My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 30: Chapter 25.3

The little white cat downstairs still sat on the bench waiting. When she saw Lang Chen coming out, she jumped down from the bench and ran towards him, her paws pattering.

A light smile appeared on Lang Chen’s face. Truly very well-behaved.

Lang Chen stretched out his hands. The little cat stepped with her hind paws on her own and leaped into Lang Chen’s arms. Then he heard a whistling sound overhead. Lang Chen looked up and saw that Duo-en was poking half of his body outside the windowsill and smiling a toothless smile.

Lang Chen’s eyes darkened, narrowing slightly, and a phoenix condensed from flames rushed straight up and advanced towards the lion.

With a cry, Duo-en quickly closed the dormitory window.

In the dormitory, Duo-en, with a palpitating heart, looked outside at the hovering fire phoenix and patted his chest.

When Lang Chen saw that there wasn’t any more movement upstairs, he carried the little cat out of the dormitory’s borders.

“What are we going to eat?” Lang Chen asked in a low voice as he carried the cat.

The little white cat immediately said, “How about we go eat barbecued meat?”

Barbecued meat?

Lang Chen pondered for a moment and felt that it was a little unhealthy, but seeing the little cat’s excited look, he nodded. “Yes, let’s eat barbecued meat.”

Then he saw the little cat pull out a phone from nowhere, place it on his arm, and make a reservation from there.

Long Chen let out a low laugh, “Is this learning the universe in a sleeve?”

(T/N: ‘Learning the universe in a sleeve’ {学了袖里乾坤} describes the ability to receive all the yin and yang of heaven and earth in a small sleeve. It is a metaphor for the bizarre immortal arts.)

The little cat suddenly proudly raised its chin, “I learned it from senior sister Lu Sha.”

“Pretty good knowledge.” Lang Chen reached out and pressed the little cat’s head. He lowered his head slightly closer to the kitten and looked at the restaurant’s contents on her phone.

The restaurant was off-campus, and their classmates’ ratings were very good.

Lang Chen looked at the location and went out of the school with the little cat.

Xunhai United University was a safe and stable part of this small world that had been established by the ancestors, and the outside also included some other demons and humans from the cultivation world who did business around the school to provide convenience for the students and conveniently receive protection from the school’s army.

Many non-humans would submit applications to Xunhai United University every year, and after passing the qualification, they could enter and live within the protection of the university.

The barbecue restaurant wasn’t far from the university’s entrance, and it didn’t take long for them to arrive.

A golden monkey had opened the store. This monkey was very economical, and the restaurant’s food was delicious, which was why business was booming.

Lang Chen sat on a seat and flipped the meat with the tongs, then saw the little white cat running back from the dip in no time at all. She filled a bowl full of red chili oil and carefully controlled it with spiritual power, so as not to spill it.

Lang Chen took a look and felt his stomach twitch. He looked at the little white cat and helped her hold it.

Qi Xiaohan set the seasoning bowl on the table, then happily worked on clipping up a piece of meat, placing it in the dipping dish, and rolling it. It was immediately covered with red oil.

Little Maomao opened her mouth wide and ate it in one bite. Her eyes suddenly widened but she refused to spit out the hot food.

Lang Chen took the water cup and handed it to the little cat. Watching Little Maomao stretch out her pink cat tongue and lick the water bit by bit, the corners of his mouth curved upwards at some point.

Lang Chen found that this kitten seemed to have a very heavy taste and was very skilled at roasting meat and other things. He didn’t know what this cat had eaten at home.

Lang Chen helped turn the barbecue over. He picked up a piece of already roasted meat and handed it over.

Looking at the dipping dish on the cat’s side, Lang Chen frowned slightly.

Little Maomao stopped moving. As if remembering something, she took out the phone, made it hover in mid-air, and tilted her face to the camera.

After taking the picture, Qi Xiaohan collected the phone and looked as if she was typing.

Lang Chen looked at the little cat and slightly raised his eyebrows: “You’ll send it to your Moments?”

Qi Xiaohan shook her head and lowered her head to type seriously with her paws, “No, I shot it for my human sister, this is the barbecue restaurant around the school.”

At this time, Qi Xiaohan seemed to have heard something as she raised her head in a certain direction and looked over.

At the doorway walking in was a beautiful little fox leading a delicate-faced girl. It was clear to see that the fox was in a good mood as the three tails behind it waved regularly in pace.

Noticing Qi Xiaohan’s gaze, the little fox looked up, curled his eyes, and smiled. When he was about to say something, he noticed the man sitting opposite the little white cat and held back what he was going to say. His eyes were rounded and he looked a little frightened.

Lang Chen was slowly and methodically roasting the meat as if he hadn’t noticed the commotion over at that side.

Qi Xiaohan meowed and greeted the little fox: “How are you, senior?”

Fox Yu Xiu: “……I’m good, schoolmate.”

The little fox’s three tails all involuntarily stiffened, clearly unlike the first time he entered the door when they had been wagging happily.

Qi Xiaohan looked at the girl behind the little fox and listened to Yu Xiu introducing her: “This is my girlfriend, Sui Sui.”

When the girl saw that the little cat could actually say hello, her eyes lit up as she waved towards Qi Xiaohan as well.

Little Maomao tilted her face and meowed. The girl was human and had no school badge on her, probably a freshman.

This senior Yu Xiu had a new human girl as a girlfriend? This action was a little too fast, isn’t it?

The little fox touched his nose, and when he saw the man opposite the little cat’s gaze heavily moving over them, his fur stood up as he took his girlfriend and hurried to their place.

Lang Chen raised his eyelids and said to the kitten: “You and that fox just now were familiar with each other?”

Qi Xiaohan shook her head: “Not really familiar. I bought one of this senior’s bracelets at the second-hand market before, and he said he wanted me to work for him for five days after the military training.”

Lang Chen answered ‘en’. Not familiar was good, if she was familiar then it wouldn’t be good to deal with later.

(T/N: ‘En’ is a Chinese word commonly used to affirm or agree with something, equivalent to ‘yes’ in English.)

Lang Chen: “Previously, he took advantage of the holidays to seduce ordinary human girls and pretend to be a rich second-generation human college student on the Internet. He had WeChat online dating with several young girls and there was one among those whom he liked the most, so he went out with that girl. “

“Then what?” The little cat asked curiously.

Lang Chen had an icy curve on his lips: “He didn’t transform, and that human girl refused to be with him. He entangled himself with the human and refused to break up. When they broke up, it finally alerted the school and he was arrested on the spot by the student union.”

Seemingly hearing the commotion over there, the fox at the barbecue restaurant’s edge shivered and sat in a lower profile.

The little white cat listening perked her ears, her paws on the table. She was very surprised.

This was what they said on TV, charmed by the fox spirit?

(T/N: In Chinese mythology, tales, and legends, foxes are described as beautiful young ladies with ethereal beauty thus they can seduce any living mortals. They are believed to use their charms on people, that’s why foxes usually pertain to vixens and sly people.)

This senior Yu Xiu’s life, still quite romantic ah.

Qi Xiaohan glanced towards the fox’s table and saw the little fox happily looking at the girl across the table, squealing and secretly using the tip of his tail to rub the back of her hand.

The girl blushed. With a smile on her face, she reached out to pet the little fox’s fur and helped him barbecue the meat.

Surprisingly yet, it was a little sweet?

The little white cat peeked over at that side and felt that this fox senior pampering up was simply shameless. Barking, a single person and a single fox were sweet and mushy.

Lang Chen sighed, reached out to press the cat’s head, turning her around: “Don’t always go staring at people.”

The little cat meowed, and Lang Chen chucked the meat he had just grilled onto her small plate, then took out his cell phone and sent a message out.

At that angle, Qi Xiaohan couldn’t see what her senior brother was doing. Lang Chen looked up after sending a message, saw that the little cat was looking at him, and spoke:

“That girl wasn’t a school student, nor was she from the school boundary’s protected crowd range. The temporary number on her body should’ve been bought with the fox’s help and she needs to be repatriated.”

Qi Xiaohan was now completely shocked.

The school boundary was very strict. Only school teachers and students could freely enter and exit, and the school boundary protected crowd outside the school had passcards; no outsiders were allowed to enter.

It was for security reasons and to prevent outsiders from entering the boundary and revealing relevant information.

Lang Chen looked at his cell phone and saw that someone from the student union group had indicated that he had received it, so he put it away.

The Xunhai United University school itself was a fortress of boundaries. Only students could enter and there was absolutely no possibility of camouflage. But outside of the school’s protective boundary, compared to the entry’s difficulty, was lower. In recent years, you were able to get access and sneak in by buying a temporary number.

This time, they had already caught a lot of this behavior and hadn’t expected to meet a stupid fox involved in it.

He had probably thought that they hadn’t seen it.

“Don’t look, let’s eat.” Lang Chen briefly touched the little cat’s head.


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