Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 81: The Manic Queen [11]

The men who would be given to the King as concubines were all men with clean families and dignified appearance, but without any background. When they entered the Royal palace, they were different from other male concubines. After all, they are given by Her Majesty herself, how could they be mixed with those who came from an unclear background?

Just after they moved into the royal residence, conflicts between the old and new male concubines broke out, the new male concubines despised the old male concubines for their bad origins, and the old male concubines ridiculed the new male concubines for being unwanted by the emperor.

Both sides hated each other and cursed each other for having daughters without assholes and not getting the king's favor for the rest of their lives.

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