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Chapter 65: Second Arc [28]

"Zhuzhu?" Wen Guohua's shocked and concerned voice rang in her ears. What was she doing just now? Has she gone crazy?

Wen Zhulian grabbed onto this straw like a drowning man, quickly turned her head and saw the face of her father, those caring eyes full of concern. She threw herself into his arms, seeking shelter and protection. "Dad! Daddy, save me! Wuwuwu Daddy wuwuwu..."

When Li Xin saw this, she felt her blood rushing to her brain. She immediately rushed over to pull her away: "Get the hell out of here!"

"No! Dad!"

Wen Yingting: "Mom! Mom, calm down a bit, so many people are watching..."

In that instant, Li Xin even more clearly understood the despicable side of Wen Zhulian. She let go of her hand and looked at her coldly: "Let's see how much longer you can keep deceiving people."

When Wen Yingting and Wen Guohua see the video, witness with their own eyes what she did and said, let's see if they can still show her any warmth!

Wen Zhulian trembled, hugging Wen Guohua tightly, her heart full of fear.

Song Juyao and Evans walked past this noisy family, completely unconcerned with their drama. Li Xin finally couldn't help but call out: "Juyao..."

Song Juyao's footsteps stopped. Li Xin took a few steps forward and said tentatively: "I haven't thanked you yet. Can I treat you to a meal?"

What she meant by "thank you" was referring to when Song Juyao had previously come to her rescue.

"No need, Ms. Li. I didn't help much." Song Juyao said, as calm and distant as ever.

Li Xin's heart ached, she could only watch helplessly as Song Juyao's back moved further and further away.

Soon, the agents from the various companies rushed over one after another. Not just anyone could freely enter the headquarters of Fanxing Group, they were not allowed to come in and cause trouble during the live broadcast. Contracts had already been signed, and they were facing super VIPs, so aside from meekly following the rules of the game set by others, the entertainment companies had no other choice.

Fortunately, aside from questionable personalities like Wen Zhulian, the other guests had all received huge exposure and benefits from this show, so the agents from the various companies were more than happy to play dumb.

"Juyao, thank you. We're having a family banquet tomorrow night, can you please come over?" Li Wenling hugged Song Juyao.


"Then we'll leave first."

"Sister, see you tomorrow night!"

"See you tomorrow night."

Stanley and Addison also hugged Song Juyao and Evans to say goodbye.

A red supercar sped over and slid to a stop at the entrance with a stylish drift.

Zhou Yefang jumped out of the car, arms wide. "Bro, sis! Congrats on your successful escape!"

Song Juyao politely smiled and hugged him back to save face: "Yefang brother."

Evans, on the other hand, pressed his forehead with one hand and pushed him away. "Don't dirty my clothes."

"Huh! I changed before coming out!"

"A filthy soul can't be concealed, no matter how many clothes they change. Womanizer!"

Zhou Yefang: "I'll endure this for the sake of your many fans!"

Seeing their usual bickering, Song Juyao's eyes curved up in a smile: "Brother, Yefang brother, you guys go first. I have something to do."

Evans' emerald eyes narrowed instantly. "Are you going to look for Jiang Baiqi?"

Song Juyao didn't deny it, she tilted her head with a shy, cute smile.

Evans was about to say something, but Zhou Yefang covered his mouth and dragged him into the car. "Sis, go ahead and look for him, I'll bring your brother back. Go, go, go!"

As the young master of the Zhou family which had dealings with Fanxing Group, how could Zhou Yefang not know that Jiang Baiqi was the boss of Fanxing Group! Saying that he was sitting on half the world's wealth was not an exaggeration. His sense of presence was quite low and mysterious, he looked as if...nevermind, can't remember what he looks like. But with his status and fortune, combined with his once-in-a-millennium brilliant mind, it was more than enough to completely offset the shortcomings of his looks. He and Song Juyao could be a good match!

People shouldn't be so superficial. For wealthy folks like them, who would only consider looks when choosing a spouse.

Evans was dragged away by Zhou Yefang.

Jiang Baiqi watched the monitor as Song Juyao turned and walked back into the Fanxing Group building, heading to the front desk.

"Excuse me, may I ask if all the extras have left already?"

Jiang Baiqi sensed something and his heart started beating faster.

The front desk attendant suppressed her excitement and put on a formulaic smile. "Most of them have already left."

Song Juyao seemed a little anxious. "Then, has that extra named Jiang Baiqi left as well?"

"Ah, this well...... I don't know, let me check on that for you."

"Thank you."

The front desk attendant dialed through to the Chairman's secretary office, pretending to ask if extra Jiang Baiqi had left.

The secretaries were excited and spinning around, and the chief secretary hurriedly went to ask Jiang Baiqi.


"...Go bring her over." Jiang Baiqi said.

Since the boss said to bring her over, the head secretary immediately went to pick up Song Juyao.

Song Juyao was a bit puzzled, but still followed the person into the elevator. The elevator first arrived at the 7th floor, then opened from the back and slid out. The entire elevator started to become transparent, allowing her to see the garden below her feet and as well as the other transparent elevators and tracks around them at varying heights, like transparent tubes with glass capsules inside.

The elevator brought her into another building, then turned back into a normal elevator again. With a "ding," the door opened, and she entered the floor of the chairman's office.

Outside the office, the secretaries secretly glanced at Song Juyao with excitement in their eyes.

"She's even prettier in person than on camera!"

"Young, beautiful and smart - she matches well with our boss!"

"I also feel that even though the boss's presence is elusive and somewhat dull, Song Juyao has a strong presence, shining brightly. They complement each other, don't they?"

"Yes, yes!"

Song Juyao knocked on the door and heard a response from inside. She pushed the door open and walked in.

Song Juyao caught sight of Jiang Baiqi sitting in the chair. He appeared calm, leaning back in his seat, exuding a unique aura of nobility and mystery.

Unfortunately, no one other than Song Juyao could see this side of him. To others, he was just an inconspicuous speck of dust.

Song Juyao's footsteps suddenly halted, somewhat surprised and guarded, as if she didn't expect the extra Jiang Baiqi to be the boss of Fanxing Group.


Seeing her reaction, Jiang Baiqi's heart sank. She should know who he was, since she was the Dragon Slayer Princess, and everything should be within her grasp. But she was acting now. He was someone not to be trusted, so she had to pretend, right?

On Jiang Baiqi's desk was a computer displaying his email inbox, filled with countless emails exchanged with the Dragon Slayer Princess over the years.

The contents included casual chatter, confessions, and the Princess' suggestive words, expressing hope that he would create certain things. He didn't think too much of it, only felt they were very creative, and was willing to create them to make her happy. For that, he didn't rest thinking about it, designing, and constantly trying and failing...

And so, he created the Survival Island Paradise.

She knew all his plans, he had no reservations with her, and had told her his identity early on. And at the nail corridor, when she skillfully found the switch on the wall, he knew - she was the Dragon Slayer Princess. The evidence may not be sufficient, but he was certain she was the Dragon Slayer Princess.

The Dragon Slayer Princess knew his name was Jiang Baiqi, knew he created the Survival Island Paradise, and knew he was the boss of Fanxing Group.

Song Juyao was the Dragon Slayer Princess.

She was using him. Though he didn't know her purpose yet, she must have already achieved it. With her goal reached, he probably had no more value to her. Those words she said on the island were just playful banter, like teasing a dog.

Jiang Baiqi looked at Song Juyao, his big dull eyes showed no emotion as his heart sank and his fists clenched.

Song Juyao stared at him for a while, her cheeks slightly flushed, seeming a little embarrassed as she said: "I didn't know before that you were the boss of Fanxing Group..."


"So, the dowry might be a little less, is that okay?" Song Juyao asked nervously and shyly. With Fanxing Group's wealth rivaling half the world, her mere few billion in savings really couldn't compare.

Wha-what? Dowry?

Jiang Baiqi was stunned.

【Ahhhhh dowry is not enough, mama will add more for the baby!!!】

【What dowry do you need? Marrying such an angel is Jiang Baiqi's blessing from several lifetimes ahhhhhh!!!】

【Marry! Go to bed! Have a baby! Ahhhhhhhh!!】

【I'm going to haul the civil affairs bureau over right now!】

【I have become the Civil Affairs Bureau!!!】

The CP fans erupted in excitement, shrieking like crazy chickens.

"What...what do you mean?" Jiang Baiqi's voice was hoarse, his throat tight.

"You promised on the island that you'd marry me after leaving… now we've left. " Song Juyao said shyly.

Did he promise that? He had been pretending to be mute the whole time.

"You didn't say anything, so that means you agreed."


"No? You don't want to marry me? Well then..." She dejectedly lowered her head.

"...Let's set the date for next month." Next week seemed too rushed, not leaving much time for preparations.

Song Juyao nearly laughed out loud, but her eyes truly curved into crescent moons, bright and shining as if filled with light. Jiang Baiqi suddenly realized what he had said, blood rushed to his brain, his whole face turning red.

Her Ah-Qi was just too cute. Whether he thought she was using him or not, as long as she was willing to be with him, he wouldn't mind at all. He would be like a fool. When facing her, he really was as obedient as a golden retriever, no matter how badly she treated him - just a pat on the head would make everything okay.

In her last life, there was also a silly fool who stayed by her side and handed the knife to her when she killed someone. Unfortunately she still didn't treat him well. To her surprise, with the change in script this time, Jiang Baiqi's identity changed too. He was supposed to be an ordinary child from an ordinary family like last round, but this time he became the boss of Fanxing Group instead.

When she was thirteen, she had been shocked to see Jiang Baiqi's father, the previous chairman of Fanxing Group, attending a presidential gala with him on TV. She thought she was seeing things!

But this change was harmless, and even beneficial for her.

However, she wouldn't admit it - at least, definitely not in front of the audience. She would never admit that she had made Jiang Baiqi create the Survival Island Paradise. Otherwise they would suspect everything she did on the island, doubting her sincerity. It was best to minimize controversy as much as possible, let her purity be flawless. How can an angel's feather have unclear black spots? They must be pure white.

She also didn't need to explain anything to Jiang Baiqi, the answer was obvious and he would figure it out.

After Song Juyao left, Jiang Baiqi was still immersed in the sudden news that he was going to marry Song Juyao and the inexplicable joy it brought. It took repeated knocks at the door before he finally snapped back to his senses.

"Come in."

It was the project leader of the Survival Island Paradise, here to report to him about matters regarding the island project.

"The full recordings have been sent to government departments across multiple countries. Those three extras have been taken away by the military and will surely reveal something useful under interrogation. Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan are now under secret surveillance, let's see if they'll expose more flaws and provide more information..."


The project leader's eyes revealed a hint of gossip as he glanced at Jiang Baiqi and said: "Boss, you haven't watched the post-production recording yet, right?"

Jiang Baiqi entered during the second two-third mark of the show, and many of the highlights, including revelations from Wen Zhulian, Wei Yan and those three about Jiang Baiqi and Song Juyao, occurred in the final one-third part of the show. After intense gossip sessions, the project team felt Jiang Baiqi and Song Juyao must have had a past together, and both of them had lost their memories!

They were all tech geeks, with wild imaginations. For a moment, all sorts of speculations about time travel, love through brainwave synchronization, and so on, popped up for a while.

"I think you should watch it." The project leader said.

Jiang Baiqi hesitated for a moment, then, after the project leader left, he opened the video and skipped to two-thirds of the way through.

"Song Juyao fell in love with Jiang Baiqi at first sight again. Her aesthetics are really peculiar..."

"Jiang Baiqi is a patient this time, he probably won't be able to help Song Juyao like he did in the last episode..."

"I'm going to seduce Jiang Baiqi, Song Juyao will definitely be pissed..."

"I can't freaking find where Jiang Baiqi is, he is like a ghost. I don't understand how Song Juyao managed to spot him so easily everytime, could it really be fated??"

"Those two are together again..."


Jiang Baiqi's heartbeat raced, blood rushing, his blood flowed rapidly, and his breathing became increasingly ragged. Again...? Again?? It wasn't Song Juyao's first time falling for him. These people of unknown origins all knew she liked him. So in the past, she had openly loved him, and everyone knew about it?


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