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Chapter 20: First Arc [19]

Zhou Shuchen's face turned pale. "It's impossible..."

"It's up to you to believe it or not. I've been finding you unpleasant for a long time. You're even better at pretending than me, and it's annoying to look at you." The man spoke, ordering the special admission students next to him, "Since he won't leave on his own, I'll have you guys do the favor of throwing him outside the school."

What? The few special recruits who were ordered had ugly faces and struggled to resist. How could they do that?

"Hmm?" The man's cold eyes swept over them, and his tone was threatening. They shuddered and finally lifted their feet and stepped forward.

" should leave."


They were too embarrassed to use force, hoping that Zhou Shuchen would leave on his own. The struggle on their faces seemed to say that there was nothing they could do.

Zhou Shuchen looked at his classmates who used to hang out and study together. Although his family was poor, his parents had taught him to be an upright, brave, and kind person. Since young, he tried his best to help his classmates who sought his help within his ability. How he yearned for someone like that to help him in his current state of utter helplessness.

But now, when Zhou Shuchen desperately needed help, he found himself alone. Not only did nobody lend a hand, but some of those he had helped before now betrayed and ridiculed him. They showed such a helpless expression, hoping that he could forgive them and act more reasonably. At this point, do I still have to take care of your emotions and sympathize with your helplessness?!

A pale smile appeared on Zhou Shuchen's face, and a burst of anger welled up from the bottom of his heart and darkness seemed to cover his eyes.

"No, I'm not leaving. Why should I leave? I can at least stay here for another half month. Even Jin Yu didn't ask me to leave immediately!" Zhou Shuchen stood up angrily and stubbornly turned to pick up his desk and chair.

His attitude angered the boy. "Fine! You're amazing! Let's see how long you can keep it up! Hey, what are you guys standing there for? Useless things, you still want to stay in school and be my lackey like this? What do I need you for?"

The few special recruits were scolded and their faces turned red. They also became displeased with Zhou Shuchen and immediately stepped forward to pull him away.

"Zhou Shuchen, don't force us. Leave now!"

"Let go of me!" Zhou Shuchen protested.

They dragged Zhou Shuchen out of the classroom. Zhou Shuchen struggled desperately, his eyes were red as if he was trying to break free from not just those hands, but also from his suffocating fate. But he couldn't escape and was watched all the way from the class to the corridor.

"What are you doing? Let go of Shuchen!" A special admission student in shock angrily stopped them.

"Don't deceive yourself. There is no room for things to change. Song Juyao has already returned to the team and won't come back!"

"We've been abandoned long ago!"

"That's impossible! Our senior sister went to the headmaster's office and the student union for us. She can't just leave like that..."

"That's the fact! Who can prove that she will come back? On the contrary, we've seen with our own eyes that she has been away for many days!"


Some didn't believe it, but more people did. They had waited for many days without any news from Song Juyao. They didn't know her whereabouts, and in fact, were not qualified to know. Perhaps it was just their wishful thinking that they regarded her as a savior, when in fact she didn't take them to heart at all.

"Wooo...... don't do this......"

"It's because of you servile guys that they say we are spineless and treat us like dirt!"

"You have backbone, you have potential, why don't you leave quickly? Why do you want to stay here?"

"Hurry up and go, we don't need a backbone now. How much money is the backbone worth huh? If I can exchange it to become successful and give my parents a good life, I'd be willing to walk on my knees now!"

"You f*cking...!"

The scene was chaotic and out of control. From the teaching building to the playground, more and more special students joined in. Initially it was because of Zhou Shuchen, but later, it somehow turned into a brawl that even Li Zhao and Ming Shu got caught up in. Jiang Baiqi wandered outside the crowd, unable to join the fray even if he wanted to, and his gloomy little world seemed incompatible with the chaos of the situation."

【Stop fighting, wuwuwu...】

【I'm so worried, Song Juyao, please come quickly, they're really about to collapse】

【Stupid children, you don't even know what your Senior Sister Song has done for you. Stop it now】

【Song Juyao really thinks too far ahead. This school is rubbish. Even if she helps special recruits to fight for their rights and help them stay in this school, how much good will it do? Their hearts will be polluted by the cruelty and money worship here, discrimination will always exist, it is better to directly move them them to an equal environment.】

The fight was not far from the school gate. As soon as Song Juyao got out of the car, she saw the frenzied crowd. Her pupils dilated in shock, and she hurried over.

Upon seeing Song Juyao, the doorman immediately picked up the landline on the table and called the student union.

Jin Yu's face showed a pleased expression. "The show has been going on for so long. Finally, she's back."

Jin Yao jumped up from the sofa, unconsciously rubbing the teeth marks on his thumb. "I'll go take a look."

"I'm going too." Jin Yu sneered. "I don't want to miss her expression."


Meanwhile, Jiang Baiqi stood outside the crowd, unable to blend in even during the midst of a fight. No one could spot him at first glance. He was always a person with a very thin presence, and sometimes even his parents would leave him at the mall for half a day before returning to search for him in a panic.

It was as if his existence in this world was superfluous. No one needed him, and no one could see him.

Jiang Baiqi looked at the crowd of fighting people with his gray eyes. When he saw someone fall down, he took two steps forward to help him up, but the person, as if he had gone mad, indiscriminately swung at him.

The fist was caught by a hand before it could hit Jiang Baiqi's face.

He froze for a moment, then followed the slender hand to see a delicate and beautiful face. The girl's expression was one of anger and shock. She threw away the hand while pulling Jiang Baiqi behind her, positioning herself in front of him.

"Don't lay a hand on him!" Song Juyao shouted in anger.

Jiang Baiqi looked at the girl's back and blinked.

The special enrollment student saw Song Juyao and was stunned. "Senior... Senior sister..."

Song Juyao, "All of you stop!"

Her voice couldn't overpower the chaotic crowd and was drowned in the clamor, but it entered the ears of some people on the edge.

"It's Senior Sister!"

"Senior Sister Song is back!"

"I knew it, those people are liars. Senior Sister wouldn't abandon us!"

"Stop it, Senior Sister is back!"

The voices passed one by one, the students raised their heads in bewilderment and shock, and finally returned to their senses. After a burst of ecstasy, the stagnant silence shrouded over the area.

Song Juyao gazed at their more or less battered faces and felt a mix of anger, pain, and disappointment, causing the students to avert their gaze from hers and lower their heads in shame.

"Senior Sister!" Ming Shu emerged from the crowd, half of her white shirt was ripped out from the hem of her skirt, her messy hair looked like a chicken coop, not knowing how many strands had been ripped out. "You're finally back! Everyone thought you wouldn't come back. You don't know what's been happening in the school these days..."

Ming Shu crackled and quickly recounted the situation to Song Juyao, who took a deep breath and said, "I'm already aware of all this."

She turned and saw a group of people from the Student Council walking towards them.

Led by Jin Yu and Jin Yao, this group of people looked gilded, exuding a luxurious aura of upper-class society. They were from a completely different world than the ragged and disheveled group of teenagers on their side.

"The little chickens have finally waited for the mother hen," Jin Yao said with a wild and unruly smile.

"It's a pity that the ones who should be eaten will still be eaten. After all, it's just a mother hen," Jin Yu said coldly.

Song Juyao asked, "Is this what you wanted me to see?"

"Isn't it exciting? Your so-called backbone of the poor is nothing more than that. For money, they can even betray their benefactor, stand idly by, or turn against each other. The people you defend are nothing but worthless figures among the masses."

"Even so, you still want to stand on their side?" Jin Yu showed a hypocritical smile. "In fact, with your status, you could have crossed the class long ago and become one of us. Why waste time with people who are of a different class and a different world? Abandon them and come to us."

The specially admitted students looked nervously at Song Juyao. Li Zhao noticed that Zhou Shuchen had kept his head down the whole time and didn't show much reaction even with Song Juyao's return.

Song Juyao smiled without warmth, full of disdain. "Get lost."

Jin Yu's face changed slightly.

Fu Meiling was furious and immediately stepped forward. "You have no shame! The student council president just spoke a little more politely. Do you really think you're some kind of big shot? If you have the guts, take your group and leave the school now!"

Song Juyao looked at her.

"What? Let me tell you, begging for mercy is useless. Even if you kneel down, your knees are not worth the money!"

Song Juyao turned to the specially admitted students. "Go pack up your things."

"What ...... what?"

"What...what does that mean?"

"I have already made an agreement with the First Middle School. You will all transfer to the First Middle School. Go pack up your things, we are leaving here," Song Juyao said.

There was a sharp intake of breath. Some people covered their mouths in disbelief, and Zhou Shuchen also raised his head.

First Middle school? What's the 'First Middle school'? It is the best public high school in the city, and ranking No.11 in the top First Middle Schools of the country in terms of promotion rate?

Can we really, really get out of here?

Not to nowhere, but transfer to the First Middle School? Will everyone go together?

Will we no longer have to endure everything here?

Will our dignity not be trampled on anymore?"

Excitement overwhelmed Li Zhao as she covered her mouth and shed tears. She knew that there was hope as long as Song Juyao was there.

Now it was the turn of the student council members to be shocked. What? Song Juyao was actually prepared to take all the special enrollment students away?

Jin Yu tightened his grip on the wheelchair's armrest and glared at Song Juyao with an ugly expression.


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