Lin Miao knew that her premature romantic relationship would have an impact on her performance, at least her day-to-day training.

Fortunately, it didn’t affect her competitions much, as she would be too focused on the game to be distracted by this.

She performed stably in the next international tournament, and in June, Yu Jingxuan graduated from his university.

Lin Miao specifically took a day off to participate in his graduation ceremony.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother was the one who told her about this. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have known.

After her morning exercise, Lin Miao quickly showered and dried her hair.

She thought she would have to take a taxi, but Yu Jingxuan’s mother had waited for her outside her apartment.

Lin Miao felt a bit shy as Yu Jingxuan’s mother definitely didn’t know about her relationship with Yu Jingxuan. If she had, Lin Miao was afraid that she would scold them, since adults were all against these premature romances.

However, she still sat beside her anyway.

Yu Jingxuan wasn’t in this car.

“I didn’t tell him that we’re going to participate in his graduation ceremony, we’re gonna give him a surprise.” Yu Jingxuan’s mother said.

“Okay.” Lin Miao responded.

Lin Miao had never participated in such an event, so she followed Yu Jingxuan’s mother and sat in the back. The stage was filled with graduating students in their academic dresses.

Postgraduates and PhDs had unique colors, but all the other degrees shared a single color.

Lin Miao tried to find Yu Jingxuan, but there were too many people. It was impossible to pick him out of the crowd.

Then, the ceremony officially began.

“Do you feel bored?” Yu Jingxuan’s mother asked, whispering in Lin Miao’s ear.

“No.” Lin Miao was focused on the introductory speech a professor was giving off.

Lin Miao thought they would have to send Yu Jingxuan a message telling him where they were, when, a few moments later, she heard Yu Jingxuan’s name, valedictorian.

Then, Lin Miao saw a familiar figure rise from the crowd. He briskly stepped onto the stage.

It was Yu Jingxuan, Yu Jingxuan in his academic dress.

Lin Miao looked at him, standing on the stage. The audience was all cheering for him.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother looked at the girl beside her. Okay, my son doesn’t have to love unrequitedly.

He’s such a gifted person, how could he ever not have love reciprocated back at him?

Lin Miao took a mental note of where he sat when he walked off the stage.

The graduation ceremony wasn’t very long, but most people remained after the ceremony officially concluded. They were going to take pictures with their family and friends.

Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan’s mother rose to find Yu Jingxuan. Lin Miao held onto Yu Jingxuan’s mother’s hand, as there were so many people crowded in one place.

But when they walked over, they heard a girl confess to him under the encouragement of her friends, “I know that you have someone in your heart already. I don’t expect you to answer me, nor to be with you. I just want to tell you that there’s someone in this world who loves you with all their heart, someone who would give up everything for you…”

The girl was in a white dress and had very long hair. She was pretty, her voice even more than her appearance. Her tone was also sad, as if she just broke up with someone.

Lin Miao was dumbfounded.

Compared to Lin Miao who just felt shocked, Yu Jingxuan’s mother thought that the girl clearly had a scheme in her mind. What do you mean by ‘I know you have a girlfriend but I just want to tell you that I love you?’ Aren’t you just trying to sabotage his relationship?

“I still like the people who remember the person I love very much.” Yu Jingxuan said lightly.

Then he turned around, walking away, but only to run into Lin Miao.

Yu Jingxuan was surprised that she was here. But then, immediately recognizing the situation, he hastily explained, “I don’t know her.”

Yu Jingxuan’s mother: “…” So this is what competition looks like. Fortunately, her son didn’t say anything wrong.

Lin Miao came back to her senses, then said, “Congratulations on graduating, Gege.”

That girl who just confessed also looked towards him, and was reluctantly pulled away by her friend.

Yu Jingxuan took Lin Miao’s hand, “Don’t be angry, I really don’t know her.”

Lin Miao shook her head, explaining, “I’m not angry.” Lin Miao wasn’t angry, she just felt… felt… insecure.

It had been a long time since they'd last met. Yu Jingxuan seemed to have changed: even taller, and mature.

They’d last talked to each other over the phone a week ago.

Lin Miao took pictures with Yu Jingxuan, had lunch together, and finally returned to her badminton school.

Lin Miao was a bit sad when she returned.

She realized a problem she had never noticed before.

She had no idea who Yu Jingxuan’s friends were, didn’t understand what the theories he talked about meant, and didn’t know what he did everyday.

She and Yu Jingxuan lived in different worlds, and this was unchangeable.

Back in her team, Lin Miao was quiet. She and Tan Jing played badminton for two hours straight, sweat pouring down their faces. It seemed to have soothed Lin Miao.

She felt much calmer. Lying on her bed after a shower, she had mostly recovered.

Lin Miao stared at the ceiling. Growing up came with its many troubles; she would have never thought of these things before.

Meanwhile, the cp fans received their latest candy: Yu Jingxuan’s graduation, and Lin Miao also participated in it.

Not only that, they also had a picture.

However, the satisfied cp fans soon also discovered the fact that someone confessed to Yu Jingxuan during graduation.

And Lin Miao was there to witness it all.

All the cp fans became extremely unhappy. Even though they didn’t confirm their relationship, there were definitely interactions between the two. What’s the difference between her confessing right now and being a mistress?

There were a plethora of opinions online.

Tan Jing only knew why Lin Miao was unhappy when she read the posts.

However, that was only the surface.

Lin Miao wasn’t feeling down from the girl’s confession, but rather because Yu Jingxuan didn’t respond much.

She felt more distant from him than ever. They were truly in two different worlds, and she had never noticed this before.

Lin Miao laid on her bed, recollecting her memories. How was she not aware of this problem before?

Because… Yu Jingxuan always voluntarily came to her world.

Lin Miao shut her eyes. She was so irresponsible, always waiting for him to come to her, and never visiting his world herself…


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