Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 25: The Guilty Rich Girl [1]

When the familiar vertigo and snowflakes disappeared, she had arrived in the second world.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the first task perfectly. Adding 100 points. Will the host spend a hundred points to upgrade the system?"


"After the system is upgraded, you will officially enter the second world and task."

Tao Ran opened her eyes. First thing she did was to reach out to touch her crotch, and as expected, she touched something familiar.

"Sure enough, I became a man again." Tao Ran blankly said, "Do you think I can't complete the task as a woman?"

System Xiaomei pretended to be innocent and said, "After all, I am trying to make the female partner empathize. It’s easier for you to transfer to another relationship after you break the bend. Your dear system is always thinking about you, host.”

Tao Ran didn’t listen to it, he said, “It doesn’t matter, I had been a man once anyway. I’m used to it, and I’m used to being a husband. By all accounts I have spent much more time as a man than as a woman, and it doesn’t matter if I continue to be a man."

This was indeed the case. In the previous world, Tao Ran and Long Qiu lived together for more than 60 years. The two went from being young and beautiful to two old people with gray hair. Tao Ran did not enter the next world until Long Qiu's death.

Thinking of all the things he experienced with Long Qiu, Tao Ran was a little confused. He asked, "Do you think Long Qiu will be happy in her next life?"

Xiao Mei said, "What do you think? This is the world of novels and all the characters are virtual. How can virtual characters have souls? Without souls, there will be no afterlife."

Having said that, Tao Ran still couldn't just think of them as virtual people when he thought of the kind of living he spent with Long Qiu.

The person Tao Ran would wear this time was called Zhou Jiayi, a son of a real estate tycoon, and Mr. Perfect could be used to describe someone like him. Tao Ran checked the plot, and almost cried miserably. Tao Ran in the previous world was a cannon fodder killed by a vicious female partner, while Zhou Jiayi, the Mr. Perfect of this world, was also a cannon fodder killed by a vicious female partner.

The vicious female partner of this world was called Ruan Jun, a rich girl. The male protagonist was Jiang Jue, and the female protagonist was Luo Rou. Both protagonists were children of ordinary people. Ruan Jun was a rich daughter, and she has been very strong since she was a child. She was classmates with Luo Rou and Jiang Jue.

Both women liked Jiang Jue, but Jiang Jue liked Luo Rou and plans to marry Luo Rou after graduation.

Ruan Jun continued to be sisters with Luo Rou while thinking about destroying the two’s relationship. Later, on the day of the graduation party, she deliberately got Jiang Jue drunk, and then secretly went to Jiang Jue's room and had an intimate night with him.

Afterwards, she said that she was drunk and ran to the wrong room. She forced Jiang Jue to be responsible for herself. When Jiang Jue hesitated, Ruan Jun pretended to be pregnant and Jiang Jue had to prepare to marry her.

Luo Rou was devastated, causing her to accept the marriage proposal of her big boss Zhou Jiayi. However, when she saw Jiang Jue again, the two of them still weren't able to help themselves.

In the end, Zhou Jiayi and Ruan Jun destroyed the two’s relationships, and eventually, Ruan Jun's fake pregnancy was revealed. She was so embarrassed and angry that she wanted to poison Luo Rou, but Zhou Jiayi also drank the poisoned water, and Ruan Jun went to prison.

Tao Ran crossed over and became this unlucky Zhou Jiayi. Currently, he was in a hotel. According to the plot, today was the day of Ruan Jun’s and their graduation party. Ruan Jun would later sneak into Jiang Jue’s room and ‘cook rice’ with him. The original host, Zhou Jiayi, also met Luo Rou on this day and fell in love with the female lead at first sight.

Tao Ran was thinking about which room Jiang Jue was in when he saw a staggering woman in front of him.

Xiaomei reminded him, "Attention host, this is the heroine, Luo Rou."

In the original plot, Zhou Jiayi also ran into Luo Rou who was drunk, and he gentlemanly helped Luo Rou rest in the lobby. After that, he formally met the female lead and fell in love with her.

But now, Zhou Jiayi was also Tao Ran, and Tao Ran wasn’t interested in her at all. He was thinking about how to prevent the female partner, Ruan Jun, from dying. Under the system's prompt, Tao Ran came to Jiang Jue's room number 1106.

As expected, the door was not locked. Tao Ran sneaked in. The room was pitch black, and there was still the strong smell of alcohol. It seems that Jiang Jue really drank a lot. Tao Ran walked to the bed and saw a fuzzy shadow on the bed. This should be Jiang Jue, and Ruan Jun should be coming in soon. Tao Ran pushed Jiang Jue but Jiang Jue was motionless, sleeping like a dead pig.

Drinking so much that he was sleeping like the dead like this? He deserved to lose his chastity.

Tao Ran dragged Jiang Jue off the bed and was about to drag him away when he heard the sound of footsteps.

The system gave a very powerful prompt, "Host, Ruan Jun is here."

Damn, why is she here so quickly?

Tao Ran pushed Jiang Jue under the bed in a hurry, and then lay down on the bed. He had already figured it out; when Ruan Jun found him later, he would also pretend to have gotten in the wrong room because he drank too much. In any case, wasn't this also her excuse?

The door was gently pushed open, and a pleasant female voice said, "Jiang Jue?"

Tao Ran lay on the bed without speaking, he was planning to scare Ruan Jun. Those who do bad things should be punished.

Ruan Jun turned around and closed the door. She was afraid that Jiang Jue would be awakened by turning on the light, so she walked to the bed in the dark. She could vaguely see the shadow of a man on the bed. She was so nervous that her hands were trembling.

Tao Ran, who was lying on the bed and pretending to be asleep, felt that his face was touched. He opened his eyes slightly and saw Ruan Jun undressing himself. He immediately understood that because the room was too dark, Ruan Jun didn’t recognize that the person on the bed was not Jiang Jue.

Tao Ran smiled secretly. It would be fun when she found out later that something was wrong. She would be so scared that she would never dare to do anything bad again.

Ruan Jun was doing this for the first time. She hadn't even held a boy's hand before. Ruan Jun's hand inevitably touched Tao Ran's skin as she was shakingly taking off his shirt. Her face blushed for a while. Oh my god, turns out, a boy's chest felt like this, warm and firm.

Just when Tao Ran was about to make a sound, Ruan Jun took out a rope from nowhere and tied Tao Ran's hands and feet. Tao Ran was then shocked, thinking that Ruan Jun actually liked to play this.

In actuality, Ruan Jun simply didn't want Jiang Jue to wake up midway, thus interrupting her plan. Tao Ran was lying on the bed with his hands and feet tied. His heart was telling him that Ruan Jun was really going to do something with him. He was unlike the young man with no power in the previous world. Now, he was the son of a real estate tycoon. Even Ruan Jun's father would dare not offend him.

He was ready, and was intending to scare Ruan Jun fiercely. However, as soon as he opened his mouth, no sound came out—something was stuffed into Tao Ran's mouth. Tao Ran, who was just thinking of wanting to scare the woman, could only ‘hmp hmp hmp’.


Tao Ran said to the system in shock, "What's going on? Why is it not written in the novel that Ruan Jun bound Jiang Jue and gagged him?"

Xiaomei explained, "It's because the author of this book. Jinjiang Novels do not allow explicit images in their novel, so once there is such a plot, the author will merely pass over it, but this was indeed an image that appeared in the author's mind at that time."

Tao Ran: "..."

Wuwuwu... So irresolutely writing the details is simply killing people na...

At that moment, Ruan Jun was already taking off Tao Ran's pants. Tao Ran's body became rigid in an instant, he started to twist and struggle, humming all the while.

Ruan Jun thought that Jiang Jue was awakened, and she became afraid and nervous, but she thought that if she missed this opportunity, she would probably never get Jiang Jue again. So she gritted her teeth, stretched out her hand, and pulled. “Jiang Jue's” pants fell off entirely.

Tao Ran: "..." Crap crap crap, this is ridiculous! There’s a woman rapist here!

Ruan Jun placed her slightly cool hand on Tao Ran's manhood. Tao Ran was quickwitted from head to toe and reacted immediately.

It's really... too excited!


Cook rice = From the proverb “the rice is cooked”. This Chinese proverb is the same as the English proverb 'what's done is done' or 'Let bygones be bygones'. It means that things are too late not to do anything about them. In this situation, it is wise to forgive and be prepared to move forwards positively as it's too late to change anything now.

In this situation; the rice is cooked. It cannot now be uncooked, therefore this proverb talks about how you must let things be as they cannot be changed after it has happened. Just your attitude and perception of the event can be changed.

In the past, if a man and a woman had sex, they had no choice but to get marry. "米已成炊" can also describe this fact.