I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 7: The Loyal Younger Brother

The Young Master froze, then demanded to go down, “Put me down!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t accidentally drop you. I often carried baskets of potatoes on my back, you’re way lighter than those baskets.”

The Young Master was touching her back and could hear her heartbeat. He was a bit uneasy because Lin Miao had short hair that only reached the roots of her ears. He could see her long neck, which was very white, unlike her face which was a healthy millet colour. The Young Master's pale white face flushed red. He said flusteredly, “Put me down, I’ll walk by myself!”

He changed his mind so fast, didn’t he say he didn’t want to move? Lin Miao thought.

Unlike her stocky brother, Lin Miao pampered the Young Master, so she gently put him down, and then supported him.

Coincidentally, while they were descending the stairs, the doctor was going up the stairs. He saw them and furrowed his brows. “Where are you taking the Young Master? His body isn’t good. You can’t go anywhere with him without my permission. Can you take responsibility if an accident happens?”

Lin Miao wasn’t originally afraid of him. The doctor was chubby and white and appeared to be very friendly, but this time, his words were a bit aggressive. Lin Miao was a bit afraid. She wanted to explain that they just wanted to go out to see the flowers and raise their spirits, but, the doctor also did have a point...

The Young Master frowned and said with hostility, “I want to go outside, she’s just helping me, is there a problem?”

“No.” The doctor immediately changed his attitude. “Just that she’s too young. She’s fine taking care of you in your room, but outside-”

“Get out of the way if there isn’t a problem. We’re just going to the garden, it’s nothing.” The Young Master was impatient, but he looked nice and full of elegance even when he was angry.

No one else stopped them in the living room. The other workers didn’t really dare to say anything to the Young Master.

“Can we not go outside to walk?” Lin Miao quietly asked.

The doctor’s words were important. She was afraid of harming him because of her choices.

“No.” The Young Master responded.

Lin Miao noticed that he was a bit unhappy, so she stopped asking.

This was Lin Miao’s first time stepping out of the living room and into the garden since she arrived here.

It was very sunny today.

The sky was a clear azure hue, perhaps because of the rain yesterday.

A lot of the flowers in the garden were knocked onto the ground by the rain, and the gardeners were cleaning them up.

Lin Miao was tempted to get closer to take a look, but she remembered what the Master said on the car: Don’t act all astonished and nosy.

She was the one who begged him to walk outside, but he told the doctor that he wanted to go outside himself. Lin Miao thanked him in her heart, he was a really nice person.

So, Lin Miao said quietly to the Young Master, “We don’t have flowers as big as these at home. We have flowers equally as red, but they don’t have so many petals and tastes sour and sweet.”

Lin Miao yearned for home a bit when she said this. She wasn’t used to being here, where she has to be cautious of everything.

Even though she hated school when she left, she missed those days - of before she started working - a bit now. Back then, when she gets hungry on her way home, she would go pick a dozen or so Azalea, and eat them all at once. They were sour and sweet...

At the village, her brother would be waiting at the entrance to carry her backpack for her...

The Young Master felt her sudden sadness, but he had never comforted anyone before and didn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, there was the sound of cars parking. Shortly after, people came in.

Lin Miao froze. She had seen this person. The convenience stores in town had put up posters of her, and a lot of her classmates also had stickers of her on their desks.

The woman walked towards them, and then said, “Little Yu does look a lot better.”

The Young Master was a little impatient.

After the woman finished talking, she turned her head and looked towards Lin Miao, showing a charming smile. She petted Lin Miao’s head. “Shui Shui right? You can call me Mom like Little Yu does from now on.”

Lin Miao was a bit embarrassed, so she just smiled shyly without speaking.

The woman sat down beside them. “I have to leave for an event soon. Little Yu, listen to the doctor at home, okay? Mom is a bit busy right now. I’ll be less occupied after a while, and will take you to the Maldives for a vacation then.”

Then she petted Lin Miao again. “Shui Shui, be good at home, too. We’ll bring you along as well.”

Lin Miao’s face was red, thinking that her voice was soft and pleasant.

“You can completely pretend that you’re Yu the Great.” The Young Master said coldly.

There was a bit of confusion on the woman’s pretty face.

“You can pass by your house without going in.” The Young Master added.

The woman burst into laughter hearing this. She took out her phone and sent a Weibo: [Just pulled an all-nighter to get back home. My son heard that I was leaving again and said that I can be Yu the Great. I asked him why, and he said that it’s because I can pass by my house and not enter…]

The housekeeper already came out, but the woman quickly left.

Lin Miao finally came back to her senses from being stunned by the woman’s beauty and shock of meeting a celebrity for the first time. She realized that this was the Young Master’s mother. His mother was so busy! Her dad was too, but he would make time to come back every weekend to eat with them, whereas his mother didn’t come home at all.

She only saw the Young Master’s dad once, too. It was on the day when she first arrived. After that, she never saw him again.

The Young Master was looking at the flowers. “Can you come to my house to play in the future? All of our flowers there are edible.” Lin Miao said, trying to start a conversation.

The Young Master responded with an uninterested hum of agreement. He quietly looked at the sky and talked no more.

Lin Miao felt that his face was so white that it seemed to be radiating light. His entire body seemed to be a cluster of stars, as if it would completely shatter even if she just reached out to him.

As a young person, she had a sensation of heroism in her heart. From now on, she would protect him well.

By the time Lin Miao turned her head again, the Young Master was already sleeping against the guardrail.

It was really easy for him to fall asleep.

Lin Miao was sour in her heart. She was afraid of him falling ill from the blowing wind, so she slowly lifted him onto her back.

The housekeeper didn’t allow her to do so, rushing towards her. Lin Miao refused to put him down and slowly and steadily piggybacked the Young Master back to his room.

The doctor called her outside after she placed the Young Master on his bed.

Lin Miao was a bit anxious.


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