Kneel to Me Chapters List

Chapter 19: First Arc [18]

After breakfast, Song Juyao left the school.

Meanwhile, on this peaceful and sunny morning, the student union dropped a bombshell on the school's specially admitted students. With a loud announcement, it ignited a flame amongst the special admissions students.

Early in the morning, the student union posted a major announcement regarding the school on the campus BBS (Bulletin Board System) - The special admissions system will be abolished, and some of the current special admissions students will need to transfer to other schools. The list is still being discussed by the student union and will be announced in two weeks. All special admissions students should be mentally prepared for the change.

This announcement caused a stir throughout the school.

"Great! This school shouldn't have any special admissions students in the first place. They are a bunch of poor and annoying people to look at."

"Wow, did the board of trustees approve this decision?"

"Hahaha, isn't the chairman the father of Jin Yao and Jin Yu?"

For the specially admitted students, this news was like a bolt from the blue.

"What, what does this announcement mean? Hey, what does it mean?"

"Does it mean we're going to be expelled? On what grounds? What did we do wrong?"

"Yes, why are they expelling us for no reason?"

The special admission students have a campus group. Ming Shu watched the chat box scrolling quickly, and every special admission student's reaction was very intense. However, since she was not a real special admission student, her reaction was calm. Turning her head, she noticed that Li Zhao's face had turned pale.


Li Zhao didn't speak, she just picked up her phone and started chatting in the group.

Ming Shu continued to look at the group, and found that many people were mentioning a student named Zhou Shuchen. The group had a remark of "Grade 3" so he was a senior student in the special admission student group.

Li Zhao also mentioned him.

It turned out that Zhou Shuchen was a very popular student in the special admission student group at Jinke Duola Academy. He was like a leader to them. Whenever an issue arose, such as delayed scholarships or mistreatment and doing particularly outrageous things to the special admission students to the special admission students, Zhou Shuchen was always there to voice his concerns and demand an explanation from the school administration. His commitment to justice made him a respected young man.

Therefore, when the big event occurred, everyone eagerly awaited Zhou Shuchen's response and solution.

Zhou Shuchen appeared quickly.

"Everyone gather at the C Playground, let's go together and demand an explanation from the principal," Zhou Shuchen said in the group.

As soon as Zhou Shuchen spoke, all the special admission students in the high school department stood up and rushed to the C Playground to gather.

Naturally, it was impossible for Li Zhao and Ming Shu to fall behind.

Soon, a crowd of students had gathered in the C playground. Zhou Shuchen stood on the flag platform, a tall and thin boy with a crew cut and striking features.

"Everyone, don't worry. The announcement from the student council seems illogical and unreasonable. There must be something wrong. Let's go find the principal together and demand an explanation!" Zhou Shuchen said.

A large group of students marched towards the principal's office while the wealthy students in the teaching building sneered at them.

The principal had already received the notification and had long since gone into hiding.

"This matter is the decision of the student council. If you are dissatisfied, go to the student council," a teacher who couldn't bear to see them standing under the sun came out and told them. "The principal left before you arrived."

"This kind of school-related matter can only be decided by the student council? The school board can't possibly approve it!"

"It's no use talking to me. Go to the student council."

A large group of people had to turn to the student council building.

The members of the committee blocked them at the entrance and wouldn't let them in. Meanwhile, Jin Yao lazily leaned against a pillar and smoked.

"Do you want to rebel?" With her arms crossed, Fu Meiling, a girl blocking the entrance with an unyielding stance, asked coldly.

"We just want an explanation. What does the announcement mean?" Zhou Shuchen asked.

"Aren't you the top student of your grade? Is your comprehension this poor? Wasn't it clearly stated?" Fu Meiling retorted.

"How can you do this to us? On what grounds are you expelling us?!" one special admission student said, voicing the collective frustration.

"Yes, why?"

"What did they mean by 'all special admission students must prepare'? Prepare for what?" another one questioned.

The special admission students protested angrily and clamored for answers.

"Shut up, all of you!" Fu Meiling shouted angrily. "I'm giving you face by even letting you stay here. Jinke Duola Academy is a private high school, not a public school for compulsory education. If I say you have to leave, then you have to leave. What grounds do you have to question me? Do you even have the right to say such things?"

Upon hearing this, the special admission students fell silent and their faces turned pale.

【Oh my god! This is so hurtful!】

【I'm so angry, why does this trash school treat students like this?】

【It's so pitiful. They're all just teenagers. The school should be an ivory tower, but instead, they're experiencing the cruelty of a capitalist society where money is paramount. What kind of people will they become in the future?】

【This is really throwing their dignity to the ground and trampling on it.】

【Yaoyao, come and beat up the bad guys!!】

【Why are you calling Song Juyao? She can also only protect herself. How can she manage so many people?】

Zhou Shuchen's face turned red, but he refused to back down: "The Board of Trustees cannot ignore the school's admission rate!"

"Hmm, we plan to reform the college and provide every student with elite education. No longer will there be students idling here. Do you think the Board of Trustees will support our decision? When the admission rate no longer necessitates special admissions students, they won't be concerned about the well-being of these special admissions students."

Zhou Shuchen's lips went pale, "You don't have the final say in this."

"Whether or not we have the final say, you'll find out soon enough." A cold voice reverberated, sending chills down everyone's spine.

Fu Meiling immediately stepped aside, allowing Jin Yu, who was in a wheelchair, to be slowly pushed out by his secretary. Jin Yu was not lightly injured after being attacked twice by Song Juyao. He wore a neck brace and had a cast on his right leg. Of course, to maintain the nobility's dignity, he claimed to have fallen instead of revealing that he was beaten by Song Juyao. He would rather be known for falling from the stairs than admitting to being beaten by her.

Despite his appearance, no one at the scene found it funny. The man's aura was still regal, and the kind of arrogance that made people feel insignificant, remained undiminished.

"Zhou...Shuchen, isn't it? You have half a month to prepare to leave," Jin Yu declared.

Zhou Shuchen was stunned.

"What? What do you mean?" asked the special admissions students, shocked.

"Senior Brother he..."

Jin Yu: "Whoever speaks up for him can leave with him."

The cold voice, though not loud, made the air freeze.

Jin Yao, holding a cigarette, glanced towards the direction of the student dormitory and thought about when Song Juyao would appear. Somehow, the mere thought of her made the bite mark on his thumb itch again.

The specially recruited students opened their mouths, but for a moment, no sound came out. They were all hesitant to speak up, as no one doubted Jin Yu's authority. He was the tyrant that Jinke Duola obeyed without question.

Leave this school? Although the wealthy students looked down on them and sometimes even physically assaulted them without reason, the scholarships offered here, even those of the third-tier, were quite generous, and tuition, food, and lodging expenses were all free. These scholarships could also help ease the financial burden on their parents, and if they were accepted by a foreign university, part of the cost could be covered. Even if they were admitted to a renowned domestic university, they would still receive a substantial cash reward.

If it were only their first year of high school, it would be okay, but what about second year and third year? The college entrance exam was approaching fast, in less than three months. Would they be able to fit in with a new group at a regular public school? Would they be constantly asked about their previous school and the treatment they received there? Would they be questioned about why they transferred? Could they even find a school willing to accept them? Would their families be able to use their connections to transfer them to a better school?

Countless questions arose, and their faces turned pale. They couldn't feel the warmth of the sun. Zhou Shuchen was still standing in front of them, but they couldn't speak.

Several girls had already bowed their heads and started to sob.

Ming Shu was so angry that she exploded and jumped out, saying, "Let's just go! Who wants to stay in this lousy school? You are all garbage, a group of garbage, parasites in society! It's not just you, but your parents are also like that! They suck the blood of ordinary people and look down on them, and they taught trash like you!"

"Students, let's go!"

The air was very quiet.

No one moved, no one responded.

After Ming Shu's anger subsided, she began to feel a little embarrassed.

【Cool... a little embarrassed after being cool.】

【Damn, it's too real!】

【Speechless, why stay in this kind of school? It's better to transfer. With such good grades, aren't there any other schools that would want you?】

【It's not the same. There are many students with good grades in good public schools, and the competition for scholarships is fierce. Moreover, scholarships are definitely not as generous as those offered by these elite schools. What's more important is that it's difficult to adapt to a new environment. Being expelled because of poverty is too damaging to self-esteem. There are many third-year students here, and if one's mentality is unstable, they will definitely have to repeat the year.】

【I feel so much empathy. I'm really crying. Did I choose to be born into a poor family? If I could, I would also like to be born with a silver spoon in my mouth!】

"It's you again. You think you're on top of the world just because Song Juyao helped you once," Jin Yao recognized this "thief" Ming Shu.

Ming Shu had exhausted herself after scolding them without any response. When Jin Yao spoke up, she recalled the terror of being dominated on the tennis court, causing her face, which had turned red from anger, to suddenly turn pale.

Jin Yu glanced at Ming Shu and said, "You can leave as well."

No student dared to speak up at this point.

Jin Yu said, "Not all special admission students have to leave. The student council considers that not every special admission student can adapt to our school and integrate into this community. Hence, the student council is preparing to 'lay off' some of them. However, we will keep some of the special admission students based on recommendations from their fellow students, provided they can adapt to our way of life and integrate into our Jinke Duola Academy community."

"You have 30 seconds to return and take the exam. Even the special admission students who performed poorly in this month's exam must also leave Jinke Duola."

Upon hearing this, the special admission students stirred uneasily, hesitated, and gradually began to leave.

Gradually, only a handful of people stayed behind, including Zhou Shuchen, Ming Shu, Li Zhao, and…

Huh? Ming Shu's sweeping gaze suddenly froze, her eyes widened - Jiang Baiqi!

This boy was too strange. Even when standing in the sunlight, he seemed to be shrouded in a gloomy aura, grey and dusty. He was easily overlooked.

Jin Yu coldly swept his gaze over the few people and his secretary pushed his wheelchair and left. Jin Yao, who was waiting for someone, yawned disinterestedly and turned to leave.

"How can I stay?" Zhou Shuchen's voice followed them, low and hoarse, making people feel heartbroken.

Jin Yu ignored him.

"Can I kneel down and beg you?"

Ming Shu was taken aback and confused, as she took a step forward, Li Zhao pulled her back and shook her head with a complicated expression.

Zhou Shuchen's family was in difficult circumstances. His father was paralyzed in bed, his mother had diabetes, and he had a younger brother in elementary school. The family expenses were all supported by Zhou Shuchen's scholarship. If he left Jinke Duola Academy, his only fate would be to drop out and work.

Thinking of this, Li Zhao's eyes turned red. Zhou Shuchen was an outstanding person, kind-hearted, and always ranked first in the grade. He could definitely attend the best university in the capital in the future and become an excellent adult. Being expelled from school on the verge of the college entrance examination would shatter his countless opportunities and give him a difficult future.

And who were they to stand in his way when he was fighting for himself? None of them could be responsible for him and provide any help to him.

Jin Yu, however, continued on as if he didn't even see him. Fu Meiling laughed mockingly, as if belittling him for regretting his actions: "You can try. But do you really think your knees are worth that much?"

Zhou Shuchen's face turned ugly.

Soon, only a handful of them remained outside the Student Union building. Even the scorching sun couldn't warm the hearts that had sunk to the bottom.

Ming Shu slapped her forehead and quickly said, "Don't worry! We still have Song Juyao! She must have a way, and she won't leave us alone!"

Zhou Shuchen's dark pupils faintly lit up, as if he had finally caught a life-saving straw.

Jiang Baiqi stared at Zhou Shuchen for a few moments before turning around and leaving slowly.


Song Juyao didn't come to school for several days.

She went to participate in a show.

For years, she had been the unbeatable champion of "I Am the Big Winner" and a superstar on the "Big Winner Throne" of the program. After Song Juyao became a member of the Olympiad prize team, numerous geniuses from China and abroad came to challenge her. The academic qualifications of the guests who signed up to participate became higher and higher. Originally, the program had guests from all walks of life with broad knowledge, but now it has become an arena for geniuses.

However, since Song Juyao joined the Olympiad team, she became very busy, making it impossible for her to participate in the program in person. Instead, she only competed with her opponents via video during the final challenge. Therefore, her presence at the show was a pleasant surprise for Peng Jia.

Peng Jia was the director of "I Am the Big Winner" ten years ago, and now he has been promoted to the head of the TV station. It could be said that he was an elder who watched Song Juyao grow up and has always taken good care of her.

Apart from "I Am the Big Winner," she also became a judge on "Super Brain" shortly after.

As Song Juyao became increasingly involved in variety shows, the situation of the special admission group at Jinke Duola Academy worsened, causing concern among the audience.

The barrage in the live broadcast room urged Song Juyao to stop participating in the program and quickly return to school, but Song Juyao couldn't see it.

【Ahhhhhh, it's driving me crazy! You dropped the ball at a crucial moment!】

【Hurry back to school, those students are really going to be played to death.】

【This is too irresponsible. Jin Yu had to resort to such tactics because Song Juyao meddled and angered the twins. And now she just patted her butt and left without any sense of accountability?】

【Do you have a problem with your brain? Jin Yu and Jin Yao are notorious for their malicious behavior. Without Song Juyao's intervention, they would have eventually forced the special admission students out.】

【When Song Juyao was helping others, she had no idea that such an incident would occur. Should she have stood by and watched them suffer? If that's how you think, I hope that when you face difficulties, others will also think the same, stand by and watch you suffer!】

【I'm speechless. Can you please stop participating in these crappy shows and hurry back to school?】


At this moment, after several days of fermentation, many students at the Jinke Duola Academy, under the threat of being expelled, acted in accordance with their human nature and made choices.

Because the student council said they would decide which special admission students to keep based on the number of recommendations from students, the "students" they referred to, of course, meant non-special admission students.

Consequently, many special admission students started pleasing these students. The latter were aware of the special admission students' intentions but didn't mind seeing them fawning over them like clowns.

"Hey, you look so much like a dog. Why don't you bark like one?" someone taunted with a smirk.

The special admission student's face momentarily froze, but remembering their family's predicament, they quickly became servile.

"Woof! Woof woof woof!"

"Hahahahaha ......"

Amidst the resounding mockery, there was a young heart that had plunged into darkness.

"What are you standing there for? Are you in the same group as Zhou Shuchen?" The person who had kicked Zhou Shuchen down glared fiercely at several special admission students.

Although most of the special admission students had received assistance from Zhou Shuchen, no one dared to speak up at this moment.

One person struggled to shake their head in denial, and others followed suit.

Once they had crossed this threshold, everything became much simpler. First, deny; then, they could start physically attacking and even eventually start actively insulting the other person. In this way, they could distance themselves from the other person and become an accomplice of the perpetrator, thereby avoiding being targeted by the perpetrator.

The special admission students who were singled out by the student council were not spared, and the most pitiful thing was that the singled-out special admission students, including Ming Shu and Li Zhao, were bullied by other special admission students. Even Jiang Baiqi, who had always kept a low profile, was not spared.

Ming Shu was shocked when she saw Jiang Baiqi in the school infirmary.

"You actually got beaten up?"

There were bruises on Jiang Baiqi's pale face, and he looked a little happy as he lowered his head. When he heard her words, he looked up expressionlessly, as if asking what was so strange about him being beaten up.

【I know what Ming Shu is thinking!】

【Ming Shu: I thought you were a big shot, but you're just a noob like me?】

【Honestly, I was also surprised. I always thought Jiang Baiqi might be a hidden big shot.】

【Yeah! That gloomy aura, those eerie eyes that look at people, and even caught the attention of Song Juyao. I thought he would pull out a knife and slit someone's throat if he was bullied, but instead he ended up crouching down while holding his head and getting beaten up!】

【Am I the only one who noticed that he seemed quite happy just now? What's he happy about? Is he thinking of some perverse way to get revenge?】

【When is Song Juyao coming back? I'm really going to explode!! I feel so sorry for Zhou Shuchen.】

【Human nature is really scary, but when you think about it, their behavior is understandable...】

The Jinke Duola Academy has descended into chaos.

Tang Kai has been dealing with "insignificant" matters, such as treating students' wounds, every day. Initially, he felt annoyed, but later his annoyance turned into anger.

The special admissions students were betraying and attacking each other every day, or chose to stand by and watch in fear of being implicated.

Tang Kai asked, "Where is Song Juyao?"

Ming Shu replied, "I don't know. She seems to have gone out and hasn't come back yet."

"Can't you call her?!" Tang Kai said.

Ming Shu responded, "I, we don't have her phone number..."

Upon careful consideration, they realized that they were not even close with Song Juyao, they were just easily drawn in by her gentle and kind nature. They had forgotten the time distance between them, thinking that they had known each other for a long time.


Ming Shu's side could not contact Song Juyao, Jin Yu called for her.

The fact that Song Juyao would happen to leave was unexpected, giving him a feeling of a fist on cotton. He even thought that Song Juyao might be the kind of person who would leave everything behind and never come back. The dorm manager went to her apartment and found her belongings and the cat was still there, too, before he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The situation did not develop as he expected. He felt pleased at the thought of what expression Song Juyao would show upon returning to see this scene.

The situation did not unfold as Jin Yu had expected. First, he felt pleased at the thought of what expression Song Juyao would have upon returning to see this scene.

However, when she didn't come back for several days, it tested his patience, so he decided to call her.

As it turned out, Song Juyao was having dinner at Director Peng Jia's house. Mrs. Peng had always been fond of her and would invite Peng Jia to pick her up for dinner on holidays. She had prepared a table full of dishes that Song Juyao loved.

"You are so thin, thinner than those female stars. You look like you'll blow away with just a gust of wind. You should eat more."

"It's not that exaggerated. My muscle mass is actually higher than that of women who don't exercise," Song Juyao responded, looking at her bowl of food with some helplessness.

Mr. Peng Jia ate his food with his head down, glancing at his son, who usually acted domineering. At this moment his domineering son was at a loss, his face was flushed and he kept his head looking at the table without saying a word. Peng Jia felt extremely disgusted. That's it? Is this the guy who likes Song Juyao? And he even wants to chase her like this? Do you even deserve to pursue her?

As the son lifted his head, he happened to catch his father's critical gaze. Master Peng??? Really? Is that my biological father?

Song Juyao's phone rang, and she picked it up. Seeing that it was Jin Yu, she stood up and went to the balcony to answer.

"What's up?"

Jin Yu narrowed his eyes upon hearing the question, "Song Juyao, you don't think that I would forget about you hitting me like it never happened, do you?"

"So what?"

"You'd better go back to Jinke Duola and see for yourself." Jin Yu hung up the phone after speaking. He was waiting for Song Juyao to come back and beg him to change his mind. Wasn't she supposed to be kind? Wasn't she fighting for the special admission students? He would like to see how far she could go for them.

Song Juyao frowned as she looked at her phone.

"What….what happened? Is something wrong?" Young Master Peng probed out and asked incoherently.

Song Juyao turned around and smiled, "It's nothing."

The audience expected Song Juyao to immediately rush back to Jinke Duola after receiving Jin Yu's phone call, but she didn't. Instead, she stayed in the city, appearing on shows and having meals. Many people in the live broadcast room were anxious and cursing.

Enduring and waiting, Song Juyao finally left and returned to the city where Jinke Duola was located.

【Ahhhhhh hurry up!!! So many kids are waiting for you to save them!】

【Go and torture that pair of bastards Jin Yao and Jin Yu!】

【So angry! So angry! So angry! So angry!】

【Finally! I've waited enough.】

"Well... Let's not go to Jinke Duola for now, could you please turn to First Middle School?" Song Juyao suddenly said to the driver.

【???? What are you doing? Why did you suddenly change direction?】

【I'm speechless. Can you stop dilly-dallying?】

【I can't take it anymore. I really want to get angry with Song Juyao. She knows very well what the special enrollment students' status is in the school and what kind of person Jin Yu is. How could she not think about what those students are going through? But she still drags her feet and attends those shows. What's so important about them? She didn't even call the principal to ask!】

【Song Juyao doesn't really care about the special enrollment students. When she reached out to help them before, it was just a casual gesture. She doesn't care about the life and death of others afterwards.】

【If that's the case, it's better to turn a blind eye from the beginning, instead of giving others hope and letting them down. They've been waiting for her!】

【Now we're going to scold Song Juyao? Is this a moral blackmail? If you save someone, do you have to be responsible for them for a lifetime? Then why not just watch them die from the beginning!】

【What's the use of calling the principal? Haven't we seen what kind of person he is in the livestream before?】

Song Juyao got out of the car at the First Middle School and approached the guard to ask him to make a phone call. Soon, a teacher arrived to meet her.

The teacher led Song Juyao to the principal's office. As she entered, the principal stood up and greeted her with a smile. It was evident that he was taken aback by her unexpected visit.

"Your reputation precedes you, and my wife is a big fan of yours. We have two sons, but she's unhappy that I haven't been able to give her a daughter..... Excuse me," the principal coughed awkwardly, realizing he may have misspoken.

Song Juyao replied with a smile, "Actually, I'm here to request a favor."


"I would like to request that First Middle School accommodate and provide support to a group of students."

She went on to briefly explain the situation of the special admission students from Jinke Duola. The students who would be attending Jinke Duola Academy were all high-achievers, and the First Middle School was willing to admit some good students. After all, good students meant a higher enrollment rate, which would benefit the school.

However, the special enrollment students from Jinke Duola High School were over a hundred in total from the first to third year. If over a hundred students were suddenly transferred, most of whom were in need of financial assistance, it would be a significant challenge and burden for the school.

Song Juyao took out a check and said, "I will take full responsibility for the scholarships and miscellaneous fees of these students. Some of them have special circumstances and require extra attention. Moreover, I also want to assist those First Middle School students who are academically competent but are unable to continue their studies due to family reasons."

The principal was very shocked, "This...are you helping them to this extent? This is a substantial sum of money."

Song Juyao tilted her head and smiled, "I believe the future of so many talented children is more precious than just this money."

【Ah ah ah, the amount on this check is exactly the same as the appearance fees Song Juyao earned from all those TV shows she's been doing in the past few days!】

【Oh my god! Did she plan this from the beginning? Is that why she's been so busy with recording TV shows non-stop these days?】

【Is she really planning to help all the special admission students? Oh my god.】

【You're basically the same age as them, and you're still a child!】

【She is really too kind. Liu Yan and the others took all her money, she is not a millionaire with unlimited resources.】

【Does the face of the person who scolded her hurt? 】

【I initially thought she would convince Jin Yu to change his mind at most,  but I didn't expect her to plan to transfer all the special admission students. She's amazing and truly admirable!】

Song Juyao's actions deeply touched the First Middle School's principal, who promptly decided to admit all special admission students from Jinke Duola Academy.


As Zhou Shuchen was just about to walk to his seat, a foot suddenly kicked from the side knocking his table to topple over.

Zhou Shuchen tightened his grip on his backpack and looked at the student who had kicked the table.

"You idiot, you've already been expelled, don't you understand? Hurry up and leave, do you want to stay here?"

Zhou Shuchen remained silent as he crouched down to pick up the table. However, he was kicked in the process, causing him to tumble to the ground.

A burst of taunts rang out around him.

"I get it, you're all still hoping that Song Juyao will return and help you stay at this school, right? Hahaha..."

The jeers got louder.

"Let's see what you special admission students have been posting in your group chat. 'Waiting for Senior Sister Song Juyao to come back,' 'Things will certainly improve, Senior Sister Song will help us,' 'Don't give up, persevere, Senior Sister Song will help us fight for justice from the school'....."

In a disgustingly mocking tone, the person read aloud the special admissions students' messages before bursting into laughter. "Who do you think Song Juyao is? Can she make President Jin Yu change his decision? What are you all thinking? By the way, let me tell you, Song Juyao isn't coming back."

What?! Zhou Shuchen looked abruptly at the speaker, "What did you say?"

The person made up and said nonsense, "We've already received the news. Song Juyao has returned to her team and went to the capital a long time ago. Who do you think you are? Can you compare yourselves to her work?"


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