Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 88: The Manic Queen [18]

A few years later, Xuanyuan Yan took Tao Ran out to play. His first attempt at travel, Tao Ran felt very refreshed. Several large carriages dragged the luggage, servants and guards surrounded the carriages tightly.

Would Tao Ran be happy with so many people following and watching him travel? Of course he would be happy. Wasn’t travelling for fun? Was there anything which provides more satisfaction than being served by people when on the road?

Xuanyuan Yan and Tao Ran were playing cards in the carriage. Xuanyuan Yan asked: "Where did you learn this card playing method? It's so fun. I really want to get some sisters together and have a good time with them for three days and three nights and win so much that they will be left in underpants and even then I won't stop.”

Tao Ran said: "Why do you care where I learned it from? Can't you just play?"

The wheels of ancient carriages were made of solid wood, and the road was not a concrete road. No matter how good the shockproof effect was, bumps could not be avoided on the road.

The carriage passed a rocky outcrop and suddenly swayed violently. Tao Ran and Xuanyuan Yan were shaken violently inside the carriage which made them fall towards each other. A few moments later, they separated, and Tao Ran stretched out his hand to cover his nose. When he brought back his hand, it was dyed red.

Tao Ran said with a depressed face, "Any harder, my nose would have been bitten off by you."

Xuanyuan Yan anxiously went to see Tao Ran's wound, "Sweetheart, I bit my sweetheart's nose."

Tao Ran: "......”

"Let me blow on it quickly!" Xuanyuan Yan shouted, "Someone, bring the medicine box!"

Tao Ran said: "It's just a little broken skin, don't make such a fuss."

"How can that be? My sweetheart can't have any broken skin."

Tao Ran was speechless. After that he let her make a fuss.

The Royal Palace’s entourage went all the way to the south. When people along the way saw the formation, they all retreated. In TV shows, some Emperor and Prince usually had to sneak out of the door for the fear of being killed by someone if the news of their travel leaked out. In fact, on the contrary, in ancient times, no matter what class, there was a sense of fear for officials. Xuanyuan Yan swaggered all the way with the sign of the king's house. She was not only warmly entertained by officials along the road, but also the people who had bad intentions didn’t dare to make trouble. Never mind what was one’s occupation, it was better to send away the risky people first.

So along the way, Tao Ran didn't have a chance to see mountain bandits robbing the rich, thieves stealing sheep or rapists……..

In short, it was very peaceful. Tao Ran opened the curtain of the carriage and looked out and asked: "What is that golden thing in the front?"

Xuanyuan Yan also looked. There was a large golden thing on the horizon. Xuanyuan Yan looked at it for a moment and said, "Is all the gold present on the ground these days? Is there a golden mountain ahead?"

Tao Ran felt that something was wrong. He said: "Just go in that direction. I want to see what it is."

Xuanyuan Yan also wanted to see it and said, "This King wants to go to that golden place.Hurry up."

The coachman and bodyguards looked at each other and thought to themselves in their heart, ‘Wasn’t it just rapeseed flowers, what was there to be so excited about?’

As soon as the coachman shook his whip, the carriage began to accelerate. The carriage shook so much that their whole body was shaking and moving. Tao Ran stretched out his hand to protect his face from another bite by Xuanyuan Yan. Xuanyuan Yan looked at Tao Ran and said, "Is the shaking too powerful? Come to my arms and it's safe here."

Tao Ran gave her a cold look. His legs were still feeling soft due to the after effects of the previous night. Xuanyuan Yan was playing with fire again. Tao Ran refused: "No need."

"Come on, come on, come on." Xuanyuan Yan smiled wickedly and reached out to circle Tao Ran into her arms, then rubbed around with a happy face, "Is it very comfortable?"

Tao Ran's face was just in front of Xuanyuan Yan’s bulging chest. He was rubbed a few times. Tao Ran changed his posture and said, "Woman, you're playing with fire."

Xuanyuan Yan gave a wicked laugh, reached out and peeled his collar away, revealing his snow-white neck collarbone and said, "I will be responsible for putting it out, come on."

The carriage clanged to a halt, and the coachman said with a straight face, "Your Majesty, here we are!"

Xuanyuan Yan: "..." I am going to fire her when I go back.

Tao Ran lifted the curtain to take a look, only to see the mountains were filled with golden flowers. One by one crowded together, the fragrance of flowers lingered on the tip of the nose. Tao Ran took a deep breath and said to himself that it was rapeseed flowers.

Xuanyuan Yan also saw it. She smiled and said, "Just thought this was a golden mountain. Unexpectedly, it was all flowers."

Tao Ran laughed a little, as a prince, she also had never traveled, so she did not know rapeseed flowers were also normal.

Then he heard Xuanyuan Yan say:"The people of this part of Jiangnan are really rich in sentiment."

Tao Ran: "why?"

"Spending so much effort to plant so many nice flowers to view the sea of flowers, is this not considered sentimental?"

Tao Ran: "..........”

Tao Ran had nothing to say. He jumped down from the carriage and saw that there seemed to be a tea shed doing business on the roadside. Tao Ran said, "Let's go ahead and have a rest. I'm hungry."


The owner of the tea shed saw a large group of people coming from a distance. Knowing that it was a big business, he immediately put up a smiling face and came over, "You people have a good eye, come and have a rest. There are many places. Would you like to try the specialty new tea here?"

Before Tao Ran and Xuanyuan Yan could even speak, immediately there were two strong women standing in front of the boss, with a pair of copper bell-like eyes that were glaring, "Hmm?"

The boss immediately panicked and he sweated, "No... If you don’t want to rest, that is ok too……”

The two strong women cleanly wiped the table and bench aside, and then asked the Lord and his sweetheart to take a seat. Then the servants came and occupied the tea shed.

Boiling water, burning incense, cooking.

The boss on one side was stunned.

They were not the only group of people in the tea shed. Several women wearing elegant gowns and holding swords were also drinking tea. They frowned due to the noise and movement caused by the Palace staff.

One of the female warriors in snow-white clothes frowned and said, "You are still so extravagant when you go out, you are disturbing others' purity for nothing."

Another female warrior in Green said, "Such extravagance, I do not know how much people's money had been plundered for it."

"What I hate most in my life is these unrestrained dog officials." The female warrior in black picked up the sword and said, "I'm wandering the Jianghu to punish traitors and eliminate evil. I'm afraid they don't do bad things at ordinary times."

"If sister Jiang has a refined interest, this one will accompany you."

Tao Ran was drinking a cup of freshly brewed, original source Dahongpao (TLN: expensive oolong tea). He was thinking in his heart that when he finished his task he would hire a few people to serve him. Once, one had a taste of extravagant life, it was really tough to extricate oneself. As soon as he took a sip, he saw several people with swords coming. His mind moved and he thought, if he had met the legendary warrior?

He saw the warriors come over and say: "We sisters are walking around the Jianghu but lack money, we wonder if you can help a little?"

People who wander in the Jianghu should always speak with a reason. Even if they deliberately find fault, they should find an excuse for themselves. These people were waiting for Xuanyuan Yan to refuse, and finally humiliated them, so that they would have a reason to teach them a lesson.

Xuanyuan Yan was seeing a warrior of the Jianghu for the first time. She was very excited and said happily, "No problem at all, how much do you want?"


There was a sudden silence in the air. How did the script go in this direction? Wasn’t this person a fool? How could she just readily give money to anyone on the roadside who asked for it?

Several warriors glanced at each other, and then finally one with a bloody sword, extended a hand, "One hundred taels of gold."

The onlookers sucked in a breath. One hundred taels of gold, gold! No one had seen so much money in their life. These people were really brave.

Xuanyuan Yan laughed and said, "One hundred tael? Someone, bring the gold for the great warriors.”

After that, Xuanyuan Yan asked innocently, "Great Warrior, you are all wandering the Jianghu to rob the rich and help the poor. Is one hundred taels of gold enough? Well, I'll give you two hundred taels of gold. Can you take my name with you when you uphold justice and let me be a warrior as well?"


The air went quiet again, then Tao Ran suddenly stretched out his hand and said, "Two hundred tael of gold is not a small number."

Several great warrior's eyes lit up and they were shouting in their hearts, ‘Be angry, roar, scold us, let's teach you a good lesson!’

Then Tao Ran said: "You can't just add your name alone. At least you have to add my name as well."


The people around, looked at Tao Ran and Xuanyuan Yan with a touch of sympathy. They didn't know which big family's two fools ran out. With such behavior the family would lose all their fortune sooner or later.

Seeing that all the warriors had a dull look, Tao Ran asked: "Is there any difficulty?"

Several warriors shook their heads as if they were high, and after a long time found that they could not lay hands on them, and were flashed to the eyes by the two men's earthy halo. It's so annoying, they thought, these people were definitely playing tricks on them.So the warrior drew her sword and said angrily: "Today we have to rob you rich people to help all the poor."

Xuanyuan Yan stared wide-eyed at them rushing over towards Tao Ran. Several strong women shouted, as several heavy tanks rammed headlong into it. Then they listened to a harsh scream, and could hear the people crying.

A few moments later, several strong women returned behind Tao Ran and Xuanyuan Yan. On the ground, the warriors lay twitching from the beating they received.

Xuanyuan Yan was disappointed and said: "I thought I met a great warrior. I did not expect to run into a big robbery. Their Martial skills are quite poor. Tsk, really loses the face of the robbers."

Warriors on the ground: "wuwuwu……...."

Xuanyuan Yan said: "It seems that the so-called Jianghu is not very fun, I really want to go back to the royal residence."

Tao Ran said: "Want to go back, go back ah, who stopped you?"

"Can't go back. Can't go back." Xuanyuan Yan waved her hand again and again. "Imperial Sister’s health is getting worse day by day. She called me to the Palace several times and intends to pass the throne to me. I can't go back at this time. It's over if I go back!"

The corners of Tao Ran's mouth twitched, and in his heart thought that it was the first time he had seen someone going on a trip to avoid being the Emperor.

Xuanyuan Yan said: "This is enough for me in this life, if you can give birth to a boy and a girl, I can sleep and wake up laughing."

Tao Ran: "You think too beautifully."

At this time, two people came from the road, a woman holding a man with a big stomach. Tao Ran stared at the man and couldn't imagine where the child would be born from.

The man suddenly cried out in pain, "I'm going to have a baby."

Then he opened his arms.

Tao Ran was stunned. What does that mean? When he was a child, his mother lied to him saying that he was born by his father’s crevice. Now it looks like his mother hadn’t lied to him?

The man shouted at his wife anxiously and said, "Come over and help me!"

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