At four o’clock in the afternoon, Qi Xiaohan and her three other roommates arrived at the location where the mandatory military training uniform was to be given by the group’s senior brothers and sisters.

From a distance, a large group of fluffy creatures was gathered together, some squatting directly on the ground and waiting there with their heads lifted up. It looked impressive.

Qi Xiaohan’s size was easily engulfed by this group of students.

Her roommates were discussing something, as the snow leopard Zhou Mingming grabbed the little white cat’s nape and flung the kitten directly onto his back.

Zhou Mingming shook his tail and gave a cry.

Qi Xiaohan lay on the soft snow leopard fur and moved her body slightly to make herself more comfortable while sitting.

The snow leopard’s tail was big, beautiful, and very long. Qi Xiaohan caught and played with the snow leopard’s tail while he wagged it constantly. This way, the big cat and the kitten had fun.

Most of the freshmen who came here to attend school were young and the snow leopard was most likely just a cub. Zhou Mingming shook his tail and mischievously patted the little white cat on the back with the big fluffy tail that was almost the length of his body. He stood on the steps and looked down from above.

Soon, there were senior sisters leading them into the hall. Qi Xiaohan was lying on Zhou Mingming’s back and could see the small island in the sky at the corner diagonal from her. The Bird Clan’s freshmen also wore military training uniforms.

“Did you see the teachers who had become humans? They’re already in their third year. The school’s rule strictly said that the students who entered the school and are still untransformed by the end of the first semester of their third year need to be held back,” the lynx, Luling, quietly said to her roommates.

The little white cat’s ears pointed up and her eyes widened. Looking at those senior sisters who appear to be very imposing, she gave a meow.

“It’s that strict? When I was a kid, I secretly watched TV and saw the monsters on TV turning into their human form. I practiced secretly too, but it didn’t work at all.”

The golden cat Xiao Mengmeng also nodded, agreeing with her. “My family let me start practicing since I was young and I had knowledge about it, but morphing was too difficult. I have elders and even I haven’t succeeded in transforming throughout my life.”

Those who came here to go to school were basically their family’s younger generation’s best and were naturally unparalleled to their elders.

However, the young cat spirits didn’t think of it at this time and felt pressure when they saw the distinguished seniors in uniforms.

The little cats from the Cat Clan lined up in the lobby one by one. When it was Qi Xiaohan and her dormitory’s turn, the senior sister sitting behind the table looked up and glanced at the little cat in front of her.

“Student ID?”


The senior sister made a few notes, and then said to the people behind her, “No. 0.”

From the back, the senior sister handed a small package over, and the little white cat immediately grabbed it.

The snow leopards also received their military training uniforms consecutively. The golden cat carried her package while some cats ran to the trash can’s side and straightaway began to unpack.

They originally thought it would be like those little pet clothes in the human world. Who knew it would be a bib-like triangle scarf to tie around the neck. It was patterned with camouflage but was quite unique.

Qi Xiaohan, using the smallest one, wore it immediately, then looked at her reflection on the shiny glass door.

The little cat reflected on the glass mirror was wearing a camouflage triangle scarf, its ears upright, looking energetic and cute. The little cat was remarkably satisfied.

The golden cat and several others didn’t plan to wear the military training uniforms right now and packed them in their backpack.

The golden cat carried the dried beef she had shared with Qi Xiaohan, who was currently a little hungry. She took it out and began to share it and eat it with the others.

After the military training uniforms had all been distributed, they felt a little hungry but they couldn't get dinner right away as they still had to participate in the class meeting.

Qi Xiaohan also took a bit of the beef jerky and watched everyone change into their military uniforms.

After a while, the golden cat Xiao Mengmeng’s senior sister came over and said, “Mengmeng, how’s the military uniform? Have you unpacked back at the dorm? I’ll take you to dinner tonight. Wait for me at the door after the meeting.”

Xiao Mengmeng agreed.

Qi Xiaohan looked over. Was this the senior sister that Xiao Mengmeng mentioned before? The Dan senior sister that went mad after the laboratory was bombed? She looked very gentle.

The Dan senior sister saw them looking at her, smiled at them generously, and said hello before leaving.

On the way to their classes, Qi Xiaohan and her roommates had different majors and naturally, were separated.

Qi Xiaohan stood at the entrance of the large classroom. She looked at the furry creatures sitting inside, stepped away from her spot, and walked in.

The first one that noticed the little cat was a young lion. The young lion roared, jumped on a desk then landed in front of Qi Xiaohan. The little lion raised his paw and gestured at Qi Xiaohan’s height. Surprised, he exclaimed, “It’s a little cat.”

Qi Xiaohan narrowed her eyes and meowed.

The other students also noticed the little white cat and immediately looked over in her direction.

Everyone was in the same major. Although they hadn’t met each other before, when they were in a group, they started chatting. Meeting offline, they naturally connected to the classmates they met on the internet.

It’s just that their major rarely recruited such small cats. Most of the cats in the class were of a larger breed. There were also classmates from other races such as demons, witches, humans, the wolves and foxes of the Wolf Clan, and the birds of the Bird Clan.

To some extent, the spiritual power control system was a unified attack and control.

Qi Xiaohan found an empty seat and jumped onto the chair.

A human classmate sitting next to the little white cat gave the little cat a box of finger biscuits.

The little white cat meowed, “Thank you,” then she stretched out her paw and from it, carefully took out a finger biscuit, bit into it, then licked her paw.

The human classmates who looked at the fluffy cat’s claws arched their eyebrows.

It was too cute.

At this moment, an untransformed gray cat walked in.

Gray cats were the most common of the cats and could be picked up from the streets and alleys, but they looked a bit larger than ordinary cats and their furs were terribly messy, overall making the cat look a bit fierce.


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