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Chapter 48: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [12]

To do it or not to do it, that is the question.

Tao Ran had never encountered this kind of problem in all his previous tasks because whether he wanted to do it or not, he had to do it in the end, and it was not from his own initiative. Today's situation was similar. The elder from the Acacia Sect gave him the Yin and Yang drug method of the Acacia Sect, and then she pretended to ask him if she could do it here.

It was horrible; Tao Ran had never seen such a brazen person.

Qiang Wei stared at Tao Ran like a predator looking at prey,determined to win. No matter how hard the prey struggled, it would be taken down in the end.

She smiled, opened her hands, and looked at Tao Ran provocatively: "I won't help you this time. I want you to come and help me undress."

The Yin and Yang drug of the Acacia Sect was the holy medicine of the Acacia Sect. Once caught, there was no solution unless you became friends with the poisoner. The medicinal properties were also unusually strong. Unlike some drugs that could make people feel befuddled, the Yin and Yang medicine allowed people to feel like their body burned in heat with a very clear consciousness.

Tao Ran felt like a fire was burning in his heart, and he couldn't tell whether it was lust or anger. He didn't want Qiang Wei to succeed in this way. The hatred he felt when she succeeded last time has not yet dissipated. This time, if she succeeded again, wouldn’t he, the Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing, lose face?

It would make people laugh out loud.

Qiang Wei calmly stood not far away and exclaimed: "The Sword Master deserves to be the Sword Sovereign. He is really tolerant. If someone else was caught with this medicine, I am afraid that they couldn’t help taking off my pants long ago. Yet, the Sword Sovereign can look at me with fierce eyes."

Seeing her arrogant look, this time she mustn’t be let go easily.

Tao Ran looked at Qiang Wei and suddenly smiled.

Qiang Wei was taken aback, Xuan Qing smiled?

The Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing could smile like this? This smile was... too attractive.

Qiang Wei felt a fever as if she had also been hit by Yin and Yang.

Tao Ran looked at Qiang Wei mysteriously, suddenly put his hand on his chest, and then pulled off his robe. The aqua robe fell under his feet, revealing his inner clothes. The fitted clothes were tight on his thin and strong body, the wide belt was wrapped around his waist, narrowing his slender waist.

Qiang Wei sighed of relief and said in her heart that this smelly Taoist priest aroused people.

She couldn't wait, and said, "It's good if you can figure it out. Don't worry, I will try my best to help you heal."

Tao Ran sneered, then turned and left.


Qiang Wei stayed frozen on the spot. Why did he leave? No need to resolve the Acacia sect drug?

She walked over, picked up the robe that Tao Ran had thrown on the ground, and shouted at him: "What are you doing? Are you angry? Is it not important anymore?" Then, she chased him.

Tao Ran walked all the way to his bamboo house in the bamboo forest and sat on the bed, waiting for Qiang Wei.

Qiang Wei hurriedly ran after him. Seeing Tao Ran sitting on the bed, she smiled in relief and said, "It turns out you want to be on the bed. It scared me."

Tao Ran didn't speak, but raised his arm and hooked his finger at her.

Once a tight-knit person woke up, the power had not recovered. Tao Ran couldn't find Bei on the spot and passed away dizzy.

The moment she approached Tao Ran, he raised his hand and waved in front of her; Qiang Wei's body couldn't move. Tao Ran tugged her, and threw her down on the bed.

Only her eyes and mouth could move. At this moment, she finally knew that she was being fooled and said anxiously: "What are you doing?"

Tao Ran stood by the bed, did not touch Qiang Wei's clothes, and just took off her pants and said: "Fuck you..."

 Qiang Wei:"……"

"...I want to do it." Tao Ran smiled: "You see that you have been drugged. If I don't do something, it's not polite. Don't you want me to take the initiative? Then, let me move, you don't move."

Qiang Wei was a little scared and said: "You, calm down. Dual cultivation is about you and I being in harmony. If I can't move, you can't have fun, right?"

"Humph." Tao Ran snorted and took out a pile of books from his sleeve. Qiang Wei's face became stiff and asked, "What is this?"

"The Acacia Sect also produces a guide book for secret techniques in the bedroom."

 Qiang Wei:"……"

Tao Ran also took off his pants while his upper body still looked well-dressed. He climbed onto the bed, climbed on Qiang Wei, and opened one of the books and said: "Separate her clothes, gently twist her Qi to wait for her to be impatient, rubbing around the outside."

Qiang Wei: "...You are too much like this."

Tao Ran stretched out his thumb and index finger to gently twist her nub, feeling the slight hard air in Qiang Wei. Then Tao Ran's waist began to sway, and the place where he took off his pants was rubbing around the periphery, just not going in.

Qiang Wei's breathing gradually became short and she didn't want to admit defeat, but this was really exciting. She persuaded: "Why do you have to be like this? We should be in a happy relationship, and you should be more uncomfortable than me at this time. Why should you bear it?"

Tao Ran calmly said, "Tolerating what ordinary people can't bear is what a human should do."

He turned another page of the book and read from the top: "Extend two fingers, stir in the shallow part, wait for it to contract, then pause. Then move again, repeat this several times, and when a gurgling sound emits, stretch out the palm to the navel and press lightly."

Qiang Wei was getting frightened and scolded: "You stinky Taoist, you have the ability to let go of my headmistress, and she only wanted to make out with you... Ahhh..."

Tao Ran did it according to the book, moving inside two slender fingers, "It said above the shallow place, is this the shallow place? Is it too shallow? Would you like it to go deeper?"

Qiang Wei seemed to be a red-skinned duck on a chopping board. Her eyes were a little moist, and she sincerely suggested: "Actually, you can go a little deeper, I don't mind."

"No, no, the book said it should be in the shallow place." Tao Ran seriously shook his head and said: "This kind of thing was done professionally by the Acacia Sect. I have to follow the instructions."

Qiang Wei: "You are so fucking... don't let my headmistress catch you, otherwise, she will have to use her lifelong skills on you... Why did you... stop?"

Tao Ran: "It said in the book to wait for it to shrink and pause."

Qiang Wei:"……"

After repeating this several times, Qiang Wei's face was completely unlovable.

Tao Ran became more and more interested. He continued to turn back and read affectionately: "Separate her legs, spread her arms, and cover her eyes with a black cloth. If she can't see with her eyes, her feelings become clearer."

Qiang Wei: "Xuan Qing, are you very nervous about pretending to be serious for more than a thousand years? Did it all explode on me today? I’m telling you that this is the most simple thing in the Acacia Sect. If you fall into my hands, I will definitely use all the Acacia Sect treasures on you, I promise!"

Tao Ran took out a black ribbon and tied it to Qiang Wei's eyes. Qiang Wei lost her vision, and the feeling on her body became clearer. Tao Ran’s every touch and every movement magnified in her mind several times.

Tao Ran turned the book page by page. Qiang Wei lay on the bed unable to move. She could only let him move.

Finally, when he turned to the last page, Tao Ran said: "Reading is really very useful. No matter how long you live, you need to learn. Learn what you don't understand. From now on I must maintain a humble heart and live to grow old. Learn to grow old."

Qiang Wei has no love.

Tao Ran opened another book. Hearing Tao Ran's turning over the pages, Qiangwei excitedly said, "You are still turning over the book. Is one not enough?"

"How can one book be enough?" Tao Ran said: "I have prepared a bunch of books for you."

"The back is tight and sinks slowly. Go deep until there is no root, push it forward, then withdraw as much as possible, move lightly in the shallow place, and then force it forward hard..."

The two of them were studying in the house, not knowing that everything had turned upside down outside.

The headmistress went out after listening to Tao Ran's words but forgot that when she entered Penglai, she hid in He Wan's sleeves and sneaked in. At this time, she did not go out with He Wan, and her demon cultivation was exposed.

In addition, she was flustered by the accident. Several Penglai disciples discovered that there was a demon cultivator walking around on the Penglai Fairy Mountain, and thought, how this could be tolerated? They immediately sent a few people to stop her and a few people to inform the teacher, and in the end, there was an orderly and clear division of labor.

The headmistress was suddenly stopped by a few disciples, and the alarm bell sounded in her heart. She wasn't afraid of these few children of the Jin Dan period, but she was in Penglai Mountains. If the flowers and plants in Penglai were hurt, the people in Penglai would not take a break to stop her. So, she didn't dare to take action against a few Penglai disciples, but these disciples didn't have such worries. They finally had a chance to fight, and didn't she try her best not to fight them back?

The headmistress was entangled so much that she could only run on the side of the fence, running around the mountains and plains with the Penglai disciples chasing her from behind.

After He Wan came out, she didn't see the headmistress, and just snorted in her heart. Without her cover, would the headmistress be able to leave Penglai?

Of course not. Later, the headmistress's movement became louder and louder, which shocked Penglai as a whole. It was too late when He Wan found her, and she had already been besieged by the Penglai elders.

At this time, a golden core disciple like her was absolutely unable to get involved, and the only thing she could do was to quickly go back to the bamboo forest to find Master for help. She flew all the way to the bamboo forest. Master was no longer where he often played the guqin. Looking closer, weren’t Master’s clothes on the ground?

Why were Master's clothes here? Had something happened to Master?

He Wan yelled anxiously: "Master!"

While shouting, she ran and searched the surroundings. She was afraid that her good master might have gotten in some accident.

When she walked outside the bamboo house, she heard a cry from inside and a woman hoarsely say: "Xuan Qing, you have the ability to work harder."

Then, her master's voice said: "Never move when you shouldn't. Nine shallows and one deep move with your heart, regardless of who you are."


"Master! What's wrong with you?" He Wan pushed open the door abruptly, but the scene in the house shattered her worldview.

Qiang Wei did not move. Sweating profusely, she asked, "Is He wan coming in?"

Tao Ran quickly put the tent down and calmly said: "Yeah."

"Why does your apprentice always have the habit of disturbing others at critical moments?"

"I didn't educate her well." Tao Ran said: "I never have a chance to talk about this to her."


Nine shallows and one deep...Sexual intercourse is performed using the method of 9 shallow thrusts and one deep thrust, in which the penis repeatedly stimulates the vagina in a shallow position and slowly moves deep after adaptation, when both the man and the woman have a high degree of sexual desire and increased secretions.

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