“Baby, say that again~” Yue Qin held his phone in one hand, trying to record.

President Kang had shut himself in again. His consciousness must’ve slipped when he said that.

Even though he might not be mentally sane, his condition was still better than the guy in front of him!

He usually called him dumb and stupid, but that was all ridicule. However, this occurrence made him believe that he was really stupid. He had even backed down and compromised into calling him “papa.”

Is this not worth forty thousand Yuan? Wouldn’t it be undeserving if it isn’t worth forty thousand Yuan?

But the man had led him directly out the door with no intention of begging for money. His words were for nothing!

President Kang’s cheeks would twinge upon thoughts of this.

He was planning to ignore the stupid hunky guy. He had perfect speech capabilities, so he could think of ways to contact those he believed to be trustworthy.

However, the butler’s slip of mouth taught him a lesson. These days, people had more than one side, so he couldn’t afford to haphazardly reveal his identity. He needed to ensure that the other person was trustworthy.

President Kang made a mental list of trustworthiness. Fortunately, he had many friends since childhood, even many girlfriends, so there was easily someone reliable out of the sea of people.

Meanwhile, the dumb father was still giddy——

“Baby, let’s go say ‘mama’ when we get back.”

“Mama would love to hear you call her.”

President Kang expressionlessly stared into the chair’s back. He needed to take hold of one of their smartphones tonight.

“Baby, say ‘mama’ with papa——”

President Kang continued to stare into the back of the seat, looking as if he couldn’t hear the big guy’s words.

Looking at his son’s expressions, Yue Qin laughed, “Baby, you can understand what papa is saying, right?”

Can’t understand, can’t understand.

“Papa also got you a present today.”

Don’t care, don’t care.

What did Kang Yue not have? He had been obsessed with toys in his childhood. He’d even bought a villa next door dedicated to stashing his toys. It would be no exaggeration to say that there was nothing he desired that he couldn’t take hold of in his old body.

The car stopped in the neighbourhood parking lot. Yue Qin stepped out of the car and opened the door to the back seats, continuing to say, “It seems like papa has to resort to his trump card.”

President Kang expressionlessly watched the father make a clown out of himself. He didn’t believe that he could force a single sound out of his mouth!

“Tickle tickle~” Yue Qin inhaled and started tickling his son.

The child uncontrollably laughed.

Outrageous, this is simply outrageous! Yue Qin only stopped when he almost lost his breath to laugh.

He carried his son out the seat with one arm, the other holding groceries. “You resign now.”

President Kang gritted his teeth. If it weren’t for the fact that Yue Qin had thick skin and stocky arms numbing the pain, he would’ve bitten him hard.

He wasn’t calling anyone anymore for the rest of his life.

He only had done so before due to that sound having the potential to be worth forty thousand Yuan.

Capitalists committed crimes for profit, so it wasn’t a big deal for him to call ‘papa’ for a small benefit.

Yue Qin didn’t know his son’s devoted capitalist mindset, carrying him all the way back home.

“Papa is going to make dinner. Is it okay for you to sit here and play with your toys?”

President Kang was placed in the child seat.

In the kitchen, the man skillfully washed the rice to be steamed. Then, he hummed as he chopped the vegetables, seeming very happy.

President Kang carefully climbed out of his seat, walked up to the sofa and took his phone.

However… It needed a password to unlock.

President Kang’s brows furrowed. He didn’t take note of his phone password, so he returned it to its original position.

Meanwhile, the door opened. Xia Sheng was back——

Yue Qin immediately came out of the kitchen, untying his apron and saying excitedly, “Wife!”

“Huh?” Xia Sheng was surprised. “What’s wrong?”

President Kang knew what was wrong. The failure of a husband recklessly spent twenty-five thousand on a piano just to surprise his wife! That was a sure shock in his mind.

President Kang quickly pushed his stool to the living room, sitting down and ready to witness the failure get berated, or even a few punches.

He felt that this seemingly frail young mother could even knock out the stocky man in a singular blow.

It would be quite euphoric for that to happen.

President Kang excitedly waited——

Yue Qin covered his wife’s eyes, leading him to the study room——

“Dun dun dun——”

“The first piano of the greatest future pianist!” The one meter ninety and strongly built man looked like a teenager, having just given a present he’d bought with all his savings to his beloved one.

Was this still that stupid idiot?

President Kang had an urge to note this phrase down for him to pursue his girlfriends in the future.

Xia Sheng paused, then tightly hugged her husband.

President Kang in his mind: Girl, you have to look past the physical object. He spent twenty-five thousand without telling you a single thing! Look at the situation your family is in, and he’s still spending so much! What a failure!

There was also a letter on the piano.

Xia Sheng picked it up——

“Wife, today the teacher asked us what our dreams were, and you told us that you wanted to be a pianist like Lang Lang. When Old Liu asked me for my dream, I didn’t say anything to prevent him from getting a cerebral hemorrhage. In fact, my dream was to have a family with you. I will start saving from today, hoping that when you realize my dream, I can afford to get you a piano and help you achieve yours. Your eighteen-year-old husband, Yue Qin.”

“I started saving during high school, but things always came by that depleted these savings.”

He’d spent money when the two were dating, on their wedding, labour and delivery, and to treat their child. Everything was taking bites off the sum he had dedicated for his loved one’s dream as if they were tying her down.

“I know that you wanted to be a pianist, not a teacher in the arts center teaching kids ‘fa’, and the one kid who kept on saying ‘hua’——”

“This is our first piano. There will be a second and a third.”

Due to their son’s special conditions, they always split their money in many sums, primarily into the three’s retirement and the son’s education savings. Dreams were luxuries for them.

Yue Qin had taxied people before, and this was all the savings from that job. He knew it was unwise for him to spend twenty-thousand without his high-income primary job.

However, if he’d thought this way, he would’ve thought the same ever since, and the piano would’ve never come home.

Xia Sheng was speechless, just tightly hugging her husband. Something in her heart was lightly vibrating: joy.

Yue Qin carried his son, who had his head extending out from behind the door frame, inside the room. “Let’s hear mama play the piano!”

Xia Sheng wiped her tears, sat in front of the piano, tested a few notes, and began playing.

It wasn’t President Kang’s first time hearing a piano song. He didn’t even have any expectations for the woman. After all, all her impressions on him were bringing him to school, taking someone down, or teaching a bunch of toddlers rhythm and pitch. It was all too far from a pianist.

However, when she sat back down, her well-ironed posture emitted a feeling that was never present before.

Her fingers danced on the keyboard, music flowing through the entire apartment.

It easily infiltrated into the child’s ears, sending tremors through his body.

It spread through his blood veins, and all led into his heart. His heartbeat became hurried and forceful, as if there were ferocious waves pounding against his chest.

After a song, both the father and son were immersed in Xia Sheng’s piano piece. No one said anything.

A special feeling spread through the room. President Kang couldn’t describe it, just feeling that the air inside the rooms was very relaxing.

Suddenly, a very loud voice came from upstairs——

“Whose pot is burning?”

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