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Chapter 53: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [17]

Every step he took, he would be beaten with a stick, and he could not resist. Tao Ran was almost crawling when he reached Qiangwei, and his aqua-colored robe was dyed dark red. In front of Qiang Wei, Tao Ran raised his head, his scattered hair stuck to his bloodstained face. He stretched out a hand to Qiang Wei, but he could not even reach the corner of Qiang Wei's clothes.

The expression on the face of the Demon Emperor who watched Tao Ran happily distorted, and he started to laugh, and finally laughed with tears.

"Ahahahahahaha..." The Devil pointed at Tao Ran, "Look at you...hahaha..."

He bent over with a smile, his skeleton-like body, as if his waist was folded in two, "Look at what you are now, are you really the Sword Master Xuan Qing? The beggars in the mortal world are much more decent than you."

Tao Ran looked up at Qiang Wei strenuously, and said with difficulty, "Don't be afraid, wait for me to save you."

Qiang Wei couldn't speak, she was tied up and hung, tears streaming down and hit Tao Ran's face. Tao Ran was getting weaker, and his voice was getting smaller, "I will save you..."

"Save her?" The Demon Emperor stepped on Tao Ran's back and said, "You are going to die, and you still want to save others? Sword Sovereign was also a well-known expert for a long time. Did you deceive everyone?"

Tao Ran didn't care about him, but looked at Qiang Wei stubbornly, "Promise me not to die...cough cough...I will save you."

Qiang Wei couldn't speak, she just cried.

The Demon Emperor originally thought that he would be very happy if he defeated Xuan Qing, but seeing the two people look at each other like the sea, he felt it was an eyesore. Qiang Wei was in trouble, Xuan Qing took his life to save her, Qiang Wei also looked like she didn't want to live anymore.

And what about himself?

Regardless of the Southern Wilderness's opposition, he took such a big risk to go to Penglai to take He Wan away. As a result, the woman was hiding in Penglai from start to finish, and she didn't come out to take a look until he was seriously injured and dying.

Xuan Qing was injured and would die, so would he himself be? But he was filled with hatred; he supported his mutilated body with secret evil techniques, and might die at any time. He wanted to kill Xuan Qing before he died and drag the woman to hell together.

Tao Ran had no strength to raise his head. He lay on the ground stained red with his blood.

The Demon Emperor's subordinate walked over to see and said, "Emperor, Xuan Qing is not going to make it."

The Demon Emperor said coldly: "Then take his body to Penglai."

"What about this woman?" The subordinate pointed to Qiang Wei.

Qiang Wei had stopped crying. She looked at Tao Ran, who was silent on the ground, and said, "Kill me."

The subordinate glanced at the Demon Emperor, just waiting to step forward and kill Qiang Wei.

The Demon Emperor stopped him and said, "If a couple of lovers can die together, it would be a blessing. I can't see that Xuan Qing is happy, even if I die. Take her out, she is still useful."

Qiang Wei was put down and dragged forward. She watched them drag Xuan Qing's corpse away as if dragging a piece of garbage.

Everything around her seemed to be blurred, and only that person was left in the world. He drove herself away, but came to save her because he knew that there was no hibiscus tree in the world, and he was running out of time?

This fool, do you think he cares how much time he has left?

Just die together...

The Demon Emperor killed Tao Ran, his mind collapsed, and even the body maintained by the secret technique was almost unstoppable. He thought he could hold on for a while. When he found the woman, he would take her to death.

The breath of death exuding from his body was imposing, and his men opened the entrance of the secret realm in fear, "Emperor, where do you want to go next? Acacia Sect or Penglai?"

The Demon Emperor said: "Penglai..." Then he stepped on the entrance.

At this moment, a violent glare suddenly burst out from the entrance.Unprepared, the Demon Emperor and the others couldn't help closing their eyes. When they opened their eyes, everything around them had changed. Stars were shining all around them.

"What is this?"

 "Why are we here?"

A look of horror broke out in the eyes of the Demon Emperor, and he roared: "It's the Death Star Array!"


The Death Star Formation was Penglai's mountain guard formation. The legend was that the killing array left by the Great Ziwei from ancient times, along with the Biyou Palace Zhuxian Sword Array and the Dousegong Liangyi Dust Array, are the three major killing arrays that are infinitely powerful. It's just that this formation couldn't be moved, and anyone who knew that this formation would not easily work, so it could only be used to protect the mountain.

Just as the Demon Emperor said the name of this formation, the surrounding stars shone, and a burst of strong, translucent starlight appeared throughout the world.

Qiang Wei closed her eyes and did not resist. That's good, everyone will die together.

Then, she was wrapped around her waist by a strong arm, and she fell into a tender and familiar embrace.

Is he dead?

Did he come to pick herself up?

Qiang Wei opened her arms and hugged the man tightly. She said that this time, whether she was alive or dead, she would never let go of that person again.

In her ears were the screams of the Demon Emperor and others, but she didn't care at all, she just wanted to hold on like this forever and ever...

"Open your eyes, it's all right." A gentle voice sounded.

Qiang Wei opened her eyes, and the dreamy face was right in front of her. Qiang Wei smiled and said: "It's great, I saw you again."

Tao Ran said: "Don't hug, I'll take you to heal."

Qiang Wei noticed something was wrong; she opened her eyes wide and looked around. It was still the cave behind the waterfall. The Zhoutian Star Array has stopped functioning, and the Demon Emperor and others in it were not even seen.

The person she was holding had a warm feeling, and the touch was very real. What happened? Isn't he dead?

Tao Ran said, "Did you think I was dead?"

Qiang Wei nodded stupidly, Tao Ran pinched her nose and said: "Do you think I am as stupid as you, just rushing in?"

Qiang Wei: "That just..."

"That was just a clone, in order to deceive the Demon Emperor and lower his vigilance." Tao Ran frowned and said: "What did you say before? “Kill me.” How can you say that? Didn't I tell you a lot? I will save you all the time and let you live well. What if they really killed you?"

Qiang Wei's face was dirty, like a small tabby cat. She was confused for a long time, thinking for a long time before figuring out what was going on. She immediately became happy and angry and said, "You stinky Taoist priest, you lied to me again!"

System Xiaomei proudly crossed his fat panda waist and said, "The clone produced by the system is 100% reduction. You deserved it."

System Xiaomei previously said that the ability to unlock only after upgrading twice was to create a fully restored clone. The only difference from the real body was that this clone could only last for one day. This was too useful for Tao Ran, so even if he spent all his points, he had to unlock this skill.

Tao Ran hugged Qiang Wei, landed on a deserted island overseas, and began to heal her injuries.

Qiang Wei had experienced great sadness, great joy, and great ups and downs on this day. Adding to the serious injury, it was almost impossible to support her. Tao Ran helped her take off her dirty clothes, took out a set of her clothes from his sleeves, and said, "Even though it is mine, you still can barely make do with it."

 Qiang Wei didn't even look at the clothes and turned around and pounced on Tao Ran like a water snake.

Tao Ran calmly said, "You're hurt, don't move too much."

"Then heal me." Qiang Wei hooked Tao Ran's neck with both hands and said: "Use our Acacia Sect method."

Tao Ran looked at her bloody face and said, "Do you know what you are like now? Do you think you are very attractive now?"

"I don't care, I just want to dual cultivate." Qiang Wei hooked Tao Ran's neck and kissed him, and the two fell on the grass.

I don't know how long it had passed, they lay side by side on the grass and looked at the sky.

Qiang Wei said: "It's so beautiful here."

Tao Ran: "Yeah."

Qiang Wei said, "If there is no hibiscus tree, what about your injury?"

"Not much." Tao Ran said: "No matter how long I can live, I will stay with you for the rest of the day."

"Okay." Qiang Wei agreed, with a happy smile on her face: "I will die with you when the time comes."

"No." Tao Ran rolled over and pressed on Qiang Wei and looked at her eyes seriously: "You can't die, you have to live well and be a good person. I didn't save you twice to make you die."

Tears welled up in Qiang Wei's eyes, "But I can't live without you."

"You can. The first few hundred years without me, you had a good life." Tao Ran held her face and said: "I saved you twice. Your life is mine. I won't let you die. You have to stay alive and practice hard. One day, you will forget me."

Tao Ran did not return to Penglai afterward. Qiang Wei did not have a shadow shuttle either. The two of them built a small house on this small island, played the guqin, ate seafood every day, and then began to do shameless things at night.

There had been several versions of their story, but the ending was that the lovers finally got married. People who knew they lived there; Peony counted as one, He Wan counted as one, and the Penglai headmaster as well. Sometimes, they would come to visit.

As the days passed day by day, this incident was gradually forgotten by people. When it was difficult for people to remember that there were still two legendary people living on an overseas island, Tao Ran had gray hair.

Death was approaching, and he was lying on the chair. Qiang Wei was still young and beautiful by his side, holding a comb and gently helping him comb his hair. Tao Ran said, "Be careful. I have lost my hair recently. I don't want to be found out as a bald old man after death."

"I like you being bald, too." Qiang Wei combed and said: "The only bad thing is that we haven't dual cultivated for some days."

Tao Ran couldn't help laughing, and Qiang Wei laughed too. The two looked at each other, Qiang Wei leaned over and gave Tao Ran a gentle and long kiss.

"I'm leaving." Tao Ran said: "Do you remember what you promised me?"

"Yes, you've been nagging countless times." Qiang Wei maintained that smile and said: "You said you want me to live well, practice well, and be a good person."

"Well, you must remember not to forget."

Qiang Wei: "Don't worry."

Tao Ran felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier, and he used his last strength to say: "Kiss me again, I want to remember your taste."

Qiang Wei leaned over, closed her eyes, and kissed him gently.

This kiss lasted for a long time, and when he opened his eyes, Tao Ran had already left.

Qiang Wei calmly looked at the man who seemed to be sleeping on the chair, and her heart was very calm because this scene had been performed countless times in her heart. She sat calmly, sitting for a long time, thinking a lot in her heart.

From the first meeting, when the stinky Taoist snatched herself back, and then he stood in front of her by the beach. There were so many memories between them. Thinking about them, Qiang Wei cried. Thinking about them more, Qiangwei laughed again. She just cried, laughed, and cried, making herself a fool on this small island in the vast ocean...

The news that Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing died and disappeared caused a wave in the world of cultivation, but it was only a trace, and it was quickly forgotten by people. When people really mentioned it again, it was when the first person to ascend successfully appeared in the world of cultivation.

Because that person was Qiang Wei, the former Eldest Disciple of the Acacia Sect, and later the Taoist companion of Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing. She stayed on the island alone for so many years and finally ascended silently.

The world called her Fairy Rose, and Acacia Sect and Penglai Mountain Sect were proud of her.

When people talked about Xuan Qing again, everyone thought that Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing would be the first person to ascend successfully. Unexpectedly, he died, but his Taoist companion succeeded.

But He Wan, who had already become an elder in Penglai, knew the truth, because her master let her live and practice well, so she had been living well and practicing well. He Wan went to the small island alone. After many years of vicissitudes of life, the island still maintained the appearance of two people living.

He Wan said: "Now, Master, you don't have to worry about her anymore."

Because of Qiang Wei's legend, the world began to compile her biography. Since her age was too old, many things are untestable, so they had added a lot of their own imagination to her deeds.

When talking about the story of Fairy Rose and Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing, many people started like this.

"That day, the Sword Sovereign came to the Demon Palace with a flying sword flying through the clouds, and he reached out and pointed at the palace and it collapsed, revealing Fairy Rose and his disciple inside. He was here to save the disciple, but he only looked at the fairy from a distance. At a glance, he fell in love. So he pushed away the apprentice, reached out, and took the fairy in his arms..."

"Then, he held the fairy by his side and played the guqin to the fairy everyday. Hearing the sound of the Sword Sovereign's guqin, the fairy fell in love..."

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