You Treat Me As If I Have A Sickness

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Chapter 12: Chapter 12

It doesn’t matter whether it was a man or a woman, there was no way to refuse someone who was meticulous.

When Meng Zhengrong thought about it, he didn't expect Xu Yuan to be touched by such trivial actions, but at least he tried. After he hung up the phone, he went back to the table, sat down, and smiled at her: "Are there any dishes without coriander?"

Xu Yuan immediately shook her head. For this kind of matter to happen, once was already enough.

She should have eaten the coriander before!

"Are you now used to the office?" Meng Zhengrong asked while eating, "Tell me if there is anything you are uncomfortable with."

Xu Yuan thought that these two sentences were obviously for her.

She criticized herself. Just by looking at his face, she couldn't ignore his question. "There is nothing to be uncomfortable about. Sister Zhou is very nice."

It's only been a day so she can't tell anything at all.

Meng Zhengrong gave an "en" and looked at his watch. "There is still more than one hour until lunch break ends. Do you want to take a nap with me after eating?"

The president's office was fully equipped with a bed located in another room inside the office. Meng Zhengrong rarely took a nap, so this room was in vain.

Xu Yuan shook her head. "No, I'm not sleepy now. But it's good to have a nap in the office if you are really sleepy."

"Well, after work, should I go to the Finance Department to find you, or wait for you in the parking lot?" Meng Zhengrong suddenly realized that his daily conversation with Xu Yuan can be summed up in one word, boring. But it can’t be helped. Xu Yuan was unlike other women, and he should give his full respect when he wanted to pursue her.

This kind of thing shouldn’t be hurried, and it's difficult to develop feelings between men and women in the beginning. Meng Zhengrong felt much better at the thought of this.

Xu Yuan, this time, however, instead of being reserved in front of Meng Zhengrong, looked up at him and said, "Come to the Finance Department to find me."

There was an idiom, the fox borrows the tiger's terror[1]. It was a derogatory term, but Xu Yuan thought that some people think it was a derogatory term because they don't have a tiger to show their authority.

She’s new in Meng Corporation now. She doesn't understand a lot of things and she doesn't have her own contacts. If she wanted everyone to listen to her and respect her, at least superficially, she must take a stroll from time to time with the fierce tiger, Meng Zhengrong.

Meng Zhengrong was surprised that Xu Yuan would say this, but the surprise didn't last long. The smile on his face this time was sincere, "Okay."

He was very happy to have a closer relationship with Xu Yuan. Now, Xu Yuan doesn't reject this marriage as much as she did before, which was a good thing for him.

Anyway, he always wanted to have children. And if they don't have much affection for each other, it would not be good for their future development.

There were too many divorced couples in this circle, and most of them are tacitly having their own life. The children were also very sensitive. If their parents' feelings were not good, they could definitely be affected. The character of these children would also be affected over time.

After lunch, Xu Yuan went back to the Finance Department. The colleagues in the department either slept on the table or played with their mobile phones, therefore she was very quiet.

She also tried to walk with light footsteps back to her office, then closed the door. She learned from Sister Zhou's pattern last time, so when she touched the keyboard, she started to tap on the keyboard.

As long as she learned to type, whether it was a mobile phone or a computer, it would not be a problem to master it completely.

Maybe the original owner still had the instinct in this body, as she did not feel strange when she felt the keyboard. With this instinct, it should not be difficult to learn completely within two months.

She had to say that this era was really amazing. Relatively speaking, she was too backward in the past.

In the afternoon, Sister Zhou packed up her things and handed them to Xu Yuan. "Sorry, I made an appointment for a checkup today, and I don't think I can come back in the afternoon. You should familiarize yourself with these materials first."

Xu Yuan took it and smiled at Sister Zhou. "It doesn't matter. Is there anything I can do for you?"

She knew that Meng Zhengrong was the boss in this huge company and workplace, so it would be convenient for her to do a lot of things. Sister Zhou does not necessarily need her help, but it was better to say something than not to say it.

Zhou Jie naturally knew what Xu Yuan's help was, and she waved: "Today is not a weekend, so there is no need to line up in the hospital..." She blinked, "When the baby has to go to the kindergarten, maybe she will need your help."

Meng Cooperation has abundant resources, and Sister Zhou understood that Xu Yuan showed off with herself well at the moment. Whether Xu Yuan was sincere or not, Zhou Jie was already very happy when she said these words.

Xu Yuan smiled and graciously said, "If Sister Zhou needs any help in the future, I am definitely obliged."

Sister Zhou left the company as she hummed a song, the colleagues who passed her by could feel her good mood.

In the afternoon, Xu Yuan looked at the data for a while. She wanted to sort out her train of thought. Then she thought of walking around. When she walked, she came to the safe passage. When Xu Yuan saw that there was no one present, she thought that it would be a good place to think quietly, so she leaned against the wall and began to sort out her train of thought.

"Making a birthday cake by yourself? That's too old-fashioned. Besides, we always don’t eat any cakes in Meng. That's also too old-fashioned, so where would this handmade cake be rare... Besides, our president Meng never eats cake, so how would he value the handmade cake..."

A sweet female voice sounded, she did not care about it initially, but her ears perked up when she suddenly heard Meng Zhengrong’s name.

This was the Meng Corporation, so the president Meng in this woman's conversation must be Meng Zhengrong.

Xu Yuan approached the source of the voice with light steps as much as possible. When she looked out, a woman with long hair was standing with her back to her.

"Anyway, I just want to prepare a unique birthday present. It's best that he will feel special when he receives it."

A birthday present? Meng Zhengrong's birthday was coming??

But who the hell was this woman?

"Can't married people get divorced? I didn't do anything. I just wanted to express my feelings. I didn't hinder anyone."

After the woman said this, she mumbled a few words at the other end of the phone and hung up.

When she saw that the woman was leaving, Xu Yuan followed her without saying anything. There was a distance of several meters between them and the company was covered with carpets, so she wouldn't make a sound when walking.

Xu Yuan followed the woman, and when she reached the door of a certain department, she no longer saw the woman, but she was sure it was in this office area.

Some high-leveled employees in the company still knew Xu Yuan. After all, they attended Meng Zhengrong's wedding at that time. At this moment, the manager of this department came in through the door and when he saw Xu Yuan, he was startled. He hurried over and respectfully asked, "Mrs. Meng?"

Xu Yuan turned her head and knew that this man knew her. She nodded at him, but she didn't take the initiative to say anything.

The male manager asked carefully, "I don't know what happened. Is there anything I can do to help?"

When he was eating at noon, he heard the vice president say that Mrs. Meng had come to work in Meng Corporation. He thought he wouldn't meet her so early, and now she appeared in his department. Suddenly, he was a little uneasy.

Xu Yuan glanced at him and did not hide her purpose. She asked directly, "A female employee just went in. She has long hair and is wearing a white skirt, who is that?"

That woman was obviously interested in Meng Zhengrong in an era where monogamy was practiced. She doesn't care if Meng Zhengrong had a woman outside, but she is now in Meng Corporation, so she would never allow this to happen under her own nose. It challenged her prestige and face.

Whether Meng Zhengrong was related to that woman or not, she should let Meng Zhengrong and that woman know that she already knew that.

However, she thought that Meng Zhengrong was not that kind of person. He probably did not have anything to do with the woman.

No matter what, she was going to have a good talk this time.

The male manager paused and quickly called the nearest colleague and asked, "Who went in just now? Long hair and white skirt."

There were few women in their department, so it took only a few minutes to find out.

The colleague thought about it and replied, "It's Bai Wei."

The male manager looked at Xu Yuan, but he couldn't figure it out. What did Bai Wei do that Mrs. Meng condescended to come all the way?

He hoped it was a good thing...

Xu Yuan had been in the center of power for many years in her previous life. She had sneered twice just now, which made the male manager who was over forty tremble with fear.

"Very good, very good." She left the evocative words and turned away.

Leaving the male manager and the colleague to look at each other, there was a sense of foreboding.

What the hell did Bai Wei do ah, the lady boss actually came for her??

Xu Yuan was not idle either. On her way home with Meng Zhengrong after work, she guessed that this matter had not reached Meng Zhengrong's ears. This was a good time to strike first.

"Zhengrong," Xu Yuan called him and asked, "Is your birthday coming soon?"

Meng Zhengrong was surprised by her. How did Xu Yuan know that his birthday was coming?

He was not narcissistic to think that with their kind of relationship, she would take an initiative to ask such a question.

"En." He nodded, "How did you know that?"

Xu Yuan bowed her head and she chuckled. "Coincidentally, when I went for a break today, I just heard a female employee in the company talk about it. I am really incompetent. I don't even know but my colleagues in the company knew. Don't blame me."

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