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Chapter 32: Chapter 26.2

When Yu Xiu was caught, some of the other students at the barbecue restaurant took a video condemning the scum fox and posted it on the school’s internal forum, which was now topping as a hot post.

Seeing Qi Xiaohan back, the little snow leopard jumped in front of her. The group of cats surrounded her and began to question her.

“You also ate at this barbecue restaurant today, did you see this fox being captured?”

The little snow leopard pushed the phone in front of the little cat’s eyes.

Qi Xiaohan took a look and saw the little fox’s mournful face.

The little cat meowed, “I saw it. At that time, Master Lang Chen was present, and Yu Xiu basically crashed into his hands.”

Lu Ling: “Wow, this is too bad. He really drilled a hole for himself when he violated the rules in front of senior brother Lang Chen. I don’t know what else to say about this fox.”

(T/N: drilling a hole/dig yourself a hole = to get yourself into a difficult situation)

The golden cat Xiao Mengmeng: “Recently, you’ve always been eating with senior brother Lang Chen.”

Qi Xiaohan somehow thought of Lang Chen’s figure sitting in the dining room eating alone at noon today and scratched her ears with her paws: “We don’t always eat together. I invited senior brother Lang Chen tonight, he’s been taking care of me for a long time.”

The little snow leopard: “Yes, it’s time to thank senior brother. I’ve invited my senior sister to dinner too.”

The golden cat’s ears twitched, a little confused, feeling that something was wrong, but it made sense.

The little mountain cat was still keeping watch of the hot pot, and at this time, she was waving her paws for them to come over to see: “I heard the fox senior was to be disciplined. It wasn’t his first time to go outside and cheat human girls to come, but this time his plotting was particularly bad.”

The golden cat: “What about the girl? Is it okay for her to be sent back like this?”

The little mountain cat: “She’ll be sent to the General Administration of Paranormal Processing to sign an agreement. Apart from the things allowed by the Xunhai Union University General Assembly, nothing else is allowed to be taken away, not even a single hair. And maybe it’ll be recorded in a hidden file. It’s indeed troublesome, but doesn’t have much of an impact.”

The little white cat thought of the big fox today, looked up, and asked the little mountain cat: “Lu Ling, do you know who the big fox that caught Yu Xiu today was?”

Lu Ling: “It’s Yu Lan, Yu Xiu’s brother, also a sophomore. The two brothers enrolled at the same level. However, Yu Lan is talented and has a higher number of tails. He seems to be the vice minister of law enforcement in the student council, and will soon be able to transform [into a human].”

Students of Xunhai Union University had uneven ages. Such cases like the Yu brothers weren’t uncommon. After all, for cultivating such things, who could set a certain accurate age to be able to go to school at this time?

Senior brother Yu Lan was really handsome. The big fox had appeared unexpectedly, rushed directly to the front of Yu Xiu, and held him down with one paw. He was really super handsome.

A small cat such as Qi Xiaohan couldn’t do that and also didn’t know when she could grow that big.

Little Maomao was full of longing thoughts.


The matter of Yu Xiu being disciplined was still being discussed even up until training time the day after.

At the training hall, students were practicing while chatting about yesterday’s situation.

The instructor hadn’t arrived at this time, and everyone was much more relaxed.

Qi Xiaohan and the little lion Dick got together to practice the most basic lightning attraction technique.

(T/N: Actually, ‘Dick’ is really the little lion’s name, there’s no other meaning. Some other people with the name ‘Dick’ are: Dick Van Dyke, American actor; Dick Wolf, TV Producer; Dick Butkus, football player; etc.)

Qi Xiaohan had a stronger fire spirit within her body, and when practicing the lightning attraction technique, it was more inclined to mix lightning with spirit fire, which still had a very strong killing power. However, this didn’t meet the training requirements.

The thunder spirit root was a branch of the fire spirit root. In using these branches of the spell, the initial practice needed to be a variety of distinctive spirit roots, and a mixture of the two wasn’t allowed.

Dick was a pure thunder spirit root and practiced much better than Qi Xiaohan. He was now helping Qi Xiaohan remember the main points.

The little white cat memorized the spell quickly, accurately, and very efficiently. Only, her fire was a little special and wasn’t very easy to control.

Both the little cat and the lion practiced together for a while, thinking of the anime they watched as children. Her ears twitched, pressing down her body, and she assumed a Pikachu pose, meowing and yelling: “One hundred thousand volt thunderbolt!”

“One hundred thousand volt thunderbolt!”

With a click, a lightning bolt fell from the sky and struck down directly onto the ground.

The students glanced in their direction, moved slightly, and then continued to hang out together in a pile to chat again.

“Not bad, not bad, the effect seems to be better than before.” The little lion cheered and ran over.

Little Maomao held her head high and meowed, evidently in a good mood.

The little lion thought of the hundred thousand volt thunderbolt the little cat had chanted and laughed out loud. The little lion ran to the little cat and stood side by side, his front paws pressed down as he also assumed a Pikachu pose:

“One hundred thousand volt thunderbolt! Roar!”

Another lightning struck down. The little lion also learned to control the trajectory of the lightning and struck beside the little cat.

Both cats were excited, posing in various poses to practice attracting lightning and raising their paws.

Qi Xiaohan yelled, jumped up, and rolled in the air. When a “hundred thousand volt thunderbolt” went down, the thunder fell at a person’s feet and exploded with a bang.

The cat felt something wrong mid-air and wanted to withdraw it. However, she had just started learning and couldn’t send and take it back freely. She could only watch as the thunder landed at the instructor’s feet who had just pushed the door in.

QI Xiaohan stiffened for a moment, her eyes widened as she opened her mouth, and fell from mid-air.


The little cat obediently landed on the ground with her ears pressed back on her head and wore an expression of admitting her mistake.

“Senior brother, I was wrong.”

She was particularly straightforward at admitting her mistakes.

The little lion also hurriedly said, “Senior brother, I was also wrong.”

The instructor dusted his cuffs off, raised his eyes, and glanced at them lightly. His tone was quite amicable: “You know that you’re wrong?”

“We know!”

Lang Chen: “One hundred thousand volt thunderbolt?”

Maomao: “……”

Lang Chen laughed in a low voice, “This little thunder is already 100,000 volts?”

The little Maomao and the little lion instantly lowered their heads in shame.

Lang Chen: “Go to the corner, practice your 100,000 volts, and only stop when I say it’s okay.”

Both of them went to the corner and practiced their lightning attraction against the wood in the corner.

The wood was so hard that it was comparable to steel. Even after a long time of trying to split it, the wood still didn’t split on any side.


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