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Chapter 78: The Manic Queen [8]

Seeing both of them run away, Xuanyuan Yan felt a little uncomfortable. She reached out and touched her lips. She had just kissed the person for so long, and now when she touched it again, she didn't feel anything. She felt a little empty in her heart about how she went out for a shopping trip and got to kiss Gu Yinglian, but lost her most favored concubine.

Xuanyuan Yan turned and looked outside the door, and the servants of the palace outside the door looked at her eagerly, waiting for her instructions.

Xuanyuan Yan wanted to be angry, but did not know where to start, so she flung her sleeves and said: "Go back to the residence."

Gu Yinglian rushed out, Tao Ran followed and chased him. Gu Yinglian, who still hadn’t gotten out of the door, could not run past Tao Ran, and was soon overtaken by Tao Ran. Tao Ran grabbed his arm and said: "Don't run away."

Gu Yinglian turned around with tears streaming down his face and hugged Tao Ran, crying bitterly, "Ye Tan, my innocence is gone."

Tao Ran patted his shoulder and said: "Your innocence is still there, it's just a kiss, who will get to know if you don't tell it to anyone?"

Gu Yinglian lifted his head from Tao Ran's arms, and said: "What if Xuanyuan Yan said it?"

"Then you don't admit it, you won’t admit it to death, how will her words count if only she kept saying it?" Tao Ran said with a gentle smile, "You are a good person, and you will have your happiness."

Gu Yinglian forced a smile, took Tao Ran's hand and said: "Finally, I saved you."

Tao Ran smiled. If he said now that he had saved Tao Ran in vain, then for sure Gu Yinglian would regret throwing the moat down. (t/n: give a helping hand)

Gu Yinglian took Tao Ran back to his residence in the Capital. His father heard that his precious son had brought a man back, so he immediately came to see him. As soon as he saw Tao Ran, his face changed, and he took Gu Yinglian's hand and said: "My son, you can't bring such messy people home."

Gu Yinglian frowned and said: "How can Ye Tan be a messy person? He was my good brother in Sky Prison. I thought he was harmed by Xuanyuan Yan, but I didn't expect for us to meet each other again."

"Then isn't he one of Her Highness King Yue's people? How can such an unclear person enter our Gu family?"

Gu Yingren was angry and anxious, but he was unable to say anything to his father. He was so anxious that his face turned red and said: "Aiya father, how can you say that? Ye Tan is a good man, this son likes him very much."

Father Gu knew that he shouldn’t work his son hard. He planned to find an opportunity to secretly solve Ye Tan, and then Gu Yinglian would just flicker here. After making up his mind, Gu father said: "Yinglian, you are going to enter the palace in a few days, are you ready?"

Gu Yinglian bowed his head shyly and said: "Father, what do I have to prepare for?"

"You have to prepare for the etiquette in the palace. You have never been in the palace before, and father is afraid you won’t do well."

Gu Yinglian said: "I've hired Mr. Xi to teach me, so this son will learn well."

That night Gu Yinglian insisted on sleeping with Tao Ran. To be honest, Tao Ran had lived so long as both a woman and a man. But this was the first time he slept with a man, and he felt awkward to think about it. Gu Yinglian laid next to Tao Ran, and his face had a longing expression, "What kind of person do you think your Majesty is?"

Tao Ran's sleepy eyes could hardly open, he was so angry that he only said: "A good man ......"

"Well, that's for sure. Otherwise, how could Her Majesty save me?" Gu Yinglian said: "I have met Her Majesty twice, once in the street. At that time, I didn't know that she was Her Majesty, I just thought she was handsome and polite. Later, at a celebration, I saw her seated at the highest position, she was so dazzling..."

Tao Ran: "zzzzZ"

"Do you think Her Majesty would like me?" Gu Yinglian smiled and waited for Tao Ran to give him a satisfactory answer. After waiting for a long time, he didn't hear anything. He turned his head to see that Tao Ran was already asleep. Gu Yinglian stretched out his hand to push Tao Ran, "Ye Tan, Ye Tan, you must wake up soon, wake up, answer my question."

Tao Ran covered his face: "Uuuuuu..."

Half a month later, on an auspicious day, Gu Yinglian entered the palace with the other handsome men, who were sent from all over the country. Tao Ran entered the palace with him as Gu Yinglian's attendant. The weather was very good that day. Tao Ran was a little sweaty after walking with the carriage for a while. There was no such scene in the novel. Gu Yinglian, in the book, was rescued by the emperor, and was entangled by Xuanyuan Yan before he was selected, and then Xuanyuan Mo personally took Gu Yinglian directly to the palace.

Tao Ran wanted to know what happened after Gu Yinglian entered the palace, he didn't know how angry Xuanyuan Yan was. Xuanyuan Mo had long liked Gu Yinglian, and Gu Yinglian was retained in the palace without a doubt.

The news reached King Yue's residence in the afternoon that Gu Yingren, the son of Jingzhao Yin, had been appointed as a talent in the palace.

When Xuanyuan Yan heard the news, her whole body was frozen, then without saying a word she went directly to the palace to see Xuanyuan Mo.

Xuanyuan Mo heard that she was here, and specially asked the Imperial kitchen to prepare a banquet. Xuanyuan Yan didn't want to beat around the bush with Xuanyuan Mo, she said directly: "Emperor Sister, this sister wants to beg you for someone."

Xuanyuan Mo had an inkling in her heart, but still asked: "I don't know who is the one who can make the Imperial younger sister care so much?"

"It is the Imperial sister's newly appointed talent today, that son of Jingzhao Yin, Gu Yinglian." Xuanyuan Yan said: "Imperial Sister, Chen-mei (t/n: it’s what sisters of emperor call themselves) really likes him, you have so many beauties, so can you give him to me."

Xuanyuan Mo held the wine glass and looked at Xuanyuan Yan with heavy eyes, and said: "You are the prince, what kind of beauty do you want, why do you have to compete with me for a concubine?"

"It is not to compete with the Imperial Sister." Xuanyuan Yan said: "It’s just that not long ago Chen-mei has already had skin-to-skin contact with that Gu Yinglian, he is really not worthy of the Imperial sister."

Xuanyuan Mo's heart was shocked, and the wine glass in her hand was almost unsteady. Xuanyuan Yan said: "Sister Emperor?"

"Shut up." Xuanyuan Mo turned her back and said: "Do you know what you were saying just now?"

"Of course Chen-mei knows." Xuanyuan Yan said: "In the private room of Hundred Flavors House that day, Chen-mei already kissed him for a long time. Imperial sister, please give him to me."

Xuanyuan Mo felt as if something was blocking her chest. She turned her back to Xuanyuan Yan and said: "You go."

Xuanyuan Yan: "Sister Emperor?"

"Go now!" Xuanyuan Mo said, "I...I'm not feeling well, you can withdraw."

After Xuanyuan Yan left, Xuanyuan Mo's heart was all about the words she heard earlier, Chen-mei and he already had skin to skin ......

"Puff..." Xuanyuan Mo’s body lurched unsteadily, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

She extended her hands to wipe the blood stains off the corners of her mouth, staring straight ahead in a daze.

The main maid came in along with the room maid and said: "Your Majesty, it's getting late, it's time to turn over the name card. The little masters who have just entered the palace are here today. Your Majesty, whom would you like to call today?"

Xuanyuan Mo turned around, Gu Yinglian's sign was on the list, and she stared at that sign. Reaching out to look through it, in the end she turned over another person's sign, and said: "Just him."

Gu Yinglian stayed in the side hall of the Fuxi Palace, and the reason was that he was the only person living in the Fuxi Palace and there was no court-maid there. He dressed up and waited in the palace, thinking about the Emperor’s appearance, he saw today. Her Majesty smiled at him. Her Majesty didn't smile at anyone else, but just smiled at him. Did that mean Her Majesty also liked him?

He waited for Xuanyuan Mo. Today was the first day of entering the palace. If Her Majesty turned over his name card, today will be his wedding night.

The little palace lady sent to serve him hurried in and said: "Little lord, don't wait, Your Majesty has turned over Li Guiren's sign."

"Oh... is that so." Gu Yinglian's disappointment could not be concealed from his face, and Tao Ran who was sitting behind him, also felt this was strange.

Xuanyuan Mo obviously liked Gu Yinglian outside the palace, but why did she coldly dismiss him on the first day Gu Yinglian entered the palace?

Xuanyuan Yan's life these days has not been very easy, and she was still thinking about Gu Yinglian in her heart. But when she went to bed every night, she thought about Ye Tan. After sleeping with Ye Tan a few times, she always felt unsatisfied with the other male pets. Those male pets were neither powerful nor durable, and they dared not move on the bed, just like a wooden doll.

At this time, she already regretted the fact that she sent Ye Tan out for a kiss. This was really a big loss.

Tao Ran stayed in the palace with Gu Yinglian for two months, during which Xuanyuan Mo never saw Gu Yinglian once, as if she had forgotten this person. The weather turned cold in a flash, and the Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching. Gu Yinglian wasted so long, wondering if he could see Xuanyuan Mo, he wanted to tell Xuanyuan Mo that he liked her.

Tao Ran remembered it was written in the novel that Xuanyuan Mo liked Osmanthus. So he helped Gu Yinglian come up with an idea, put on a beautiful dress and wait in the Osmanthus Garden. If Xuanyuan Mo liked the sweet-scented Osmanthus, she would definitely go to enjoy the flowers. When she saw Gu Yinglian there again, would she still remember him?

A talented person who was not favoured could not go to the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet. Tao Ran and Gu Yinglian waited in the Osmanthus Garden since early evening. Tao Ran was a servant boy, of course he wore warm clothes. Gu Yinglian who wore a thin layer was shivering with cold in the moonlight.

Xuanyuan Yan drank a few glasses of wine at the banquet. Recently, she was in a bad mood and didn't want to talk to her sisters. She went to the Royal gardens after changing her clothes. She had liked Osmanthus since she was a child. This was the same as Xuanyuan Mo, so the relationship between the two of them has been closer since they were young.

Tao Ran vaguely heard the footsteps of someone coming, and he said to Gu Yinglian, "You wait here, I'll go see if it's Her Majesty."

Gu Yinglian nodded nervously, "Hmm."

Tao Ran silently walked over, and saw a woman in a brocade robe approaching from a distance. He took a closer look and found that the person was Xuanyuan Yan. Why was she here? Tao Ran thought to himself that he must not let her see Gu Yinglian, otherwise he didn't know what would happen?

He sneaked over, walked around behind Xuanyuan Yan, and grabbed Xuanyuan Yan by the collar. Xuanyuan Yan was dragged backwards by him, and said in shock, "Who?"

Tao Ran did not speak and dragged her away. Xuanyuan Yan was dragged for a certain distance. She then did a roll-over maneuver to break free from the hand that was dragging her and brought the person in choke-hold position to restrain the person who attacked her.

She felt that something was wrong when she held the person in her arms: "Ye Tan?"

Tao Ran stopped moving, Xuanyuan Yan said: "Why are you here? Are you with Gu Yinglian?"

Tao Ran turned around, stretched out his hands to push Xuanyuan Yan to the tree, and said with a smile: "Long time no see, Lord Prince missed me?"

Xuanyuan Yan: "You..." Seeing Tao Ran, she felt a strange feeling in her heart. Before she could think about it, she stepped forward and hugged Tao Ran and kissed him.

Tao Ran's technique was better than Xuanyuan Yan's, and soon he changed from passive to active, pressing Xuanyuan's Yan under the shade of the Imperial garden and doing it indiscriminately. Xuanyuan Yan hadn't enjoyed this kind of bliss for a long time, and devoted herself wholeheartedly to it, throwing Gu Yinglian and her Imperial sister out of her mind.

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