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Chapter 12: Seeing a Psychologist

The big guy brought President Kang back to his bedroom. He tucked him under the quilt, patting it as he quietly sang a lullaby.

Yue Qin smiled. His son was staring at him, as if he was saying, “Your singing is horrible.”

“How are you so expressive when you’re still this young? And every emotion seems to be putting down your father.” Yue Qin couldn’t help but say.

“Papa is going to cry,” Yue Qin said as he pretended to cry.

President Kang looked at the big guy pretending to cry. He froze, thinking that occasional contempt was fine, but he couldn’t pretend to be careless now that he’d started crying.

In Jurassic World, Owen Grady fakes crying to test whether dinosaurs have sympathy or not.

President Kang’s emotional quotient spiked. He slowly climbed up from his quilt, patting his father’s head and looking at him with encouragement.

Department head Yue, boss still favors you. Don’t cry anymore.

President Kang suddenly felt that he was charged with a child’s innocence and kindness.

Yue Qin finally let go of him, showing a face that didn’t even look out of place with his bodyguard occupation. He said to his son, “From now on, you can’t be contemptuous of people whenever you want, okay?”

“Maybe people aren’t as smart as you in this world, but everyone’s like papa and you. We all have emotions, and you can hurt them.”

President Kang paused, suddenly realizing that the big guy in front of him took him as a child genius.

Wait, it wouldn’t be all that bad if he really thought I was a genius.

He wouldn’t have to explain many things. It was common for geniuses to act peculiar.

He could completely live up to his name, too.

He had graduated from university! Even if they took him for an intelligence test, he should get a higher score than Einstein!

Most importantly, if he was tested to be a genius, he wouldn’t have to attend his special school nor endure the ear-damaging singing!

As Yue Qin spoke, he saw his son’s eyes glow and permeate with excitement. He patted his son’s head, continuing, “Son, papa knows that you can understand me.”

“Papa wants to know if you would let papa take you to an intelligence test.”

“If you are a child genius, we shouldn’t put you in a special school. You should be educated in other ways.” They hadn’t considered his intelligence in their treatment before.

President Kang raised his head, looking at the man he had previously taken as stupid. He realized that he wasn’t stupid and actually just very considerate of his son.

“Son, do you want to take the test? Say ‘papa’ if you do.”

Again? You’re doing this again?

President Kang: “Baba——”

*Direct pinyin translation for “粑粑,” meaning “poop.” Children often mispronounce “papa” for this.

“Would it put too much mental pressure on him?” The next morning, Xia Sheng listened to her husband’s thoughts. “Let’s go see the child psychologist. I’ve already booked an appointment.”

When President Kang had gotten hit across the face by the child trafficker and taken to the hospital for a checkup, they’d also made an appointment with a child psychology expert.

The doctor was renowned in her field, having written many books, so her appointment schedule was almost full. It’d taken quite a lot of effort for Xia Sheng to seize this opportunity.

“That’ll work as well,” Yue Qin said. “Let’s still tell him that he’s just going for an intelligence test so he won’t be as nervous.”

Bro, you’re lying to a four-year-old. You’ll leave him some permanent trauma.

President Kang was against his door, listening to the couple talk.

But after he finished, he felt that he might be too deep into his role.

He! Wasn’t! Their! Four! Year! Old! Son!

The child psychologist was a female doctor appearing to be in her fifties. She had short hair, a round face, and the wrinkles on her face all told a benevolent person.

President Kang had secretly heard their real intentions. He wasn’t nervous at all, since he had already created a child genius persona in his mind.

To President Kang, supposed professionals like her, especially psychologists, were mostly frauds tricking people for money: they would say some professional terms, and then some more lofty phrases.

They would ask the patient about their childhood experiences, whether their parents had caused some absence of care, and say that parents were the bridge between the child and the world.

They were full of lies. They couldn’t solve a single thing.

So, he wasn’t worried.

In the line, in front of them was a little girl. Her parents had also brought her here. Her gaze was a bit dark, as if someone had taken her toy away from her.

President Kang quietly waited and then heard the little girl’s parents and his father, no, the big guy, start to chat.

“Your kid is so quiet,” the little girl’s mother said.

“He might be a child genius. We’re taking him here to find out.”

President Kang’s eyes widened. This couple was such a perfect match, like a fairy couple*. Whenever someone praised their child, they’d accept it and praise him even more.

*Reference to the main characters in a traditional Chinese romance story

The little girl’s mother sighed. “If only our daughter were like your son.”

Look, these are normal parents. President Kang thought.

The little girl was around only two. She sniffled, rolling her eyes and mumbling something in English.

The adults were too tall. They couldn’t hear anything from down below.

President Kang froze. He thought that there was something wrong with her, something very off.

However, it was already their turn to be interviewed. The little girl’s mother lifted her off the ground and carried her to the doctor’s office.

They were next.

“Don’t worry,” Xia Sheng assured him.

President Kang wasn’t. He was going to pretend to be a child genius in front of the psychologist, which would make his plans a lot easier after the diagnosis. What was there to be scared about?

However, just as his confidence was building, the little girl’s parents walked out of the room, their faces filled with astonishment.

“Did the doctor make a mistake?” the little girl’s mother said. “How can our daughter have the minds of two people?”

“It must’ve been,” the child’s father said. “Didn’t she say that her other consciousness was at least twenty? How does our daughter look like a twenty-year-old?”

“The doctor said that she would recover after we get rid of that consciousness. Is she swindling us for money?”

President Kang felt his body numb.

Was the world playing with him?

When he had money and looked for a psychologist, he ended up with a scammer.

And now he needed a scammer, but was given a legitimate psychologist?

What does the world have against him?

Yue Qin carried his son inside, comforting him along the way. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

The gentle mother patted his head. “Don’t be scared, mama will always be here to protect you. No bad guy will ever hurt you.”

As a complete villain from top to bottom, he had first fired her husband, and then taken her son’s body.

President Kang started shaking even more. He didn’t want to see the psychologist! He didn’t want to pretend to be a genius!

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