I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 17: The Intelligent Older Brother

The Young Master’s parents soon came as well to help with the situation.

After having peacefully returned home, the adults went into the study to discuss something.

Lin Miao and the Young Master went back to the Young Master’s room.

Something deep in Lin Miao’s heart hinted that something consequential was about to happen.

The Young Master, however, immediately checked his nightstand upon returning into his room.

He found it left with only some bottles of pills that he regularly took.

“Shuishui, did you see these pills when you left?” The Young Master asked Lin Miao.

Lin Miao shook her head, “I didn’t pay attention to that when I left. I don’t know.”

Her mind was predominantly filled with sneaking to the hospital to be with her brother. Since the hospital had a wide range of medicine, she didn’t remember to take the pills.

The Young Master was talking about his topical medicine and pills for his chickenpox.

The Young Master’s brows furrowed, “Call grandma here.”

He then thought of the adults in the study, so he asked Lin Miao to help him downstairs.

They unreasonably schemed against him and swept it under the rug.

Normally, the Young Master wouldn’t fuss excessively, but this crossed his line.

They heard the grandma’s voice outside the door of the study, “You have no idea where you went wrong. I’ll tentatively believe that you have no idea why there are so many reporters. But, why aren’t any of the other celebrities’ children being exposed?.”

“I’m telling you, it’s because of your attitude. You think that children, by default, are also opportunities for hype. I’ve been putting up with all of it from when he was in your belly all the way to him going to school and falling sick. You say it’s a need for your job, but you need to recognize that you’re also a mother!”

Lin Miao firmly held the Young Master’s hand.

The Young Master knocked on the door, his intentions unchanged by the argument inside the room. “Grandma, I want to talk about something.”

The three people inside all quieted down.

Then, they opened the door.

The grandma was a bit tired, “Little Yu, we can take care of all this adult stuff.”

“I know, I want to talk about how I got chickenpox.” The Young Master clarified.

“I left all my chickenpox medicine in my nightstand when I left for the hospital, but they all disappeared after I came back. There were only the pills that I regularly took. The doctor also said the only way I can get chickenpox is from another person.”

The Young Master was only so sensitive about this because the only change in his room the day before he was diagnosed was that he had Lin Miao’s quilt.

The doctor said that the only source of infection is the infected, and Lin Miao had chickenpox before. Not having much medical knowledge, his first reaction was that there was something wrong with the quilt.

But the doctor dismissed it. The Young Master confirmed it again just before he was transferred to the hospital. It wasn’t Lin Miao’s problem.

However, the Young Master still wasn’t sure about the quilt.

So he placed all the chickenpox medicine in the nightstand when he left.

The three adults’ faces all suddenly turned serious.

The father called people to investigate.

The Young Master led Lin Miao back to her room after he finished explaining.

The two kids didn’t have to be involved in such complicated things.

Lin Miao just knew that the housekeeper was taken away by the police for an investigation the next day.

The adults didn’t tell the two anything else.

The Young Master knew some more. For example, he knew that the housekeeper’s nephew had chickenpox. He also inferred that it was plotted against Lin Miao from how their quilts had been swapped.

This was confirmed and added to from the police interrogation. The housekeeper’s intentions were to infect Lin Miao with chickenpox and then send her away.

The Young Master was confused about his motives because Lin Miao had never gotten in his way from start to finish. It was unreasonable of him to deliberately scheme against a kid.

And the housekeeper pocketed the medicine because he thought the Young Master wouldn’t notice such a minor thing and that it was superior to medicine from hospitals.

The Young Master’s mother still left, two days after the housekeeper was discharged. Her film team was burning through the funds after being on hold for three days. The father also left due to his job.

On the other hand, the story of the flock of reporters when the Young Master came out of hospital was still posted on the Internet.

There weren’t any disagreements, just different focuses.

One part was about the Young Master’s appearance. The Young Master was still handsome and filled with elegance like a little prince even after his chickenpox. No wonder he is the son of the aesthetic queen.

Another side condemned the reporter lacking morals for nearly hitting the little girl.

There was also a great amount of people who were surprised: Who is that short little girl? She looks pretty cute. It was super warm-hearted of Little Yu to protect her eyes from the microphone.

The Young Master and Lin Miao both didn’t like to watch television or use smartphones, so they were oblivious to these comments.

The new housekeeper in place was a middle-aged woman. She was quiet and looked gentle.

Lin Miao borrowed her older brother’s phone again to call the village head’s home.

But she was told that her mom was still not back.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be back for the new year. I’ll teach you English in the meantime.” The Young Master comforted.

In reality, he wanted to visit the Maldives to see the ocean for the new year. Once she arrives there, she will definitely forget about this.

Downstairs, the grandma was talking with the new housekeeper. Then, they saw a picture of Lin Miao and the Young Master on the recommended entertainment news. The Young Master covered Lin Miao’s eyes.

The grandma was originally smiling, but then she thought of her phone call from the Master a while back. So, she hurriedly called for the picture to be taken down from the feed.

She let out a breath of relief after checking that it was gone.

When she stepped upstairs, she saw the two kids sitting criss-crossed on the bed playing a hand game.

(Note: The game is called “你拍一,我拍一” in chinese and no english counterpart of it exists.)

As always, kids love to play with others their age.

Soon, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival. The new housekeeper prepared mooncakes in advance.

Lin Miao adored the Mid-Autumn Festival because every year, her dad would bring back mooncakes and her mom would cook a table full of dishes. There would even be cured pork simmered with potato.

The whole family would gather around the dinner table and happily eat dinner.

They would then watch the moon in the yard and listen to her mom’s stories.

However, this year, she found a pile of various mooncakes by her bed when she woke up. Lin Miao shared one with her older brother.

But she felt like they weren’t as good as the ones her father brought home.

During the evening, the Young Master’s parents returned too. They quietly ate dinner together around the table.

Lin Miao copied their silentness.

After dinner, the three adults headed for the study again, likely having something to discuss.

The doctor was back with his family for the holiday, and the new housekeeper was still familiarizing herself with the house.

So, Lin Miao pulled the Young Master out in the yard to see the moon.

Her parents and younger brother were definitely eating and watching the moon too.

The Mid-Autumn moon was big and round, hanging alone in the night sky.

The two huddled together. Lin Miao began to tell the story of Chang’e.

Her mom told this every year.

She felt her nose turn sour as she recited the story.

She missed her mom, younger brother, dad and her friends. She wanted to move back into the village with her older brother and grandma.


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