I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 16: The Dominating Young Master

The hospital was well air-conditioned. The Young Master’s room was also quiet since it was on the fifteenth floor.

Lin Miao pulled out a piece of paper and diligently fanned for her older brother.

The fan wasn’t very effective, but the wind was still strong enough to blow away the Young Master’s loneliness inside his heart.

He wiped her sweat, “Go to sleep, you’ll have to wake up early tomorrow to eat breakfast.”

“You sleep first, I’ll rest during the day.” She said through the darkness.

“From now on, I’ll sleep during the day and fan for you during the night. Sleep, Gege.”

The Young Master could see her pupils through the darkness, he was the only one in them.

Pure and beautiful.

He sought to be good to her too.

“Go sleep too.” The Young Master replied, “I can sleep now.”

Lin Miao settled down on the accompanying bed, extending her arm to keep fanning for the Young Master. However, she found that her bed was a bit too far away, so she got off her bed, pushed it beside the Young Master’s, and then climbed back on again. Finally satisfied, she continued to fan.

The doctor found the two beds together when he checked in the following morning. On the bed, there was Lin Miao, sleeping soundly.

Meanwhile, they noticed she was gone in the mansion.

On normal days, Lin Miao would wake up at around seven, but this time, she didn’t show up after seven thirty. Noting that the two kids had a great relationship, the grandma went upstairs to comfort Lin Miao, but only found a pillow under the quilt.

The grandma furrowed her brows and asked the housekeeper and the Young Master’s father, “Did anyone see Shuishui?”

The father was a bit impatient, “Little kids like to run around, check if she went to the garden.”

The grandma was worried and quickly assigned others to search for her.

Everyone in the mansion was tasked to find Lin Miao.

But no one found her. The grandma called the property manager, who soon replayed yesterday night’s security camera footage. They found a girl with a backpack running out the gates at around ten in the night, quickly going out of the field of view.

She snuck outside in the middle of the night.

At this time, they received a call from the doctor.

Then they heard the Young Master’s voice, “Shuishui…”

The grandma cut the voice off, “Did you two eat breakfast?”

“I asked Shuishui to come, grandma. Don’t be worried and search for her at home.” The Young Master said on the other side with his raspy voice.

Lin Miao regretted waking up late upon hearing the Young Master taking the blame. She could have returned before being discovered, but she overslept and was busted by the doctor.

She had to confess and apologize.

Lin Miao’s mindset was very simple. She thought that she had to apologize because she snuck here when they didn’t want her to come.

It was like how they had to apologize and confess when the doctor found out about them secretly staying up to play games or strolling outside for too long.

This case was indifferent from Lin Miao’s perspective.

Hanging up, the grandma didn’t believe the Young Master’s words.

How could her grandson tell someone to go to the hospital that late?

But, the grandma couldn’t help but wonder: How did she know the way there?

Her background was clear, she grew up in a village and was clueless about anything in the city.

“I remember that she asked me which hospital the Young Master was in. I told her it was the best hospital” The housekeeper said.

The grandma sighed, a bit astonished in her heart, “She found little Yu with that one sentence.”

The father’s expressions also shifted a bit, “Just let her stay at the hospital.”

Fortunately no accidents happened. The grandma was a bit regretful: she should have just let Lin Miao tag along.

Lin Miao was ecstatic when she was informed that she was allowed to stay at the hospital.

The Young Master’s mother returned in the afternoon.

She hugged the Young Master, tears dripping down her cheeks, “How did you get chickenpox? What did the doctors say? Mommy will be by your side, don’t worry.”

The grandma peered through the window and saw a gathering of reporters around the hospital. Her face had an ugly look, but she didn’t say anything.

It was impossible for Lin Miao to step into things between adults, so she discreetly looked at her older brother to prevent him from scratching the pimples. The doctor said there might be germ infections if the skin pops, so she concentrated to stop him from popping the skin.

Lin Miao still stayed to accompany the Young Master at night. All of the adults returned, so it was time for the kids, which was a lot more relaxing.

The two beds were adjoined, so Lin Miao fanned while she chatted with the Young Master.

Lying beside her older brother, she wasn’t as worried.

The presence of the adults during the day made Lin Miao too embarrassed to talk with the Young Master. She only chatted with him when the adults had their attention elsewhere.

There was an old skinny woman lying along on her bed in the room beside the Young Master. She would pass by the old woman’s room every time she got water.

Lin Miao would occasionally buy her an apple.

She carried 2.5 kilograms of apples up the day she came.

In reality, their room wasn’t lacking fruits. The apples there were even bigger than the ones she purchased.

She really couldn’t finish her apples, so she gifted some to the old woman next door.

The old woman looked mean, but Lin Miao wasn’t afraid of her.

Lin Miao told the Young Master about the woman next door, “She’s very old so she probably can’t eat these apples whole.”

Lin Miao just realized, “Oh yeah.”

So the Young Master asked the nurse to cut the apples into very thin slices before giving it to the old woman next door.

In return, the old woman gifted a dragon fruit. It was enormous, probably from a fruit basket from someone else.

The adults would still occasionally argue, but not in the ward, so the Young Master didn’t know, but Lin Miao did.

The doctor also confirmed that there weren’t any complications. The Young Master was recovering from his sickness.

He could go back after a few more days.

But they were swarmed by news reporters when they exited.

Lin Miao had never seen this before, she quickly blocked in front of her older brother.

The doctor and the two bodyguards stopped much of the crowd. The grandma also asked the hospital to send in security to help break the crowd, but some reporters still managed to poke through, “Young Master Yu, is it convenient for you to tell us about your relationship with your mother?”

“Your mother is often away due to her work, do you have anything to say to her?”

Lin Miao was in front of her older brother but a reporter suddenly pushed in with their microphone. Had it not been the Young Master swiftly blocking it with his hand, the microphone would’ve knocked into Lin Miao’s eyes.

The Young Master was furious. He had been harassed by reporters before, but was never this angry. He spoke with a bad temper, “I want to interview your kids too. Your father was taken away by the police due to what he’s doing at work, do they have anything to say to you?”


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