Jing's mother said, "Oh, you go and take down the grilling rack for the barbecue."

"Okay." Tao Ran went to bring the rack. Si Shao's eyeballs rolled a few times. Seeing that Jing’s mom didn’t show any strange expression, she thought she probably didn't see them.

At this time, Jing's mom suddenly said, "Just now I saw Xiao Yu standing in front of you. What was he doing? I didn't expect that you two would hit it off quite well."

Si Shao's face stiffened, and for a moment she began to crack her knuckles with nervousness.

"We...... we......."

Tao Ran took the shelf down and walked up to them and said, "Mom you'd better get rid of that Meng Bozhen. Sister was crying just now, so I comforted her for a while."

Si Shao: "......" How can he be so calm?.

Jing’s mom looked at Si Shao with difficulty and said, "She...... this......"

Si Shao understandingly said, "It's okay, I'm fine now."

Jing’s mom expressed relief that her youngest son would take the initiative to comfort others. She asked, "Xiao Yu, tell me, how did you comfort your sister?"

Tao Ran turned his head to look at Si Shao's eyes, then said, "Mom, how can I say this, you'd better let sister say it to you."

Si Shao: "......"

Jing's mom smiled and asked Si Shao, "Was that okay? Did Xiao Yu say it well?"

"Yes." Tao Ran said, "Sister, did I say it well?"

You said it so well that it simply makes me want to punch you in the face. Si Shao felt bitter, she suddenly realized that she had misunderstood Jing Yu a little, he didn't seem to be that innocent. Si Shao smiled dryly: "Hehe… This need not be said, right? It’s difficult for me to express it so clearly."

After saying that she quietly glared at Tao Ran. ‘Still laughing, it is really too much.’

Tao Ran took the grilling rack outside, and then went to the backyard. Jing Ming was talking with Meng Bozhen, and seeing him approaching, Meng Bozhen asked, "Shall we help?"

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Yes, otherwise mom would be too busy alone."

Jing Ming pulled Meng Bozhen to help in the kitchen, and when he saw Tao Ran standing in front of the flower vine of Saussurea costus, she asked, "What are you doing?"

Tao Ran said, "Don't mind me, you guys go ahead."

The two women in the kitchen were talking, and Jing Ming felt something wrong. Didn't Jing Yu say that Mom was busy alone? Jing’s mom asked them, "Why are you guys here?"

Meng Bozhen said, "Auntie, we came to help you."

Jing’s mom was tempted to say we have already done enough, you are now coming to hog the space by adding to the mess. When her face just changed a little, Tao Ran shouted from outside: "Sister, did you drop this thing?"

Jing's mom was unaware: "Xiao Shao, have you dropped something? Go out and have a look."

"Oh." Si Shao was a bit confused and went out.

When she went out and didn't see Tao Ran, she said, "Where are you?"

"I'm here." Tao Ran said.

Si Shao followed the voice to the backyard and saw Tao Ran standing in front of the Saussurea costus flower vine. She said, "What did I drop?"

"You come over here." Tao Ran stretched out his hand and said, "See if you dropped this."

Si Shao walked over and saw a beautiful Saussurea costus flower in Tao Ran's hand. She glared at Tao Ran and said, "Are you playing a trick on me?"

"How could it be? This is the most beautiful flower I've ever seen. Such a beautiful flower must belong to you." He took the flower and stuck it on Si Shao's head, and said, "Let me put it in your hair. "

Si Shao tilted her head to avoid it, "I don't want it."

Tao Ran stretched out a hand to hold Si Shao's head and forcibly put the flower in her hair.

Si Shao was a bit exasperated, "Actually, you are not that shy, right?"

Tao Ran immediately stared at her with a pair of innocent eyes, his fair skin tinged with red. He said in a shy tone, "What are you talking about sister?"

Si Shao: "......"

Over there, Jing's mom waited for a long time but did not wait for the two to come back, so she asked Jing Ming: "Why did you suddenly remember to come and help?"

Jing Ming said, "It was Xiao Yu who went over to call us."

"......" The corners of her mouth curled slightly. Finally dying the hope of their return she said, "Well then, you guys can come and help."

As a result, the two were clumsy, and Jing’s mom was so angry that she didn't want to talk anymore.

Tao Ran said to Si Shao: "I just don't want to see the two of them kissing here, so I called them to help mom. They don't even dare to hold hands in front of mom."

The corners of Si Shao's mouth twitched. She didn't intend to say anything more and sat down to look at the Saussurea costus flowers crawling all over the fence, and appreciated them, "It's so pretty."

Tao Ran laughed: "I planted this."

"Really?" Si Shao said, "Why did you plant Saussurea costus? Do you like them?"

Tao Ran said, "Because the seeds brought from the countryside only had Saussurea costus."

Si Shao choked for a moment and said, "You don't like them?"

Tao Ran said inexplicably, "Why would I plant it if I don’t like it?"

Right. Si Shao said: "Then what is your favorite flower?"

Tao Ran thought about it and said, "Nothing in particular."

Si Shao: "Then what flower do you hate the most?"

Tao Ran: "There is no flower that I hate either."

What a straight man’s answer ......

Si Shao laughed dryly: "You can also plant flowers, you are quite..... impressive."

Tao Ran said, "I invited a master gardener to plant it. I am only responsible for providing seeds and watching him plant on the sidelines."

"..." Si Shao didn't know what to say anymore.

The two were silent for a while, and Tao Ran said, "Did mom say anything to you before? When I went into the kitchen, I found your eyes were red."

Si Shao clasped her hands together and said, "Auntie...she wants me to cancel the engagement with Jing Ming."

"Did you agree?" Tao Ran asked.

Si Shao said, "Do you think I should agree?"

"Why not?" Tao Ran said, "My brother doesn't like you."

This was like a stab in the heart, Si Shao insisted: "Maybe Jingming will treat me well after we get married."

Tao Ran said, "And then wait for Meng Bozhen to come to show off in front of you with a big belly?"

"......" There was simply no way to talk anymore.

Tao Ran seemed to realize that he had said the wrong thing, he said with a guilty face, "I'm sorry, I just think you and brother are really not suitable."

Si Shao said, "Is it useful to apologize?"

"Then what do you want?" Tao Ran pouted and pitifully looked at Si Shao, "Do you want to hit me? Then go ahead and hit me."

Si Shao raised her hand to Tao Ran, and then her eyes fell on his still a little baby-fat cheek, she reached out to touch it, it felt soft and supple. Si Shao forced herself to withdraw her hand and said, "I will not hit you, you...... you reflect it on yourself."

Tao Ran touched his face and showed a shy smile to Si Shao and said, "Yeah, I will reflect on it."

It's really hard to deal with such a well-behaved teenager.

With such a tangled mood, Si Shao accidentally drank a little too much during the barbecue at night. Jing’s mom was also very happy, everyone drank a lot.

Jing Ming put a grilled sausage on Meng Bozhen's plate, but Meng Bozhen said, "No, I want to eat tenderloin."

"Okay, I'll grill it for you." Jing Ming grilled the meat for Meng Bozhen with a smile.

Si Shao looked at them and took a hard sip of wine.

Jing's mom saw it and praised, "Good, you can drink a lot. Xiao Yu, you have a drink too."

Tao Ran laughed, "I can't drink much."

"How can a man not drink?" Jing's mother took the glass and poured it into Tao Ran's mouth, "Come, come, drink more. Next time your father comes back you father-son can drink together."

Tao Ran choked on being poured, Si Shao saw it and laughed out loud.

Finally, late at night, everyone was full and drunk. The barbecue grill was going to be cleaned up the next day. Meng Bozhen and Si Shao stayed overnight at Jing's house.

When Jing Ming helped his mom into the house, she said, "No matter what, Xiao Shao is still here, you are not allowed to share a room with Meng Bozhen tonight. Be careful that I will make rounds in the middle of the night."

Jing Ming verbally agreed, turned his head and went to Tao Ran, "Brother, do me a favor."

Tao Ran: "No problem, just say it."

"You sleep in my room tonight." Jing Ming glanced at Meng Bozhen and said, "You understand, just help your brother."

Tao Ran smiled and said, "I understand, if mom knocks on the door, I'll pretend to be you while answering, right?"


Tao Ran took a shower and went to Jing Ming's room, thinking that young people just can't resist temptation, they start to think about the lower half of their bodies after drinking some cat urine. What's wrong with holding back for one night? It's like having some clandestine affair.

Si Shao wandered back to her room. She uncontrollably sobbed as she thought back to the loving appearance of Jing Ming and Meng Bozhen before. Remembering what Jing's mother said, she decided to talk to Jing Ming. Even if the outcome remained the same, she still wanted to make it clear for once. At least she wanted to know how exactly she was worse than Meng Bozhen.

She pushed open her door and walked to Jing Ming's room door, then reached out to knock on it.

Tao Ran opened the door, and Si Shao said, "I think we need to have a good talk."

"Sure." Tao Ran moved aside and said, "Come in and talk."

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