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Chapter 64: Second Arc [27]



【Welcome from Survival Island Paradise??......successful escape?】

【Isn't this the host they met when they first arrived on the island!】

【I'm confused, what's going on now? How did the scene change in the blink of an eye?】

【Li Dada, Chang Youqing, Li Xin, Li Quan...?? Weren't they dead?】

In the real world, the audience of the reality show livestream was stunned. The production team was also confused, everyone was baffled.

What's going on? Did the virtual world system just glitch? How did the scene suddenly change? They were still on the helicopter just now, and people were still waiting for the upcoming plot of fighting against the evil corporation. How did it suddenly jump to this room, and how did the dead people come back to life?

While in the virtual world, the livestream of Survival Island Paradise has not ended yet. The audience was so curious about how the guests would react after the show ended, how could the program team bear not satisfying their curiosity? The customer is God, after all~

[Surprised? Unexpected?]

[Didn't expect it right? You've been trapped!]

[Hahahaha, I've been waiting for this moment. Look at Wen Zhulian's expression, it's priceless!]

[Right now I just want to know what's going on with the plagiarism.]

[Didn't expect it right? Your true face is revealed. We also know about plagiarism. Wen Zhulian, you are finished!]

Liao Bo's appearance and the information he brought caused huge waves in the hearts of every successful escapee. They embraced their regained loved ones and cried bitterly.


"Dad, I'm sorry, I love you too..."


They held each other tightly, clearly recognizing the irreplaceable weight of each other in their hearts. They were so indispensable and more precious than anything else.

Only some people felt like they had fallen into an ice cave, completely dumbfounded.

Wen Zhulian's expression was frozen like cement, her limbs cold. Her mind was buzzing, it was too unbelievable. She suspected she was dreaming, having a terrifying nightmare that would make people think twice.

Until a huge force smashed into her face, knocking her down.


Li Xin used full force in that slap, sending Wen Zhulian flying from the single bed to the ground. She had wanted to slap her a long time ago. If it wasn't for the Fanxing Group staff previously protecting each guest, not allowing her to lay a hand on Wen Zhulian, she would have done it earlier.

Wen Zhulian covered her face and looked over, seeing Li Xin's eyes red, her expression like a frenzied lioness, devoid of any gentleness and love she used to have for her.

"You bitch!" Li Xin gritted her teeth.

"...Mom?" She actually called her a bitch?!

"Shut up, I don't have a daughter like you!" Li Xin roared. She was blinded by the devil before, that's why she didn't see this person's true colors. Where was she a human being, she was clearly a female ghost! Full of lies, selfish and cold-blooded. Every member of their family treated her with utmost sincerity, held her in the palms of their hands, and this is what she did?!

Isn't it just like what Chang's mother said? No blood relation means no blood ties. Wen Zhulian carries the despicable genes of her biological parents, something that the Wen family cannot accept!

Li Xin's commotion attracted everyone's attention here. Wen Yingtang and Wen Guohua still didn't understand what was going on, and hurried over to stop her.

"Mom! What are you doing?"

"Xiao Xin?!"

Li Xin felt a mix of hatred and heartache. Looking at her husband and son, who were still in the dark, tears streamed down her face. Seeing Wen Zhulian shed tears and displaying that expression that used to make her feel heartbroken and loving, she only felt  nauseous and disgusted. She couldn't bear it anymore: "Once you see the recording, you'll know what this bitch has done. Our Wen family must have committed evil in our past life to be so blinded as to mistake this selfish and greedy trash for a precious treasure held within our palms!

Li Xin had always been a well-mannered lady. This was the first time her husband and son saw her become so emotional to the point of hysteria. And her words were so severe, full of strong derogatory meaning. They were shocked and a bit uncertain for a moment while looking at the pale-faced Wen Zhulian. What did she do to make Li Xin react like this?

After cursing Wen Zhulian, Li Xin turned to look at Song Juyao. Song Juyao and Evans. These two were not as excited as the others. They sat together drinking water while talking to the staff.

She opened her mouth, her expression turned complicated and eyes reddened, but ultimately didn't have the courage nor face to step forward.

Wen Zhulian couldn't believe this was real. I don't believe it, it's impossible, it can't be true, it's definitely not...

"This isn't true! Fanxing Group, you can't do this! You've violated my privacy! I'm going to sue you, I'm going to sue you….!!" Li Siqing's yell rang out.

However, the police were already waiting for him. What he said on Survival Island about what he did to Li Dada in her childhood completely constituted a crime. And at the critical moment, he did not hesitate to push his own daughter out as a human shield, proving with his actions that he was scum.

The evidence was conclusive, no one could speak up for him anymore. His friends had all unfollowed him on social media, blocked him on messaging apps, even severely criticized him in both private and in public. They also strongly condemned and reflected on themselves for being fooled by his fake facade.

Li Dada crossed her arms with a cold smile on her face. Her heart was incomparably happy, unprecedentedly happy, so happy that she almost cried out.

"Li Dada, please come with us to give a statement." The police said to Li Dada.


Li Siqing yelled and shouted, but couldn't escape the cold handcuffs being clasped around his wrists. He was forcibly taken away. Li Dada followed behind and couldn't help looking at Song Juyao, who noticed her line of sight and turned her head to look over, smiling and nodding at her.

Infinite warmth and strength welled up in Li Dada's heart, and she also nodded towards her, and left with red eyes and a smile at the corner of her mouth.

Thank you, thank you for telling me the truth about Survival Island Paradise, for stopping my world from collapsing, for extending your hand to me in the darkness, and lighting up my world.

Li Dada knew, from now on, the nightmare named Li Siqing would completely disappear from her world. She was going to usher in a new life.

[Dada fans are crying]

[Dada, live well from now on, smile when you want to smile, don't force yourself to laugh when you don't feel like it.]

[My heart aches when I think of the scars behind her sweet smiles]

[Li Siqing, go to hell, you scumbag]

Wen Zhulian looked at the fading figure of Li Siqing being taken away by the police. She finally had to believe that this was the truth. The Survival Island Paradise was a virtual island, and they were thrown into a virtual world, unknowingly participating in a livestream...

Thinking about everything she did inside, every word she said, all watched by hundreds of millions of eyes, she couldn't help but tremble all over. Fear, shame, anger, despair... all kinds of emotions rushed into her heart.

What is this? Why is it happening like this? Wasn't this something that should have happened to Song Juyao? She is the one who should be on trial!


The group entered the hall of extras.

Xiao Yao's trio opened their eyes and were shocked to see everything around them.

What? Who are all these people? Why did the production team bring them here?

At this time, several security personnel walked in. They had serious expressions and powerful auras like special forces soldiers. They walked up to the trio.

Xiao Yao: "This is...?"

"Take them away," a security personnel said. The three of them were forcibly pulled up.

The three of them were dumbfounded. "Wait, what does this mean?"

"Don't you know what you've done? Arbitrarily changing the script ,without permission, breaching the contract, and inexplicably killing other extras; you think you don't need to be responsible for all these things?" A staff member nearby couldn't help but say angrily. Because of these three inexplicable people, it caused extra trouble for them at work. It was simply absurd, were these three drama queens, adding so much unnecessary drama to themselves.

"We arbitrarily changed the script? No way. Extras? What extras? In the virtual world, could there have been other real NPCs besides the three of us, Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan?" Xu Baiyang said, bewildered.

"Real NPCs?"

"Hold on," Xiao Yao stood up, furrowing his brows. "Where is this place? Isn't this Star Dream Factory building?" It all looked too unfamiliar.

"What Star Dream Factory, this is Fanxing (a vast sky full of stars) Group headquarters! Don't tell me you don't even remember where you are?"

Fanxing Group... Isn't Fanxing Group that black hearted corporation that covers the sky with one hand in the virtual world? That Survival Island Paradise is what the Fanxing Group came up with, how......

A bolt of lightning suddenly split through their minds, and their eyes widened abruptly.

Wait, were they still in the virtual world?!


In the real world.

People finally understood what was going on, and they were dumbfounded.

"F##k..." Ming Shu who was watching the livestream sat up straight, her eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

Huo Sen's eyes also grew wider.

Silence filled the Justice Trial Studio Hall at Star Dream Factory. From the director to the staff, everyone had their mouths wide open, unable to utter a single word from their throats.

The bullet screen chat was quiet for a few minutes, then it exploded like an atomic bomb, spreading throughout the entire live chat room. And it quickly spread from the live broadcast room to the social media platforms, seeping into real-life discussions.

The hot search and trending lists were completely dominated, bursting with popularity. It drove people into a frenzy.

【F##k f##k f##k f##k!!!】

【So Survival Island Paradise was just a virtual world created by Fanxing Group, and they were live-streaming it. Countless virtual world audience were watching the livestream just like us】

【Damn, I'm getting dizzy with all this. So basically, it's a reflection of the real world? There's also a reality show and audience like us watching it in the virtual world】

【But we stupidly thought it was real...】

【That means the people in the virtual world have gained a lot of information about the real world from the real-world NPCs. Damn it...】

【Ahhhhh I'm feeling very unsettled thinking about this!!】

【I feel like the positions of the judge and the judged have been reversed...】

【Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan are miserable right? What about the temporary real-NPCs? I'm so damn anxious and curious about what will happen next...】

【Reality show production team, what kind of reality show are you doing? People from the real world being led around by those from the virtual world, what is the meaning of this? If you can't do it well, then just change someone else. This kind of thing has never happened in the history of trial shows, are you guys sick?】

The audience base was very large and everyone had a different viewpoint, so all kinds of comments were made at once, the production team was naturally scolded badly. This situation made many viewers who enjoyed the god perspective very unhappy, as if they had been played around. They thought Survival Island Paradise was real, and had sincerely felt nervous and afraid. But in the end it turned out to be all fake. They felt like not only were they watching other people's shows, but other people were also happily watching their show, which made them very uncomfortable.

The slap that Li Xin gave to Wen Zhulian seemed to land directly on their faces.

Tan Wei's expression was unsightly; ever since the first episode, his complexion hadn't stayed pleasant for long.

"What... what the hell is going on?" He no longer had the energy to roar anymore.

Tang Shan was still unable to recover from the shock, he muttered in a daze: "Someone actually managed to create another virtual world inside a virtual world?"

"Could it be Jiang Baiqi again?"

"Damn, if it's him again, what kind of freak is he?!"

"It's possible...what do we do now?"

"What else can we do? It's a fixed half month livestream, the end time of the live broadcast hasn't arrived yet, so we can only continue!"

In the history of the trial show, it was the first time the production team desperately wanted the live broadcast to end. It had always been the judged wishing for the hell to end. But this time, they wished they could shut down the live broadcast immediately, to avoid even more humiliating things happening to the production team.

The second episode wasn't just beyond their control, it was completely uncontrollable!


In the virtual world.

The trending lists and topic discussions in the virtual world were also completely dominated, gaining immense popularity worldwide.

#Wen Zhulian Plagiarised#

#Evans Younger Sister#

#Dragon Slayer Princess#

#Wei Yan Plagiarised#

#Who Are You Wanying And Su Hong?#

#Li Siqing Arrested#

#Addison Forgave Stanley#


The Survival Island Paradise project live broadcast was already a huge advertising stunt by Fanxing Group to begin with, garnering global attention. Upon that, the main guests were all world-class celebrities, so the level of explosion could be imagined.

Among them, the segment where Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan argued caused the biggest controversy and generated the highest level of craze. The amount of information contained in it was simply too high!

[Plagiarism!!! The genius girl in the music industry and the genius director in the film industry, both turned out to be plagiarists?!]

[I had long suspected that something was off with Wen Zhulian. Her musical style is almost always different, with a huge difference between some of her songs. It's like she churns them out one after another without even using her brain. Even Evans can't do that. I thought she had a studio that is creating a persona for her, but it turns out she was plagiarizing!]

[Pig fans come out, come out! Does it hurt to have your face slapped? Talent? Pei! Talent stolen through plagiarism!]

[But the names Wei Yan mentioned can't be found online at all. Who is You Wanying? Who is Su Hong?]

[It doesn't matter who they are. What matters is that Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan have admitted it! They did steal others' fruits of labor! They truly grew by sucking the blood and flesh of others, no wonder they can even abandon their own parents.]

[What they said about the real world, and the three extras who seemed very familiar with them also talked incomprehensibly, they are all so strange. It suddenly reminds me of "The People in the Fish Tank" by the Dragon Slayer Princess, it's really creepy to think about.]

[Wen Zhulian, come out and apologize! Come out and apologize for deceiving fans with plagiarism. You really have some big face. Come out and apologize, Wen Zhulian, Wen Zhulian!]

Those who used to idolize Wen Zhulian were the most furious. They thought she had real talent and were proud of her, fought for her, paid their time and money for her. Even if she had poor character, at least she had some redeeming qualities. But now even that talent turned out to be fake too, so what else does she have left? From the tears to the talent, it's all f##king fake!

Because some of the things said by Wen Zhulian, Wei Yan, and those three temporary NPC actors were incomprehensible, some people began to suspect that it's all part of Fanxing Group's script.

Fanxing Group's official account immediately issued a clarification, stating they knew nothing about this and were also puzzled and confused. They explained to netizens that they had discovered some bizarre abnormalities and have already reported it to the authorities, asking netizens to await the investigation results.

This time, the entire scene erupted. It wasn't a script! That's right, why would Fanxing Group need to join hands with Wen Zhulian on a script? Was Wen Zhulian worthy? Reporting it to the authorities was right, all this was really quite delicate. The novels of The Dragon Slayer Princess were repeatedly mentioned, especially 'People in the Fish Tank'.

The live broadcast of Survival Island Paradise was over.

But the popularity was still continuously rising. Wen Zhulian didn't need to go online to guess how excited and frenzied the netizens were.

Stepping out of the room, feeling countless scornful glances and pointing fingers, Wen Zhulian felt a dizzy sensation hit her head and realized she was done for.

Wei Yan ran to her side with an ugly expression. "Senior, what do we do now?"

Wen Zhulian's face turned as fierce as a demon, struggling to suppressing her emotions: "You are asking me what to do? If it weren't for you, would it have turned out like this? This is all your fault, you waste, you're useless yourself yet dragged me down too!"

If it wasn't for Wei Yan, at least she still had her talent as a weapon. She had seen many people with twisted morals, but as long as she had astonishing talent, no matter how bad she was, there would always be someone defending her. But now...

Wei Yan's expression also darkened. "Senior, you were the one who first said about me plagiarizing the movies first! What do we do now?"

Wen Zhulian sneered and looked at Song Juyao. "Song Juyao, consider yourself lucky this time. We'll see!"

“Are you sick?” Evans and Song Juyao were walking together. Seeing Wen Zhulian like this, they felt they were looking at a broken jar - a madman past the point of no return.

Wen Guohua and Wen Yingtang furrowed their brows, they were a bit surprised. Although Li Xin spoke that way, they hadn’t watched the video recording yet, nor had the chance to go online yet to find out exactly what she did and they couldn’t imagine it at all. So deep down, they still had feelings for her. It was extremely uncomfortable to see her become a completely different person.

Wen Zhulian shot another cold glance at Li Xin. Her cheek still stung from the slap. She turned her head and looked up at the sky.

“I want to quit!” She shouted.

The temporary real human NPCs couldn’t choose to quit on their own, but the celebrity judges could. She had been reluctant to leave this virtual world before, she didn't want to leave the adoration and praise here. She wished she could stay here forever as a genius girl, but now everything was over. What awaited her if she stayed was more than she could endure, so she desperately wished to leave immediately now, wanting to avoid this world like the plague.

She was fortunate that she was someone from the real world, and could withdraw at any time.

Seeing this, Wei Yan felt this senior was really cold and ruthless. She had spent so many years here, she could simply abandon everything and leave. Perhaps she had some feelings for the Wen family, but compared to her selfishness, those feelings were insignificant.

Thinking this, he also immediately said: "I want to quit too!"

Everyone looked at them, confused and frowning.

What are they doing? Who are they talking to?


In the real world.

Judgment show studio hall.

"Director, no… the judges can't quit! Not just the judges, even the temporary real-NPCs can't either!" A staff member said.

At this moment, they were reminded of the terror of being controlled by the spirit control helmets in the first episode.

But back then, it was just the temporary real-NPCs who were unable to quit after being controlled. But this time, even the celebrity judges were unable to quit!


Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan close their eyes, waiting to leave this world that had turned into a nightmare for them.

Yet they wait for a long time with no movement at all.

Judgment show live broadcast room.

【Hahahaha, could it be that, like the last episode, they can't quit again?】

【With the virtual world created, it's not surprising if there's something that can control spirit again!】

【Is it the bracelets on their wrists? Look closely, everyone else has taken theirs off already, only Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan are still wearing them】

【Serves them right. Plagiarizing so many classic songs inside, reaping so many benefits, and now they want to run away after being exposed. Dream on!】

【Enjoy the backlash, White Lotus!】

As if realizing something, Wen Zhulian's face turned pale inch by inch. Her eyes, which were filled with determination and hatred just moments ago, now started to show panic and confusion. No, no...

"I want to quit! Let me quit quickly! Production team, let me quit!" Wen Zhulian screamed in panic. She didn't want to stay here anymore, she didn't want to face this world!

"Let me out! Let me out now!"

Yet there was no response at all.

She was still standing in this world, the gazes around her were becoming more and more contemptuous. She still remembered that female staff member who had asked her for an autograph before Survival Island started. She liked her very much, but now there was only contempt and disgust in those eyes.


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