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Chapter 79: The Manic Queen [9]

Tao Ran pressed Xuanyuan Yan in the shadow of the trees to do naughty things with her. Gu Yinglian waited for Tao Ran to come back for a long time, and he didn't hear anything, so he was a little worried. First, he was afraid that he would miss Xuanyuan Mo if he left. Second, when Tao Ran left, he also asked him to wait there.

Gu Yinglian was extremely anxious, but still stayed where he was.

On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the full moon hung high and the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus was unusually strong.

Xuanyuan Mo drank a little too much, it was not that she didn't want to care about Yinglian, nor did she dislike him in the past few months. It's just that Xuanyuan Yan's words pierced her heart like thorns. She has been a high-ranking Imperial sister since she was a child, and she had everything she wanted. Later, when she became the emperor, she felt that there was nothing in the world that could make her care. Until she met Gu Yinglian, Gu Yinglian was like a clear spring moisturizing her dry heart.

He made her happy, he also made her sad. She wanted to see him all the time, wanted to hold him in her arms, and she also wanted Gu Yinglian to give her the most sincere feelings. So when she knew that Gu Yinglian would participate in the selection, she was very ecstatic.

She thought that Gu Yinglian liked herself, otherwise, why did he resolutely reject his Imperial sister and then take the initiative to participate in the selection?

Xuanyuan Mo was very satisfied for a while, until Xuanyuan Yan said something like that in front of her. As the emperor, she naturally had her own intelligence network, and she could easily find out that Xuanyuan Yan and Gu Yinglian did enter the private room of Hundred Flower together that day. Snuck in one after the other.

She didn't think much about it, but she couldn't let go of Gu Yinglian, so all she could do was to ignore him. After many days, it seemed like she would never think of him again, but when she was drunk today, she thought of that person again.

Seeing that Xuanyuan Mo was a little drunk, and knowing her habits in previous years, the Queen said: "Your Majesty might as well go to the Royal gardens to enjoy flowers and sober up by the way."

In previous years, there was always Xuanyuan Yan next to herself to enjoy the flowers, but this year...

No matter, going alone was the same.

Gu Yinglian waited for Tao Ran for a long time. He was afraid and cold, and was also timid so he didn't dare to go back alone. He followed the direction Tao Ran went in to find his way back, and walked about for a while. The light was faint, only the moonlight shining on the road ahead.

There are a lot of Osmanthus trees here, and they looked murky in the moonlight. Gu Yinglian couldn't see the path clearly, he could only squint his eyes and lower his head, carefully walking forward.

He opened his mouth and called out to Ye Tan a few times in a low voice, but he did not have the courage to amplify his voice. Because this is the palace, on the first day he entered the palace, the older maid told him that he should not make a loud noise in the palace.

He took two steps and tripped over something and fell to the ground. He was so scared that he didn't feel any pain, but when he got up, he realized that his right leg hurt with every step he took. He tried taking two steps forward, and he couldn't help but cry out in pain and fear.

He clamped his hands over his mouth, his tears flowed down as he suppressed himself not to cry.

Suddenly someone in front said: "Who is there?"

Gu Yinglian was startled, remembering what the older attendant had said about many ignorant concubines who had wandered off and bumped into noblemen and then died. He shivered, ignoring the pain in his body, turned and ran, he had not even run two steps when his legs gave out and he fell to the side.

Gu Yinglian closed his eyes desperately, as he tried to brace for the fall with the cold ground. But the next moment, he fell into a warm embrace. A drunk woman asked: "Who are you? How come you are here?"

Goodness, he was hugged by a woman ......

Gu Yinglian was stunned, and then struggled violently after remembering. Xuanyuan Mo hugged him tightly, and he couldn't get free. Today's grievances hit his heart, and Gu Yinglian couldn't help crying.


Xuanyuan Mo was stunned for a moment, her headache increased, caused by the noise of crying. She frowned and said: "No crying, don't cry."

Gu Yinglian couldn't stop,he just wanted to cry, and the more one cried, the sadder they felt, and there was always a faint tendency to become more and more uncontrollable.

Xuanyuan Mo's heart was very entangled, she reached out and tried to lift the person. The person in her arms was very light. She hugged Gu Yinglian and walked out of the Royal gardens. The lamp was lit by the stone road in the garden, and she saw that the person who was crying like a scaredy cat was none other than Gu Yinglian.

Gu Yinglian was very embarrassed at this time, all his clothes were dirtied, the moon-white clothes on his knees were stained with blood, and his hair a complete disarray revealing the red crying face.

Xuanyuan Mo was stunned for a moment and asked: "What's wrong with you? Why are you here?"

Gu Yinglian rubbed his eyes to look at her and found that this person was Xuanyuan Mo, he froze for a moment and said: "Ye Tan is gone."

"Who is Ye Tan?" Xuanyuan Mo frowned at him, then reached out to touch Gu Yinglian's knees.

Gu Yinglian shuddered in pain, and Xuanyuan Mo asked: "How did this happen?"

Gu Yinglian was still dazed and said: "I couldn't see the way, I fell."

Without knowing what it was that she was feeling in her heart, Xuanyuan Mo stretched her hand through the bend of Gu Yinglian's legs and carried him to Fuxi Palace.

Gu Yinglian's voice was a bit hoarse from crying, "Where are we going?"

"Go to your palace."

Gu Yinglian: "Ye Tan hasn't been found yet."

"Who is Ye Tan?"

"My attendant, brought from outside the palace."

"I will send someone to find him."


"What else is there?"


In the imperial garden, the clouds suddenly gathered and rain poured down. Tao Ran and Xuanyuan Yan got up from the ground and put on their clothes in a hurry. Xuanyuan Yan saw that Tao Ran's belt couldn't be fastened, so she extended her hands and took the initiative to help Tao Ran fix it. Tao Ran thought to himself, “Damn!”. He didn't know what happened to Gu Yinglian, then turned around to leave.

Xuanyuan Yan was not willing to let him go, she reached out and tugged Tao Ran and asked: "You just did that to me, and now you want to run?"

Tao Ran said: "I am Gu Yinglian's attendant, and I don't know how he is now."

Thinking of Gu Yinglian, the feeling in Xuanyuan Yan's heart was much lighter than before. She said: "I begged the Imperial Sister to give Gu Yinglian to me, but the Imperial Sister refused to grant him to me."

"How could she possibly say yes." Tao Ran said: "Xuanyuan ...... Majesty, she liked Gu Yinglian a long time ago. Previously Gu Yinglian was saved from the Sky prison. This was orchestrated by Her Majesty. It was so easy for Gu Yingren to enter the palace, how could she give Gu Yinglian to you."

Xuanyuan Yan was startled, and a cold sweat broke out on her body. Before, she always felt that Gu Yinglian's escape from the prison was a bit weird and something fishy was going on. If what Ye Tan said was true, then she had done a deadly thing. She even said in front of the Emperor that she and Gu Yinglian had a close relationship. With her understanding of the Emperor, she was afraid that the Emperor had taken this matter to heart.

She grew up with Xuanyuan Mo, and she knew the sentiments of the Emperor best. She cared very much about her sister’s thoughts. But if something violated her bottomline, she would not forgive or let go easily.

If she knew that Xuanyuan Mo also liked Gu Yinglian, she wouldn't have dared to say that to her Emperor Sister. Thousands of mistakes were made because she didn't know Xuanyuan Mo's thoughts.

Xuanyuan Yan's face was pale as she looked at Tao Ran and asked: "Are you telling the truth?"

"Of course." Tao Ran saw her complexion change dramatically and said: "In fact, there are so many good men in the world, why do you have to like Gu Yinglian? With your status as a king, what kind of man can you not have?"

Xuanyuan Yan reluctantly smiled and said: "If you had told me this a few months earlier, I probably would have felt much better."

Tao Ran did not know that she had said those words to Xuanyuan Mo, only thought that Xuanyuan Yan was deeply in love with Gu Yinglian, to the point where she could not extricate herself. Thinking that his task was becoming more and more difficult to complete, Tao Ran’s head was filled with irritation, and he impatiently said: "I'm leaving, you also quickly go back."

Saying that he turned around leaving behind a subtle dark fragrance.

Xuanyuan Yan questioned him: "Are you going to stay in the palace forever?"

Tao Ran turned around, "What do you mean?"

Xuanyuan Yan said: "Why don't you go out of the palace and follow me back to my palace, this king will treat you well."

Tao Ran said: "You say it as if I can go out whenever I want."

After he finished speaking, he ran to the place where he had separated from Gu Yinglian before. When he went there, Gu Yinglian was no longer there. Tao Ran was still wondering if he had gone back, when he saw a few maidservants walking over carrying lanterns and asked him: "Are you Master Ye Tan?"

Tao Ran said: "I am."

"Go back quickly, young master Gu has been looking for you so hard, Her majesty has asked the servants to come and look for you."

Her Majesty? So Gu Yinglian hooked up with Xuanyuan Mo?

Tao Ran couldn't think deeply and hurriedly walked back.

Xuanyuan Mo returned to Fuxi Palace holding Gu Yinglian, which shocked the servants and maids of Fuxi Palace. Xuanyuan Mo put Gu Yinglian on the table and said: "Ask the male doctor to come over."

Gu Yinglian was trembling in fear, shock and fright. In fact, the injury on his knee didn't feel painful anymore. Seeing him trembling, Xuanyuan Mo thought he was in pain, so she asked: "What were you doing out in the dark night instead of resting in the palace?"

Gu Yinglian was also a talented man. Although afraid, he knew what could be said and what couldn't be said. He said, "I miss my mother and father after living in the palace for a long time. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, so I thought I would go out to enjoy the moon and pick some osmanthus flowers to make tea."

"Osmanthus tea?" Xuan Yuan Mo asked: "Didn’t the internal affairs department send tea to your palace?"

Gu Yinglian lowered his head slightly and Xuanyuan Mo's heart shuddered. She also knew the methods used in the palace, and she knew a little bit in her heart as to what kind of life those concubines who had no rank and no grace, lived like. Before, she had only thought about avoiding Gu Yinglian, but she didn’t think about the kind of life he would have without receiving favour from her for a few months.

Xuanyuan Mo felt a little guilty in her heart, and she asked again: "Where are your male palace maids? How come they were not there to accompany you?"

Gu Yinglian was asked a question and he replied: "It was late at night and it’s inconvenient to disturb them. I...this concubine took Ye Tan who was in the palace with this concubine. Ye Tan said that he heard something, so he went over to check and asked me to wait. After waiting for him to come back for a long time, this concubine wanted to find him, but fell down."

Xuanyuan Mo nodded, his remarks were reasonable.

The male doctor came over to clean up the wound for Gu Yinglian. Gu Yinglian's eyes were teary with pain, and he was afraid that he would be too embarrassed in front of Xuanyuan Mo, so he forcibly resisted the tears from falling.

Xuanyuan Mo looked at him, suddenly had an impulse, and walked to the bedside holding Gu Yinglian.

After Tao Ran came back, he saw that the servant men and palace maids were guarding the door and asked: "How is the young master?"

A servant man named Yueji smiled and whispered, "The little lord has gotten what he wanted this time, and His Majesty is inside, it seems we have to prepare for the little lord's health."


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