Kneel to Me Chapters List

Chapter 63: Second Arc [26]

Song Juyao turned her head to look, "Get down!"

Another wave of nail rain swept over.

"Door card...door card..." Li Wenling was still panicking to find the door card.

Song Juyao was afraid she would get distracted and have an accident, and said, "Sister Ling, don't look for it, it will be fine soon."

One trap after another, avoiding the previous ones, the next ones started again. Although Song Juyao was always able to let people avoid them in advance, everyone's strength was still draining away continuously.

Finally, the scene the perpetrators were looking forward to appeared.

The first to do this were Guan Xiaosheng's other two companions. In a moment of desperation, one of them pulled the other as a human shield. He survived, while the human shield died.

He grabbed the corpse's collar with a trembling hand, and said to the people who were looking at him in disbelief: "I...I didn't mean it. When I came to my senses, this had already happened...I didn't mean it..."

Xiao Yao's group of three had smiles on their faces. Facing a life-and-death crisis, pulling others as human shields at a critical moment is also a kind of instinct, isn't it?

"Don't you think it's strange? How does Song Juyao seem to be very familiar with the attack patterns of the security system?" Xu Chao frowned.

"Indeed, but it's not important how she knows it."

"What can she do in this situation anyway?"

"Instead of worrying about others, you might as well worry about yourself." A hoarse voice suddenly rang in their ears.

The three were startled and turned to see Jiang Baiqi standing right behind them, his ashen eyes looking at them almost terrifyingly.

Song Juyao knew they were inciting Guan Xiaosheng and the others to betray them, but she still had some expectations for their humanity. It turned out that at times like these, there was no such thing as humanity.

Xiao Juyao took a deep breath and smiled, "Alright, this was also in our plan. Song Juyao is so smart, you're not bad either, we had expected that our plan would have been seen through early on. But it's one thing to be able to see through it, being able to deal with it is another matter."

"We modified the defense attack system a bit, and added a small button inside. You can stop it, but the consequences are hard to say."

The three had a relaxed expression. They came here purely because they were in a bad mood and wanted to experience the virtual world created by His Majesty the King. Now that they've experienced it, it was time to leave. It was quite fun, scaring these NPCs into screaming nonstop. The only disappointment was that Song Juyao was not as amazing as they had imagined. She noticed their intentions, but did not come up with any stunning plan to counterattack, just got Jiang Baiqi to deal with them.

Sure enough, it was just the people in the first episode who were too useless.

They waited leisurely for Jiang Baiqi to kill them, so they could exit the virtual world.

However, Jiang Baiqi only tied them up.

Jiang Baiqi reached out to turn off the defense system but when he looked at the screen, he froze.

Song Juyao was groping on the wall, finding a hidden square small door. There was a button inside the door. After she pressed it, the attacks stopped.

The walls in front and behind the corridor slowly began to rise up.

The Survival Island Paradise project team had long been surprised. From the moment Song Juyao directed everyone to avoid the attack, to when she suddenly started groping the walls.

How does Song Juyao know??? The construction of the Survival Island Amusement Park, including the research institute's defense security system, was all Jiang Baiqi's work. Even they, the staff, did not know such details. If they were in it, they probably would have been shot into a sieve.

Not only did Song Juyao know, she knew too well.

Song Juyao breathed a sigh of relief, leaning against the wall and panting slightly.

Wen Yingting half carried, half dragged the other two, was also exhausted. But his eyes suddenly became very bright as he looked at Song Juyao, and spoke with a kind of delight, "Are you also a reader of Dragon-slaying Princess?"

Song Juyao was checking Li Dada's wounds, her shoulders had been hit by two nails.

"Brother?" Wen Zhulian did not understand why Wen Yingting suddenly brought up his favorite author.

"This research institute is actually built based on the three castles in Dragon-slaying Princess's three novels." Wen Yingting said. "The ghosts in the first castle in the 'Nightingale and the Dragon' trilogy were bloodthirsty patients; the illusory corridors in the second castle were like the maze-like interior structure of this research institute that made it impossible to find a way out; the duke's bloody torture in the third castle included a rain of nails. From the order of attacks to the location of the switches, it is completely consistent with the books."

Wen Yingting would not have thought of this originally. It was just that this rain of nails left a deep impression on him, and he suddenly figured it out when inspiration struck.

Dragon-slaying Princess had many readers. With Wen Yingting's words, the livestream viewers suddenly understood and the readers became excited.

【Ahhhhhhh suddenly mentioning my Princess?!】

【Damn!! It really is!!!】

【Wow! The boss of Fanxing Group is also a fan of Dragon-slaying Princess? OMG!】

【I, I, I suddenly understand it!! This Quest for Survival Paradise and the people in it, aren't they exactly the 'People in the Fish Tank' written by the Princess???】

【As expected of the Princess, her imagination is amazing, even the boss of Fanxing Group is in awe of her.】

【Not necessarily, could just be a coincidence】

"If I'm not wrong, then I probably know where the antidote is and how to get there." Wen Yingting said.

These few days they had been trapped in the maze-like corridors of the institute, finding a way down had been challenging, they went around in circles and returned to the starting point several times.

And now, Wen Yingting knew the way. After all, as a diehard fan of Dragon-slaying Princess, he had read each of her books at least twice. He knew how to get out of the illusory corridors from what the main protagonist did in the story.

"What about those three people?"

Song Juyao: "Ah-Qi should have dealt with them already."

Since that was the case, they should hurry to find the antidote. They had been trapped in the institute for three days, and the Fanxing Group's corpse collection team might show up at any time.

As Wen Yingting knew the way, they followed him.

His guess was correct. This research institute was modeled on the castles in Dragon-slaying Princess' books, so he quickly found the correct route, going down layer by layer, they entered the underground warehouse.

"In the Princess' books, the antidote was always hidden in the third-to-last room. So the antidote should be here..." Wen Yingting opened the door with a smile on his face.

Inside the room, boxes of green antidote were neatly placed there.

“Th-that’s great...”


[Finally found it!!!]

[The boss of Fanxing Group really is a Princess fan!]

[Thinking about it carefully, the elements in Survival Island Paradise can all be found in Dragon-slaying Princess' books]

[I heard before that Fanxing Group bought a lot of Dragon-slaying Princess' copyrights. I was wondering what they were up to as I didn't see any movies or games made. Now I get it—they directly used them to build a world!]

They still had their bags on them, Song Juyao's bag was also there. They quickly filled up their bags with the antidote. Just as they were about to inject themselves, suddenly, a roar sounded in the quiet institute, sending chills down everyone's spines.

"Wha-what is it?"

Jiang Baitao suddenly remembered that in her script, there was a huge wave of energetic, bloodthirsty patients in the institute. She couldn't help but feel her heartbeat quicken. It can't be? Didn't the script change?

Song Juyao's expression changed slightly as she tightly held Evans's hand. "Quickly leave this place! Run!"

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone tensed up their nerves and ran after Song Juyao. The more they ran, the clearer they could hear the sound of footsteps surging like tidal waves.

These bloodthirsty patients had been locked up by the three temporary human NPCs. When Song Juyao successfully turned off the corridor traps, they were also set free. Following their scent all the way, they came looking for them.

Song Juyao and the others desperately ran upwards, intending to leave the institute before the patients reached the safe exit. Their speed was not slow, and they climbed up the stairs one step faster than the patients. But the next second, the door opened and a group of bloodthirsty patients rushed out.

The people at the back were knocked to the ground, countless mouths opened and bit off flesh, sucking hard on the incredibly sweet blood. They screamed loudly as agonizing pain and despair swept over them.

Seeing this, Li Wenling turned her head and took a cold breath.

Compared to the bloodthirsty patients, the human body was too slow in running. Some people started falling behind and had no choice but to hide in the nearest room and lock the door.

Unknowingly, in their frantic escape, the entire group had already been scattered.

"Ahhh help me, help me!" As Wen Zhulian went up the stairs, her foot was grabbed by a patient. The moment she fell, she grabbed the foot of Song Juyao in front of her in horror, causing Song Juyao to fall as well. Song Juyao's knees heavily slammed against the edge of the stairs, and the bag on her shoulder also smashed onto the ground.

Evans hurried to pull Song Juyao up, while Wen Yingting and Wen Guohua also rushed to pull Wen Zhulian, kicking the incoming patient down the stairs. The patient tumbled down, crashing into the other incoming patients, giving them a chance to escape.

Seeing more bloodthirsty patients appearing ahead as well, with no way to escape, Song Juyao squeezed into the nearest room. The people behind her followed suit, and the last person quickly locked the door. The bolt had just slid into place when a thunderous crash echoed through the air, the sound of bloodthirsty patients colliding against the door panels.

Everyone took a step back.

[Ahhhhh so thrilling!!]

[Too dangerous, watching this makes me so nervous!]

[My expressions involuntarily tensed up]

[Wen Zhulian is really sick. Why did she grab Song Juyao when she fell herself!?]

[Such a troublemaker!]

[It's just a reflex, do you have to be so harsh in your words?]

Song Juyao's knees hurt badly. She sat down and she rolled up her trouser leg, revealing a large bruise, showing just how hard the knock was. Evans had long been unable to tolerate the Wen family. Seeing this, his nerves snapped instantly and his expression turned extremely unsightly. When Wen Zhulian came over to apologize insincerely, he shoved her away.

"Get lost, stay away from us!" Evans yelled with a grim face and Wen Zhulian fell to the ground with a thud.

"What are you doing?!" Wen Guohua said angrily and quickly went to help his daughter up.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault." Wen Zhulian started crying, "I didn't mean it, really."

"You didn't mean it yet you have already caused so many deaths. Wastes like you just waste air by being alive. If you're really sorry, you should just go die." Evans was furious. At a time like this, Song Juyao's knees were injured so badly because of her actions. How could they run now? Their chances of survival had dropped so much. This bitch was deliberately trying to kill them!

Wen Zhulian's eyes instantly widened, as if she had been deeply hurt.

Although Wen Yingting also felt some resentment, hearing Evans say this, he became angry as well. "How can you say that? Do you know Zhuzhu is your fan?! She already said it wasn't intentional and apologized, what more do you want? Do you really want her to die?"

Evans was extremely cold. "Yes, die."

Any father who heard his crying daughter being criticized like this would feel heartbroken. Wen Guohua was the same, he was furious. "It's because she was adopted by selfish people like you that Song Juyao became so heartless!"

"What did you say?" Even Evans was shocked.

"No matter what I say, I'm still her father! All these days, has she even glanced at me once? In that corridor, she kept holding your hand the entire time. Even in the frantic escape just now, she didn't even turn her head back once - looks like she doesn't care one bit whether her father and brother live or die!"

One could hear that Wen Guohua's resentment had not accumulated in just over a day or two. He didn't know when it started, but he had been expecting Song Juyao to take the initiative to get close to him, call him Dad. However, Song Juyao never did, she never spared him a second glance, let alone speak to him.

In that corridor full of traps and danger from the nail rain, Song Juyao kept holding Evans' hand tightly the entire time, she didn't even turn back to look at Wen Guohua once. What kind of daughter could treat her father like this? She cared more about Li Wenling and Li Dada than him and Wen Yingting!

With everyone's emotions on the verge of collapse, it finally erupted.

"Stop arguing." Song Juyao spoke up, blocking the fight that was about to break out between Wen Yingting and Evans.

She opened her bag, and looked up expressionlessly.

The bag contained the shattered remains of the antidote vials. They had originally been in glass tubes, and the wild escape had already shattered several tubes. When Wen Zhulian pulled her down, it also caused the bag to smash onto the ground, instantly shattering the last remaining tubes, and the medicine flowing out was completely soaked up by the canvas.

This could have been used to save many lives, including their own. They hadn't even had the chance to inject themselves yet, which meant if they were bitten, they would be infected.

Evans quickly checked the bag on his back but found it torn with a hole, and not a single vial of the antidote remained.

As for Wen Zhulian, it had been ripped off by the patients long ago. Wen Guohua didn't bring any to begin with, Wen Yingting felt his pocket and took out one.

Evans immediately reached out his hand. "Give it to me."

Just as Wen Yingting was about to hand it over, Wen Guohua snatched it half way. "Why should I give it to you? This is for Zhuzhu, she needs it the most."

Evans: "A waste like her, living will only harm people and create no value. Give it to Ellie, at least she can make a useful contribution to society."

Wen Guohua: "If she's so capable, what does she still need this for?"

[Wen Guohua is really disgusting]

[Doesn't he know in his heart how he treated Song Juyao? Not giving even a single bite of food, yet wants to be treated well by her]

[Shameless, all the people from the Wen family are shameless! It's nauseating.]

[What Wen Guohua said also makes some sense, after all he's the father. She doesn't care at all, too cold-blooded]

[Evans went too far. Wen Zhulian's character is indeed lacking, but the music she created gave many people strength]

[What Wen Guohua said is not unreasonable. After all, it’s her father. She doesn’t care at all, it’s too cold-blooded]

[Evans went too far, Wen Zhulian’s character is indeed not good, but the music she created has given strength to many people]

[Can't deny, Wen Zhulian is indeed a genius. What she provides is spiritual sustenance and can still compare with Song Juyao]

While crying, Wen Zhulian was gloating inside. How is it, Song Juyao? You've lost. No matter how excellent, so what? They all love me!


"Bang!" The door suddenly slammed violently.

The hunger-ridden patients, now in a frenzied state, unafraid of pain and full of strength, were frantically banging on the door.

At the same time, an alarm suddenly sounded inside the research institute, ringing for a while then stopping, then rang again, long and short as if someone was deliberately controlling it.

Song Juyao: "It's Meng Cong."

With their walkie-talkies lost or broken, Meng Cong couldn't contact them, so he chose to use the security room's alarm button to notify them.

That was to say, people from Fanxing Group had arrived.

Now that Fanxing Group was here, they must leave the institute immediately and seize transportation, which was their only chance to leave this island.

Li Wenling and her husband hiding in a room had a tacit understanding, "It's our son!"

Stanley, Addison and Wei Yan who are together also realized this alarm was likely to notify them that Fanxing Group people have arrived.

They had to leave this place; they had to escape from this Survival Island!

By now, Wen Guohua had already given the antidote to Wen Zhulian. Song Juyao didn't even spare a glance their way, supported by Evans to stand up, she looked up at the ventilation shaft overhead.

They pushed over tables and chairs, stepped on them, pushed open the ventilation grid, and crawled into the shaft.

Song Juyao silently gasped, enduring the pain in her injured knee as she continued to crawl, each movement sending a sharp wave of pain through her.

While crawling, a storm was churning in Wen Yingting's mind, Something's not right... seems like something's not right... But what exactly is wrong?

There was not much time for Wen Yingting to contemplate, they were racing against time. Both the audience inside and outside the virtual world watched anxiously, hoping they would successfully escape.

Outside the institute.

Meng Cong hid in the hollow of a dead tree, watching from the cracks as two helicopters with the Fanxing Group logo flew over, landing in front of the research institute. Several people in protective suits, armed with guns, got out of the helicopters. Instead of entering the institute immediately, they scattered. They knew that there might be patients already dead or close to death outside the research institute.

The matured crystal nuclei in these patients' brains were to be retrieved first as required by the group.

"Hurry up!" Meng Cong was anxiously burning inside. If they could come out before these people returned, they could avoid confronting them and directly board the helicopter to escape. Otherwise with guns in their hands, it was uncertain whether they could successfully snatch them.

Among this group, a few could pilot helicopters, either due to their involvement in filming or personal interests. Of course, it wasn't professional training, but at this moment, they had to make do.


By escaping through the ventilation duct, they evaded the patients blocking the door. However, the building was filled with bloodthirsty patients, and they were soon chased again.

Evans, Song Juyao, and the Wen family were separated in the process of escaping.

The virtual world audience cheered at this.

[Finally separated, I'm feeling so relieved.]

[Those three Wens are crazy. They are dissatisfied with Song Juyao but still kept following her around]

[Hope they get bitten to death by the patients]

[Haha, no need to be so vicious. They won't really die, just exit the virtual world. Zhuzhu is so young with a healthy body and unlimited achievements, the haters must be furious.]

[You pigs are so brainless. Do your parents know about warped values?]

[Sorry, not only do our parents know, but they also provide us with funds to chase stars.]

Ever since Wen Zhulian displayed astounding talent, her crazy fans had gone even crazier. It was as if they gained some kind of confidence, spewing nonsensical pig remarks that infuriated anyone with a proper moral compass, yet they couldn't be refuted. Reasoning with them would get nonsensical babble in circles. And the facts really were as they said, regardless of Wen Zhulian's character flaws, she was bound to leave her mark in the history of the music industry.

Soon, Wen Yingting was also separated from his father and sister.

Wen Guohua had no choice but to escape alone, dragging his delicate daughter.

Wen Zhulian fell again. With her poor physique, pampered for 18 years, how could she endure such desperate fleeing. To save her, Wen Guohua got bitten several times, losing chunks of flesh and blood.

"Dad, I will definitely get the antidote from Fanxing Group to save you!" Wen Zhulian looked deeply moved.

"Dad knows." Wen Guohua firmly believed this daughter, unlike Song Juyao, was gentle and kind, the most adorable and beautiful angel in the world.

Wen Zhulian was genuinely touched at this moment. But the viral infection progressed too quickly. She felt Wen Guohua's hands were turning cold, and when he turned to look at her, his face was ghastly pale, eyes turning dark, gradually resembling those patients they were fleeing from.

The surge of fear diminished her previous emotions. Scenes of infected Wen Guohua transforming and turning back to bite her flashed through her mind.

How far along is the livestream now? About one third left right, one third... can still bring me massive exposure. She didn't want it to end yet… didn't want to leave this world. There were many songs left unsung, waiting to be heard by the people of this world. She hadn't seen their reactions to those songs yet, hadn't received more adoration...

There were still Fanxing Group's misdeeds to be exposed, she didn't want it to end yet...

Abandoning Li Xin back then was because she couldn't bear to leave this virtual world, couldn't let go of that vanity. Even though she knew it was fake, it was still addictive! It would be great if she could stay in this world forever. She wanted to be the genius girl Wen Zhulian in this world, not the ordinary thirty-year-old second-tier actress in the real world.

"Dad, sit down and rest for a bit." Wen Guohua started running a fever. They took shelter in a room, Wen Zhulian got him to sit down.

Wen Guohua collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath with his eyes closed.

Watching him, Wen Zhulian slowly stood up, stealthily tiptoed out and fled.

Anyway, it's not like he's going to die. After we expose what Fanxing Group has done, the government will definitely send people over. By then, Wen Guohua will also be saved. There's no need to keep dragging him along, not everyone will turn into Jiang Baqi who retains self-awareness after infection.

[Sure enough, no surprise]

[Wen Zhulian can abandon Wen Yingting and Li Xin, so naturally she can abandon also Wen Guohua]

[Calling Song Juyao selfish and self-serving, what does Wen Zhulian call this?]

[Wen Zhulian's talent is indeed cultivated by absorbing the blood and flesh of others. It's terrifying. How can such a person write those classic songs?]

[Life is unfair.]

Wen Guohua heard the sounds and opened his eyes to see the closed door. He doesn't take it to heart, thinking Wen Zhulian probably went to do something, maybe even to find the antidote for him. Truly a silly child. He was about to tell her not to mind him and just leave quickly, but didn't expect to be a step late.

He waited, waited, but his daughter didn't return.

Outside, watching this scene, Li Xin's eyes turn red with hatred. Her well-maintained nails dug deeply into her palms.


Stanley knocked down a patient leaping at him with a punch, dragging Addison as they fled madly.

Addison looked at the wound on Stanley's hand, where the bite marks were evident, oozing fresh blood.

His face turned pale, and as he looked at his father's resolute face, a sense of fear rushed through his heart.

"You got bitten."

"It's fine, son. After Dad gets infected, he'll still remember you and won't bite you." Stanley grinned, flashing a set of white teeth, not forgetting to crack a joke even in this situation.

But Addison couldn't find it in him to smile. His fear wasn't because he was afraid of being bitten; he was somewhat angry. "I hate your playful demeanor."

After Mom died, Stanley would often laugh like this, seeming very cheerful. Whenever Addison saw it, he would get angry, feel disgusted. How could he still laugh? Mom was dead! Right in front of him, she hung herself! His mind was filled with the image of his mother hanging from the beam, so he was enraged, how could his Dad still manage to smile?

"Sorry." Stanley's smile disappeared, his muscles stiffening.


Li Siqing pushed Li Dada forward abruptly, and Li Dada was instantly swarmed by the bloodthirsty patients. Under Li Dada's resentful gaze, Li Siqing turned and dashed away.

I gave you life, now it's time for you to repay me.


Song Juyao and Evans turned a corner and unexpectedly ran into a wave of patients.

A hand reached out from the side, grabbing Song Juyao.

Song Juyao turned her head to see Jiang Baiqi. "Aqi."

Jiang Baiqi pulled her and Evans to run in another direction.

The path he chose didn't have a single bloodthirsty patient. They safely reached the first floor.

Seeing them come out, Meng Cong excitedly ran out of the tree hollow with joy.

"Sis...where are Mom and Dad?"

"We got separated. But trust me, they'll definitely be fine." Seeing his smile fading, Song Juyao reassured him.

Both Song Juyao and Evans could pilot helicopters. Each took one and started them up, the propellers began to churn up wind. They waited for others in the helicopter.

Jiang Baiqi and Song Juyao were sitting in front. Song Juyao took his hand, "Ah-Qi."

Jiang Baiqi stared at her.

Song Juyao took out a green antidote vial from her pocket.

Jiang Baiqi's eyes widened slightly. Didn't they all fall and break?

"I've hidden Ah-Qi's share separately long ago." Song Juyao playfully blinked, even though they were currently in a sorry state with stains on their faces. Her eyes remained bright and beautiful, watery, shimmering warmth.

Jiang Baqi's heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably again... Even knowing all this was orchestrated by Song Juyao, and he was just a chess piece to her in her game.


Li Wenling and her husband ran frantically. Seeing that both of them were about to be caught, her husband pushed her away, spreading his arms to block the horde in the corridor.


"Xiao Ling, run! Live well with our son!" Her husband, who had an ordinary appearance, was considered by many to be unworthy of her, even after so many years of their relationship going public. Everyone now understood why Li Wenling had married him.

"Hurry and run!"

Tears streamed down her face as she watched her husband bitten yet still steadfastly holding his ground. Turning away, she ran towards the exit.

The exit was just ahead.

"Mom!" Finally seeing his mother, Meng Cong shouted with joy. However, noticing his father's absence and seeing Li Wenling's expression, his voice choked in his throat, unable to articulate his question.

The mother and son boarded the helicopter.


Turning a corner, Wen Zhulian saw a figure. Startled at first, she then burst into delight.

"Wei Yan!"

Wei Yan, also startled, sighed in relief when he saw her.

The two of them ran wildly. When they encountered danger, Wen Zhulian said matter-of-factly: "You go block them."


"I said, go stop those patients."

Wei Yan immediately felt a blaze of anger. "Why should I?" This means sacrificing himself. The livestream wasn't over yet! Why should he sacrifice his own exposure?

Wen Zhulian saw he still dared to ask why, and angrily said, "Why? Because you're useless! What use can you be here? The company asked you to cooperate with me, and now you are disobedient, aren't you?"

Wei Yan couldn't bear it anymore. "I'm useless, so you are useful? You plagiarized so many classic good songs. Apart from gaining fame yourself, what impact did it have on Song Juyao?"

"At least I made Song Juyao feel bad! The Wen family loves me, and my fans went to attack Song Juyao too. What about you? You can't even plagiarize a movie properly, you made it so badly. A waste is just a waste!"

"I made it badly?!" Wei Yan went berserk, not caring if she was his senior in the company. He spilled all his grievances, "Fine, I admit I'm a bad filmmaker, after all this is not my profession! But senior, you are a singer in the real world, debuted for almost nine years right? How come you still sing so terribly? You Wanying's song 'Xiaoyao' was so good, but you butchered it completely! It could have resonated internationally, but you sung it so well that no one internationally has even heard of it. Don't you have any idea how bad you sing? And your rendition of the song 'Father' you sang before, Senior Su Hong sang it a million times more emotionally than you! It's only because the audience in this world hasn't heard the original that they think you sang it so well. I am so fu##ing embarrassed for you!"

"Wei Yan!" Wen Zhulian's face turned red. If they weren't escaping for their lives now, she would have fought him on the spot. "How dare you..."

Wei Yan snapped back, "Senior, you forced me!"







Inside the Survival Island Paradise livestream, the screen was filled with question marks as the viewers were shocked speechless by the huge information revealed in the conversation between these two.

At this time, Wen Yingting who was looking for them heard the commotion and ran over.

"Brother!" Wen Zhulian was surprised.

Wen Yingting: "Where's Dad?"

Wen Zhulian's expression froze slightly, then said with teary red eyes, "Dad got bitten. He told me to run and not to bother about him."

"What? No, we can't leave Dad behind!" How could they leave Wen Guohua behind, with Fanxing Group being so sinister, it was unknown what they would do to him.

Wen Zhulian hurriedly said, "Brother, it's too late! Don't waste Dad's efforts. Let's get out quickly and expose the Fanxing Group. This way, Dad will still have a chance. If we delay any longer, being left on this island we'll be finished!"

Wen Yingting's expression turned ugly. He suddenly remembered the time when Wen Zhulian abandoned him to face a bear alone, "Wen Zhulian, be honest. Did you leave Dad behind?"

"I didn't! How can you see me like this?! He's my dad! What do you take me for?" Wen Zhulian cried as if she had suffered a great injustice.

Wen Yingting got a headache from her crying, and was also afraid he really wrongly accused her. Just then more infected came chasing, he could only pull them along to run.


Li Siqing rushed out, seeing the two helicopters, joy flooded his face. He quickly ran over and boarded one of them.

Song Juyao glanced at him and asked: "Where's Dada?"

Li Siqing shook his head with red eyes.

At this time, Wen Yingting came out with Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan.

"Bang!" Gunshots sounded.

The people from the Fanxing Group noticed the movement here, ran over, simultaneously firing at them.

"No time left, hurry, take off!" Li Siqing urged.

"Hurry take off, Juyao!" Wen Zhulian also urged impatiently: "We've reached this point, we have to escape!"

"Wait a little longer." Song Juyao said, Stanley and Addison hadn't come out yet.

"Bang! Bang!"

The gunshots grew more intense, the sounds of bullets hitting the helicopter body made one's heart thump wildly.

Song Juyao had no choice but to grit her teeth and let the helicopter slowly rise up.

At this moment, two figures, one big and one small, rushed out of the research institute.

However, Fanxing Group's people were also closing in.

Stanley let go of his son's hand and charged forward, landing a punch on a Fanxing Group member, then turned and roared at Addison, "Go up quickly!"

"Addison, hurry up!" Wen Yingting yelled, leaning out and stretching his hand.

Addison looked at Stanley, panicked and at a loss: "Dad..."

"Hurry up!"


Addison stretched out his hand and was grabbed by Wen Yingting, pulled onto the helicopter.

The helicopter immediately rose swiftly.

"Son, I love you!"


Addison hurriedly looked out to see Stanley pressing on the people of Fanxing Group, motionless.

"Dad!!" Addison let out a heart-wrenching scream, tears flooding out his eyes.

The helicopter flew higher and higher, soon the gunshots faded away too. They flew farther and saw the sun rising from the sea. The dreadful, terrible island was gradually being left behind.

In the Judgment Show's live broadcast room:

【Phew, a sigh of relief!】

【Escaped successfully!】

【What will happen next? Is the next plot going to be a fight against the evil Fanxing Group? 】

【Most likely, but it's difficult. I think Fanxing Corp will hunt them down】

【The direction of the second episode is so strange. I thought it was a normal peaceful society at first, but it went to wilderness survival, then the terrifying research institute, and now they're going to fight a huge corporation.】

【But this island is designed based on the Dragon Slayer Princess book. Isn't the Dragon Slayer Princess Song Juyao? She's too powerful!】

【This Fanxing Group is too scary; do they not have a king in their world? Thinking about it, we’re so fortunate to have His Majesty, all power holders are deterred and no one can think of being so lawless】

Not just the audience, even the program team was bewildered by the direction of the second episode. How did it turn into such a grand scene? Next there seemed to be a plot where they would fight against a super-evil mega-corporation, but it was supposed to be a normal world with small and normal activities.

"Have the temporary real person NPCs come out?" Tang Shan asked. The livestream rooms of those 3 temporary real person NPCs suddenly went dark, indicating they should have died. Jiang Baiqi only tied them up, so they must have been bitten to death by the infected.

".....Director Tang, the temporary real person NPCs have not exited, the system display shows they are still in the virtual world."

Tang Shan: "???"


In the virtual world, Survival Island Paradise.

On the helicopter.

Wen Yingting lowered his head, hugging it in his hands, crying. On this island, he lost his parents.

Li Wenling and Meng Cong also hugged each other, silently shedding tears.

Losing the most important people, even if they escaped alive, they couldn't find joy. Intense grief and regret filled every corner of their bodies.

They were all crying, only Wen Zhulian and Li Siqing had smiles they couldn't control revealing on their faces.

Too great, they survived!!! As the helicopter flew higher and farther, leaving the island far behind, it was as if everything they did on the island was also thrown away.

No one knew what they did, no one. Returning to civilized society, they would still be the musical genius and a famous painter!

Suddenly, the light intensified. Everyone instinctively closed their eyes due to the stinging brightness.

After a good while, they slowly opened their eyes, the blurry ceiling gradually becoming clear in their vision.

"Congratulations on successfully escaping the Survival Island Paradise." Host Liao Bo's head appeared above them with a smile.

[T/N: Translating this chapter brought tears to my eyes. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings about it. Please feel free to share your opinions!]


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