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Chapter 51: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [15]

Tao Ran put his hand on the strings and began to play for Qiangwei. Qiangwei walked over and leaned on his shoulder. She listened to this song for a while, Xuan Qing once played it for her. When she was still a prisoner, Xuan Qing played a song that was said to be vulgar in the mortal world. It sounded very nice. She always thought that what she liked was good, and what was vulgar and elegant was not important at all.

After one song, Qiang Wei said: "Your injury, has the headmaster said anything about it?"

There was a legendary method to heal it, Tao Ran didn't want to say it, so he just said: "There was no way, I can only look after myself."

Qiangwei couldn't understand Tao Ran. She felt that even if she was not a monk but an ordinary person, she should fight to survive. Xuan Qing looked like he didn't take his own life seriously. Qiang Wei said: "Don't lie to me, the headmaster of Penglai clearly said that the Hibiscus tree can heal your injuries."

Tao Ran's hand paused, then put the guqin aside and said, "Do you believe that there are hibiscus trees in the world?"

"I do believe, why not?" Qiangwei looked at Tao Ran and said, "As long as it is something that can save you, I will believe it."

Tao Ran looked at Qiangwei, suddenly feeling a little panic. Qiangwei's appearance seemed to have moved her true feelings, so that would be bad. If he leaves, she can't stand the blow and becomes black, won't his mission fail?

"Don't do that." Tao Ran said: "You and I are just in a normal relationship, you don't have to be like this for me."

"Mutual understanding?" Qiangwei said with an incredulous expression: "Having a mutual understanding would have us in bed?"

In novels, once the heroes and heroines were about to die, they would always use unfeeling words to drive the other away. Tao Ran always felt that this kind of plot was very mentally retarded, but today he suddenly wanted to become mentally retarded. For Qiang Wei, a loved one died and a disgusting person died, the results were completely different.

The system Xiaomei said: "Host, there is a problem now. If you die like this, Qiang Wei will be blackened 80%."

This is bad, not just for the task, even for Qiang Wei, Tao Ran doesn't want her to be blackened. In this world, once the vicious female partner becomes black, there can be no good ending.

Tao Ran replied ruthlessly to Qiang Wei's words: "Isn't it? Don't all the people of the Acacia Sect interact with people like this?"

This sentence stuck in Qiang Wei's heart like a poisonous needle, and Qiang Wei's face became distorted for an instant. She felt a little out of control and said: "Do you think I am the same as them? I haven't dualed cultivate with anyone before you."

"That's because there is no chance." Tao Ran looked down at his fingers and said, "Didn’t you like the Demon Emperor?"

Getting along for so long, two people don't say that they are connected, but they have a tacit understanding. Qiang Wei thought that Xuan Qing treated her differently, otherwise, he would not keep herself. She suddenly heard him say this today, and somehow Qiang Wei felt that this was Xuan Qing's true words.

How would a righteous expert think of a demonic cultivator?

He has always despised herself, Qiang Wei thought, he despised herself as a member of the Acacia Sect and even despised herself as a demon cultivator.

Qiang Wei closed her eyes, and finally asked: "Don’t don't have me at all in your heart?"

Tao Ran didn't speak, his eyes lowered, his fingers gently plucking the strings.

The system looked worried, "Host, you are a real scumbag like this."

Qiang Wei took a deep breath and stared at Tao Ran fiercely: "Okay, you don't have me in your heart, and I don't care about you. From now on... I’ll just treat you as my first dual cultivation partner."

Qiang Wei rushed out, her breath was unconcealed, and the people in Penglai were shocked for a moment. Many monks whizzed out, chasing Qiang Wei on the sea.

Tao Ran kept the plucking posture, muttering to himself: "I am a scumbag? You gave me a choice not to be a scumbag. Next time I enter this world, I won't do it."

Xiao Mei hugged her chubby body, and the host threatened her by not doing it if she didn't agree. She was really tired.

Qiang Wei flew so fast that the people of Penglai stopped chasing after the southern barren border.

Everyone looked at that person's back, which looked a bit like Qiang Wei from the Acacia Sect, so they immediately returned to the sect and lifted He wan out of the Yanhua Cave. He wan didn't know what happened, and she was a little surprised: "Are you going to let me out in advance?"

"You don't have to think about coming out in advance. I ask you, did Qiang Wei of the Acacia Sect came to you?"

 He Wan widened her eyes and looked at everyone in horror, thinking that the matter of Master and Senior Qiangwei's daily dual cultivation was exposed?

Seeing He wan's expression, everyone knew, "What did she come to do with you?"

In order not to betray her master, Hewan covered her ears and turned around and rushed into Yanhua Cave, "There was no dual cultivation at all! She was lying, there was no dual cultivation..."

Everyone sluggishly watched He Wan rush in, shocked by the complicated relationship between her, Peony, and Qiang Wei. Didn’t it mean that the Headmistress and He Wan had a problem? Why is Qiangwei also not cultivating with her?

"This..." One of the elders slapped his thigh and said, "What is this called?"

"No, you must ask clearly."

They walked into Yanhua Cave, and within two steps, they were stopped by a haggard disciple, "Senior uncles and uncles, please don't force Junior He wan anymore."

"Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter who I am." The disciple said: "The important thing is that Junior Sister Hewan didn't do anything against the sect. She just loved the wrong person. Ask what love in the world is, and teach people to die. To live. Junior sister Hewan didn't want to, she was also in pain, can't you forgive her?"

Everyone: "..."

Qiangwei heartbreakingly returned to the Acacia Sect. Hearing that she had returned, the headmistress found her and said: "You are finally willing to come back. Xuan Qing's taste is so good? So good that you don't even have the sect in your mind?"

Qiang Wei: "Don't mention him before me."

"Oh, this is quite interesting." Peony said: "Even the awkwardness is in trouble. In a few days, will you be able to see Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing making a big fuss in the Acacia Sect, rushing to the crown as beauty, just to snatch the little rose? "

Qiangwei said with a cold face: "I said, don't mention him again, I will kill him when I see him again."

Only then did Peony realize that something was wrong, and she asked, "What's the matter? It was originally good."

 "It's my wishful thinking to want Gao Pan Xuan Qing Sword Sovereign..." Qiangwei sneered: "There is no good thing about the righteous way."

After listening to her, Peony had some speculations in her heart, but after all, she hadn't seen it with her own eyes and didn't dare to speculate. She can only change the subject: "You asked me to inquire, there is news about the hibiscus tree."

Qiang Wei quieted down instantly, and Peony said, "In the hundred thousand mountains, there is a secret realm. Because the monsters are rampant around, no one has dared to go there for many years. I heard that someone found in ancient books that there may be hibiscus wood in it."

Qiangwei sat quietly, and Peony said, "Do you ask what hibiscus does? This tree is a thing of extreme Yang, and it is not good for you."

Qiangwei didn't speak, she remembered that at the beach that day, the Demon Emperor brought people to kill menacingly. The head of Penglai wanted to kill her, but it was the person who stood in front of her, willing to stop the Demon Emperor with his power, only to exchange for her life.

Her village was invaded at that time, right? From birth to now, hundreds of years have passed, no one has ever stood in front of her like him. It's a pity that she was out of luck and did the demon cultivation a few hundred years ago, and he has no fate with her in this life.

Qiang Wei pinned the hair on her cheeks behind her ears, and said, "To pay off debts, one life pays the other."

Peony: "You..."

In the depths of the Shiwan Mountain, in a gloomy cave, several demons respectfully said to one person: "Emperor, the news has been released."

The man was a scrawny person with black hair casually draped. He said, "Are you sure only Xuan Qing will want the Hibiscus?"

"Yes, Xuan Qing was hit with the full strength of the Ten Thousand Soul Banner. There is no cure except for the hibiscus. Besides him, who would go looking for such a thing if nothing else?"

The scrawny person is the long-lost Demon Emperor. The eyes of the Demon Emperor seemed to be filled with blood, "But the one who asked about the Hibiscus is from the Acacia Sect."

"The Peony and Qiangwei of the Acacia Sect are not related to the little bitch of the Penglai School. The master of that little bitch is in trouble, how can they ignore it?"

The Demon Emperor smashed the handle of the seat fiercely. She loved her so much and did so much for her and turned a blind eye. He thought she just hated the demon cultivators, who would have thought that she would be together with two female demon cultivators in an instant, what is this? Was he inferior to two women?

"It's not just Xuan Qing." The Demon Emperor said: "The people of the Acacia Sect must also die."

He dragged on desperately, dragging this crippled body for a long time, just to watch those who betrayed him and hurt him die. Otherwise, he will not rest in peace.

Qiangwei was about to set off when she prepared things, and Peony said: "Are you sure you are going alone? What if you encounter danger?"

"I'll be careful." Qiangwei said: "The danger that more people can solve is just the monsters. If I encounter a danger that can't be solved in the secret realm, it's the same no matter how many people are there."

Qiangwei wanted to say something more, and later thought it would be nice if she could die in the secret realm. If she died, that person couldn't live anymore. The two were entangled in their lives, and maybe they would meet after death. If there is an afterlife, even if she is an ordinary mortal, she would no longer want to do demonic cultivation. It is too hard to do demonic cultivation.

Qiangwei insisted on going her way, even though Peony was in charge, she couldn't help it. She said: "Be careful, come back earlier, there won't be any rumors in the sect."

Qiangwei turned around and disappeared in place.

The sun shone on the place where she just stood, without a trace of shadow. The headmistress doesn't know why she was so obsessed with the Hibiscus tree, she thought it should be related to the person far away in Penglai. It is said that the demonic cultivator is cunning and vicious, but sometimes the unfeeling of the righteous cultivator is scary.


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