Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 51: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [15]

Tao Ran put his hand on the strings and began to play for Qiangwei. Qiangwei walked over and leaned on his shoulder. She listened to this song for a while, Xuan Qing once played it for her. When she was still a prisoner, Xuan Qing played a song that was said to be vulgar in the mortal world. It sounded very nice. She always thought that what she liked was good, and what was vulgar and elegant was not important at all.

After one song, Qiang Wei said: "Your injury, has the headmaster said anything about it?"

There was a legendary method to heal it, Tao Ran didn't want to say it, so he just said: "There was no way, I can only look after myself."

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