My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 31: Chapter 26.1

After a while, the barbeque restaurant’s door was pushed open by a fire-red five-tailed fox, with a school badge on his neck, who came in. After looking around the restaurant, he saw Yu Xiu eating.

Behind the big fox were several human students with school badges on their chests and the student council’s executive cards on their bodies.

Yu Xiu noticed the movement at the door. When he saw the big fox, he jumped up and was about to run, leaving his girlfriend behind.

The big fox narrowed his eyes and leaped in front of Yu Xiu, blocking his way. He lifted his paws and struck the fox to the ground.

“Ooow, brother, I was wrong. I was wrong, I was truly wrong, I won’t dare!”

Yu Xiu was pressed down by the head by the fox as he screamed miserably, his three tails seemingly stuck to the ground and his ears pressed back. This fox understood how to behave.

A few human students behind the big fox went towards the girl. They smiled politely, said something to her, and took her away.

The girl didn’t want to part with Yu Xiu and looked at the little fox, panicking. She then saw Yu Xiu paws pleading with his paws to the big fox, wailing to let him go and promising not to contact the girl again.

Girl: ……

Oh, male foxes.

The big fox listened, then punched him with his paws. “You still dare to be a scumbag?”

Yu Xiu became aggrieved when he was beaten. He looked up at the big fox, then looked at his pretty little girlfriend. He raised his furry fox paw, touched Sui Sui’s calf, and carefully proposed:

 “How about we play together again over winter break?”

Sui Sui: “Yuck! Who’ll be with you! Scum fox!”

After thinking about it, Sui Sui pulled a necklace off her neck and threw it at the little fox’s paws: “I’m giving it back to you, I don’t want it!”

Breaking up was to break all ties with that person.

The little fox looked at the “token of love” he had made that was once again returned by his girlfriend, his entire being wilting as he said:

“Here you go, a breakup gift.”

Sui Sui became even angrier when she heard it and stared at the little fox.

Sui Sui had just entered her first year of college this year in an ordinary human university. Their military training would start in September and it was only August, so she wanted to take advantage of this time to play with the fox.

She genuinely hadn’t expected this furry friend to turn out to be a scum, to fall out with him and be hostile. They had just been pampering each other a while ago but when he was caught, he immediately said that he wouldn’t contact her again, hurting her feelings.

Ah, her chest hurt because of anger.

She simply couldn’t accept her feelings being deceived by a little fox.

The big fox glanced in front of him at the new girlfriend his younger brother was looking at. He lifted his paw, and a delicate little box appeared in front of the girl.

The big fox apologized: “Sorry, my brother has given you trouble, so this is a small apology. The way Yu Xiu brought you here was illegal, so we will send you back safely. If you still want to come over to play, you can apply at the Administration Office a month in advance.”

Sui Sui looked at the big fox, his beautiful red fur, upturned bright eyes, and five big furry foxtails at his back that were swaying rhythmically. He was quite an attractive fox.

Sui Sui: ……

She was full of regrets. If only she had first met this fox at the park; then everything would be better.

What a beautiful big brother.

Feeling the girl’s regretful gaze slowly cross over his fur, the big fox felt so uncomfortable that his fur wanted to stand up.

Sui Sui: “Well then, I’ll go now.”

Sui Sui didn’t accept the gift given by the big fox. She squatted down and grabbed Yu Xiu’s fox head, viciously rubbing his fur into a mess. Only then did she get up and walk away.

It was hard to say if she had really liked the little fox, since she had grown up with various movies and animations, and always had some girlish fantasies within her heart. Unexpectedly, the fox who had broken away from animated movies turned into a scum fox. At any rate, the little fox was still quite cute, except for the fact that he had deceived her.

(T/N: When the author said that Sui Sui ‘grew up with various movies and animations’, she meant to say that she watched many shows about foxes, and perhaps the genre was romance. The auto also said that she had some girlish fantasies within her heart because she also wanted to experience how to love a being different from humans in a way that she can only see in television shows, such as a fox.)

After Sui Sui left, the big fox raised his paw and stepped on Yu Xiu’s head. “Get up and come with me.”

The wilted little fox stood up, didn’t even dare to shake his fur, and with a messy appearance, followed the big fox.

When he passed by Lang Chen, the big fox stopped and greeted him before taking the little fox away.

Qi Xiaohan looked at this scene and forgot to continue eating.

Many people in the restaurant looked over towards their side, and within just a few minutes of work, Yu Xiu was taken away.

Seeing that the little cat was still looking in that direction, Lang Chen reached out and rubbed her head.

Qi Xiaohan looked back at Lang Chen and asked, “Senior brother, are different races not allowed to be together in our school?” Just like on TV, love between humans and demons wasn’t allowed?

Lang Chen raised his eyes, looked at the kitten in front of him, and calmly said, “No, the school doesn’t interfere with the students’ freedom in love. That fox was arrested purely because he leaked his identity to the public, deceived many people’s feelings on the Internet, and additionally, brought undocumented people into the boundary. Repeat offenders with multiple crimes are punished.”

Thinking of the little fox with his head hanging down as he was taken away, the little cat pressed her paw down and meowed.

After eating barbeque, Lang Chen sent the little cat back.

When Qi Xiaohan returned to the dormitory, her roommates were already talking about the incident with Yu Xiu.


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