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Chapter 4: Pretending to Be Sick

Shi Luoyi got up early in the morning to put on her makeup. At first, Huixiang thought she was getting ready for the morning class.

But after waiting for a while, she still didn't see Shi Luoyi leave. Huixiang felt puzzled and couldn't help but tentatively probe out a leaf to take a look. Someone inside asked sharply: "Who's there? Huixiang?"

Huixiang didn't expect to be discovered, and had no choice but to reveal herself. To her surprise, she saw a face that had lost all color and turned deathly pale.

"Miss!" Huixiang was shocked, "Miss, why do you look so pale?"

Shi Luoyi raised her finger to her lips: "Shh, just watch a good show."

Though puzzled, Huixiang obediently followed her instruction and transformed herself into a pot of medicinal herbs positioning herself by the window lattice as Shi Luoyi lay back on the bed.

It was just past the hour of the mao (5-7 am). A senior sister in dark robes came to deliver Shi Luoyi's identity plaque. A few months ago, Shi Luoyi had moved to this independent small courtyard from the Buye Immortal Mountain. The sect master gave her time to adapt, and today was the day she was supposed to attend the morning class.

Every disciple of Mingyou Mountain has an identity plaque and for the first morning class, there would also be a guide to lead the way.

The senior sister's job was to do just that.

Shi Luoyi said in a low voice, "Senior sister, the door isn't unlocked. Come in."

Upon entering, the senior sister was taken aback to see Shi Luoyi lying on the bed as pale as a sheet of paper, looking as if she was on the verge of passing away at any moment. "You…what happened to you?"

"I had a fierce battle with a ferocious beast yesterday, but it's nothing serious. Since I've promised the Sect Master to attend the morning class, I'll get up now."

After saying that, Shi Luoyi forced herself to get up with difficulty, accepted the identity plaque of the Mingyou Mountain disciple from her hand, and struggled to walk towards the main hall for the morning class.

Her figure appeared slender, and her complexion deathly pale, looking utterly weak and frail.

Even the sister who came to pick her up couldn't help but frown. She originally wanted to say it's okay, you should just go back to bed. But she had received orders before coming: no matter what, Shi Luoyi must be brought to the Mingxin Hall for the morning class on time. If she doesn't come, just mention her father.

Since Shi Luoyi was cooperating on her own, there was nothing more to be said. With these thoughts in mind, the senior sister could only keep her mouth shut.

At this time, most of the disciples of Mingyou Mountain had already gotten up and were on their way to the morning class.

As the courtyard doors opened, Shi Luoyi with a pallid face followed the senior sister and walked among the crowd, attracting everyone's attention.

The senior sister maintained a cold demeanor and felt uneasy as she led the way.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before the utterly weak Shi Luoyi behind her closed her eyes and collapsed without strength.

The senior sister, taken aback, quickly turned around to catch her.

The disciples' gazes turned strange. The guiding senior sister also sensed that something was wrong. Normally, disciples who were unwell should be told to rest instead of being forced to attend the morning class. Now, wasn't her action tantamount to coercing an injured disciple to attend the morning class!

The junior sister wanted to explain but couldn't find the words.

She gritted her teeth, carried Shi Luoyi back to the courtyard, and hurriedly reported the incident to the higher-ups. She also arranged for a master alchemist to come and treat Shi Luoyi's illness.

What the hell is going on? Even the senior sister found it strange - how could there be such an order? In the past when she guided disciples, there was never such an emphasis on them having to be brought along no matter what.

Once she left, Huixiang appeared in her true form in the room. Vaguely understanding what had transpired, her face turned unsightly.

Shi Luoyi also opened her eyes.

Huixiang said, "Miss, the sect master... "

Shi Luoyi shook her head at her, and Huixiang fell silent. However, a chill ran down her spine.

Things she didn't understand before were finally making sense - why the Daojun Shi Huan who was renowned across the lands, fell into slumber because of his righteousness. As his daughter, Shi Luoyi should have been protected and respected by all, so why was her situation getting worse and worse!

Shi Luoyi stood up, a faint coldness flickering in her eyes.

Ten years ago, after her father, Shi Huan Daojun, entered a deep sleep, she initially stayed at her father's Buye Immortal Mountain, secluded and concentrating on her cultivation. However, at some point, rumors began circulating, claiming that Luoyi lacked ambition, was greedy for life, and afraid of death. She also raised demonic creatures in the mountains, and lived off the Daojun's blessings to live a life of brocade garments and jade meals, but never contributed to the sect.

The proud girl was naturally angry.

Shi Luoyi originally thought that because of living high above in the Buye Immortal Palace, she was not close to her fellow disciples outside the mountain. Later when Bian Qingxuan joined the sect and her fame soared, whoever praised Bian Qingxuan would subconsciously put down that little fairy from Buye Immortal Mountain. Shi Luoyi eagerly wanted to change the situation so she actively took on sect tasks, but the situation not only failed to improve but worsened.

At this critical juncture, the Sect Master of the Hengwu Sect, her martial uncle, ordered her to leave the mountain. He explained that without a peak master and the loss of the mountain protection array, Nightless Immortal Mountain was no longer safe. As her martial uncle, he promised to take good care of Shi Luoyi and invited her to the Mingyou Mountain for cultivation. With her wedding approaching, he hoped that she could cultivate feelings with Wei Changyuan and hold their grand marriage.

Shi Luoyi was once grateful to this martial uncle.

In her previous life, on this day she did not pretend to be sick. At that time, she gritted her teeth and dragged her injured body to insist on attending class. Unfortunately, during a sparring session of disciples, she was knocked to the ground by a Foundation Establishment cultivator, aggravating her injuries. Apart from arousing ridicule, it was of no benefit.

Coming to Mingyou Mountain, she felt wronged, and fully believed that the sect master, her martial uncle, would definitely protect her. Holding back her tears, she went to lodge a complaint to the Sect Master. Unexpectedly, the uncle looked at her with a gloomy face and said in a disappointed tone, "Luoyi, your father has spoiled you too much. Even though you're injured, as a Golden Core cultivator, losing to a Foundation Establishment disciple is really..."

The unfinished words hung in the air like a dark cloud, mercilessly pressing down on her. Shi Luoyi's heart was in turmoil, wondering if she was truly as incompetent as her martial uncle said.

She looked at her martial uncle who sat on the high seat of the Sect Master. His face that was once kind, was now looking coldly and critically towards her, welling up a trace of fear in her heart.

Later whenever Shi Luoyi was bullied and oppressed, and every time her martial uncle found out, he would only shake his head in disappointment, saying: "Luoyi, you're really disappointing and have tarnished your father's reputation."

Since then, Shi Luoyi vaguely sensed something.

When she proposed to return to Buye Immortal Mountain, she was refused. The Sect Master said that the Buye Immortal Mountain was not safe and was coveted by all kinds of demons and monsters. He was afraid she would encounter trouble if she went back. She argued reasonably but was reprimanded by her fellow disciples for not understanding the Sect Master's painstaking efforts. The bounty notices issued later were also issued by the Sect Master.

In the fleeting span of a human's hundred years, hearts are known to change, let alone cultivators who contend with the heavens. How many can maintain their initial aspirations until the end?

One rainy day, as the torrential rain poured, the possessed Shi Luoyi went to the roadside to take shelter from the rain. She overheard someone praising the illustrious name of the Sect Master Hengwu.

She finally got a glimpse of the filthiness inside.

While Shi Huan was alive, the world only knew Daojun Shi Huan but not the Sect Master Hengwu. It was only after Shi Huan's death, and with his daughter's reputation tarnished, that the Sect Master's fame soared even higher.

Later, Shi Luoyi also thought - how could Bian Qingxuan, having been in the sect for just three years, be able to single-handedly change the thoughts of all the sect disciples?

No, that was impossible.

If there was someone who could easily ruin her reputation, who would that be?

Although she had suspected Martial Uncle before, everything that happened in her previous life seemed quite reasonable. Shi Luoyi also wondered for a while whether her own aptitude was not good enough, didn't live up to expectations, and had a heart demon, which led her to that fate.

But coming back once more, based on the suspicion, she decided to try out that guess from the very beginning.

Today, she deliberately feigned weakness in the early morning.

Yesterday, the entire sect knew that she was injured. If the Sect Master really cared for his junior brother's daughter, he would definitely let her recuperate properly.

If he harbored ill intentions, he would insist on Shi Luoyi attending class.

Sure enough, the unfolding events confirmed her suspicions - he was step by step pushing her towards an embarrassing situation of being laughed at and looked down upon.

Under such a situation, even Huixiang realized that something was amiss.

Huixiang turned pale, she didn't expect the truth to be like this. She wondered if the young lady can really survive in Mingyou Fairy Mountain before Daojun wakes up?

"Huixiang," said Shi Luoyi. "Do you believe in me?"

Huixiang raised her head in panic.

"I will live well here, and one day soon, I will bring you back with me to return to our Buye Immortal Mountain."

A gleam of light shone in the young girl's eyes, and Huixiang couldn't help but nod.

Lowering her gaze, Shi Luoyi added, "We will go home."

No matter how many difficulties and dangers lay ahead, be it the former or current Sect Master, or Bian Qingxuan, she won't be at their mercy anymore.

Today is a good start, isn't it?

Bian Qingxuan went to the main hall for morning classes even before the hour of mao (5-7am) arrived. She had never been in such a good mood recently.

As the chess player, she naturally had confidence that the jealous Sect Master would definitely summon the little peacock of Buye Immortal Mountain to attend morning lessons.

At that time, the poor little thing could only become an object of ridicule.

She exchanged glances with a Foundation Building disciple in the front row, and he blushed, his eyes gleamed with excitement.

Bian Qingxuan shyly lowered her head, knowing this fool was single-mindedly eager to avenge her, so she had long given him many elixirs to enhance his cultivation.

Not to mention those in the early Golden Core stage, he could hold his ground against even those in the later stage of Golden Core.

The happiness in her heart was enough to offset the closed door she faced in the morning. As usual when she went out that day, she first went to see Bian Lingyu.

Bian Lingyu woke up earlier than her and was reading a book in the courtyard.

She softened her voice, "Brother, the snow melted last night, and it was even colder than the past few days of snowfall. Did Ding Bai take good care of you?"

The teenager turned a page, his face as cold as clear snow, as if carved from a cold stone.

Bian Qingxuan continued, "Your condition will only deteriorate further. You may not care, but I care. These few days I will concoct some pills for you, which should have some effect. If you throw them away again, I will be angry."

Bian Lingyu turned a deaf ear.

She took a deep breath, her worried expression disappeared, and she said coldly: "Bian Lingyu, today is the first time Shi Luoyi will attend morning lessons at the Mingxin Hall."

The young man paused in flipping the pages, finally raising his gaze.

His tone was very cold: "What are you going to do?"

Under his gaze, she smiled contentedly: "You are finally willing to look at me. What do you think I would do?"

Bian Lingyu said coldly: "I told you to stop."

Bian Qingxuan pursed her lips. "I also told you to stop clinging to her. She won't like you. Even if there's no Wei Changyuan, there's still Li Changyuan, Song Changyuan. With her disdain for you, what are you still expecting?"

The young man gripped the pages of the book tightly and was silent for a long time before he lowered his eyes again.

The two parted unhappily.

Over the past three years, scenes like this had played out numerous times. No matter if Bian Qingxuan was being concerned or cursing and scolding him, he never showed any reaction.

At first, Bian Lingyu looked at her with eyes as if looking at a lowly and stubborn piece of rock, making her furious beyond endurance.

Later, Bian Lingyu simply ignored her.

The only thing that could elicit a slight reaction from him was if she was going to do something to Shi Luoyi again.

He couldn't help but warn her to stop.

Bian Qingxuan knew that he could no longer stop her now, but she enjoyed seeing the sullen and anxious look on his face.

To fall into the mortal realm, powerless to love someone who doesn't love him back, but still unrepentant - he deserved this.

You will feel bad too, she thought happily. Feel my anger, my unfulfilled desires and begging.

It is like this today, and so will be the days to come. She would never spare you a second glance; you are even more pitiful than me.

Bian Qingxuan sat in her place and greeted the fellow disciples in a friendly manner. There was a constant smile on her face, causing even the senior sister beside her to ask curiously: "Junior sister, why are you so cheerful today? Has something good happened?"

However, the hour of Mao had passed, yet Shi Luoyi's figure was still nowhere to be seen.

Her smile vanished - what's going on?

According to Shi Luoyi's temperament, as long as someone mentioned her father in front of her, with her pride, she would crawl here if she had to, rather than disgrace her father's good name.

Bian Qingxuan looked toward the entrance, almost staring holes through it. Unexpectedly even the immortal masters had entered the main hall, yet Shi Luoyi still had not arrived.

She tugged at the sleeve of a senior brother beside her: "Senior brother, I heard Senior Sister Shi Luoyi would be coming for morning lessons today. But time has passed, why hasn't she arrived?"

The senior brother hesitated somewhat, lowering his voice he said: "You're talking about Shi Luoyi? I heard she was severely injured yesterday and is said to be in a terrible state today. Some disciples even said that she might not have much time left and I don't know why but the senior sister that the sect leader sent to bring her still insisted on letting her come to the class."

"......" Utter nonsense!


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