My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 11: Red-Braised Pork

As the stuff in the refrigerator flew around, Qi Xiaohan meowed.

The spell’s flaw was that the enchanted items were not intelligent and could only perform basic tasks. For example, items like the meatball couldn’t be arranged and placed inside the refrigerator the way the kitten wanted it.

The two roommates glanced at the stuff in one of the compartments in the refrigerator, then to the dispirited little cat, and immediately comforted her:

“It’s okay, Xiaohan, that was already powerful. Even we wouldn’t be able to do that.”

The lynx said while the snow leopard nodded vigorously.

However, the snow leopard glanced at the suitcase and said, “Most of the time, we only carry the suitcase.”

The physical strength of the big cats were truly superior.

The little cat looked at her own body. “…Meow.”

Qi Xiaohan’s so-called spells could only maneuver things equal to her weight and not above.

It certainly made the cat lose face.

But there was still a benefit to her spells though the effect was relatively small.

When Qi Xiaohan was little, Qi Ning was only 13 to 14 years old. Qi Ning wanted to buy a certain star’s album while Qi Xiaohan, the kitten, wanted the laser pointers that could display the shapes of various animals. However, both of them had insufficient money.

So the kitten stared at Ning Ning and softly meowed for her to become rich so that she could buy an album for herself and a laser pointer for the cat.

In the end, it worked. Qi Ning bought a lottery ticket and won 200 yuan. At that time, an album was 60 yuan and after buying it, the kitten pestered Qi Ning to go to the store to buy the magical laser pointer.

Then like that, the future had been altered a little. Every day, Qi Xiaohan would use the more convenient levitating spell instead of using the other spiritual spells.

When the three cats finally finished cleaning up the dormitory after a while, Qi Xiaohan put her cat bed on top of the mattress. After looking at it for a bit, she jumped off the bed.

“Senior brother is still waiting for me, I’m going down first. Let’s have hot pot for dinner tonight!”

The two big cats nodded.

“The senior sister picking us up will take us out too. You have to take the key, we won’t be able to let you in later.”

The kitten quickly ran out, leaving a meow echoing in the corridor.

Qi Xiaohan rushed downstairs but didn’t see her senior brother. When she was about to call him on her phone, her senior brother arrived, holding a cup of ice cream.

“Ready to go?”

Yan Chong asked with a smile.

The little white cat meowed and nodded, then saw her senior brother hand her the ice cream.

“It’s a little hot today. Let’s eat at the cafeteria after you finish that.”

Qi Xiaohan didn’t expect her senior to be so considerate. She meowed in gratitude at her senior brother, then bowed her head, beginning to eat the ice cream in small licks.

Yan Chong looked at the little cat eating her ice cream and sighed.

The little cat’s head was buried in the cup of ice cream so she looked even smaller.

Such a small kitten might be disregarded during military training.

Qi Xiaohan placed the ice cream in a convenient spot for her to eat and float with her while she walked.

Qi Xiaohan was oblivious as to what the demon in front of her was thinking as she unhurriedly ate her ice cream and occasionally looked at the scenery.

“Your dormitory and the areas around it belong to the Cat Clan. They’re areas for the students of the same race so that it’s convenient to create harmonious living arrangements and to avoid conflicts. Additionally, there’s also the Wolf Clan, Bird Clan, and so on. Don’t wander around on weekdays because some students are very territorial, and they’re more likely to get into a dispute with someone that’s not the same race as them.”

Yan Chong pointed out the dorms in the distance for the little cat.

Qi Xiaohan thought of the black wolf before, who had been carrying her away in his mouth, and her cat ears trembled.

“The lecture building is a bit far from this direction. There are on-campus buses but it’s recommended to get up early or else there’ll be a very crowded morning bus.” Yan Chong pointed out the bus stop in front of the dormitory building.

As Yan Chong said this, his gaze stayed on the little white cat following him, thinking in his heart that it wouldn’t matter because such a little cat could be placed in any corner of the bus.

Qi Xiaohan glanced at the bus stop and nodded solemnly.

“You can’t fly on the school grounds whenever you like. After mastering the flight skill, you need to go to the school to apply for a flight certificate. Otherwise, you’ll receive a punishment.”

Qi Xiaohan continued to nod.

Yan Chong took Qi Xiaohan all around to introduce the campus’ features until they finally arrived at the canteen. “It’s a bit late for dinner at this point but it’s alright. The canteen is open ‘til midnight and you can eat anytime. The food’s taste is only average and if you don’t like it, you can go to the various small restaurants open in the school.”

At this point in time, Qi Xiaohan had finished her cup of ice cream, thrown it into the trash can, and followed her senior inside the canteen.

The canteen at this time still had a crowd of people. Freshman and sophomore students that had’t transformed yet were sitting together with the senior students who already had. The canteen was divided into areas where most of the new students whose original forms were on the larger side were seated on the second floor.

Qi Xiaohan looked at the enormous canteen and let out a shocked meow.

“What do you want to eat?”

Yan Chong asked.

Qi Xiaohan didn’t even think and yelled, “Meat!”

Yan Chong laughed. “What kind of meat? How about ribs? I’ve eaten ribs before and they taste good.” As he said that, he walked with the little white cat towards a particular window.

Qi Xiaohan followed him, flexibly moving through the crowd to avoid people stepping on her.

While lining up, Qi Xiaohan fetched the campus card from the bag on her back first and held it in her mouth.

Yan Chong went to the other side to buy drinks, leaving only Qi Xiaohan in the line.

When it was Qi Xiaohan’s turn, she put down the card and shouted to the aunt in the window: “Auntie, I want braised pork ribs!”

Auntie: “Seven yuan for braised pork ribs.”

After speaking, she placed a bowl of braised pork ribs in front of the window and began to greet the next student.

The little white cat looked at her bowl of braised pork ribs then to the card reader next to it. She meowed and her cat ears twitched back.

Qi Xiaohan gripped her campus card in her mouth, retreated a few steps, and jumped up. The campus card touched against the card reader and made a beep, scanning it successfully.

The little cat landed and looked at the bowl of braised pork ribs.



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