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Chapter 62: Second Arc [25]

A group of people led Song Juyao down the corridor, where the clean ceiling reflected their shadows, they exchanged glances with each other, looking hesitant yet determined.

【It’s over, it’s time to start】

【I'm getting nervous】

"What's the matter with you guys?" Song Juyao asked.

"It's a very important matter, we believe it could impact our future, so we want to discuss it with you," said the leader of the group, a man surnamed Guan, who often plays supporting roles. He had mediocre acting skills and his popularity neither rises nor falls, it had always been quite awkward. This time being able to come to Survival Island was also by taking someone else's spot, and he wanted to use this opportunity to find some new direction. And now he seemed to really found a new beginning.

His gaze steadied, though a hint of bloodthirst flickered in its depths.

Turning the corner, they entered the lounge they had chosen for themselves. As soon as the door closed, it was immediately locked from the inside.

Song Juyao turned to look at them, "What does this mean?"

"Juyao," said the man with the surname Guan, "We don't want things to escalate to this point with you either. We're asking you one last time, can we take the crystal core or not?"

"No," Song Juyao replied, meeting their threatening gazes.

"Don't blame us for being rude then!"

The two men stepped forward, pressing down on Song Juyao's shoulders to restrain her. She didn't struggle, just looked at them with a complicated expression, "Do you want to take a look in the mirror and see if you still recognize yourselves?"

"Don't talk to us like that anymore, we've had enough!" Guan was furious: "It's easy for you to say the crystal core isn't important, because you all have everything. If you were in our position, I don't believe you'd say such a thing! Song Juyao, if you were sensible, things wouldn't have developed to this point. Do you know that you're hindering others?"

“Of course who wouldn't want the crystal core? People who don't need talent would want it for health! Even Li Wenling and Evans would want it, they just don't dare say it because you're here!”

Song Juyao asked, "So you think that after I die, you can happily join hands to dig for crystal cores?"

"That's right!"

“I don't think so. I believe what will happen is that you'll first work together to get crystal cores from the dead and then move on to digging from the patients who are still alive. Then people with less crystal cores will start to feel unbalanced and then this imbalance will lead to conflicts. You'll scheme to snatch crystal cores from those with more, eventually escalating to murder as you kill each other off until the final victor emerges; only to then be captured by the Fanxing Group.”

“Impossible! You don't need to continue misleading us, don't listen to her, can't we control ourselves?” said the man surnamed Guan, seeing his companions a bit wavering.

【Isn't this already a lack of self-control?】

【That's how addicts are, thinking they can control themselves, having a sense of luck, and then taking a hit. After that, they lose everything, abandon their family, and sell their soul to the devil.】

【Their character settings are falling apart, the Guan guy is finished.】

【Serves him right!】

At this moment, the door to the inner room opened, revealing a bound patient.

“We'll say you were bitten while trying to save us from the bloodthirsty patient,” said Guan.

In fact, the three temporary NPCs had tempted them to do even worse things to Song Juyao. After all, although they would be mosaiced, it would still be enough to make the live broadcast audience feel excited and have various sexual desires, catering to the live-streaming audience's imaginations, causing great suffering to Song Juyao.

However, they greatly overestimated these people. They weren't real NPCs who wouldn't truly die, so had nothing to fear. Moreover, having already done wrong, what other mood would they be in to do anything else. Just designing for Song Juyao to be bitten was already making their hands tremble.

"Quick, bring him over!"

That bloodthirsty patient, unable to bear the hunger, opened his mouth, gnashed his teeth, and his eyes turned red. He was pushed in front of Song Yuyao.

Song Juyao sighed, "We've given you your chance."


"Bang!" As Song Juyao's words fell, the door lock shattered with a sudden loud noise and the door burst open.

They were startled and turned their heads in horror. Evans, Li Wenling and the others were standing at the door, holding an access card in their hands, looking at them with disappointment and anger.

Evans took two large strides, slapped away the person holding Song Juyao, and pulled her to his side. He stared at them as if he wanted to kill someone, "You ungrateful white-eyed wolves!"

【There is a reason why they are not popular. These people are too stupid. Little did they know that Song Juyao had long sensed something amiss and had been giving them chances all along. Yet, they still acted this way.】

【How shameless of Wen Zhulian to have the nerve to mingle in the crowd! She's clearly with those bad people!】

【Wen Zhulian's viciousness is beyond words, she still wanted them to forcibly rape Song Juyao, and now she still looks disappointed.】

【Am I the only one who thinks Song Juyao also has some issues? She knew they were tempted; couldn't she have a proper chat with them? Why did she have to wait until things escalated to this irreparable point?】

【Song Juyao told Li Wenling, Stanley and others what might happen tonight, but conveniently left out the Wen family. She says she had no intention of seeking private revenge, who would believe that?]】

【Here go the pigs again, trying hard to set the rhythm, huh?】

【Song Juyao is busy. Every day, she's searching for the antidote and mapping routes of the research institute. She's only 18, not their mother, white-eyed wolf is a white-eyed wolf!】

Wen Zhulian stood in the back, looking at these people who died before achieving anything, silently cursing them as useless. She thought they could at least embarrass Song Juyao a bit, but in the end they were exposed too early.

The three temporary NPCs watched through surveillance. Xǔ Baiyang shook his head, "Just as expected, villains perish due to excessive talking. They could have simply stuffed Song Juyao into that mouth without hesitation."

Xiao Yao held a gaming device, his brows furrowed as he played. Xú Chao leaned over, "Still not cleared?"

Xiao Yao: "No, this stupid game asks to find the murderer in ten people. I've checked all the ten people but it still says I lost...F##k!"

"Lost again? Impressive ah, worthy of being the world designed by His Majesty the King, there is actually a game that can be difficult for Lao Xiao. It's a pity ......"

Xiao Yao was exasperated by the game, but he was unwilling to give up, looking angrily at the screen with an unsightly expression.


Realizing that they had been exposed long ago, Guan Xiaosheng broke the pot and flew into a rage: "Don't you want the crystal cores? If there was no Song Juyao, wouldn't you want it?"

"We do want them, so we feel particularly good that Juyao is here with us." Li Wenling was furious:"You all have no principles or bottom line, stop giving high-sounding grand excuses. We are not the same kind of trash as you!"

Guan Xiaosheng was taken aback, under so many pairs of genuine condemning gazes, he flew into a rage in embarrassment, then he thought of those three people. Since there was no place for them here with Song Juyao, why not join those three? They must also have the ability to leave this island!

"Alright, everyone, the warm-up ends here," Xiao Yao's voice suddenly echoed in the corridor.

Xiao Yao's voice drew attention, and at this time Guan Xiaosheng and the others immediately took the opportunity to push away the people who were blocking the way and ran out, shouting "Xiao-ge!"

"Stop!" Others chased after them.

However, just as they left the room, the corridor lights suddenly brightened intensely, blindingly causing everyone to instinctively close their eyes. At the same time, all the doors along this corridor were automatically closed and locked.


Song Juyao raised her head and saw that at the end of the corridor, a wall was slowly sliding down. She turned around and saw another wall sliding down at the other end.

In a short time, everyone found themselves trapped on this corridor with no way to escape.

"What...what is the meaning of this?"

"This is a bit scary, what's going on...?"

【Wow, things are getting exciting!!】

【These three temporary NPCs seem to have something up their sleeves.】

【I have a hunch these three will give Song Juyao a hard time.】

【Ah, there's danger! Where's Aqi?!】

In the Justice Trial Performance Broadcasting Studio, watching Song Juyao's rare moment of disadvantage, Tan Wei finally showed a satisfied smile on his face.

"As expected, the reason the previous episode ended up like that was because there were no academic requirements for guest and temporary NPC qualifications. There are always people beyond people, just because Song Juyao is a genius doesn't mean there aren't more talented people than her!" He believed the netizens wouldn't scold him anymore after this episode ends.

"Director Tan, are the academic backgrounds of these three temporary NPCs really impressive?" asked an employee.

"Of course, all three are students from the Imperial University of Science and Technology, they won the gold prize in the Competition of the Divine-Seekers at a young age."

"Wow! Doesn't that mean that they met His Majesty the King?"

Although the Imperial University of Science and Technology ranked lower than the top institution, the Imperial Capital University, it was due to the fact that the Imperial University of Science and Technology was established relatively young. As for the Competition of the Divine-Seekers, it was well known that their King was a technology enthusiast. This competition was set by the government, and grants those who win the gold prize the opportunity to meet the King. Of course, the premise was that His Majesty was willing to grant them this honor; otherwise, winning the gold prize would be useless.

This didn't diminish the value of the prize - winning it might lead to an audience with the King, and that's the most valuable part.

"Unfortunately, they were unlucky, and His Majesty did not meet them."

"What a pity."

Tan Wei didn't care whether they were pitiful or not; he knew one thing for sure—this time, Song Juyao was in for a tough time. These three temporary real-world NPCs were not like some random cats and dogs in the previous episode.


In the virtual world.

The tense atmosphere filled the entire corridor. The unknown is the most terrifying thing.

"Xiao… Xiao Ge?" Guan Xiaosheng and the others called.

Every nerve in Song Juyao's body was taut: "Xiao Yao! What exactly are you trying to do?"

"What is that?" Addison suddenly looked ahead.

Everyone subconsciously looked over there, only to see something sinking into the wall, and then bulging out again.

What is that?

"Get down! Quickly, get down!" They heard the urgent roar from Song Juyao. She forcefully pulled Evans to the ground.

Everyone's nerves tightened, and with quick reactions they immediately obediently dropped to the ground.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh..."

All that could be heard was a sound of air being torn apart, with a faint but chilling wind blowing over their bodies.

They didn't know what was happening. They held their heads and didn't dare to move their bodies.

This sound lasted about half a minute before disappearing, and they began to cautiously open their eyes slowly. Everything ahead seemed calm, no different from before. However, when they turned to look behind, their eyes widened in horror, their scalps tingling.

Guan Xiaosheng and one of his companions probably didn't react in time, so they stood there directly facing the attack. Countless nails pierced their bodies; their faces were covered in numerous nails, blood flowing out. They were not dead yet but couldn't make a sound. Staggering a few steps, they futilely stretched out their hands for help, but eventually, they collapsed to the ground.

That last wave actually turned out to be a rain of nails!


【Oh my god! That scared me to death!】

【So exciting, ahhhhh!!!】

【Those three extras are too fierce!】

Wen Zhulian, who had just been pressed down to the ground and protected by Wen Yingting, was stunned, this plan wasn't told to her!

Everyone was scared witless, their faces were drained of color. This way of death was as horrifying as being eaten by a bear! They couldn't fathom what would have happened if Song Juyao hadn't reacted in time; they would have been shot into a hornet nest by the nails!

"The death toll for the first round is two!" Xiao Yao's voice rang out again: "As expected of the Fanxing Group! The security system in this research institute is too awesome, it's totally at a movie level, so exciting, I hope you all enjoy it."

"You're all sick! Lunatics! Let us out!" Stanley erupted in rage, smashed a fist on the nearest door, but the door didn't budge an inch.

Li Wenling took out the access card from before, wanting to open the room where Guan Xiaosheng had previously taken Song Juyao into by force. However, before she could use it, the second round of attacks began.

The wall in front underwent another transformation.

"Everyone stand against the wall on the right!" Song Juyao's voice rang out again.

Li Wenling's hand shook and the access card fell to the ground. With no time to care, she hastily followed the instructions. Just as she leaned against the wall, countless almost invisible nails whizzed past the tip of her nose. She was so startled that she broke out in sweat and stopped breathing.

"Ah!" Someone screamed in agony. "My hand!"

It was Li Siqing. He was a step slow, and before he could close his hand in time, he was shot by seven or eight nails.

After the second round ended, Li Siqing looked at his bloody hand trembling and let out an unbearable shriek, "My hand! My hand!!!"

The injury was on his right hand. As a painter, such an injury to his right hand would damage his career.

But no one had time to care about him. Everyone was facing a life-and-death crisis, and each person was terrified beyond belief. Who would care about his hand?

"Ling-jie, where's the access card?" Song Juyao, asked while vigilantly watching for the next attack.

"The access card...the access card..." Li Wenling gasped as she looked left and right, but for a moment just couldn't find it anywhere. The access card was pure white, and so was the corridor– in the panic, the access card seemed to have turned invisible.

After experiencing the previous two rounds, everyone was staring intently at the front wall. However, this time, the wall behind them was quietly undergoing changes.

Wen Zhulian went crazy- what's the deal with those three temporary real-life NPCs?! Why didn't they inform her in advance about this plan? If she had known, she wouldn't have come here just to watch and get dragged into this mess!!!


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