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Chapter 50: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [14]

So Qiang Wei stayed in Penglai Mountain secretly. For Qiang Wei, this was really a novel experience. She was like a young wife in the mortal world who secretly fooled around with other men behind her own man’s back. The difference was that neither she nor Xuan Qing had a man to confuse a woman. The same thing was that everyone had to be sneaky.

Without He Wan, almost no one in Penglai would come to the bamboo forest. Even if someone wanted to come, they wouldn't just break in like He Wan.

Qiang Wei and Tao Ran spent a very shameless life together until Tao Ran's injury worsened.

The headmaster of Penglai sat in front of Tao Ran, with a face full of sorrow, "Junior Brother, I saw that you looked well during this period of time. I thought that your injury had improved, but I didn't expect..."

"Unexpectedly, it has deteriorated." Tao Ran said with a very calm expression: "I’m aware of my injury, so the headmaster should not worry."

How can the headmaster be not worried; not to say that Xuan Qing is the best talent in Penglai for thousands of years, and just because they are brothers and sisters, the headmaster can't be unconcerned? He still remembered that Xuan Qing was just a small beanie when he first started, and his chubby face was full of seriousness. Every time he saw Xuan Qing he wanted to laugh, and Xuan Qing's face would become more and more serious.

It wasn't until he grew up and bloomed that his serious expression matched his temperament.

The headmaster emotionally: "Junior Brother, I think you seem to have changed recently."

Okay? Am I exposed?

Tao Ran said that he only collapsed in front of Qiang Wei and He Wan, how could the headmaster also see it?

"Maybe you don't feel it yourself, but I can see that your eyes are much softer than before." The headmaster sighed: "Is it because you were injured?"

Tao Ran thought for a while and said, "I used to think about finding the way to ascend, but now I think I don't have this opportunity. Why should I continue to restrain myself?"

That said, the headmaster was sad and almost cried. Although a cultivator shouldn't put too much emphasis on life and death, people are not vegetation. How can his junior feel no sense of death?

Tao Ran was also worried. His injury was confirmed by the system and could not be cured. Originally, he also wanted to use this injury to leave the world earlier, but Qiang Wei didn't play the cards according to common sense, and the two people were still involved. Tao Ran felt uncomfortable; he was afraid that Qiang Wei would be alone after he left.

This kind of thinking was actually ridiculous. Qiang Wei had come here alone for so many years. Was she a monk who has practiced for many years and was afraid that she couldn't live without someone? But Tao Ran was uncomfortable. This was probably the only womanly thing left in his heart.

After the headmaster left, Qiang Wei came out, and she sat next to Tao Ran. She leaned on him and said, "You suddenly vomited blood today, which scared me."

Tao Ran originally wanted to comfort her, but when he heard what she said, he asked, "What's so scary about vomiting blood? You haven't seen anyone vomiting blood?"

"Because you are the one who vomits blood. If I see others vomiting blood, it’s not my business if they die." Qiang Wei said with some worry: "I have been in Penglai, and I have been repairing and healing with you every day. Why is your injury still bad?"

"With the full blow of the Ten Thousand Soul Banner, I didn't have the slightest defense. It hurt my dantian qi root. How could it be so easy."

Qiang Wei and Tao Ran both dual cultivated, and they knew Tao Ran's situation very well. How do you express this feeling? She finally found someone she likes. It just so happens that the other party doesn't seem to hate herself. She thought that the next thing would be for the both of them together for a lifetime, but suddenly she learned that the other party was terminally ill.

Qiang Wei was sad, but she didn't show it. As the elder of the Acacia Sect, a monk who has practiced for hundreds of years, it would be too embarrassing for her to cry like a mortal woman. She leaned on Tao Ran's shoulder, dazed, and asked, "What are you going to do?"

 Tao Ran: "Huh?"

"What do you want to do with your injury?" Qiang Wei asked, "Do you have any solutions?"

From Tao Ran's angle, he could only see Qiang Wei's head. He couldn't see Qiang Wei's expression. Hearing Qiang Wei's calm tone, he thought she didn't particularly care. Tao Ran said: "Life and death are fateful. I have long since practiced for many years."

"..." Qiang Wei moved and said: "The so-called cultivation, isn't it just proving the Dao for longevity? Don't you want to save it?"

Honestly, I don’t want to...

Tao Ran changed the subject and said, "There is nothing to talk about this. Why don't you tell me about Southern Wilderness's interesting facts? Right now it is very boring."

Qiang Wei changed her posture and was upset. She said: "You still want to listen to stories. Are you self-defeating like this? Have you ever thought about your death; what will your apprentice do?" What about me?

"With Penglai, she will be fine." Tao Ran said with a laugh: "What you said, it's as if I'm a little anxious now. I'll be fine."

Qiang Wei was anxious; she stood up and walked out of the bamboo forest angrily. Tao Ran shouted from behind: "Where are you going? Don't be discovered!"

Qiang Wei is not like Peony, the headmistress. Since she can sneak into Penglai quietly, she could naturally leave without being discovered. She found Yanhua Cave, and He Wan was still being punished inside it.

He Wan is in a very good mood today because she has just broken through to the middle stage of the Golden Core, and if this continues, she will soon be able to break through to the Nascent Soul Stage and go out to see her Master.

Yanhua Cave is called Yanhua Cave because it used to be a fire mine, and it is still very hot. Qiang Wei sneaked in quietly and then was stopped by the formation array. This formation is actually very rubbish, but Qiang Wei dare not break the formation because people in Penglai will feel that the formation disappeared.

Qiang Wei looked inside at the entrance of the cave. The inside was red with red crystals on the cave wall. After watching for a long time without seeing He Wan, Qiang Wei shouted inside: "He Wan! He Wan!"

After shouting for a long time, just when Qiang Wei was about to give up, a haggard Penglai disciple appeared at the entrance of the cave, looked at Qiang Wei through the formation, and asked with confusion: "Huh? Who are you? Why haven't I seen you before?"

Qiang Wei's heart shook. She was discovered by others, what should I do, do I have to leave Penglai?

The disciple looked at Qiang Wei for a while and suddenly said in shock: "Are you a demonic cultivator?"

Does Qiang Wei want to kill him? But it doesn't work that way. How can she kill Penglai's people? Xuan Qing will be angry.

While she was still struggling, the disciple suddenly said, "Are you from the Acacia Sect?"

Qiang Wei: "How did you know?"

"Are you here to see Junior Sister Hewan?"

 Qiang Wei: "Did you hear?"

"Yes." The disciple flushed with excitement: "You were sent by the headmistress Peony to find Junior Sister He Wan, right?"

 Qiang Wei:"???"

"I already know the answer from your expression." The disciple said excitedly: "I have heard of the love story between the headmistress of your sect and Junior Sister He Wan, and I am very touched. People who truly love each other should not be influenced and obstructed by gender and sects. I am willing to help you."

Qiang Wei: "..." Do Penglai's people have problems with their brains?

Although very stunned, Qiang Wei still said: "You mean you are willing to let me in to find He Wan?"

"Impossible, I can't open this formation." The disciple said honestly.

Qiang Wei: "..." Then why are you nagging for a long time?

The disciple said with a look of excitement: "But I can help you call for Junior Sister He Wan."

"Nothing to say." Qiang Wei said: "Although I don't know you, I thank you."

The disciple turned and ran back, and He Wan came out soon after. After staying in Yanhua Cave for a long time, He Wan's spirit is still well. Seeing Qiang Wei, Hewan looked around excitedly and said: "You are here? Is my master here?"

"No." Qiang Wei said: "I have something to talk with you."

He Wan: "How is my master? Do you often dual cultivate? Is his injury better?"

"We dual cultivate every day..." Qiang Wei: "I came to you today because of his injury."

He Wan suddenly calmed down and asked, "Master's injury has worsened, isn't it?"

Qiang Wei nodded, "Yeah."

"Is it useless to dual cultivate?" He Wan immediately flushed her eyes, "Is the master's injury not healed?"

Qiang Wei couldn't see the little girl crying. She couldn't do anything after the formation, so she asked: "Can you come out?"

"I can't get out." He Wan cried: "I can only get out when I break through to the Nascent Soul Stage."

Qiang Wei could only ask: "You said before that the headmaster of Penglai had diagnosed and treated Xuan Qing. Only what can cure Xuan Qing's injury?"

"Hibiscus tree." He Wan said: "Only the hibiscus tree can cure it, but the hibiscus tree is only a legend and cannot be found at all."

Qiang Wei is not He Wan. She had heard of many secret realms when she was in the Southern Wilderness. No one had visited these secret realms, but she heard that there were many legendary treasures inside. Maybe she can send a letter back to let the headmistress pay attention to it and find out which secret realm might have a hibiscus tree.

Qiang Wei thought and said to He Wan: "Don't worry, you may not have found it. But your master and I will try our best to find it."

"Yeah." He Wan nodded tearfully.

After Qiang Wei left, He Wan wiped her tears and walked into the cave. She met the disciple just now on the road.

Seeing He Wan crying, the disciple said: "Junior sister, why are you sad? If she is willing to send someone to see you, it means she has you in her heart. What you have to do now is to cultivate well and wait to reach the height of your master. Who can stop you from being together?"

He Wan: "???"

When Qiang Wei returned to the bamboo forest, she sent a letter to Peony in Southern Wilderness asking her to pay attention to the news of the hibiscus tree.

She returned to Tao Ran and saw him reading a book, very bored. She said: "I haven't heard you play the guqin recently."

"Do you want to listen?" Tao Ran took out the guqin and said: "If you want to listen, I'll play it for you.


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