You Treat Me As If I Have A Sickness

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Status: dropped Alternate Titles: 你当我有病 Type: chinese Author: Lin MianMian Artists: Moonlight Revolt, Vie


Known as a treacherous eunuch, Xu Yuan’s proudest achievement was that no one found out she was a woman until her death.

A thousand years have passed, she woke up as the wife of a rich and influential person. However, in the face of her serious and indifferent husband, she couldn’t help but want to kneel, flatter, and call the emperor auspicious…

Meng ZhenRong thought his wife must be ill. Otherwise, why would she kneel after he came back from his business trip, and said, “Your Majesty, you also transmigrate?”




Devoted Love InterestsFemale ProtagonistBeautiful Female LeadTransmigration

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