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Chapter 49: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [13]

He Wan stood outside the room in shock, muttering to herself: "When did Senior Qiang Wei come?"

Tao Ran pulled the black ribbon and looked at Qiang Wei, then he put on his clothes and got out of bed, and said, "Why are you rushing?"

He Wan said: "Master is doing dual cultivation with Senior Qiang Wei again?"

"Coughs." Tao Ran coughed to ease the embarrassment, and said: "Yes, didn’t you want to repair the injuries for the Master?"

"Yes, but when Tu'er was in the Acacia Sect, Senior Qiang Wei refused." He Wan said, "Master, you rejected Headmistress Peony. Is it because you can only practice with Senior Qiang Wei?"

Qiang Wei widened her eyes in the room and listened with her ears upright.

Tao Ran said, "Yes, I can only dual cultivate with Qiang Wei as a Master."


What's the matter with the sound of flowers blooming? I'm so happy……

Qiang Wei couldn't help but smile and narrowed her eyes. What does it mean to just only dual cultivate with herself? Isn't that just admitting that she is his Daoist companion? Only those who have a Daoist companion will practice with one person.

Tao Ran didn't know that Qiang Wei was lying on the bed and bursting happily. He really didn't want to discuss the topic of dual cultivation with He Wan. He said, "What is going on, why did you rush here?"

He Wan remembered the matter about the headmistress. "Master, it's not good. The headmistress is being chased by the uncles and other disciples."

"..." Tao Ran simply lost to her, this kind of life-critical matter can also be forgotten.

He said: "You come with me."

The poor headmistress was forgotten by He Wan for a short while, before being caught by the people of Penglai. She was trapped on the ground by Penglai's magical instruments, lying on the ground pitifully, and no longer had her previous style.

The head of Penglai said: "Who are you? What is your purpose for entering Penglai?"

The headmistress shouted injustice: "I'm wronged, I don't want to come to Penglai either, you people in Penglai insisted on me to come."

"Mouth of lies!" The headmaster angrily said: "How can anyone in Penglai want you to enter Penglai?"

"Really, I mean it, the headmaster is observant." The headmistress almost swore to the sky, she said: "I am also a headmistress, I am the headmistress of the Acacia Sect. Think about it, the Acacia Sect and Penglai have no grievances and no grudges, what conspiracy can I have in Penglai?"


Everyone stared at the headmistress, suddenly remembering the demonic woman that made Penglai in chaos before. What happened to the people of Acacia Sect? Do they just like doing things in Penglai?

The headmaster of Penglai asked in confusion: "You said that someone from Penglai invited you to come here. Then tell me, who invited you? How did you come inside?"

At this time, compared with He Wan and Xuan Qing's innocence, of course, her own life is more important. The headmistress didn't have any scruples at this moment and was about to say everything more.

The headmaster of Penglai said, "Wait a minute, I'll talk about it later."

Headmistress: "Huh?"

Everyone: "???"

Then, under the full eyes of everyone, the headmaster turned around and left...

Everyone looked in the direction where the headmaster was leaving, with 10,000 question marks in their hearts. Is there anything more important than questioning the demonic woman at this time? Someone couldn't help saying: "You say it now, and you will say it again when the headmaster comes back."

Although the headmistress is an idiot, she’s not stupid. She knew why the headmaster had suddenly left at this time. Xuan Qing must have known her situation and called the headmaster away. She didn't dare to talk nonsense now, if she angered Sword Master Xuan Qing, she didn't want to try to see if she could block the sword of the Sword Master.

The headmaster was indeed called away by Tao Ran. Just when the headmistress was about to do all the tricks honestly, he heard someone in his ear saying: "Headmaster, this matter should not be publicized."

Of course, he was familiar with Xuan Qing's voice. If the entire head of Penglai trusted him the most, it would undoubtedly be Xuan Qing. So without saying anything, he immediately stopped Peony from blurting everything out. Then followed the voice and found Tao Ran.

Seeing Tao Ran and He Wan waiting for themselves, the headmaster asked: "Junior Brother, what is going on? Why is the headmistress of Acacia Sect in Penglai? How did she get in?"

Tao Ran sighed and said, "This matter is all the junior's fault. Let me, the troubled apprentice, speak for it."

He Wan stood beside Tao Ran, and pitifully explained the cause and effect of the incident. She was worried about her Master’s injury, so she went to the Southern Wilderness Acacia Sect without telling everyone to find Peony over and dual cultivate with Master. It was she who hid the peony in her sleeve and brought her in. Then she was not optimistic about the peony and let her be discovered.

As for the question about Qiang Wei, Tao Ran had told He Wan before and told her not to speak out.

After listening to her, the headmaster of Penglai was in a complicated mood for a long time and couldn't calm down. Just like Tao Ran's first feeling, he couldn't think that there were apprentices pimping their Masters. Still went to the Southern Wilderness, walked so far after hardships, and pimped deep into the realm of demonic cultivators.

The headmaster of Penglai sighed: "Niece if something happened to you in the Southern Wilderness, Penglai's people will not have time to save you."

He Wan lowered her ashamed head, "It's the disciple stubbornness."

"You are more than just stubborn..." The headmaster sighed with emotion, "Your master was not as bold as you when he was at your age."

He Wan lowered her head as if she knew she was wrong.

Tao Ran said with a deep sense of righteousness: "She made a mistake, and I can't cover for her, so I will punish her with the head brother."

The headmaster also felt that this matter had to be punished, otherwise Penglai disciples would run to the Southern Wilderness casually in the future, and then bring a demonic cultivator in their sleeves to bring them back. Wouldn’t Penglai be in trouble in the future?

The headmaster said: "Niece, although your intentions were good, this uncle has to punish you."

He Wan lowered her head, "Leave the master and uncle to punish me."

"Just fine you go to the Yanhua Cave of Houshan to cultivate, and you won't be allowed to come out until you reach the Nascent Soul Stage."

"Yes." He Wan obediently went to Yanhua Cave.

Tao Ran was secretly delighted, with He Wan's talent, there is no problem in reaching the Yuan Ying stage. It didn't even take long for her to cultivate to the Golden Core Stage, and it would take a lot of time to cultivate to the Nascent Soul Stage. Without her interruption during this time, the bamboo forest only has herself and Qiang Wei isn't it...

Bah bah bah...what are you thinking about? I don't even think about what to do with Qiang Wei...

He Wan left, and there was a moment of silence between Tao Ran and the headmaster.

Tao Ran said: "Brother, Junior Brother thinks this fact is inappropriate..."

"You don't need to say, I understand." The headmaster said: "Even for Penglai's face, I can't let this matter out."

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Brother is really embarrassed."

"I'm used to it." The headmaster of Penglai said with a look at Hongchen: "The headmaster, isn't that what it is, only then can other people in the sect cultivate well."

Tao Ran said sincerely, "Brother, you are not easy."

"Hey, there is still a problem waiting for me over there."

The headmaster returned to the place where the headmistress was, and one of the elders said: "Witch, the headmaster is back, what do you want to say?"

The headmistress looked at the headmaster of Penglai eagerly, and the headmaster of Penglai sighed: "I am wrong. The headmistress of Acacia Sect has been wronged."

"Don't feel wronged, just solve the misunderstanding." The headmistress said, lying on the ground: "I just don't know the sky and the earth..."

The headmaster said: "Untie the headmistress of Acacia Sect."

The elders were shocked, "Headmaster?"

Headmaster: "Untie her."

The headmistress was untied, she got up from the ground, and smiled: "Is there anything else? I can go now."

The headmaster of Penglai said: "Pan Dao send off fellow Daoist."

"No need." The headmistress took two steps on her own, then suddenly turned around, took out a booklet, and threw it to the headmaster of Penglai, saying: "This is the authentic dual cultivation method of the Acacia Sect. Both the righteous monks and the demon cultivators could use this without any side effects. The two factions of you and me are also considered good friends, so this can be regarded as a gift from the slave family's visit this time."

Penglai faction owner: "..."

It was the first time they had heard of the people who visited the Penglai to give out their exercises, and their expressions were all dull.

After the headmistress left, everyone stared at the booklet held by the headmaster. The headmaster coughed to relieve the embarrassment, and said: "Dual cultivation method is also a serious cultivation method, cough... it is what Penglai lacks, so let's put it in the library."


The people present have different thoughts. Why did things turn out to be like this? What happened when the headmaster left for a while? Those who have the heart began to inquire, and those who are unintentional begin to wait for those with the intention to inquire.

They wouldn’t know if they won’t inquire, and they were surprised when someone inquired.

It turned out that during the time he left, Sword Master Xuan Qing’s only disciple He Wan was locked into Yanhua Cave, and she was not allowed to come out before the Yuan Ying period. How can you punish He Wan like this? The key is that Sword Sovereign still didn’t stop him from interceding.

So the people of the Penglai Sect began to speculate and talk about it. Most people speculated that He Wan was related to the fact that the headmistress of Acacia Sect entered Penglai.

What does He Wan, a girl, have to do with the headmistress of the Acacia Sect?

Could it be that the headmistress of the Acacia Sect was so frenzied that she would attack women?

In this way, the explanation was clear. The headmistress of the Acacia Sect fell in love with He Wan at first sight, and all kinds of temptations are for He Wan. Pure He Wan couldn't bear the temptation of the Dual Cultivation Method of the Acacia Sect, and finally, she did it with the headmistress. The two of them shook the ground fire like dry firewood and started to go out of control.

In order to be able to stay with her lover, the headmistress of the Acacia Sect followed He Wan into the Penglai Sect regardless of danger. Then things came to light. In order to keep the headmistress, He Wan voluntarily exposed herself and was sent to Yanhua Cave to be punished, the headmistress of Acacia Sect contributed the Dual Cultivation secret technique of Acacia Sect...

The story is very reasonable, and many Penglai disciples were moved to cry by the stories that their brains made up.

Suddenly someone said: "Isn't it that Acacia Sect doesn’t have a dual cultivation method between women?"

But immediately he was sprayed down. She was the headmistress of the Acacia Sect, and why can’t she create a dual cultivation technique between women?

Tao Ran returned to his bamboo house, Qiang Wei said, "Is the matter resolved?"

"Yeah." Tao Ran said, "The headmistress is gone, and He Wan won't bother us anymore."

Qiang Wei couldn't help but want to smile and said, "What about me, what are you going to do with me?"

"You?" Tao Ran said solemnly, "Penglai Sect has been panicking recently. You should stay here until the storm is completely calm."

 "In other words, I don't have to go for now?"

 Tao Ran: "Yeah."

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