Shi Luoyi returned to her room before dawn.

With the protection of the cultivators, the mortals of Cangshan Village finally slept well for the first time in many days. 

Shi Luoyi paced to the dry soil formation and found that most of the mist had dispersed,  which relieved her. It seemed some things hadn't changed, bolstering her confidence in saving Elder Han Shu.

Han Shu, Li Feilan, Wei Changyuan, and Bian Qingxuan had all kept watch here for the night. As alchemists, Han Shu and Bian Qingxuan were better at setting up formations than sword and saber cultivators.

Although Li Feilan and Wei Changyuan were sword cultivators, their cultivation was higher than the other disciples so they were protecting them.

The disciples were very concerned about the effectiveness of the dry soil array. After reassuring the villagers, they all came early to check.

Including Xue An, who had also risen very early. They crowded around Bian Qingxuan, all asking after her well-being.

"Junior Sister has worked hard all night. Are you feeling okay?"

"The dry soil array is so useful, Junior Sister is really amazing."

"Junior Sister, take some qi-enhancing pills and rest for a while before going over."

Bian Qingxuan quickly said, "I'm not tired, thank you for your care senior brothers. It's Senior Sister Luoyi who is more amazing. The dry soil array was her idea after all!"

Shi Luoyi thought to herself, "It's here, it's finally here.

As expected, the disciples immediately turned unfriendly gazes toward Shi Luoyi. Xue An narrowed his eyes. "If she hadn't come, maybe we wouldn't have met this damned fog and wasted our time! Don't keep speaking up for her all the time. I heard that she even injured you some time ago."

Bian Qingxuan sighed helplessly and said to Shi Luoyi, "It was also my fault. I accidentally plucked Senior Sister's flowers which made Senior Sister Luoyi angry for a moment. Senior sister, Qingxuan already knows her mistake, are you still blaming me?"

Saying that, she looked over with pitiful eyes.

All the disciples looked over together, as if they were about to rush up to voice their grievances if Shi Luoyi said a single word of "blame".

"..." Shi Luoyi had a cold face. In her previous life, she would have been so angry that she would have wanted to slap her a few times, but now she couldn't be bothered to watch them perform, so she simply turned and walked away.

She only had one question left in her mind - Bian Qingxuan had tried this trick repeatedly. Do these disciples really have any brains?

She had tried to argue, tried to confront, and even tried to fight. But no matter what she did, it seemed to be useless.

On the other side, Li Feilan observed the formation and saw Shi Luoyi's dark expression. She smiled at the girl. "Feeling bad? Come sit with Martial Aunt."

Li Feilan, who was observing the formation on the other side, saw Shi Luoyi's dark expression and smiled at her, "Feeling uncomfortable? Come sit over here with Master Uncle."

"No." Seeing her, Shi Luoyi softened her tone and gently replied, "Master Uncle was also up all night, you must be tired."

Li Feilan's gaze swept over the disciples, then Wei Changyuan focused on the formation opposite them. She sighed inwardly. Such a pretty girl. How can such a beautiful girl always be unwelcomed among her fellow disciples? It was really strange. Comparing the two girls, clearly the one before her was more dazzling.

Even Li Feilan had found Shi Luoyi shockingly stunning when first seeing her at Buye Mountain, despite her age. As an elder, she felt some pity that the girl no longer had her father's protection and comforted her, "It's alright. Changyuan is a good child, it's enough that he treats you well. The other disciples are mostly still young. You previously lived at Buye Mountain and aren't very familiar with them, so they naturally feel closer to Qingxuan. They will like you too once they get to know you in the future."

Shi Luoyi felt warm in her heart because of her kindness and goodwill.

But she also knew clearly that the one Wei Changyuan liked was also Bian Qingxuan.

But Shi Luoyi didn't hold too much resentment in her heart. Just now, she wasn't really angry with Bian Qingxuan.

No matter how two-faced Bian Qingxuan was, she had diligently kept watch over the formation for a night and eliminated many monsters. The three realms needed such cultivators. This was why Shi Luoyi rarely harbored killing intent towards Bian Qingxuan regardless of their past lives.

In her previous life, Shi Luoyi was young and hot-tempered, easily provoked by a few words, like a highly flammable and explosive firecracker. In this life, Shi Luoyi had made up her mind to calmly watch the junior sister's act. She wanted to see if her junior sister could conquer the Three Realms with her terrifying charm. If that day truly came, she, as her senior sister, would definitely applaud her wholeheartedly.

Compared to the active disciples, Bian Lingyu was the last to arrive.

However, as soon as he appeared, Bian Qingxuan's demeanor changed from her lukewarm attitude towards the other disciples. Lifting her skirts, she smiled and went to greet him. "Brother!"

She immediately noticed something off about Bian Lingyu at a glance and asked with concern. "What happened? Did you not rest well last night? Why is your face so pale?"

Bian Lingyu didn't even look at her, subconsciously looked in Shi Luoyi's direction instead.

The girl sat close to Li Feilan, holding her Shen Yan sword with her knees drawn up at the eye of the formation, seemingly sulking and not wanting to look back at them at all.

A smile appeared in Bian Qingxuan's eyes, and she still maintained a sweet expression as she reached out her hand to him, "Where's the little peachwood sword that brother prepared for Qingxuan?"

The more this happens, the less likely she will look at you.

But today, the little peacock didn't get angry on the spot, which was truly unexpected for Bian Qingxuan. It seemed that Shi Luoyi had made some progress over the past two years and wouldn't be so easily provoked anymore. Or perhaps only Wei Changyuan could still trigger her.

Bian Lingyu withdrew his gaze, his eyes turning cold. He knew Bian Qingxuan's methods and felt disgusted. But with more pressing matters, remembering he had to eliminate the Untransformed Toad Demon, he still handed over two peach wood swords

Bian Qingxuan frowned, not quite satisfied. "Just two?"

She affectionately leaned closer to Bian Lingyu and whispered, "You've also prepared some for Senior Sister Luoyi, right? Ah, my dear brother, she won't want them. Can you handle being rejected by her? You might as well just give them all to me, or if I die at the hands of the Untransformed Toad Demon, you won't be able to get away with it either."

Bian Lingyu despised her the most in moments like this, his bone spurs under his sleeve were full of fighting spirit. "I'm only giving you two. Stay away from me and talk. I don't want to fight you here."

Bian Qingxuan didn't dare to really piss him off, he wouldn't just be threatening when he said 'fight'. She remembered her unhealed hand injury and had to stand up straight.

However, Bian Qingxuan had already achieved her goal. In the eyes of onlookers, this scene was proof of their deep affection. Many male disciples cast envious glances at Bian Lingyu.

Bian Qingxuan smiled subtly. It didn't matter how others saw it as long as Shi Luoyi developed a gap in her heart towards Bian Lingyu.

The only regret was, why only two peachwood swords?

Bian Qingxuan's slender fingers caressed the swords. Sensing the abundant spiritual energy and blood essence within, she clicked her tongue lightly. Such excellent life-saving talismans, yet her foolish brother who was inarticulate with women didn't know it wouldn't be appreciated even if he gave it away just like that. 

The recipients likely wouldn't recognize their worth and would casually discard them as scrap wood.

Thinking of the two martial uncles' hard work, Shi Luoyi kept watch over the earth-drying formation for a whole day under Li Feilan's guidance.

The mist dissipated quickly. After this night, they would be able to smoothly enter Qingshui Village tomorrow.

In the evening, she returned to the farmhouse and unexpectedly found three small peach wood swords on the table. She gave a soft "eh", picking them up to examine them, realizing they looked somewhat familiar.

Weren't they the peach wood swords Bian Lingyu had tirelessly carved all night?

The small peach wood sword lay harmlessly in her palm, stirring up some forgotten memories. Shi Luoyi finally remembered that she seemed to have received something like this before entering Qingshui Village in her previous life.

However, at that time, when she saw Bian Qingxuan also carrying such peach wood swords, she thought it was the siblings deliberately trying to disgust her.

The next day, she violently flung the swords in front of them, expressing her disgust.

Bian Qingxuan was momentarily stunned, then burst into laughter, while Bian Lingyu's face instantly turned pale.

He pursed his lips, not saying a word.

It was Bian Qingxuan who picked them up with a sigh. "Senior sister dislikes 'it' so much, but I actually quite like it."

What did Shi Luoyi say back then?

She had disdainfully said, "Take it if you like it, I don't care about it. Stop trying to disgust me."

And now, the same peach wood swords were on her table again. She felt perhaps it wasn't out of deliberate provocation from Bian Lingyu and Bian Qingxuan.

Unlike her previous life, last night Shi Luoyi had personally witnessed how Bian Lingyu had carved them last night. His hands were covered in cuts from the wood splinters as he worked tirelessly through the wind and snow all night without stopping for even a moment.

Shi Luoyi hesitated for a moment, then placed the peach wood swords in her arms.

She didn't know Bian Lingyu's intentions. Was he trying to make peace with her on behalf of his sister? Or was it because he was afraid that she would try to harm him again in Qingshui Village after he was caught poisoning her last time?

Or perhaps this was the sense of security mortals want?

Shi Luoyi sighed. Although, Bian Lingyu probably had no idea such a small sword was useless...

She vaguely knew many mortals were stubborn and tough-talking. Even if he was afraid of death or her, he wouldn't show it, and would still be stubborn as hell. Just like a stray cat, hissing and puffing up to scare others yet having no real sense of security. When immortals fight, it's the mortals who suffer.

Whether it was a "truce" or him trying to gloss over the "poison pill", since he had sent something, Shi Luoyi didn't want him to keep feeling anxious and alarmed. Her mother had often taught her about reciprocity. Should she also give Bian Lingyu something to show that she wouldn't hurt him anymore.

But don't expect her to forgive or like Bian Qingxuan. She would never reconcile with the person she despised the most in her entire life!

By noon the next day, the fog had completely dissipated.

Last night, Bian Qingxuan had gently asked Xue An to take good care of Bian Lingyu. Although Xue An was unhappy, for the sake of Bian Qingxuan's happiness, he didn't deliberately make things difficult for Bian Lingyu.

Early this morning, Xue An had come to subtly imply that he had already done as asked and came to take credit. Bian Qingxuan smiled on the surface but felt impatient to deal with him in her heart: Fool, if Bian Lingyu really loses his ability to act, all of you will die here!

She was somewhat apprehensive about the demon toads and kept worrying about the other peach wood swords Bian Lingyu must have made. She didn't believe he wouldn't leave any for Shi Luoyi.

With Bian Lingyu's proud personality, he had probably secretly slipped them to the little peacock once again.

Bian Qingxuan sneered - he is really asking for humiliation.

Yesterday, she deliberately asked Bian Lingyu for the peach wood swords in front of Shi Luoyi. Since Shi Luoyi heard about it, she definitely wouldn't accept them.

When Bian Lingyu went out, he silently glanced in the direction of Shi Luoyi's room. Bian Qingxuan's lips rose up. He himself knew that he would be rejected, right?

Soon after, Shi Luoyi pushed her door out.

She was still wearing her attire from the Buye Mountain, a goose-yellow top, a blue-green silk skirt, with a light pink cloak hanging down from the crook of her arms, and a long fiery blade strapped to her back.

Bian Qingxuan scorned inwardly. The idiot sword cultivator who had no mother and was brought up by her father didn't even know how women should dress. Yet she had to admit the girl's damned face was disgustingly beautiful.

Her gaudy, laughable outfit unexpectedly looked cute and beautiful on her without the slightest sense of discord.

As expected, the disciples around her began blanking out again while looking at Shi Luoyi - including Xue An who had still been mocking her just yesterday.

Bian Qingxuan's expression darkened. Annoyed, she subtly moved her fingers under her sleeve and snapped them. The disciples finally came to their senses and shifted their gazes away without realizing it.

Bian Qingxuan's gaze fell on Shi Luoyi's waist, her eyes widened, suspecting she had misread the situation.

Three peach wood swords neatly hung from Shi Luoyi's cyan sash.

Bian Qingxuan knew it was going to be bad as soon as she saw it, and she hurriedly looked to the side. Bian Lingyu's gaze had also fallen to Shi Luoyi's waist, his long lashes hiding his eyes so she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

To make matters worse, Shi Luoyi walked over to them!

Shi Luoyi said, "Bian Lingyu, I have something to tell you. Can you come over for a moment?"

Bian Lingyu was silent, not wanting to go over.

In his eyes, Shi Luoyi had seen him carving the peach wood swords the other night. Coming to get him today could only mean one thing - returning the items to him.

The memories the girl left him were nearly all filled with impatience, misplaced anger, and rejection.

Yet he still followed her silently.

On this chilly winter day, with snow still in the air, he only felt freezing cold in his palms.

They came under the banyan tree. Bian Lingyu lowered his eyes, hating himself as he waited to be stung once again.

Yet in the wind and snow, the young girl's cloak was blown about. She reached out her hand, and in her palm lay a pale pink ribbon the same color as the cloak. She spoke uncertainly, "Thank you for the peach wood swords, I probably understand what you meant. I promise I won't hurt you in Qingshui Village. After counting, it's still me who owes you, I only have this, it's the Thousand Fragrance Silk from the Buye Mountain, it can... um..."

Shi Luoyi faltered. She was too embarrassed to say this useless thing can only help me recognize you. But only she knew that after entering Qingshui Village, this useless item would actually be helpful against the indestructible Toad Demon.

Reborn, she had no way to explain how she knew what was inside Qingshui Village. Shi Luoyi resignedly said, "It doesn't have much use, but it's my return gift. No matter what grudges lie between us, coming back alive is the most important thing now. I feel you probably think the same. So can you forgive me for now and accept it?"

She wasn't sure if Bian Lingyu would take it, after all he had even thrown back the century-old Blood Lingzhi before.

Bian Lingyu remained motionless for a long time, so long that Shi Luoyi thought she might be scolded again. But then his fingers trembled slightly, and he reached out to take the hair tie, murmuring softly, "Okay."


He accepted it just like that?

Bian Qingxuan's eyes were nearly frozen over with coldness. Anxious thoughts raced through her mind. Shi Luoyi must have flung it back to him!

But as they walked far, she couldn't hear what they muttered. When Shi Luoyi came back, she still had those small peach wood swords tied around her waist.

Bian Qingxuan's heart instantly sank. She looked at Bian Lingyu.

She saw him lightly pursing his lips together, usually deadened and icy, now with a hint of shallow liveliness in his eyes.

He who had been like a dying, withered tree just moments ago suddenly sprouted delicate green buds. He was holding something in his palms in ecstasy.

Bian Qingxuan closed her eyes briefly. Don't panic, don't panic, this is just the beginning. Shi Luoyi has someone she likes, it's impossible for her to come to like Bian Lingyu, I still have a chance, right?

She looked at Wei Changyuan standing by Elder Han Shu's side, her eyes darkened.

In Shi Luoyi's memories, Qingshui Village was filled with large ponds.

But it wasn't the same as the pond she saw before her death, the one filled with blooming lotus flowers. Instead, it was gloomy, foul-smelling that made people nauseous. The villagers' houses were not built on top of the ponds, but hidden among the bamboo groves.

They chose to enter Qingshui Village at noon when Yang energy was at its strongest.

Before entering, Han Shu carefully instructed the disciples on many matters in detail.

Shi Luoyi solemnly warned everyone, "Once we're inside, if we get separated, don't trust anyone! Because it's highly possible that the demon will disguise itself and take on different forms."

Xue An snorted at her, "Different forms? Do you really think this crappy place still has ancient monsters that can take different forms? Any shape-shifting demons would have died long ago. Junior sister Luoyi, if you're scared, it's not too late to go back now."

Shi Luoyi ignored him. This guy was probably too infatuated with Bian Qingxuan to listen.

Although Shi Huan taught her to be kind, she wasn't kindhearted to the extent of being eager to rescue a bunch of people who hated her.

Shi Luoyi only tightened her grip on Han Shu's hand, solemnly saying, "Elder Han Shu, promise me that after going in, you won't trust anyone you see. Even if it's me! You mustn't be soft-hearted when it's time to act."

Han Shu was taken aback but didn't disbelieve her, nodded thoughtfully. "Okay."

She simply thought it was something Shi Huan had taught Luoyi. She had an indescribable trust in Shi Luoyi.

Everyone entered together, the mist disappeared before their eyes. However, as they entered Qingshui Village, there was a slight tremor in their consciousness, causing a momentary daze. A dazzling light filled their vision, and Shi Luoyi couldn't help raising her hand to shield her eyes.

When the intense light subsided, she found herself sitting beside a pond.

A graceful lotus flower had unknowingly fallen at some point.

The man before her squatted down with a helpless, gentle smile. "What's wrong, are you tired? We still have to pay homage to our ancestors and enter the bridal chamber tonight. Does the lady have the strength?"

Shi Luoyi lowered her hand, astonished to see someone completely different from the person in her previous life standing before her. Her heart sank as she uttered the name of the person before her.

"Jiang Yan?"

The person in front of her turned out to be the missing young sect master of the Chuanyun Sect!


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