Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 86: The Manic Queen [16]

After listening to Xuanyuan Yan, Xuanyuan Mo didn't speak for a long time. She was thinking 'Should I believe what she said? If I believe, then was I wrong all along?'

She looked at Xuanyuan Yan again. The sister she had the best relationship with since she was a child. The two also had many of the same interests, such as love of osmanthus, so every year they would go to the Osmanthus garden together to enjoy the flowers. In the imperial garden of the palace, there were still Osmanthus trees planted by the two together.

It is said that the son of heaven is lonely, but it is good to be able to play chess and chat with a sister who can be completely at ease. When exactly did the two of them cease to be the same? Did it really start with Gu Yinglian?

There was silence in the imperial study. After a long time, Xuanyuan Mo asked: "You came here today, just for these words?"

Xuanyuan Yan said: "I came to ask for an antidote. My concubine is dying. Only Your Majesty can save him."

Xuanyuan Mo thought it was ridiculous. She guarded herself against her sister and even hated her. But in the end, she liked a cheap concubine. If Ye Tan hadn’t been poisoned the truth would have never been exposed. She was afraid that her beloved would be snatched away by her sister but her sister had already found her beloved.

"That's all." Xuanyuan Mo said: "I'll give you the Rejuvenation pill. Later, when new pills are refined, I will send them to the palace.”

The palace girl who had been hiding behind came out with a box and sent it to Xuanyuan Yan. When she opened it, it was full of round pills. Xuanyuan Yan asked: "Is there no choice but to keep eating them? Is there no antidote?"

"No." Xuanyuan Mo shook her head and said: "This medicine is said to be made by a Banxian. One has to keep eating them. There is no antidote."

Xuanyuan Yan held the medicine box and stood up to go back to the palace.

When she came to the outer hall, she saw Gu Yinglian, who had been eavesdropping for a long time. She was surprised and exclaimed: "Princess Lian?"

Xuanyuan Mo’s body shook, suddenly a bit alarmed, "Who is there?"

After a few steps, Gu Yinglian looked back at herself with tears on his face. Xuanyuan Mo raised her hand but was avoided by Gu Yinglian. She said: "Yinglian, I......"

Gu Yinglian burst into tears and said: "What else is there to say?"

Just after that, there was a twinge of pain in the abdomen and warm liquid flowed, which instantly soaked the clothes and pants.

Xuanyuan Mo was so frightened that she lost her voice and exclaimed: "What's the matter with you, Yinglian? Come quickly...Call for the Imperial physicians..."

Watching Xuanyuan Mo stride out with Gu Yinglian in her arms, Xuanyuan Yan holding a medicine box, thought about it, and went out of the palace directly. She was happy with her current status. It was better that she didn’t involve herself with the Main Palace more. There were concubines waiting for help at home, so she didn’t want to wade in this muddy water.

Xuanyuan Yan put the box in her arms and hurried out of the palace.

Lying on the bed, Tao Ran's face became more red, while his lips started to show blue and purple.

Xuanyuan Yan stuffed a Rejuvenation pill into Tao Ran's mouth, and Tao Ran's face returned to normal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At last, Xuanyuan Yan was relieved. Xuanyuan Yan felt a little funny. It was so dangerous for a concubine. Is this still Xuanyuan Yan?

Tao Ran's breathing gradually stabilized. After a long period of time he woke up. The first sentence after opening his eyes was, "Am I a grandpa now?"

Then he heard a voice full of laughter saying: "Sleeping and wanting to be an old grandfather?"

Tao Ran fixed his eyes and saw Xuanyuan Yan sitting by the bed smiling at himself in the dark room.

Xiaomei said: "Host, you're lucky. The vicious female match got you the Rejuvenation Pill."

Tao Ranmouth twitched at the corners and wondered how long he had been asleep. Had Xuanyuan Yan raised her knife and rebelled and driven Xuanyuan Mo out of the throne? Was this blackening? He still couldn't escape the fate of being a carry-on grandfather?

Seeing the thoughts running through Tao Ran’s mind, Xiaomei was fascinated. Host's imagination was too rich. Was it a good thing?

Looking at Tao Ran who had recovered well, Xuanyuan Yan smiled smugly, "Your little life was saved by this King at great risk, how do you think you will repay this King?"

Tao Ran froze. Suddenly, with a sad face, he grabbed Xuanyuan Yan's hand and said: "why do you want to save me? If you can be a good person, I'll die smiling. Wuu wuuu..."

Xuanyuan Yan: "..." He just woke up and now she wanted to hit him!

Xuanyuan Yan said with a wooden face, "You have a good rest. Here are all the rejuvenation pills. Remember to take the medicine on time."

Tao Ran looked at the box full of rejuvenation pills and thought the female partner had really succeeded in blackening, right? This must be the case, right?

Seeing Tao Ran's stupid look, Xuanyuan Yan said anxiously, "Did the fever affect your brain after all?"

She reached out and hugged Tao Ran and asked: "Do you remember how many times I wanted you last time?"

Tao Ran immediately disdained and said: "Want me? I'm the one who wants you, right?"

Xuanyuan Yan was delighted, "OK, your brain is not affected!"

Many days passed, and the Fuxi palace was still gloomy. Concubine Lian, who was originally stable, suddenly miscarried. Countless concubines who had secretly cursed him in the palace, all clapped their hands happily. For the palace people in Fuxi palace, Concubine Lian's abortion was nothing. It was quite common in the palace.

What worried them most was that after miscarriage, Concubine Lian kept his door closed, even Her Majesty wasn’t allowed an audience. The palace people were worried that Concubine Lian would fall out of favour and those who served in Fuxi Palace could not live a happy life.

Gu Yinglian was really heartbroken. He just learned that the woman he loved deeply had always doubted himself. In the twinkling of an eye, he lost his child. Under the double blow, his health was getting worse and worse. He was too worried in the little month. He looked worse and worse day by day.

Xuanyuan Mo also became moody and killed several concubines for various reasons. She was angry and distressed. All misunderstandings had been solved. Why couldn’t the past be put aside and let them be happy together? Was he punishing her by not taking care of his body?

Gu Yinglian lay on the bed, his face was pale and he thought about his unborn child all day long. The reason why she did not want to come to this world was because she knew that her Emperor Mother did not like her, right? If that's the case, it's good that she wasn’t born into the world to suffer.

Xuanyuan Yan also heard about things in the palace, but she didn't care at all. Up to now, it was enough for her to be a carefree Prince who didn't care about anything. She didn't participate in discussing major events during the Morning Court session and if there were any Palace banquets she claimed to be unwell to not go. The other sisters also saw something and didn't look for her. Even if they looked for her, it was only for playing with dogs and cockfighting.

Tao Ran's life has been very painful recently. He had nothing delicious to eat. He was just happy doing shameless stuff with Xuanyuan Yan . Xuanyuan Yan didn't know what was wrong. So she gave him a bitter tonic to nourish his health. She said Tao Ran needed to maintain his body well so he could become more and more vigorous in the future.

Women just didn't know satisfaction!

Tao Ran couldn't help shaking his head. He could be said to be the model of the golden gun's enduring husband. Xuanyuan Yan simply didn’t realize how to be happy with what she had, instead she wanted him to be more and more fierce. Her needs could no longer be met by humans. He should have let Xiaomei the bear satisfy her.

Xiaomei shyly said: "Do you know why the number of pandas is so small, host?"

Tao Ran: "Why?"

Xiaomei: "Because they are too short to have a girlfriend."

Tao Ran: "......”

Xuanyuan Yan sat in her study, and a group of people stood in front of her. These people were wearing all kinds of clothes and were from all kinds of places. Xuanyuan Yan was distressed and said: "You are all miraculous physicians from all over the world. You have prescribed a lot of medicine and my concubine has eaten them. But why is he not pregnant with this King’s child yet? Just one bowl of Juezi soup, really that effective?”

One of the women in leopard skin said: "Lord, it is reasonable to say that the effect of a bowl of Juezi soup should be invalid after so many days of conditioning. But the individual physique is different, and we don't dare to say that we are absolutely sure without having checked the pulse of the prince."

Xuanyuan Yan is worried about this. It was Ye Tan who had asked for the Juezi soup. She was afraid that if she told the truth, Ye Tan would not be willing anymore.

Xuanyuan Yan rubbed her eyebrows in distress and said: "Wait a little longer. If it doesn't work again, this King will risk my life to discuss it with my beloved.”

The people in the room were all holding back their emotions after hearing these words. They didn't expect the Emperor's own sister, the King would also be afraid of her beloved. Really every family has a hard life.

Xuanyuan Yan walked back to the yard. Tao Ran was reading a script and basking in the sun. The man-in-waiting brought a bowl of medicine; its bitterness could be smelled from a distance. He said, "Sir, it's time to drink medicine."

Tao Ran looked at the dark medicine and immediately wrinkled his face, so much so that it looked like his two eyebrows had joined into one. He was very uncomfortable, "I won't drink it. Today, I won’t drink no matter what. If I drink it again, I will become the first person in history to have died of bitter medicines.”

The attendant was worried, "Young master, just drink, or the King will be angry."

"Let her be angry." Tao Ran's expression was like ‘who is afraid of who’, “If she dares to be angry, I dare to make her unable to get out of bed."

Xuanyuan Yan: ".......”

She couldn't let Ye Tan go on. If he said a few more words, her secrets behind the curtains of the bed would be known to the world.

"Cough." Xuanyuan Yan came out with a fake cough and said: "What temper tantrum again? You should drink the medicine quickly."

"My body is very good, I don't need to drink medicine." Tao Ran said: "If you force me to drink the medicine again, I'm afraid I will not be able to resist doing something that will make me afraid of myself."

Xuanyuan Yan advised him to take the medicine himself and said, "Do you want this King to feed you? Come and open your mouth, and I'll blow, ah..."

"..." Tao Ran went crazy, "I don't drink!!!"

When the medicine bowl was knocked over to the ground, Xuanyuan Yan's voice went low and asked: "How can we have a child, if you don’t take the medicine?"

As soon as the words were out, Xuanyuan Yan knew something was going to happen. Sure enough, Tao Ran said in a gloomy tone: "You gave me medicine so I could have a baby?"

Having let it slip, Xuanyuan Yan simply opened her mouth and told the truth. She said: "How can a man not have children? This king has invited many miraculous physicians into the Palace. When they check your pulse and you take the medicine, you can have a chubby little daughter."

At the thought of having a baby, Tao Ran was about to explode. He said: "What's wrong with not having a baby? You better give up this intention. I will not give birth even if I die."

"What are you talking about? If you don't have children, who will inherit the throne?"

Tao Ran: "You can have a child with whoever you like."

"The king is not happy to have children with others, the king wants you to have children!" Xuanyuan Yan said loudly: "Without taking the medicines to regulate your body, how could you have children when you have taken the Juezi soup?”

Tao Ran was so angry that he sneered when he spoke: "Oh! You remember the Juezi soup? Didn't you personally send Juezi soup to me at the beginning? Why do you regret it now? Do you want me to suffer every day?"

Xuanyuan Yan was speechless for a moment, "I..."

Tao Ran left angrily. Xuanyuan Yan looked at him and remembered that she had personally ordered Juezi soup for Tao Ran.

An indescribable sense of pain spread, and unconsciously her tears streamed over her face.

"Yes, it was me who personally sent Juezi soup to him... I did it..."

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