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Chapter 52: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [16]

Qiangwei walked into the Hundred Thousand mountains alone, and brought a lot of things, basically to deal with monsters. The most daunting thing in the Hundred Thousand mountains were monster beasts. For countless years, the Hundred Thousand mountains were barren and uninhabited, and this place had become a paradise for monster beasts.

The rule in the world of cultivating immortality was that Southern Wilderness belonged to demonic cultivators, Zhongzhou Overseas belonged to righteous monks, and Shiwan Dashan belonged to the monsters.

 Qiangwei condensed her breath, and cautiously approached the secret realm marked on the map, which was said to have hibiscus wood. It was fortunate that there were no difficult monster beasts along the way. Some of the weak, unopened spirit beasts were drawn away by her powdered medicine, and it only took two days for her to reach the entrance of the secret realm.

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