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Chapter 75: The Manic Queen [5]

Tao Ran was lying in bed. He had a hard day, so he decided to rest early. He didn't know that while he was asleep there were many people who gathered outside his house, some pretending to be passing by, others pretending to look for something, and some people were just standing and staring directly at Tao Ran's house.

At this time, everyone's thoughts were the same. They all wanted to see what Ye Tan was like. It would be great if they could chat a few words with him and ask him for some tips on ‘bed exercises’.

A few of them courageously glanced at each other, then twisted their hips and walked towards Tao Ran's door. When they were about to knock on the door, Tao Ran's maidservant stopped them and asked: "What are you doing?"

Hmmp! A servant dared to be so presumptuous to us!

While the male pets were not convinced, they also did not dare to really do anything to him. They were just male pets. Even if the prince pampered them, they are only half masters. If the prince disliked them, they would not even be able to stay as servants. The male pets would always think about when they would be able to get pregnant with the prince’s flesh and blood, so that the father could depend on the daughter.

Not only did the male pets dared not scold Tao Ran's attendant, but instead said with a flattering expression: "Us brothers heard that Ye Tan brother is back, and we were very happy for him. So we wanted to see Ye Tan brother and say a few words to him."

Tao Ran's maidservant said with nostrils facing the sky: "My master, he is too tired today. He is taking a rest. He does not have the energy to see you all, so please go back."

After speaking, the attendant opened the door and went in, everyone was left behind with more questions.

Too tired? Really weak?

Many male pets blushed after hearing this sentence.

Ye Tan came back during broad daylight, and he was really exhausted? He was not ashamed to seduce the prince to do the deed in broad daylight.

That night, the commander of the Imperial Army dressed up and entered Jing Zhaoyin’s Mansion.

At this time, Jing Zhaoyin’s mansion was bleak, because their most beloved youngest son was in jail. The person who framed his son was the most powerful prince in the dynasty. They did not dare to offend Her Royal Highness Yue, but they really felt sorry for their son. And Jing Zhaoyin could only wash her face with tears at home every day.

The commander of the Forbidden Army quietly entered Jing Zhaoyin's mansion and it was not known what she said. After her departure, Jing Zhaoyin's face had changed from the bleakness of the previous gloom and had a happy grin.

Everything seemed to be just as a usual day, Tao Ran slept, got up and was served by someone to wash and eat. He was still thinking about how to complete the task. This time, the situation was quite different from the previous tasks. In the past, he either traveled to the legal society or dressed as a supreme swordsman. His identity or anything was not a problem. But now that he was the lowest male favorite, life and death was between Xuanyuan Yan's thoughts, and he couldn’t do things because he was a little restrained.

After eating, he sighed deeply as he sat on the beauty couch and said in his heart: "Xiao Mei, why do you want me to dress as a male pet? Even if I dressed as a petty official, the situation would be much better than now."

Xiao Mei also sighed: "After a systematic analysis, the people who are closest to Xuanyuan Yan and whose status is not important are Xuanyuan Yan's male favorites. The choice of Ye Tan is only random."

Tao Ran began to sigh again. If he could pass through and become an emperor, wouldn't the task be handily completed?

Xiao Mei: "Impossible host, how can you pass through to become a heroine? That is impossible!"

Oh... the emperor was the heroine...

Xuanyuan Yan after eating, went to attend the courtroom. It has been quite a few days since she put Gu Yinglian in jail. Those ministers did not attend early and she has not attended lately. What does it mean for her to attend at this time? Intentionally having trouble with herself?

The most annoying thing was that the emperor couldn't resist the pressure from the ministers and released Gu Yinglian from the prison. After letting him go this time, it would not be easy to force him to surrender to Xuanyuan Yan..

The more Xuanyuan Yan thought about it, the more irritated she became. She waved to the maidservant on the side and said: "Go, and call him...the one who was just released from the sky prison yesterday. What was his name? Call him here, this king needs a man now."

The maidservant said: "This minion will call Young Master Ye Tan. Do you need me to give Young Master Ye Tan a bath and change clothes before coming here?"

"Which clothes should I take to the bath?" Xuanyuan Yan said in a hot air: "This king wants to see him soon!"

The maidservant had long been accustomed to Xuanyuan Yan's uncertain temper. At this time, she turned around very calmly, and then went to the concubine compound without a hurry.

When the maidservant came in, the male pets, who were playing and walking in the yard's, expressions changed, and all of them began to look at the maidservant expectantly. Under the pressure of dozens of pairs of eyes, the maidservant calmly walked to Tao Ran's room, her voice respectful and not flattering: "Master Ye Tan, the prince wants to see you."

Tao Ran put down the melon in his hand and asked the attendant to pour him the tea ceremoniously: "I know, wait a minute."

The maidservant's expression remained unchanged and said: "This minion is very willing to wait for you, but there is no one in the entire palace who could let the prince wait. This young man should hurry and follow this minion."

Hearing this yin and yang tone, Tao Ran rolled his eyes and stopped dallying. He opened the door and said: "Let's go."

Under the envious eyes of all male pets, Tao Ran reluctantly followed the housekeeper to see the prince. The male pets were very jealous, and they were going crazy. Yesterday, the prince called Ye Tan to spend dinner time with her in the afternoon, and today she is about to see Ye Tan in the morning.

What is so good about this Ye Tan? Obviously, his butt is not very curvy.

Tao Ran entered Xuanyuan Yan's room, and saw that there was a big bed in there, which was many times larger than the soft couch in the study room yesterday. Xuanyuan Yan was in a bad mood and had no intention of flirting. Seeing Tao Ran coming, she ordered: "Take off your clothes."

Tao Ran raised his eyebrows. Yesterday, when he was eating, she still regarded him as a treasure. If she spoke to him in this tone today, was he going to fall out of favor? Tao Ran looked at her and didn't move, because he was a little unhappy in his heart.

Seeing Tao Ran motionless, Xuanyuan Yan said angrily: "Are you deaf? Didn't you hear this king talking to you?"

"I heard it." Tao Ran said: "Your tone for asking me to do this is still so bad, how can I be interested?"

Xuanyuan Yan's eyes widened, "When this king calls for you, do I still need your interest?"

Tao Ran stared at her without speaking.

Xuanyuan Yan's eyes were breathing fire and said: "Whenever this king wants you, she wants you. If you dare to say no, this king will behead you!"

Although Tao Ran was angry, he didn't dare to let Xuanyuan Yan cut off his head. With an aura of anger, he stepped forward and pushed Xuanyuan Yan on the bed. Xuanyuan Yan was unsteady and was pushed onto the bed by Tao Ran. She angrily said: "Do you dare to treat this king this way? Believe it or not that this king would cut your head? Take off your clothes for this king and lie down obediently."

Tao Ran didn't listen to her, he rolled over and pressed against Xuanyuan Yan's body. He reached out and held Xuanyuan Yan's hands, and then kissed her on the mouth. Xuanyuan Yan's eyes widened and glared at Tao Ran. Tao Ran didn't care about it and only used what he had learned in the Hehuan Sect at Xuanyuan Yan.

The expression in Xuanyuan Yan's eyes gradually changed, and she slowly became lustful. After kissing for a long time, Tao Ran looked up and panted. Xuanyuan Yan said with a tangled expression: "What's the smell in your mouth?"

Tao Ran: "Smell of melon."

"Next time eat oranges before you come and see this king." Xuanyuan Yan continued: "This king loves oranges."

Tao Ran sneered, and began to make love to Xuanyuan Yan vigorously.

Xuanyuan Yan was tossed around by Tao Ran with no power to fight back, and in the end she could only lie on the bed obediently and let Tao Ran do the work. She laid on the bed, obediently posing in accordance with Tao Ran's words, and snorted profusely, "I...Don't be so fast, I...I feel like my skin is going to break."

Tao Ran continued to move, and Xuanyuan Yan's eyes were already dazzled, and her energy was exhausted. "Forget it, I'm afraid of you, can you let me lie down?"

The anger from before remained in Tao Ran's heart. While he moved vigorously, he asked: "Do you still dare to yell at me?"

"I..." Xuanyuan Yan started in a good voice, "Okay, okay, I won't yell at you."

Tao Ran pushed hard, Xuanyuan Yan's eyes went dark, Tao Ran questioned: "Are you still cutting my head?"

"..." It took a long time for Xuanyuan Yan to overcome the bliss, and weakly stated: "Won't cut it off, I won't cut your head."

"Okay, this is right." Tao Ran stroked Xuanyuan Yan's head with a loving smile, "Do you still want to be on it?"

Xuanyuan Yan said angrily: "This old lady is a woman, you have to let me be on it a few times, right?!"

Tao Ran closed his mouth and moved fiercely, Xuanyuan Yan felt soft and collapsed on the bed. Tao Ran roared: "Yell at me again, yell at me again, I dare you to yell at me!"

Xuanyuan Yan was like a dying fish, "Uuuuuu..."

The commander of the Forbidden Army knelt in front of Xuanyuan Mo again, Xuanyuan Mo criticized the memorial and asked: "Did Gu Yinglian go back, what does he look like?"

The commander of the imperial army said: "Master Gu is very good, except for a little weight loss, there was nothing wrong with him, and he was in good spirits."

"That's good, it seems that the emperor sister was also reluctant to do that to him." After thinking about it, she asked: "How is the emperor sister's mood after returning today? Was she very angry?"

"His Majesty, the Royal Highness Yan returned to the palace angrily after the early morning court, and then summoned her male pet to vent her anger." The Commander of the Forbidden Army said: "After that, her mood improved a lot, and she also had a meal with the male pet."

"It eases her mood so easily. It seems that the emperor sister doesn’t really care about Gu Yinglian so much." Xuanyuan Mo smiled and said: "Because of this, I was worried so much that a man might affect the relationship between us sisters."

Since Xuanyuan Yan didn't resent her for this, Xuanyuan Mo could take Gu Yinglian into her harem with peace of mind. However, she had a good relationship with her younger sister Xuanyuan Yan since she was a child, and she was unwilling to wrong her. She just said: "Just pick a few good guys from this year's show and send them to the Royal Palace of Yan. My imperial sister can't lack men."

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