The two kids didn’t know what the three adults talked about that night.

But the next day when Lin Miao woke up, she saw the pretty Young Master’s mother ask the new housekeeper to switch her breakfast with a facial mask on.

“Boiled broccoli and half a chicken breast is alright.”

Turning her head, she saw the two tender children come down the stairs. Lin Miao was a bit nervous.

She always felt anxious around the Young Master’s parents, it felt like they weren’t from the same world...

It was the same feeling of distance and prestige she felt when she first met the Young Master. It made her feel uneasy and it was hard to get accustomed to.

However, the little prince then became a great older brother. She felt they were family; they played together, and the older brother gave her chinese lessons and taught her english phonemes.

Moreover, the adults frequently argued with each other. Even though she doesn’t understand what they were arguing about, she still felt scared.

Probably feeling Lin Miao’s nervousness, the Young Master took her hand and headed to the dining room.

The Young Master’s mother waved at the two with her facial mask still on, “Little Yu, Shuishui, come.”

Lin Miao thought that her face was too white and ghostly-looking. It was a bit scary, but she hid her feelings.

She held her brother’s hand. If he wasn’t going, then she wasn’t going.

The mother was quite patient. She stood up and walked towards them. Seeing her son’s unpleasant look and remembering what her mother-in-law said, she kneeled in front of Lin Miao. “Shuishui’s face is a bit yellow, do you want to wear a facial mask like mommy? These masks can whiten your face.”

The Young Master frowned. “She doesn’t need it.”

And then he led Lin Miao aside to the dining room, leaving the Young Master’s mother in a bit of an awkward position.

At this moment, the father and grandmother both came out.

The grandma said, “You should bring up the dimsum.”

Everyone came to the breakfast table. All of the adults were there. Lin Miao was even more nervous as she meticulously peeled her egg. Unlike when she and the Young Master were alone, where she would eat an egg in two bites, she ate carefully and slowly, trying to copy the way her brother ate.

It was a quiet breakfast.

The mother looked at her son, and then at Lin Miao. She smiled lightly. “Shuishui is so cute, eating like a little mouse.”

Lin Miao was confused. Is she complimenting her cuteness or simply saying that she literally eats like a mouse?

In her village, everyone tried to hit and chase away mice when they stumbled upon them.

She froze on her seat, not knowing how to respond.

The Young Master stood up. “Saying that someone looks like a mouse. Mom, you really have a special way of complimenting others.”

The mother felt even more awkward, she intended to build a closer relationship with the little girl and build more family bonds. How could she have thought that such a little remark displeased her son?

The mother wanted to compensate.

So, after breakfast when the two were about to head upstairs, Lin Miao was lifted off of the ground by the Young Master’s mother.

Lin Miao was scared by the unexpected hug, and then she saw the mother’s joyful face. She spoke with a tone of excitement, like a little kid, “Shuishui, mommy is going to take you out with your brother to play today, okay?”

The doctor didn’t want them outside often, so Lin Miao didn’t know what to do. She instinctively looked at her older brother.

The Young Master walked towards them. “Mom, put her down first.”

The mother blinked and said, smiling, “Can’t mistreat your sister, right? Shuishui isn’t very talkative.”

Then, she asked the doctor if they could go outside. The doctor said they were allowed to occasionally head out. However, the Young Master was still recovering from his chickenpox, so he didn’t recommend it.

The mother smiled embarrassingly and exited. The Young Master closed the door with Lin Miao.

He then proceeded to teach Lin Miao english again.

The Young Master’s mother was home for the next few days.

She even bought quite a lot of pretty clothing for Lin Miao.

Soon, she managed to take the two kids out to play. The doctor followed along in case of accidents along the way.

It was Lin Miao’s fourth time in a car.

Her first was when the Master drove her to the mansion. Her second was her taxi ride to the hospital, and her third was another taxi back from the hospital.

The mother started to ask the two if they wanted ice cream and popcorn enthusiastically once they sat in the car.

Lin Miao had never tried any of the two before, but she followed whatever her brother said: if her brother didn’t want it, she wouldn’t eat it either.

The mother noticed the two kids were both lacking interest, so she turned to the girl from the countryside. “Shuishui, do you want ice cream?”

Lin Miao blinked and then answered honestly, “I never had it before.”

“Then do you want it?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Miao didn’t know how to respond, so she told her the truth.

The Young Master was a bit irritated. “Mom, stop fussing. It’s really annoying when you’re trying to act close to others when you don’t know anything.”

The Young Master’s mother was a bit angry when she heard that. “How am I fussing? I just want to get closer to you guys. I dropped my film team for this, do you guys really have to ignore me all the time? It’s my first time as a mother too, just tell me if I’m doing anything wrong, you’re not a three-year-old…”

It might have been that she was unsuccessful for the past two days regardless of what she did, making her uncomfortable and unhappy.

The Young Master listened quietly, and then responded, “You’re used to and only fit for being a loveable superstar that everyone listens to, not a mother.”

The mother was stunned, she retracted her sight, a bit sad, and turned silent.

Fortunately, they arrived at the park.

Lin Miao could feel the unhappiness that loomed over everybody. She held her brother’s hand, not knowing what to say.

The mother quickly put on her sunglasses and mask when she stepped out of the car.

To their surprise, a fan immediately recognized the Young Master’s mother when they came out of the car, “Goddess!”

And then more people came and asked for signatures. No one knew how they were able to recognize her with her sunglasses and mask on.

The bodyguard was concerned about the crowd, so he stepped out of the car to protect the mother.

The Young Master’s mother didn’t refuse, she instead started to give everyone signatures.

The Young Master looked out the car window, frowning. “We’re going to go play by ourselves.” He said to the doctor and the other bodyguard.

So, the Young Master led Lin Miao off of the car with the company of the doctor and another bodyguard.

They heard a scream as they began to head towards the park.

And then a voice from the same side.

“Ahh! Goddess fell!”

“Someone call an ambulance!”

“Get that mentally ill guy!”

It soon descended into chaos. Everybody crowded around the mother and the doctor, and the other bodyguards rushed to push through the crowd. The Young Master was also scared. He felt dizzy right when he was about to follow the doctor in.

Lin Miao sensed that something was wrong. However, someone covered her mouth before she could call for help.

And then she was lifted off of the ground.

Lin Miao’s eyes widened, she was only able to make some muffled sounds while looking back at the crowd. She frantically kicked and tried to move her arms, trying to break out, but the person holding her was too strong; she couldn’t move! She bit down on the person’s hand, but was only able to use the opportunity to make out two words, “Gege…”

Sadly, her voice was too small compared to the noise from the crowd. Her mouth was covered up after that again.

The crowd on the other side was saying, “Stop taking pictures! She’s hurt, stop it!”

Lin Miao was so scared that tears flowed out of her eyes. Someone kidnapped Gege! Over here! Come!

Soon, the kidnappers made a turn, cutting off Lin Miao’s sight of the crowd.

“What about her? That bitch bites hard!” Lin Miao heard the person carrying her ask another person, her eyes teary.

“Take them both, they’ll easily find her if you drop her here.” The other person responded.

Then a piece of fabric covered her face, and Lin Miao lost consciousness soon after.

Meanwhile, the Young Master’s mother was helped up by the crowd, her knees were bleeding.

The surrounding fans have constrained the mad fan, and someone also called the police.

The doctor treated the mother’s wound.

She was crying from the pain, but she also realized the two kids were gone.

“Where’s little Yu and Shuishui?” The mother asked the doctor and her bodyguards.

“The Young Master said that they were going the other way themselves or something.” One bodyguard responded, “There are so many people here, they should be fine. I’ll go search for them now.”

“Let’s get you to the hospital, this wound could leave a scar.” The doctor said, furrowing his brows.

The mother shook her head, “Let’s find the two kids first.”

The police have also conveniently arrived, taking the mad fan from the rest of them.

“I can’t find my two kids, can you guys help me?” The mother asked the crowd.

So, the fans also joined in the effort.

Lin Miao had woken up by then. She found herself in a narrow place that was constantly moving. She could hear people talking in front of her, but she couldn’t see them.

Her mouth was taped shut and her hands were tied to her back.

Her brother lied silently by her side.

Lin Miao scooted to the Young Master’s side. Her body felt numb and uncomfortable due to her being tied up, but she couldn’t care less.

Slowly, she got beside her brother.

Lin Miao rubbed her head against his, trying to wake him up.

She let out a breath when she felt that her brother’s temperature was normal, just like hers.

Lin Miao continued and then saw the Young Master’s eyes open.

“Mmmmm…” Lin Miao wanted to say that they were kidnapped, but she remembered that her mouth was sealed.

The Young Master did the same back, trying to comfort her. Lin Miao’s forehead was sweaty from all her shuffling, some of her bangs were also stuck to her forehead. The Young Master, however, didn’t mind. He even rubbed it again.

Then, they quieted down to listen to the people in front of them.

“They’re so resourceful. I originally thought that we’d never make it with such a big crowd.”

“They all went to see the celebrity, who would turn around and look behind their backs.”

“Drive faster, we need to get out of town as soon as possible. The people over there said they’ll drag it as long as possible.”

Tears flowed out of Lin Miao’s eyes again. She was so nervous. On the other hand, the Young Master stayed calm, rubbing her head again.

And again, for extra comfort.

He was a bit mad when the fans rushed towards the car. He thought it was another one of her mother’s public exposures due to the odd coincidence.

He had no idea that it was carefully directed at him.

But who were “the people over there” that they mentioned? Was it the two bodyguards, or the doctor?

Many things flashed across the Young Master’s mind. Eventually, they all dissipated, placing the focus on one other that remained. That was the priority.


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