Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 84: The Manic Queen [14]

After driving away the concubines, Xuanyuan Yan sat on the bed alone, thinking about Tao Ran who was still in the prison.

In the past, when she liked Gu Yinglian, although she was not happy, she still enjoyed her normal life. Now after she had met Ye Tan and became entangled with him, she felt as if she had lost half of her life.

Xuanyuan Yan tossed and turned. Later, she remembered that she had put Ye Tan in prison for several days already. She didn't know whether he was eating well and sleeping well. It was said that the prison was damp and dark and there was no delicious food. She usually provided him with delicacies from the palace kitchen. She was not aware of what was happening these days.

In the imperial study, the spies who were placed in the Yue King’s Palace, passed on the news. The main Palace maid informed Xuanyuan Mo of the news and said: "It is not known why Ye Tan was sent out of the Palace and was put in Sky Prison by King Yue. The next two months are about to pass. Without pills, I am afraid Ye Tan would soon be useless."

Xuanyuan Mo's right hand was on the table, the outstretched index finger unconsciously tapping on the table, she asked: "Why did Old Seven put Ye Tan into the Sky Prison?"

The Palace maid shook her head and said: "Even the people in the Yue Palace don't know the reason."

"Could she have known that I was the one who placed Ye Tan next to her? Since I annoyed her about her marriage at the Palace Banquet, so she is now rebelling against me?”

The Palace maid shook her head with a head full of sweat and said: "This maidservant doesn't know this, how could this maidservant know what is in the King's mind."

Xuanyuan Mo frowned and thought deeply. She suddenly said: "On the night of the banquet, Old Seven, Ye Tan and Concubine Lian went out successively. Do you know if they met?" The Palace maid still shook her head, "I don't know."

Xuanyuan Mo's most annoying habit in her life was that the more things were out of control, the more she cared about it, and the more she wanted to fully grasp control of the situation. She loved Gu Yinglian deeply, so she didn't want Gu Yinglian to have any secrets she didn't know about.

She didn't know what happened in the private room of the Hundred Flower that day. She didn't know what happened when the three of them had gone out on New Year's Eve. Xuanyuan Mo exhaled deeply. In this way, she will drive herself crazy.

Tao Ran stayed in prison for several days. He was a little worried. He didn't get the medicine in the Palace last time. He would die if he didn’t get the medicine in time. Tao Ran sat on the bed and three younger brothers gave his shoulder-rub and massaged his legs. He asked Xiaomei in his heart, "Xiaomei, Xiaomei, what will happen if my mission fails? Will I be erased?"

Xiaomei looked at Tao Ran with pure and genuine eyes and said: "What are you talking about, host? The system is developed by a decent company, how could it do such illegal things, don't worry, your life will not be in danger."

Tao Ran breathed a sigh of relief and thought that as long as he didn't die, everything else could be slowly discussed.

But Xiaomei continued: "But your breach of contract must be compensated. The company still has a lot of undeveloped and unfinished systems that need those of you who cannot complete the task to dedicate your youth."

"......" Tao Ran's cheeks twitched and asked: "Like what? Can you be more specific?"

Xiaomei: "For example, go to the fighting world to the scrappy male lead as a portable grandfather."

Tao Ran: "........”

"Are there any other options?"

Xiaomei showed her teeth and laughed: "Go to the couple fighting world as a small NPC zombie."

Tao Ran: "... I'll try to escape the jail."

Tao ran said in his heart that since Xuanyuan Yan did not kill himself immediately, she might not want to kill himself. He thought about it and the plan came to his mind. The left hand compared six, the right hand compared seven, then the neck shrunk, his eyes turned rolled. He suddenly fell from the bed, and then began to foam at the mouth, as if he was having epilepsy.

Originally, the younger brothers were trying their best to serve. Suddenly, they saw the boss fall back and twitch all over. The crowd was startled, and then gathered around to have a look. Someone asked: "Has the Elder brother been possessed?"

"Tsk." An older brother said with a disgusted face: "The body is twitching and foaming at the mouth, have you ever seen such a possession? This is clearly poisoning."

"Brother is poisoned?"

"Elder brother, how did you get poisoned?"

The fat-ex-brother trembled all over his fat body in excitement, saying to himself that it's really heavenly, has his chance come? He took a few steps to the front of the crowd, reached out and peeled the crowd away, "Get out of the way, let me take a look."

He pushed everyone away, looked down at Tao Ran. Immediately, he threw back his head and crossed his arms and laughed furiously, "Wow, hahaha, he's totally gone crazy!"

"Huh? Crazy due to epilepsy?"

Fat Big Brother smiled and suddenly burst into tears."God's will, God has been kind to me. He let me regain my throne."

The other little brothers looked numb. Anyway, they can't be the boss. Since this was the case, who was the boss?

Tao Ran was worried as he was twitching. He was tired of these useless things as they didn't hurry to call someone. What if he couldn't hold on? Call people, call people!

The fat brother stretched out his big fist, and then a round index finger bounced out. He put his index finger on Tao Ran's face and poked on Tao Ran's nose, "Hey, you have the guts to hit me!"

Tao Ran: "......"

The crowd's mouths were turned away, their hearts were very disdainful. Did the fat brother have the courage to do so when the boss was well ah.

Fat brother was really playing dirty now. He even dared to poke the boss's butt. He became stronger and stronger. From time to time, he poked and hit Tao Ran. Tao Ran gritted his teeth and endured it. He said in his heart that I have to work hard to escape from this prison.

Soon after that the fat brother said: "Humph, besides being able to fight better than Laozi, what else is he better than Laozi? Is that thing of his as big as mine?"

When compared to female prisoners, the male prisoners solved their loneliness with each other. The big brother had a sign, but generally the more the sign, the less useful the man's work was. In order to prove that at least one thing is better than Tao Ran, fat brother reached out to pull Tao Ran's pants and said: "it must be a small toothpick!"

He yanked hard!

What? How come it didn't come off?

Another tug!

How come it didn't come off again?

There was a sudden quiet. Fat brother felt a feeling of foreboding. He looked up to see Tao Ran was still convulsing on the bed. But the eyes that looked at him were exceptionally clear and it had a murderous glint.


He was suddenly very afraid of the silence. The fat brother trembled all over. A pair of fat hands withdrew as fast as lightning. People who didn't know thought that he had practiced the shadowless hands of Buddha Mountain. He said calmly, "Big brother, you've just had epilectic fit. Little brother, I, was pushing the blood through your body to help with circulation.”

Tao Ran tugged his hands on the waist of his pants and smiled at the fat big brother.

Fat big brother only saw Tao Ran smiling grimly and hideously at himself, and then a slim and slender hand covered over ......

There were bursts of screams in the depths of the Sky prison. The sound was bleak and those who heard the screams turned pale. Many prisoners who could not see the situation from a distance trembled one by one, thinking that the officials had invented new ways of torture and were testing the results.

Xuanyuan Yan had been missing Tao Ran for many days. She was fidgeting in the palace all day. She thought about whether Tao Ran would be full when eating and whether Tao Ran would be cold when sleeping. What would she do if his body becomes stiff due to the cold and he loses his rigor in bed?

She wanted to bring him out, but she felt that she had no face. The white eyed wolf could really bear it. He didn't beg a word of mercy for so many days. Xuanyuan Yan sighed and couldn't eat. She had already lost three kilograms of her weight. The main Palace maid said: "If the prince wants that male concubine, take him back."

"How is that possible?" Xuanyuan Yan said hard: “This King also has pride. If this King brings him back, won’t I be losing face?"

The housekeeper looked speechless and said: "Then beat him up and bring him back?"

Xuanyuan Yan stood up immediately and said: "Who dares? Who dares to touch even a hair on his head? I will fight with her."

The housekeeper was speechless and stood aside, with her head hanging down.

Xuanyuan Yan was a bit sad, she narrowed her eyes, "Why don't you talk again?"

Housekeeper: ".........”

Tao Ran's plan was destroyed by fat brother. After he cleaned the fat brother up, he was ready to sleep to comfort himself. As soon as he slept, he slept all day and night.

Because of the false cramp before, no one dared to do something while the boss was sleeping. The jailer who came to deliver the meal came to deliver the meal three times. He found Tao Ran sleeping all three times and asked: "Hey, who is dead? He doesn't eat the meal?"

No one dared to speak, and no one dared to disturb the boss.

The jailer said: "You, go over and take a look."

Fat Brother: "Me?"

"If not you, who else?"

Fat Big Brother walked over sheepishly and said: "Big Brother, get up and eat."

Tao Ran was lying on the bed, not moving a muscle. Under the watchful eyes of the jailer, the fat brother stretched out a finger with difficulty and poked Tao Ran, "Big brother, the sun is shining on your butt."

This poke really made him poke something wrong. Why was the body so hot to touch?

Without thinking, he put his hand on Tao Ran's forehead, and then he immediately retracted his hand and said: "hiss, it's so hot."

"What's the matter?"

"Let me see..."

They came together and touched Tao Ran's face and forehead. Finally, they came to the conclusion that the boss was really ill.

The jailer said that the prisoner had been sent by the superior and she was asked to take care of him properly. She rushed out to report to the superior officer in a hurry.

The superior thought this was King Yue’s male concubine. I'd better report to the king of Yue.

When Xuanyuan Yan heard the news, her face immediately turned white, and then her heart ached uncontrollably: "My little heart! Quickly go get the doctor!"

Tao Ran was sent back to the Palace at a fast speed. Xuanyuan Yan touched Tao Ran's hot body and regretted, "I'm in a great position. Why am I angry with him? How painful it must be to be so hot."

The two doctors saw that they were summoned by His Majesty King Yue, and without saying a word, they ran out with their medicine box. The two doctors originally thought it was just an ordinary fever, but suddenly their faces changed.

The main Palace maid hurried to the Imperial study. Xuanyuan Mo was having a meeting with several ministers. The maid came in and said something in Xuanyuan Mo's ear. Xuanyuan Mo's face immediately sank and said in a cold voice, "This is the end for today. Let's all step back."

After the ministers left, Xuanyuan Mo angrily asked: "Why did you let the doctor go to the royal residence without informing me?"

The palace maid frowned and said: "It's normal for the Lord to call one or two Imperial doctors into the house for diagnosis and treatment. It happened too fast and there was no preparation."

Xuanyuan Mo sighed wearily, "Ye Tan's poisoning would have been exposed."

The maid also sighed, "I don't know what his Highness the king of Yue will think."

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