I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 5: Cannot Disturb Him

Lin Miao meticulously completed her task. When the medicine was about to run out, she went to call the doctor to pull out the needle.

It was the same doctor as the one she met yesterday. She had a mild personality and was a bit chubby.

She took out a cotton swab and handed it to Lin Miao, whispering, “Use this to press at the skin when I pull out the needle in a bit, okay?”

Lin Miao quietly nodded.

She was a bit nervous as she held the cotton swab.

The Young Master’s hand was very white. He had many eye-catching cyan-blue dots on the back of his hand.

Lin Miao watched the doctor pull out the needle. She could feel the pain just by looking at it.

When the doctor was done, she supported his hand with one of hers and pressed the swab on the puncture with her other hand.

“Just keep pressing for a few minutes, don’t let it bleed.” The doctor said quietly as she cleaned the room. Then, she left.

Lin Miao nodded.

Lin Miao couldn’t help but look at the Young Master sleeping on the bed after the doctor left.

He’s so handsome, Lin Miao thought, he’s probably the most beautiful person in the world.

With his eyes closed, she could see his long eyelashes. He was sleeping peacefully, it was wonderful to look at.

And then she saw his pair of eyes open, the amber eyes still somewhat blurry. Then, he saw her, and then, her holding his hands.

The Young Master furrowed his brows, wanting to take back his hand immediately.

Who was Lin Miao! Even though they were born on the same date, on the same year, and equally as old.

But, one was on a bed, sick throughout the year, and the other was a countryside kid who ran in the mountains. It was impossible for the Young Master to forcefully pull back his hand.

Lin Miao held his hand tightly, dutifully pressing on the puncture caused by the infusion with the cotton swab. She said seriously, “Don’t move, you’ll bleed.”

The Young Master couldn’t take his hand back. “Don’t touch my hand from now on.” He said, trying to keep his face.

Lin Miao was bewildered. “I washed my hands. I’ll show you in a moment.”

The Young Master was on a completely different wavelength from her. She still didn’t let go of his hand, and he couldn’t pull his hand out, so he ignored her out of anger.

Lin Miao didn’t notice that he was angry. Seeing that he was awake, she tried to start a conversation, “Grandma said we can go out to walk when you wake up.”

The Young Master was a bit unhappy. “I don’t want to go.”

Lin Miao finally let go of his hand, letting out a breath of relief after confirming that he didn’t bleed.

But there was a small red dot.

The Young Master pulled his hand back and turned around to sleep.

Lin Miao thought that he was actually sleeping, so she watched him silently.

The Young Master couldn’t fall asleep while being watched like this. “Can you go out?” He asked.

Lin Miao thought about this question, and then responded quietly, “No.”

The Young Master felt like her tone was a bit sad, so he raised his head and asked, “Why not?”

“I don’t know what to do if I were to go out… They’re all adults…” Lin Miao said quietly.

The Young Master looked at her and remembered she was new here. She didn’t know anyone here, and everyone here were unfamiliar adults to her.

“Then how about you go home?” The Young Master said, “You don’t have much of a use here. You’d be better off going back.”

After all, they were the same age. Lin Miao wasn’t afraid of him to start with. Despite having the worst temper here, he was still a kid.

“I can’t go back now.” Lin Miao sighed and said profoundly, “Everyone knows that I went out of the village to work, it would be so embarrassing if I were to retire now. Also, my brother is sick, and the village head had already given my wages to my mother. She can’t afford to pay him back…”

The Young Master wasn’t stupid, he was able to guess some things while listening to her. He thought this person was really stupid, so he said in frustration, “You are so… stupid.”

Lin Miao was a bit embarrassed. “I just like to have more face, you don’t have to go as far as to call me stupid, right…”

The Young Master was irked, he didn’t want to talk to her anymore; “...”

At this time, strong winds were blowing outside, making loud rustling noises.

Lin Miao went to close the windows and then saw that it was already raining outside.

Lin Miao couldn’t help but say, “What a heavy rain, there will definitely be plenty of fungi in the mountains tomorrow!”

The Young Master sensed the sorrow in her tone. Originally, he didn’t want to talk to her, but he asked her anyway out of curiosity, “What’s fungi?”

Lin Miao sat back down again. “Fungi is… is…”

Lin Miao couldn’t think of a way to describe it, so she drew it out in the air with her hands, “It’s about this big, and it grows under fallen leaves. There are piles and piles of it in my back mountain. It grows even faster if it rains. You can boil, then cook it after picking it from the mountains and washing it. You can even sell the extras for money.”

The Young Master read a lot of books. Despite her rather abstract descriptions, he was magically able to understand. “Mushroom?”

“Yes, I think they called it that when I went to sell them in town.” Lin Miao said, “You’re so cool!”

Lin Miao looked again at the pouring rain outside and said with a dejected tone, “They will definitely be all over the mountain tomorrow. I even brought back a basketful yesterday, I wonder if Mommy boiled them or not.”

During dinnertime, Lin Miao ate with the Young Master and Grandmother.

Lin Miao ate politely. She wasn’t as hungry as last time, so she was able to control herself. Staying well-mannered and careful, she only picked food from the dishes in front of her.

The grandmother picked a chopstick full of mushrooms for the distracted Young Master. “I heard from the housekeeper that Little Yu wanted to eat mushrooms. Eat some more, it’s good for your health.”

The Young Master ate slowly, the root of his ears slightly red.

Lin Miao raised her head upon hearing the word “mushroom”. She saw the shiitakes on the plate, they were completely different from the mushrooms she found back in the village mountains.

The shiitakes were a bit far from her; they were in front of the Young Master. He was the one who asked for them anyway.

Her arms were too short for her to reach it. If she wants to eat it, she would have to stand up to pick some with her chopsticks.

Her mom said it was impolite to do so in front of people outside one’s family.

So, Lin Miao just glanced at them and didn’t get them.

Young Master, “...”

After dinner, the helpers all had their own things to do. The grandmother went out as well, while the housekeeper and doctor were examining the Young Master.

Lin Miao was completely clueless in terms of what to do, so she waited outside the Young Master’s door. She wanted to find someone to talk to.

She felt like the adults never talked to her much.

Not long after, the doctor and the housekeeper came out.

Lin Miao snuck in.

When she went inside the room, she found the Young Master lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling. He wasn’t sleeping.

Hearing noises, he turned his head and saw her.

“I didn’t know what to do alone.” Lin Miao explained.

The Young Master looked towards her. She was still wearing his old clothes. They were a bit big and baggy, she looked like a pitiful, lost kid.

But the problem was, he also didn’t know what she could do.

Lin Miao walked to his bed. “How about going outside for a walk?” Mommy said it wasn’t good for your body to sleep immediately after dinner.

The rain outside had stopped. She couldn’t see the sky from her room. She was a bit homesick; she wanted to see the stars.

The Young Master didn’t want to move, but she deeply desired to go outside to take a walk. Then, he recalled her being too embarrassed to help herself with the shiitakes. Maybe she didn’t dare to go outside without his company? He thought, Perhaps he should go with her?

At that moment, the doctor came in.

And saw Lin Miao. “Don’t disturb the Young Master after dinner, okay?”

Lin Miao looked at the Young Master with a bit of guilt, and then returned to her own room.


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