My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 40: Chapter 28.3

The proctor passed by the little cat’s side and seeing her answers, she frowned. She removed the pen from the little cat’s nose, patted her head, and spoke.

“Answer properly.”

Qi Xiaohan hurriedly sat upright, two front paws on the table, and obediently glanced at the teacher.

When the teacher saw that the cat was no longer playing, he walked away.

Qi Xiaohan just sat inside the classroom, waiting, and when she got out, she didn’t feel so good.

She was in a trance.

Fortunately, it had been a comprehensive test, otherwise, having to take an exam two days in a row, little Maomao may have been gone by then.

Mathematical problems were really too devastating for the mind of a small cat.

Qi Xiaohan mainly answered questions about spirit methods, having memorized them before with Lang Chen. She couldn’t answer some questions about union politics so she had written a lot of nonsense. Meanwhile, for the other comprehensive questions, she had just been bold and imaginative.

Qi Xiaohan had grown up living with humans. Those so-called basic syntheses weren’t basic for the cat at all.

After Qi Xiaohan came out of the exam hall, she instantly wilted.

Students took a break at noon, and in the afternoon, their instructor would bring them to the central tower to test their spiritual root talents.

At the time the training hall had previously been blown up, the school staff had said that they would take the students to test the fire spirit. Because the exam had been approaching, they had simply waited for the test to be completed.

Qi Xiaohan carried her little school bag and escaped to the cafeteria despairingly.

There were already a lot of people in the cafeteria. Qi Xiaohan ran to the second floor where there was still a long queue.

The little white cat stood at the entrance of the cafeteria, mewing in awe and shuffling her paws, torn whether to go up to the third floor to take a look again.

Little Maomao took a step back and lifted her head to listen to the sounds on the third floor. Judging from the noise above, it could be assumed that there were also a lot of people upstairs. She thought about it and stayed on the second floor.

Qi Xiaohan set her school bag on a vacant space and went to the window she frequently went to. There was food for felines and cats’ tastes; moreover, the portion would be sufficient.

Qi Xiaohan finished buying her meal and returned to her seat. As soon as she looked up, she saw Lang Chen walking in with a couple of senior brothers who wore student council uniforms.

Lang Chen also saw the little white cat, paused in his steps, and said to the student council members next to him, “Wait for me.”

Lang Chen walked to the little cat, took out two green-skinned fruits, placed them on Qi Xiaohan’s table, and rubbed the little cat’s ears.

“How was the exam?”

Qi Xiaohan: “……”

For some reason, sadness swept over her.

Little Maomao looked up at Lang Chen and said: “Senior brother, if a student fails the opening exam, will they be able to return to school?”

The little cat was very solemn with her questioning. He could even see from her eyes that she had some real worries about the future.

Lang Chen: “The school’s opening exam is only a reference for the cultural class placement and for the score of your choice of college afterward. You’re unlikely to be withdrawn from school.”

The little cat listened, her tightly pursed cat ears relaxing once again. She meowed and asked, “Brother, are there any regulations in our school that take care of students’ self-esteem so that the scores aren’t announced or something like that?”

Lang Chen curled his lips and smiled a little. “Just how badly did you do on this exam to worry that much?”

The little cat shifted her paws, her round cat eyes lowered. “Meow.”

Lang Chen stared at the cat with a not-so-good mood, reached out to gently smooth her fur, and said in a light voice, “Put your mind at ease. Only if you can’t pass the fire spirit test this afternoon, can you really drop out of school.”


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