Domineering CEO Is My Son Chapters List

Chapter 14: Going to Kindergarten

President Kang was angry, very angry.

He begged Xia Sheng, but the little couple still took him to the kindergarten.

“Mama never went to kindergarten.” Xia Sheng lifted her son and placed him in his chair, taking a seat on a stool to the side.

“But this kindergarten only accepts children, not adults.”

“Can you see how this kindergarten is for mama?”

President Kang turned his head around, looking at Yue Qin. Do you really have the heart to send a four-year-old to kindergarten?

Yue Qin bared his heart and knelt down, trying to persuade. “Once you go to kindergarten, you can tell mama what they do there everyday.”

Look, these are parents! They’re always forcing you to do things you don’t like!

President Kang didn’t want to fight with them. He climbed out of his chair, appearing pissed.

And heading directly into his room without looking back.

The kid paused for a moment at the door, then swung it closed. However, to prevent him from accidentally hitting the door, it was coated with plastic, so it was silent when he slammed his door.

Yue Qin saw his son open the door again to slam it, but this time adding a sound effect——


It was an understatement that he placed importance on the sense of form.

The two people in their living room felt their jaws drop.

After a long while, Xia Sheng finally spoke, “I thought this only happens when he reaches puberty.”

A kid slamming the door and making his own sound effect was quite adorable compared to a rebellious teenager.

“Where’d he learn this from? We never watched weird things on television.” Yue Qin was confused.

President Kang was against his door, listening to the stupid big guy stress about this trivial matter.

It was why he didn’t think having parents was important. He wouldn’t be forced to do things against his will.

President Kang continued to listen for a bit, then crawled into his bed to sleep.

Staring at the ceiling, he realized that kindergarten might not be all that bad. He would have a chance to escape.

His body’s parents watched him too tightly. He barely had a chance to escape or contact people he knew.

The kindergarten was within the neighborhood. Yue Qin and Xia Sheng led their son to school, just like many grandparents with their grandchildren.

As they continued to walk, Yue Qin lifted his son up, reminding him, “Don’t be scared at school. You can ask the teacher for help.”

“When you want to go to the washroom, just follow the other little boys.”

“There are slides and many other fun things at school.”

In Yue Qin’s mind, his son should be curious about kindergarten as it was completely unknown to him.

President Kang didn’t want to talk, but his question was very urgent. “What about lunch?”

“You’ll eat lunch at school. Papa and mama will pick you up in the afternoon.”

President Kang became even angrier.

The teacher was waiting at the front of the school for him. Considering his special circumstances, she was prepared for him to cry his guts out, not wanting to separate from his parents.

Instead, she saw the kid stomping through the gate, not even turning back to say goodbye. He acted as if he was cutting ties with his parents, not even looking back.

Due to this strange behavior, the teacher paid even more attention to this new child.

Little Kangkang was sitting on a chair with a straight face, not talking to anyone. It looked as if the world owed him millions of dollars.

However, it couldn’t cover his handsomeness. His clear skin and large eyes made him look quite cool.

Coupled with being a new student, many kids tried to interact with him.

——”What’s your name?”

——”Why don’t you talk with us?”

——”Were the people who took you to school your parents?”

President Kang turned around and ignored them. It had been two decades, but there was no improvement in children.

They were still like infants still on their formulas, mentioning either parents or grandparents at least every three sentences.

Ms. Liu continued to keep an eye on this new child. She tried to get him to participate in their games many times.

“Little Kangkang, can you take care of Peppa today?” They had a stuffed Peppa Pig toy in the class. Every kid took turns taking care of it and preventing it from getting dirty to train their responsibility.

Kangkang stood up. “No.”

“But Peppa says she wants to be your friend,” Ms. Liu said.

President Kang looked at the pink stuffed toy. “Then tell her that I don’t make friends with stuffed toys.”

Ms. Liu looked at the other children. It was easy for little children like them to be instigated.

She worried that this new kid might cause mass school violence directed at the stuffed animal.

She had a feeling in the back of her head that Kangkang might be her headache in the future.

Ms. Liu tried to save the situation. “Kangkang doesn’t know our sister Peppa yet. She’s the little teacher of our class. We can tell her anything that makes us feel bad. A few weeks ago, she even helped little Tangtang solve her toothache.”

Ms. Liu wasn’t worried about the children hating Peppa, but rather the possibility of this directed to a kid.

Ms. Liu was originally worried that he might not be able to speak well and would feel excluded at school.

Now, she was more worried about him holding something against another kid.

However, for the next two hours, Kangkang sat to the side by himself and went back to ignoring everyone.

He’s just as cold as when he separated from his parents. Ms. Liu thought in her mind.

Anger still raged in President Kang’s head. He became angrier the more he thought about it.

He had thought that the couple was nice people. Now he was mad at them. Why did they force him to come here?

Big guy and violent freak!

“Kangkang——” Beside the metal gate around the school playground, the big guy watched him with the violent freak.

President Kang turned his head around, not wanting to make eye contact.

Meanwhile, another kid came, trying to talk to him. President Kang wanted to turn his head to face the other side, but he remembered that he would see the little couple.

He slowly laid flat on the ground.

When he lifted his head up again, he noticed they were gone.

He didn’t know why they came here to see him.

“Kangkang, your dad made you lunch and brought it over. Aren’t you happy?”

During lunch, everyone was enthusiastically seated on the sides of the dining table, except for Kangkang. As if he was untouched by such meager amounts of food.

Ms. Liu opened the lunchbox for Kangkang.

There was a small bowl of boiled egg and some carrots stir-fried with lean meat.

The big guy made quite a good lunch. President Kang began on the egg after finishing his carrots and meat.

The stares from people beside him were too intense. He couldn’t ignore them anymore.

President Kang turned around. A chubby kid’s eyes were fixated on his boiled egg, his saliva almost dripping down the corners of his mouth.

“My dad can also make this.” The chubby kid swallowed. By saying it out loud, it made him less tempted.

President Kang took another scoop of the egg, braggingly waving it. “But it’s not as good as this.”


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