Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 81: The Manic Queen [11]

The men who would be given to the King as concubines were all men with clean families and dignified appearance, but without any background. When they entered the Royal palace, they were different from other male concubines. After all, they are given by Her Majesty herself, how could they be mixed with those who came from an unclear background?

Just after they moved into the royal residence, conflicts between the old and new male concubines broke out, the new male concubines despised the old male concubines for their bad origins, and the old male concubines ridiculed the new male concubines for being unwanted by the emperor.

Both sides hated each other and cursed each other for having daughters without assholes and not getting the king's favor for the rest of their lives.

There was one exception among these, and this exception was Tao Ran.

It stands to reason that he used to be a male concubine in the palace, and he should be the same as the old concubines. But now he was given to Xuanyuan Yan by the Emperor together with the new concubines, and he should advance and retreat together with the new ones. There was a relationship with both parties, so naturally it was not easy to help. When other people saw a strange person like Tao Ran between the two people, they all were unhappy with him.

So the two sides reached a common goal silently, and it was to first “take care of” the strange guy Ye Tan.

Tao Ran’s situation was inexplicably worsened. After standing at the door of the room for a while, he was ridiculed by several groups of people. As a man accustomed to the ordinary world, Tao Ran naturally did not care about these people. But he couldn't bear them forever. He was thinking about rolling up his sleeves and beating them up. At this time, the Royal maid walked into the concubine compound with a smile on her face.

The courtyard, which was originally tense, was instantly quiet. Everyone looked at the maid with expectant eyes, and the new men thought that they must make the King indulge in themselves for the first time in bed. The old male concubines thought that the King had not called many people to bed recently, so today was a good opportunity.

The housekeeper with a smile on her face respectfully walked up to Tao Ran, smiling: "The King invited you to have dinner together, Lord Ye Tan please follow this servant."

The expressions of the concubines - old and new, stiffened.

Invite him to dinner? Not for serving him in bed?

When was the last time the prince had a meal with a male pet? The person who dined together at that time seemed to be Ye Tan as well, right?

Thinking about how they all ridiculed Ye Tan before, everyone shuddered together. Would revenge befall them?

Tao Ran followed the housekeeper to see Xuanyuan Yan. Xuanyuan Yan was sitting at the dinner table and drinking a small cup of wine. Seeing Tao Ran come, she smiled and said: "I was thinking of when to ask the Royal Sister to get you back, but I didn't expect you to come back by yourself, is it because you miss the King too much so you came back on your own initiative?"

Tao Ran really couldn't stand this shamelessness, but the real reason why he came back couldn't be said, so he could only pinch his nose and nod and say: "Yes, missed you so much that I was about to die of poison."

Xuanyuan Yan was very happy that she pulled Tao Ran to sit beside her and said: "This King also missed you, you were not in this King's residence, this King and other male concubines in bed were not satisfying as they were not very strong."

The corners of Tao Ran's mouth twitched, not knowing what to say. Xuanyuan Yan personally fed Tao Ran wine and said: "I don't know what's going on. The more this king sees you, the more she likes. Are you a fox spirit by any chance?"

Tao Ran was in a very complicated mood while drinking wine. Xuanyuan Yan was very different from the other female counterparts in the past, and he didn't know how to complete the task. But now that Gu Yinglian and Xuanyuan Mo were already together, the task finally made some progress. Tao Ran looked at Xuanyuan Yan and asked: "Do you still like Gu Yinglian?"

Xuanyuan Yan's face stiffened, and she didn't want to talk about this unfavorable topic, so she changed the subject and said: "Speaking of this, come here to drink some more. This wine is a tribute, seahorse wine from another country. It is very good for you. Drink more. Have a drink."

Seahorse wine...

Tao Ran couldn't figure out why, except for Qiangwei, every female partner would drink seahorse wine, wasn’t he good enough in bed?

Could this be the so-called thirty like a wolf, forty like a tiger, fifty sitting on the ground, and sixty to the sky...

Tao Ran looked at Xuanyuan Yan, she was almost thirty, right? At the age of a wolf and a tiger, if it weren't for the system's golden gun function, he didn't know if he could stand having so much sex.

After eating, Xuanyuan Yan eagerly invited Tao Ran to take a bath. Then he couldn't hold back in the bath, and came first. Later, when she moved to bed, Xuanyuan Yan was very excited. Since the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, she had not enjoyed the bedsports. She had a fierce battle with Ye Tan today, and relieved her hunger.

The concubines in the concubine compound were waiting for Ye Tan's return, and one by one, they were ready to come and ask for the gossip. But the left waited for Ye Tan and didn't come back, and the right waited for Ye Tan and didn't come back. When they enquired, Ye Tan drank with the prince and took a bath with the prince after finishing his meal with the prince. Looking at the momentum, it was estimated that he would not be able to come back tomorrow.

The concubines could only sigh that they were not as fated as others. They and others were waiting for the rain for a long time, but it was the rainy season only for Ye Tan. The damn thing was a piece of land where grass didn’t grow. They have not forgotten that Ye Tan had drunk the Jewel soup. Such a waste…(tln: They are trying to say that they want to have sex with prince but prince only favoured ye tan.. and ye tan had taken jewel soup so he couldnt have any children.)

Tao Ran did not know what others were thinking, besides he did not care. The next morning, Xuanyuan Yan and he dawdled in bed until almost noon when he got up to freshen up. Xuanyuan Yan picked a beautiful necklace from a delicate brocade box and walked behind Tao Ran and said: "Don't move, this King will put it on you."

When Tao Ran looked at the necklace, he got goosebumps and hurriedly avoided, "What do you want to do?"

Xuanyuan Yan was stunned for a while, and said: “This King saw you dressed plainly and wanted to give you a gemstone necklace."

"Don’t put it on me." Tao Ran, an indomitable macho man, having a fancy necklace around his neck, he felt that the style of the picture was unimaginable. He refused, "Don't give me this, I will die. No."

Xuanyuan Yan took the necklace and looked at him for a long time, then a little sullenly casually threw the necklace away. The King was concerned about his simplicity and wanted to be nice to him, but he didn't appreciate it at all. Xuanyuan Yan was a little unhappy when she thought about the fact that she had never been treated like this since she was born.

She glanced at Tao Ran and thought that as long as he begged herself to forgive him, she would be generous enough to spare him for a while.

Tao Ran didn't even think about this, he didn't even know Xuanyuan Yan was angry, after freshening up, he asked: "What's for lunch?"

Xuanyuan Yan looked at him blankly for a while, feeling wronged in her heart, and unwilling to do anything with him, so she snorted at Tao Ran, then stomped and turned away.

Tao Ran looked at her back from behind, a little puzzled, what's wrong with her now?

After Xuanyuan Yan ran out, she also regretted it a little bit. What happened to her? Why was she angry with a concubine? But when she thought about it carefully, she still found it difficult to calm her mind. Why was her kindness of love not appreciated by him at all? Even if he didn't appreciate it, it didn't matter but he even showed such a disgusted expression.

The housemaid took a booklet and walked over and said: "Master, this is the cloth materials prepared by the palace for the winter, as well as the silk brocade given by the palace. How do you want to distribute it? Do you still want to send some to the males in the courtyard as in previous years?"

Xuanyuan Yan impatiently said: "Just the same as in previous years."

The housekeeper answered and was about to leave, when Xuanyuan Yan called to her and said: "Wait a minute."

The housekeeper turned around, "What else does the King command?"

"Go to ...... and show this to him, see what he likes and send it to him."

The housekeeper was confused and asked: "Master, who is this “he” referring to?"

Xuanyuan Yan was very annoyed, "What do you think? Who else can you say?"

The housekeeper looked at Xuanyuan Yan's somewhat fierce expression, and was blessed with a sudden realization, "You mean Young Master Ye Tan?"

"Why don't you go now?"

"Oh, oh, yes yes." The housemaid fled in a panic.

Xuanyuan Yan felt that everything had changed, and everything was not going well. It was all Ye Tan’s fault. He must have made herself too angry.

Because Tao Ran did not beg for mercy and apologize, Xuanyuan Yan's heart became more and more depressed. Did he think she would succumb and forgive him without any apology? It was impossible. Hence Xuanyuan Yan didn't sleep with Tao Ran for many days and because she really didn't want to sleep with anyone else but Tao Ran, she could only sleep alone all night.

Tao Ran took a good rest for a few days without her tossing. As for Xuanyuan Yan's something wrong, of course he had noticed something, but he thought this was because of the approaching banquet in the New Year's Palace, and she was in this wrong state because she had to meet Gu Yinglian.

Tao Ran couldn't help in this matter. He couldn't take out Xuanyuan Yan's brain and wash it, so he could only wait. Thinking about when Xuanyuan Yan would see Xuanyuan Mo and Gu Yinglian's love scene, she might be over-stimulated.

And all the pills he brought out of the palace have been eaten, and the pills for the next two months had not yet arrived. Since Xuanyuan Mo wanted him to do things for her, she wouldn't let him die so soon.

At this moment, a decree came from the palace, saying that concubine Gu Yinglian missed his good brother Ye Tan, and Xuanyuan Yan should enter the palace and take Ye Tan with her. After Tao Ran learned the news, he was very emotional. Gu Yinglian was promoted to be the main concubine so quickly, and he was indeed worthy of being the main protagonist.

In the palace, the night was already late but in the Imperial study room the lights were still on. Xuanyuan Mo put down the last book, frowned and pinched her brows. The main palace maid came over with the lamp and said: "Your Majesty, you have been working late into the night recently, how can your body bear it?"

Xuanyuan Mo looked at the light slightly in surprise, and asked: "Any news has come from the Royal Palace of Yue?"

"No." The lady of the palace said: "Except for Ye Tan, no other news has come out. So I think Her Highness King Yue has been really fine recently."

"It's naturally good that she can settle down." Xuanyuan Mo picked up a memorial book and said: "I am not a cruel ruler, as long as she is honest, she will still be my good Imperial Sister."

The main palace maid saw the familiar memorial book, her heart jumped, and asked: "Your Majesty is planning to let Her Royal Highness Yue do this?"

"It's also a good thing." Xuanyuan Mo said: "She's not too young, it's not a good thing for her to always be fooling around like this."

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