Domineering CEO Is My Son Chapters List

Chapter 9: Negotiating

The last thing President Kang expected was a surprise visit.

Xia Sheng was going to the company. It was a prime opportunity. The last time, when Yue Qin had brought him there, it was around the end of the workday, so there hadn’t been many people still in the company.

Now, it would be different. They would arrive early and still during work hours. He might be able to meet his employees, his secretary, his girlfriends, or even his uncle.

Regardless of who he saw, he would observe that person. He was still in a coma from the car crash, so by seeing who still appeared haggard, he would know if that person really cared about him.

President Kang was so excited that he even ate a couple more meatballs with his spoon. Xia Sheng was relieved. For the past few weeks, her son’s appetite seemed to have decreased, as if everything didn’t taste as good as before.

He finally seemed to regain some of his past characters. “You’re happy to see Papa, right?”

President Kang was indeed happy, nodding his head uncontrollably.

“Kangkang is such a good child. Papa will also be very happy to see you.”

Yue Qin was the department head of the Fei Yue cooperation’s security branch. He was responsible for keeping the company’s property and employees safe.

In the past, Xia Sheng would’ve also waited for his work to end in the plaza in front of the company building.

With her son, Xia Sheng waited on the plaza bench again. There were quite a few other families who brought their kids out to play. The children ran around the plaza in laughter, some with balloons in their hands.

Xia Sheng looked at her son. He sat beside her and stared at the large tower, paying no attention to the children his age nor their balloons.

She hoped for her son to be able to play like all the other normal children.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

It was a call from the arts center.

“She told me about this before.” Xia Sheng picked up the call, speaking to the person on the other side.

President Kang’s gaze was still on the office building at the end of the plaza. Hearing Xia Sheng speak, he subtly stood up. He had to stand on the bench to hear what his cheap mother was saying on the phone.

The caller had a clear and bright female voice. He had heard this woman’s voice at the arts center before. She was the boss of the arts center.

“Ms. Zhang really enjoys your class. What she is saying is that you can open a weekly one-on-one class during a workday for two class hours.”

“If I remember correctly, your child goes to school in the morning. We can send a car to drive you back and you can give a lesson to Ms. Zhang from 2 to 4 pm.”

“You don’t have to worry about your kid, he’s so mature and obedient. You can just leave him in the arts center. He can be with you in the classroom, or you can just leave him to us.”

Upon hearing this, President Kang immediately understood that the fat sheep Ms. Zhang must’ve given an irresistible payment.

It fitted her personality.

“Then what about my specific compensation?”

“It will definitely not be shabby,” the person said. “Your original classes were a hundred Yuan per class and two classes a day. Even if the new classes only paid fifty per session, you’d still be making three hundred a day if you continue to teach your children’s classes.”

Xia Sheng was also tempted, but not for the extra pay of a hundred Yuan. Instead, it was due to her realization that her son had grown, and she could pick up more classes now.

“How about this? Since she’s taking an adult class, why don’t we just open a new small class?” Teaching an entire class paid better than one-on-one.

“No, we can’t do that,” the manager said. “You don’t have any experience leading an adult class. If we were to open one up for you right away, there might not be many people who would sign up. You can teach Ms. Zhang first, and if that works out, then we can open a small class for you.”

Meanwhile, President Kang was about to explode from anger.

This woman teaches seven children a day but only makes a hundred Yuan per class.

And this fat sheep is only paying fifty per class? What type of cheap labor does she expect? He was almost certain that the manager complimented Xia Sheng as a virtuoso in front of Ms. Zhang and raised the price to an incredible amount.

What do you mean by there are not many people who would sign up? Everything was just degrading Xia Sheng, wanting to make her conform to this class.

In reality, Ms. Zhang most definitely had requested a one-on-one.

President Kang was enraged, snatching the phone from her hands and hanging up the call.

Xia Sheng was a bit dumbfounded. She was about to accept, as she didn’t have much experience teaching adults, so she thought this was good practice.

However, her son hung up the call.

“Son? Do you not want me to go in the afternoon?”

Xia Sheng always thought her son actually knew everything, like herself, having become fully conscious of the entire world at four.

Her son knew a bit of everything in his heart, it was just that he couldn’t express them.

Something almost like an act of venting such as grabbing her phone was his unique way of bridging the gap to the outside world.

“Son, what are you thinking about? Can you talk to mama?”

President Kang also felt very awkward with her phone. Of course, I shouldn’t have been so rash.

What was surprising was that she didn’t grow suspicious of him at all. Instead, she looked into his eyes, her gaze soft. “Don’t worry, mama knows you know everything, but just doesn’t know how to tell mama.”

Her gaze was gentle and understanding.

Her phone rang again. It was probably from the arts center.

Xia Sheng was in no hurry to pick up the call, looking at her son instead, asking softly, “Does son not want mama to pick up this call as well?”

If it were before, President Kang would have definitely ignored her. However, this time, looking at the young mother’s eyes, he nodded.

Xia Sheng placed her phone aside, ignoring the call.

President Kang was surprised. This person still has some hope!

He grabbed the phone, seeing that it was the arts center.

The phone rang again, so he declined it.

Xia Sheng watched from the side, thinking that she should be fine as long as she called back to explain at a later time.

When the phone rang a third time, President Kang handed it to Xia sheng.

She picked up her phone, a bit embarrassed. “Sorry, my son wanted to use my phone.”

Everyone knows how your son actually is. The boss wanted to say.

However, what came out of her mouth was still her clear voice. “It’s alright, kids are all playful. I thought about it again, your family’s situation might be a bit rough, and 50 Yuan a class might be too little.”

“How about this, I’ll also pay you a hundred Yuan per class, like your children’s classes, okay?”

President Kang grabbed her phone again, hanging up the call. There can be more negotiating!

A competent employee should have more temper. Who lowers their heads to plead for other people?

Ms. Zhang named Xia Sheng when she asked for a private tutor. Looking at the art center’s circumstances, the deal had probably already been sealed! They had the high ground in this negotiation!

President Kang kept a straight face. No one could leech off of him, juice him!

He was living with the little couple. Leeching off of them was leeching off of him, and undercutting them was undercutting his scarce red braised pork belly, meatballs, and salt fried meat…

No one could stop him from eating meat for every meal!


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