Of course, Lin Sen didn’t tell this to their mother, as Lin Miao only had a few days of her holiday left.

Unknowingly, Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan were still savouring the tangyuan.

After breakfast, the four suddenly found themselves without a thing to do.

None of them liked watching TV or fiddling on their phones. Normally, Lin Miao would be playing badminton, Lin Sen would be reading, and little Ling and Yu Jingxuan would be studying, but it was the New Year’s, so they would naturally take some time to relax.

So Lin Miao suggested they play a game.

Tic tac toe was a two-player game, so they naturally skipped that.

It wouldn’t be fun for her to destroy the other three in badminton, either.

So Lin Miao thought of the icebreaker games she’d played when she was little. However, they had too few people, and it wasn’t fun that way.

She had played them with all the children in the village when she was little. The more people, the more fun it was.

Little Ling was studying preschool education, so she knew more about these games, “Let’s play the Judge game!”

They only had four people, so Lin Miao called over a few other children from next door.

Since she was an Olympic champion, she was quite popular in her apartment building. In the other children’s eyes, she was an accomplished person who went on TV and received an Olympic gold. Due to her achievements, the children’s parents would naturally like them to spend more time with Lin Miao, too.

So there came four children who were around seven or eight years old. The eight of them sat on the sofa, listening to little Ling explain the rules.

Lin Miao was beside Yu Jingxuan as usual.

The Judge game was simple. There were eight cards, each of them with an identity and a number from one to eight.

The children didn’t have to understand what their role was, as long as they knew their number.

After explaining the rules, Little Ling dealt the cards. Lin Miao looked at her own card, it was a six.

“1: Start, 2: Method, 3: Number, 4: More or less, 5: Judge, 6: Executioner, 7: Zhang San, 8: Li Si,” Lin Miao murmured in her mind. She had a six, so she was the executioner, the one to carry out the punishment number two decides.

After little Ling dealt the cards, she started the game. They revealed their profile cards in the numbered order. The first person showed their number one, and then number two, who was little Ling. She decided that the punishment was to be beaten on the palm. Number three was one of the children Lin Miao called over, and set the number of hits to five. Number four was another one of the children Lin Miao called over, and they raised the number up to ten.

As the executioner, Lin Miao knew that she would have to hit someone ten times in the palm. Now, the judge revealed his card, it was Lin Sen.

Only Yu Jingxuan and another kid haven’t shown their cards. They were Zhang San and Li Si. Lin Miao felt a bit nervous, she would either have to hit Yu Jingxuan or the little kid.

Lin Sen calmly decided that Zhang San would be punished. Immediately after, the kid cheered, “I’m Li Si!”

Lin Miao revealed her identity card, “I’m the executioner.”

The others all giggled at her, “Go do your job, executioner.”

Lin Miao shyly turned her head around, “Gege, give me your hand.”

Yu Jingxuan looked at her, still smiling. He extended his hand out obediently, showing her his palm, “Here.”

“Ten times.” Little Ling said.

“Wasn’t it five?” Lin Miao asked.

“Number four added five more.”

So, in front of everyone, Lin Miao hit Yu Jingxuan ten times on his palm with her own hand.

She had her head low the entire time. Of course, she tried to be gentle, but since she was in front of so many people… She felt that she made it too obvious that she was going easy on him, her face reddening.

After the first round, little Ling shuffled the cards and prepared for another. Lin Miao subtly went to hold Yu Jingxuan’s hand, massaging his palm. She was afraid that she had hurt him…

Yu Jingxuan softly rubbed back her hand, signifying that he was fine.

The corners of Yu Jingxuan’s mouth curved upwards. He’d found these games extremely dull before, but now it seemed interesting to him.

So the four half adults and four elementary students shared the New Year’s in laughter and joy.

And after the New Year’s, Lin Miao would be turning seventeen.

On the night of the New Year’s, Lin Miao’s Weibo was filled with birthday wishes from her fans.

Then, she saw the same with Yu Jingxuan and his fans.

Shortly after, she saw another topic top the trending list.

#Happy seventeenth birthday Cavemen cp#

The description of the topic wrote: “They must’ve agreed to come to this world at the same time in their previous lives.”

There were many passersby exclaiming in surprise: “They share the same birthdate???”

Under those comments, there were many insiders explaining: “They not only share the same birthday, but it’s also on a very special day: February 29th, once every four years. They were destined to be together.”

There were quite a few pictures of them together, though most of them were taken in secret.

Apart from one with them holding hands, the pictures were just them interacting regularly. It wasn’t intimate, but still had that aura, even in the pictures taken secretly, that made people blush and feel as if they had butterflies in their stomach; it reminded people of their first love.

So, the two had an incredibly strong cp fanbase.

There were even fan fictions.

Lin Miao’s jaw dropped to the floor when she saw one of these.

She was originally browsing through Yu Jingxuan’s Weibo, seeing his status.

But then a fan fiction appeared on the main page.

Lin Miao didn’t understand what it was at first.

So she clicked in out of curiosity, and then…

Lin Miao read three lines before she tapped out of the fan fiction.

The first line:

When Yu Jingxuan was walking home, he saw Lin Miao sitting on the windowsill.

The second line:

Her perfect face made more pitiful from her tears.

The third line:

Yu Jingxuan embraced her in his chest…

It was too overwhelming. She immediately closed the page, feeling traumatized.

Don’t read this Gege, ignore the post. Otherwise, it would be super awkward.

Due to this fan fiction, Lin Miao missed her birthday wishes.

She didn’t log onto Weibo for many days in a row.

As always, after the New Year’s, Lin Miao went to the sports arena to practice with Tan Jing again. They would have to go back to their teams in a few days.

The first day back in her team, Lin Miao busied herself with training and avoided her phone.

Lin Miao was used to having a different lifestyle in her team.

“Brother Shui, you should call your older brother, it would only take ten minutes.”

Lin Miao sighed, her face a troubled look. “I do only need ten minutes, but it’ll take me over two hours to recover after the call.”

Tan Jing, who had been stuffed a mouthful of PDA after saying only one sentence: “…” Teenage girls who haven't dated before can’t understand such complicated things.


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