I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 6: Let’s Go Outside

When Lin Miao returned to her own room, she remembered that her mom kept telling her to study when she left the village.

Lin Miao took out her backpack and pulled her textbooks out.

She didn’t want to study, but she missed her mom, so she read slowly.

She fell asleep on the table not long after.

She woke up at midnight and crawled onto her bed, half-asleep.

The next morning, she woke up early again. It was still raining outside.

Lin Miao both loved and hated the rain. There would be more mushrooms in the mountains when it rains more, but, it also means that the river would rise, making it extremely difficult to cross.

But now, she cannot return and pick mushrooms and also didn’t need to go to school. She started to simply dislike rainy days.

Because she noticed that the Young Master wouldn’t wake up to eat breakfast on rainy days, and the housekeeper would bring his breakfast up instead.

She ate breakfast with her grandma.

Even though Grandma was a nice person, and Young Master would talk about her occasionally, she still felt restrained in front of her. She was less shy in front of the Young Master.

She had mushroom and meat buns for breakfast. They were delicious. Lin Miao was very satisfied.

After breakfast, her grandma asked her, “Shui Shui, can you check on your older brother to see if he ate his breakfast?”

Lin Miao was a bit embarrassed to call him older brother.

But she went anyway since her grandma asked her. At the doorway, she saw the dejected face of the housekeeper, who was kicked out of the room.

In his hands was the Young Master’s breakfast, untouched.

Lin Miao was intimidated by the housekeeper because he was the one who previously commented on how filthy she was.

The housekeeper saw her. “Young Master is still sleeping, don’t go in. He’s still crabby from waking up.”

“Grandma told me to see if he ate his lunch or not.” Lin Miao said.

Nothing was touched on the tray the housekeeper was holding.

Lin Miao remembered that his body wasn’t good. How could he skip breakfast when he’s that frail?

When Lin Miao saw that the housekeeper was going to bring the tray downstairs, she overcame her fear of him. “I’ll bring it in.”

The housekeeper gave the tray to her and then opened the door.

Lin Miao went in and saw that his room was still pitch black, the curtains closed neatly.

“Get out! I don’t want to eat, don’t you understand?” The Young Master demanded angrily.

“You can sleep after you eat.” Lin Miao said carefully.

Hearing her voice, the Young Master realized it was another person. He buried himself in his quilt and ignored her.

Lin Miao’s eyes adjusted to the darkness. She set the tray aside, walked beside his bed, and said, “Eat a bit pleasee~”

If his brother dared to act like this, she would definitely take his food away and starve him for two meals. Afterwards, he would undoubtedly willingly eat his meals.

Her brother behaved this way when she had just returned to the village. He didn’t want to eat his meals and wanted biscuits. He rolled on the ground and cried when her mom refused to buy him his biscuits.

It also pissed off her mom and made her cry.

Lin Miao then deliberately took all the dishes away from the table and starved her brother for two meals. She didn’t even allow him to eat the sweet potatoes that were used to feed the pigs. Thereafter, he never refused to eat his meals again.

There weren’t any problems that skipping a meal couldn’t solve. If there were, then depriving one’s food for two meals would do.

But she couldn’t do the same to the Young Master.

Because he was not as stocky as her brother who was fine after being deprived of two meals. She felt that even starving him of just one meal was sinful.

But, the Young Master still didn’t want to eat.

Lin Miao carried the tray beside the bed and spoke softly, “Just spend a bit of time to eat your breakfast. I’ll leave you alone to sleep right after.”

The Young Master already smelled the aroma of the congee. After many outbursts, he finally woke to his full consciousness, and hunger, as well.

He found himself an answer, “Okay, as you said, I’ll eat some of this, and then you get out, don’t disturb my sleep.”

Hearing this, Lin Miao thought that there was hope and she was ecstatic. ”Of course, I keep my promises.”

The Young Master rose up. “I’m going to brush my teeth first.” This was why he didn’t want to eat breakfast, he didn't want to brush his teeth and wash his face.

But, he couldn’t eat breakfast before that either.

Lin Miao helped him to the washroom.

The Young Master quickly finished and came back to eat his breakfast.

He found Lin Miao staring at him eat, so he gave a hard-boiled egg to her, “Did you not eat well again?”

He had eaten a meal with her and noticed that she ate very little.

Lin Miao didn’t fuss with him; she was confused. Everyone was generous to her here, he was the only one who, occasionally, acted mean to her. But, she wasn’t scared of him and didn’t cover her true self much in front of him.

Lin Miao took the egg and started peeling it. “I can’t eat too much, I don’t have much use to start with. If I eat too much, I will be kicked out of this place.”

The Young Master choked on this concerning response and saw her hand over the peeled egg to him.

“It’s cold, I don’t want to eat it.” The Young Master said.

“What do you mean? It’s still hot, try it.” Lin Miao responded.

“I can’t eat foods that are even a bit cold.” The Young Master said, “I’ll throw it out if you don’t eat it.”

Lin Miao didn’t dare to eat the bread he left, she just ate the egg.

Because she thought that if she ate everything, the housekeeper and the doctor wouldn’t be able to evaluate how well the Young Master is feeling.

The Young Master laid on his bed again when Lin Miao left the room.

Lin Miao didn’t like to sleep, she wakes up very early everyday. If she overslept, she would often get headaches and feel unwell. So, she thought that the Young Master also felt uncomfortable, lying on his bed all the time.

The housekeeper was a bit surprised when she brought the dishes out.

As usual, no one gave her any tasks during the morning. Lin Miao didn’t run around the house either because everyone looked very serious and busy. There wasn’t a person she could talk to, either.

So, Lin Miao sneaked back into the Young Master’s room, because only he has spare time for her.

She found him sleeping again.

Lin Miao found it incredible that he basically sleeps all day.

Then she saw him wake up.

Lin Miao was happy. “It’s sunny outside, can we go for a walk?”

There were a lot of flowers outside. She was embarrassed to go look at them alone. Plus, Grandma kept telling her to get the Young Master to move more.

The Young Master didn’t want to go. He said, uninterested, “I don’t want to move.”

“You don’t need to move.” Lin Miao said.

Then, she lifted the blanket and piggybacked him.

The Young Master who was lifted by a little girl a head shorter than him: “...”


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