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Chapter 80: The Manic Queen [10]

Xuanyuan Mo couldn't help but feel very passionate towards Gu Yinglian at this moment. Nevermind that he was not favoured, but she was shocked when she discovered that Gu Yinglian was still a virgin.

This discovery made Xuanyuan Mo really happy and angry. Happy because her sweetheart was her own since the first time, and angry because Xuanyuan Yan dared to lie to her. Later, when she thought back, that day Xuanyuan Yan only spoke about skin contact with Gu Yinglian, and she didn't say that they had done the deed. Everything she assumed was due to her own imagination.

Looking at Gu Yinglian, who was sleeping soundly in her arms, she noticed that he had lost a lot of weight compared to when he had initially come to live in the palace. It looked like he had faced a lot of hardships living in the palace. Xuanyuan Mo felt distressed, but after thinking about it, even the fact they had shared a kiss was unbearable to her. The fact that Gu Yinglian was actually looking for her favour but was kissed by someone else distressed her.

Xuanyuan Mo was still torn, but she didn't know that Xuanyuan Yan was even more torn than her. Originally, she didn't know anything, and didn't think about it. Today, Tao Ran said that her Imperial sister liked Gu Yinglian. After she went back, she thought about it, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt she had messed up.

She was the honorable prince, but Gu Yinglian would rather go to Heaven Prison than marry her, but this time he took the initiative to go for the selection. Everyone knew that all men who participated in the selection, whose parents and relatives have official positions, could not be forced to participate if they did not want to. Gu Yinglian was able to enter the palace because he was willing to do so. He was more willing to marry Her Majesty and be a concubine than be with this prince.

For a time, Xuanyuan Yan had mixed feelings in her heart. She liked Gu Yinglian, and naturally she didn't want to believe that he was a man who admired vanity and lusted for wealth. But subconsciously, she was even more reluctant to admit that Gu Yinglian fell in love with her Imperial sister rather than her.

All kinds of complex emotions were mixed in her heart, and the Gu Yinglian in Xuanyuan Yan's heart unknowingly lost the original importance. She thought that after all he was just one bachelor, a man and not the pure jade-like gentleman in her heart. Why should a noble Prince like her think about him always?

As soon as she figured it out, she felt as if she let go of some deep burden, and she was much more relaxed. Another day she would go to the Palace and apologize to her Emperor Sister. The Emperor Sister treated her fairly well. She would not do anything to her on this matter. After all, the most important fact was that she had not known the truth before.

After Xuanyuan Yan thought it through, she went to take a shower and went to sleep. In the Imperial garden of the palace, Ye Tan had tossed her so hard that she had to take a good rest. Every time she did the deed with Ye Tan, there was always an illusion, as if the woman was herself and Ye Tan was the man.

Although Xuanyuan Yan is a woman, she was not that old-fashioned about sexual intercourse. As long as she felt good and comfortable, it didn’t really matter who was on top or bottom as the feeling Ye Tan gave her was really indelible.

With the Emperor's favor, Gu Yinglian rose to position the next day, and various rewards continued.

In many novels that Tao Ran had read, the protagonist, as the emperor, deliberately does not treat his beloved woman well in order to prevent his beloved woman from being targeted from jealousy and framed by the harem woman. In fact, for an emperor, if he really cared about a certain woman, he would naturally help her to fend off all the dangers, and there would never be less spoiling.

This was the case for Gu Yinglian. Xuanyuan Mo really loved him and showered him with favours, but Gu Yinglian did not suffer any harm. Instead, when he usually walked out of Fuxi Palace, he felt that the brothers in the palace were good, and everyone got along very well...

In this regard, Tao Ran did not want to make too many comments. After all he was the male lead and fortune always favoured the fools.

But as Xuanyuan Mo showed more and more love for Gu Yinglian, she became more and more mindful of the previous incident. Xuanyuan Yan had dared to come and say that to her and hence it was impossible that nothing had happened between the two. She couldn't help wondering what exactly happened that day, what Gu Yinglian thought, and what kind of feelings Gu Yinglian felt for herself.

Gu Yinglian regarded Tao Ran as his good brother, so even if Tao Ran was his servant, he didn’t really need to do anything. Everyone in the Fuxi Palace knew that in Fuxi Palace, apart from Gu Yinglian, Ye Tan was the next biggest person, and Ye Tan was equivalent to their second master.

Tao Ran didn't need to work, and he was very bored. He basically did nothing except read scripts in the palace all day long. People from other palaces haven't seen him for quite some time, so when Xuanyuan Mo suddenly summoned him today, he was really a little worried.

Gu Yinglian couldn't think of any reason why Xuanyuan Mo wanted to see Ye Tan. After thinking about it, he felt that it might be because Xuanyuan Mo saw Ye Tan's beauty, and wanted to accept him as a talented person or something. With a complicated mood, Gu Yinglian's gaze towards Tao Ran was even more complicated.

Tao Ran didn't pay attention to him as he was preoccupied as well and followed the maid to see Xuanyuan Mo.

Xuanyuan Mo was in the imperial study room reviewing the Imperial books, Tao Ran was kneeling on the floor, and did not dare to move.

He really hated this kind of feudal society, kneeling everywhere, if not to complete the task, he would not run to the palace to suffer.

Xuanyuan Mo didn't seem to know that Tao Ran was still kneeling. She focused on reviewing the memorials. It took a long time before she looked up at Tao Ran and said: "Sure enough, he is a beauty."

Tao Ran couldn't even squeeze a smile, his knees were hurting badly. He didn't speak, Xuanyuan Mo would definitely speak out anyway.

Xuanyuan Mo asked: "You were a male concubine of the Yue Royal Palace before?"

Tao Ran nodded honestly, "Yes."

Xuanyuan Mo's eyes had disgust that she couldn't hide, and she asked: "If you are from the Yue Royal Palace, why are you now following Young Master Gu?"

Tao Ran said: "It was the slave that the young master wanted from Her Royal Highness Yue Prince."

"Why does he want you?"

Tao Ran told the truth about how the two people in the cell knew each other. Xuanyuan Mo listened and then pondered for a long time and asked: "If young master Gu wanted it, why would King Yue just give it?"

That's certainly not the case, during this whole scenario, there was the matter of buying someone with a kiss. But it was not good for Gu Yinglian and Xuanyuan Yan to talk about it. Tao Ran and Gu Yinglian have a good relationship, and the task fell on Xuanyuan Yan, of course, Tao Ran could not let the two get into a dangerous situation. So he bit the bullet and said: "Of course King Yue will give, this slave is a male concubine, and not a rare object, the King will give away willingly."

So Xuanyuan Mo missed the opportunity to know the truth in this way. She was still worried about the incident and wanted to place someone beside Xuanyuan Yan. After all her thoughts, only Ye Tan, who came from the Royal Palace, was the most suitable. For one thing, she was always worried that Xuanyuan Yan had sent Ye Tan to Gu Yinglian deliberately, so she took this opportunity to get Ye Tan away. Secondly, Ye Tan was Xuanyuan Yan's person in the past. Xuanyuan Yan should not be guarded against him.

Xuanyuan Mo winked at the main palace maid beside her. The maid held a small box to Tao Ran and opened it to reveal a round pill inside.

Pill, Pill that needed to be eaten fully…..

When Tao Ran looked at this pill, he had a bad feeling in his heart. Sure enough, he heard Xuanyuan Mo say: "This is a tonic. It has the effect of strengthening people within two months of taking it, but if one couldn’t take another one after two months, then they would die from a high fever. You eat it."

Tao Ran watched the pill silently. In novels and TV dramas, people usually coax others to take it before telling the effect out. This Majesty instead first clearly stated the effect before telling people to eat it.

How could this make people eat it?

Tao Ran looked at the pill, his heart tangled, Xuanyuan Mo asked: "Do you not want to eat?"

"To be honest, I really don't want to eat, but I can't help myself anymore." Tao Ran could only hope that he would die after completing the task. He asked: "I wonder what your Majesty wants the slave to do?"

After listening to Tao Ran’s words, Xuanyuan Mo felt that Xuanyuan Yan hadn’t put Ye Tan beside Gu Yinglian in good faith. She said: “You go to the Yue Palace. If Prince Yue has something to do with Young Master Gu, immediately tell the palace."

Tao Ran asked: "How to inform the palace?"

"There is a wutong tree in the west of the west court of the Yue Royal Palace, you only need to bury the news at the root of the tree, the rest is not your concern."

Well, it turns out that the Royal Palace also has spies.

Tao Ran took the medicine while slandering them in his heart and meanwhile asking Xiaomei in his heart: "Xiaomei Xiaomei, can you cure this medicine's effect?"

Xiaomei said very simply: "No."

Tao Ran: "What are you really useful for?"

Xiaomei: "..."

Tao Ran's expression was a bit solemn when he returned to Fuxi Palace. When Gu Yinglian saw him coming back, he quickly took his hand and asked him why Her Majesty called for him?

Tao Ran said: "I'm going out of the palace, you have to take care of yourself in the future."

Gu Yinglian was stunned for a moment and asked: "Why?"

Tao Ran used the excuse he had discussed with Xuanyuan Mo and said: "Your Majesty got to know that I was once a member of the Royal Palace of Yue. She felt that there shouldn't be someone like me by your side, so she sent me out of the palace."

Gu Yinglian had doubted Ye Tan and Xuanyuan Mo before and now he felt like spitting on himself, he said anxiously: "Don't worry, I'll go to Her Majesty and plead for this matter."

"No need." Tao Ran grabbed Gu Yinglian's hand and said: "Her Majesty asked me to convey to you that there is not the slightest room for reversal in this matter."

Gu Yinglian was stunned. In his heart, this was really not a serious matter. Her Majesty loved him so much, so why couldn't Ye Tan stay by his side?

Except for the pill matter, Tao Ran actually didn't have any opinion on this arrangement. He would go to Xuanyuan Yan's side sooner or later for the task, and it was just right to have this opportunity now. He went around in his bedroom, and there was nothing to clean up. He took some money and valuables and was ready to set off.

Gu Yinglian didn't know that Tao Ran was going to the Yue Palace when he left the palace. He was afraid that he would have nothing to rely on outside the palace and gave him a lot of gold and silver treasures. Tao Ran took all these things and a pill, and was sent to the Yue Royal Palace on the carriage.

Xuanyuan Mo was also thoughtful, fearing that Tao Ran would be suspected that if Tao Ran suddenly returned to Xuanyuan Yan, several other handsome men were sent to the palace together with Tao Ran.


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