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Chapter 16: Great News

President Kang yawned, walking to the activity room with his backpack by himself.

Ms. Liu took out the stuffed Peppa Pig toy half his size from behind a chair again.

She hid behind the stuffed toy, imitating Peppa’s voice——

“Hello~” Her voice was almost identical to Peppa Pig. “My name is Peppa, what’s yours?”

President Kang stared at the kindergarten teacher, unable to resist saying, “You’re so childish, will children really buy it? Can’t kids these days tell these things apart?”

Ms. Liu almost felt herself cough out blood, but she continued to imitate Peppa. “You’ll make me sad. I’m Ms. Peppa, and I’ve been here for two years. I can help children with any of their problems. I can solve things that make them sad, you can tell me anything that makes you sad.”

“I don’t have anything that makes me sad.”

“Then can we be friends?”

“Now I have something that makes me unhappy.” President Kang looked at the pink pig, speaking in a cool voice, “A stuffed animal is forcing me to be friends with it. It’s terrifying.”

“No it’s not. I’m Ms. Peppa, I won’t hurt you. I can sing and read to you.”

“Then can you shut up?”

Ms. Liu fell silent. The parents said that their son didn’t talk much at home. They should be glad that he doesn’t.

She sighed inwardly, having no choice but to abandon her plans with Ms. Peppa.

She originally wanted to use Peppa Pig as a mascot to train the children’s responsibility, as well as to create a place for children to share their emotions. Many kids had struggles that they found difficult to tell adults, especially because some parents often subconsciously pressure their children and ignore their complaints.

A stuffed animal that couldn’t speak would provide a different environment.

The plan had worked, but now that they had a special student in their class, things had to change.

Ms. Liu had quite some experience being a kindergarten teacher. There was always a group of children who appeared unruly, but were just more self-aware and had more thoughts of their own. Kids with those special abilities often became leaders of other children.

Kangkang obviously belonged to this type. She had tried to negotiate with him, but he wouldn’t budge.

Her best option was to take away Peppa Pig, so little Kangkang wouldn’t be able to bully it.

In the morning, Ms. Liu set up a farewell for Peppa Pig, saying that it had to go to another school to work as an excuse.

The children hadn’t been influenced much by little Kangkang, so they all hugged the stuffed animal goodbye.

Meanwhile, little Kangkang sat still on his seat, emotionless. Ms. Liu had learned better, so she refrained from getting him to participate.

President Kang had no reason to react to the teacher, even less to the stuffed animal.

He only wanted to come to kindergarten because it was his only chance to leave the couple and contact his girlfriend to see how his company and original body were doing.

He was becoming more desperate, even dreaming of being back in his office yesterday night.

“Your husband works for the Fei Yue company?” Mrs. Zhang was chatting with Xia Sheng, remembering what she said in the arts center before, unable to resist. “Is your husband on the new or old side?”

“He’s not working there anymore.”

“That’s nice. Fei Yue is a mess right now. There’s a whole fight going on in the management levels. The young president’s car crash is still being investigated, but it seems like he won’t wake up again.”

The news caught Xia Sheng’s attention, so she asked, “Why? Is he hurt that bad?”

“No, but no one in Fei Yue wants him to wake up.” Mrs. Zhang seemed to know all this by heart, and unlike when Xia Sheng had to correct her piano fingering countless times, her eyes were glowing.

“When his parents passed away, they left 75% of the group’s shares to him, and set very strict conditions listing that they’ll all be donated to the government if he were to pass away.”

“In reality, only the preferred stock taking up 20% of his total is useful. Recently, his second uncle was thinking of dividing up the common stock, so the common 55% of his stock would get diluted, and the degree would be completely up to his uncle’s kindness.”

Xia Sheng roughly understood what she was saying: The boss might wake up to find himself no longer the boss.

It would be hard to imagine the expression on his face when he wakes up.

President Kang’s face was cold, rejecting the chocolate the child beside him secretly snuck in.

This chubby guy managed to sneak in snacks? The school was against bringing in snacks.

The chubby kid was a bit proud. “I hid it in my hat.”

President Kang squinted at the group of children, suddenly having thought of something.

When Ms. Liu came into the room, she saw little Kangkang sitting on the chair and another child come up to him to say something to him. Then, she heard little Kangkang say, “That won’t work, think again. I only have their name, not their phone number.”

A girl with a ponytail walked up to him, saying, “You should find the police. My mom always tells me to ask them for help.”

“That’s interesting. I’ll note your idea down,” President Kang responded.

Ms. Liu saw the little boy give half a piece of chocolate to the little girl.

She scratched her head, confiscating the chocolate along with the person.

In the teacher’s office, Ms.Liu began to question, “Kangkang, can you tell teacher what you were doing?”


Ms. Liu was at a loss for words. She really needed a chat with his parents.

Meanwhile, a male teacher beside them laughed. “Ms. Liu, how come you’re not letting him talk to Ms. Peppa?”

The male teacher’s voice came with a bit of sarcasm, even bringing the stuffed toy over, imitating, “Hi, I’m Peppa, your teacher. Do you want to chat with me?”

Ms. Liu froze, appearing defeated and unsure of what to do. She placed her sights on the stuffed animal, feeling ashamed.

“I——” Just as Ms. Liu was about to speak, President Kang cut her off.

“Ms. Peppa doesn’t speak like that,” President Kang said.

“Oh, I know, Ms. Peppa should oink like a pig, right?” The male teacher still felt he was humorous, continuing, “I’m Peppa, oink, do you have any struggles? You can always talk to me, I can even teach you how to oink——”

President Kang straightened his face, enunciating each word. “Please respect the teacher.”

“Hahaha, this is just a stuffed animal. Kid, you’re so stupid.”

“Ms. Peppa is an excellent teacher. Not only does she listen to our struggles, she also helps children solve their problems,” President Kang spoke.

The little boy emitted a divine quality, making his voice even more commanding, as if a big boss was educating his employees.

“As a fellow kindergarten teacher, you should learn from Ms. Peppa more.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“You can leave if you don’t.”

The teacher was confused by the odd speech. Finally coming back to his senses, he weakly said, “Kid, this is the teacher’s office.”

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