The little cat’s tail swayed from side to side as she stared, face tilted upwards, at the bowl of braised pork ribs and transported it down using a small amount of spiritual power.

At that moment, a pair of beautiful and slender hands immediately stretched out to catch the bowl of braised pork ribs.

Qi Xiaohan didn’t expect her food to be stolen so she instinctively pulled her ears back for a fiercer appearance and looked at the one who dared to steal her meal. Who knew that when she tilted her head back, she would see senior brother Lang Chen, standing behind her, with her bowl of braised pork ribs.

Lang Chen saw the little cat from a distance. Among the crowd was the snow-white cat with its fluffy tail down, jumping as she tried her best to swipe her card and take the bowl of braised pork ribs she had bought. It was really difficult being a cat.

This had always been the case for freshmen students, but they’d get used to it eventually.

The little white cat followed closely. Lang Chen glanced at her then reached out his hand to hold her.

Qi Xiaohan felt very embarrassed by her senior brother helping her every time and meowed: “Senior brother, I can go by myself.”

Lang Chen said quietly: “I’m afraid that I’ll step on you if you walk next to me.”

“What else do you want to eat?” Lang Chen looked at the little white cat.

Qi Xiaohan shook her head.

Lang Chen placed the little cat on the seat and rubbed her head: “There’s a restaurant on the second floor that’s specialized for smaller demons. Those not transformed can go there to eat.”

There’s no need to hop and jump to get a meal.

Qi Xiaohan raised her head and looked at Lang Chen. She noticed that his lips were pale and thought that the long wound on his back hadn’t healed yet.

Lang Chen left immediately after patting the little cat’s head.

When Yan Chong came over holding two glasses of orange juice, he saw that the kitten had already bought food and was sitting at the table looking very conspicuous.

“You’re done early. A moment ago, there was a husky breed freshman from the Wolf Clan and he actually wanted to balance the oil noodles on top of his head and walk back. He was really skilled and seemed like he had practiced before, but the canteen’s floor was slippery so he accidentally spilled the bowl and scalded his claws.” Yan Chong tried to hold back his laugh.

(T/N: Oil Noodles or cooked noodles are a type of Chinese noodle and sometimes used in Cantonese cuisine. Its main ingredients are wheat flour, eggs, egg whites, salt, corn oil, and then seasonings. For more information, go to this link in Wikipedia: )

“Meow…” That’s a bit tragic.

Qi Xiaohan sympathized when she remembered that she used her spiritual power to transport her bowl of braised pork ribs.

“By the way, I heard that the specialized restaurant for small demons on the second floor is going to open tomorrow. Next time, you can go there to eat,” Yan Chong said casually.

He took some braised pork ribs and rice for himself and quickly finished eating.

Qi Xiaohan tried a few mouthfuls of the school’s spare ribs. The taste was average and inferior compared to the ones cooked at home, but it was fairly passable, so she cocked her head and ate the meat.

After eating, Qi Xiaohan stretched then went out of the canteen with her senior brother Yan Chong to get acquainted with the state of affairs at school. Afterward, they went to check out the lecture building.

“I just got my flight certificate last semester, how about I take you flying sometime?” Yan Chong enthusiastically proposed to his junior sister.

The little white cat’s eyes suddenly lit up and twinkled as she looked at her senior brother. “Is it flying with the use of a sword?”

Yan Chong: “Well… not with a flying sword.”

A little embarrassed, Yan Chong took out a book from his bag, and Qi Xiaohan gave a closer examination of it.

Great, it was《Fire Spirit Control from Novice to Expert》.

Qi Xiaohan looked at Yan Chong, her expression full of doubts.

Using primary textbooks to fly? Quite worthy for a college student, very fashionable.

Noticing the look in the little cat’s eyes, Yan Chong silently threw the book into the air and it grew in size. Yan Chong lifted his foot and stepped up, followed by the excited little cat with her eyes still glued to the words on the book's cover.

Yan Chong covered his face. Last year, when he got the scholarship, he first wandered for half a month before buying a new phone. He waited for his flight certification exam but suddenly discovered that he didn’t have a sword to use at school!

However, at that time he already lacked the money to buy another sword.

Yan Chong still remembered that day when he came to the test room for the flight certification exam. Under the eyes of a bunch of students, he took out the 《Fire Spirit Control from Novice to Expert》.

Even the speaker was stunned and speechless for a while.

It was difficult to talk about this scene and every time he recalled it, he wanted to die.

It was so uncomfortable.

Yan Chong took Qi Xiaohan flying around the school and even saw some of the school’s floating islands from a distance. The islands' surfaces were similar to those on the ground where the lecture buildings on it could be accessed and several other places such as the laboratories required instructions to enter. The average student could only watch from afar.

As for the military base up north, it was forbidden to approach it. If someone went past the border then they would immediately be shot down. Yan Chong only took Qi Xiaohan to look at its silhouette before dropping down.

A fire-red bird flew over from afar, appearing dignified and gorgeous. The little cat couldn’t help but lift herself up and meow as she watched.

Yan Chong stroked the little cat’s head. “That’s a vermillion bird. He's a sophomore and also from the Fire Spirit Academy.”

As he spoke, the vermillion bird flew over and landed on Yan Chong’s book. Holding his head up high, he glanced at Yan Chong’s textbook and snickered inconspicuously.

Yan Chong: “………That's too much.”

The vermillion bird turned his head and looked at the little white cat: “Is this the new student you brought this year?”

Yan Chong: “No, it's Cheng Lin’s. He's currently in the hospital. This little cat will temporarily be in my care for a few days.”

Qi Xiaohan looked up at the vermillion bird, “Hello, senior. I'm Qi Xiaohan from the Control Department.”

The vermillion bird in front of her looked like it wasn’t an adult yet, his body still carried the down feathers of a fledgling, a bit fuzzy and adorably beautiful. Even the tail feathers looked great.

The little white cat couldn’t help but raise her cat claws in an attempt to touch the vermillion bird tail's feathers.

The little vermillion bird didn't know what the little white cat wanted to do. Seeing the little cat’s raised claws, he thought that she wanted to bump fists with him, so he mirrored her and raised his claws, gently touching the little white cat's.

“Hello, I’m Li Zhu.” The little vermillion bird held back his arrogance and expressed a bit of friendliness to the new student.

Around its neck, the little vermillion bird also carried a bright and shiny golden school badge which looked even more dazzling against its fiery red feathers. Overall, it looked arrogant and reserved.

The little vermillion bird didn’t leave immediately and stayed on Yan Chong’s book.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Yan Chong asked.

“I don’t want to fly.” After saying this, the vermilion bird folded its wings back and unexpectedly knocked into the little cat. The little cat meowed, tilted to the side, and was whisked back by the vermillion bird before she could fall down.

“I'll return to the classroom later. My lab report isn’t finished yet.” The little vermillion bird said to Yan Chong.

“Damn, I forgot all about that!!”

Yan Chong looked at the little cat: “Junior sister, go back to your dormitory first, and don’t forget to pick up your military training uniform in the afternoon. I’ll leave first to do my homework. Do you remember my contact information? If you have any problems, please contact me, okay?”

Qi Xiaohan agreed.

Yan Chong flew down quickly and arrived at the cat dormitory building. He dropped off the little cat, and then once again flew up into the air, visibly a bit faster than before.


It's easy to see that senior brother really is in a hurry to do his homework.

As she was about to go up the spacious dormitory’s stairs, she heard a sound from the bottom step of a suitcase being dragged up. Qi Xiaohan turned her head and saw a golden cat using its paws to move towards her.

The golden cat saw a snow-white cat under the dormitory building, tilted her head, and walked in her direction.

“Are you a student too?”

Qi Xiaohan looked up at the big cat and nodded. “I'm Qi Xiaohan from the Control Department.”

The golden cat’s eyes lit up. “You’re Qi Xiaohan? We’re in the same dormitory! I’m Xiao Mengmeng from the Dan Department.”

(T/N: So the dan here is 丹 which means red, pellet, powder, and cinnabar. I don’t know which one to use so I stuck to the translation which for me is cute.)

So this golden cat was the one who was behind in entering the dormitory…… Qi Xiaohan looked at the big cat in front of her and meowed. They sniffed at each other amiably and rubbed furs.

“I almost arrived late, this dormitory is really hard to find. The senior sister who was in charge of me heard that their lab exploded. It was insane. She sent me to the dormitory and flew immediately towards the Dan Department laboratory building. After that, I relied on the map and came here by myself.”

Qi Xiaohan immediately looked at the golden cat with sympathy, “Me too. The senior brother who brought me here was also from Dan Department. He was at the spot where Dan Department blew up so he’s currently lying in the hospital.”

“Isn’t that terrible?” The golden cat echoed the little cat’s surprise and walked with Qi Xiaohan while talking about what they had seen along the way.

The golden cat’s suitcase followed automatically and the two cats got on the elevator, arriving at their dormitory after a while.


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