My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 41: Chapter 28.4

The little white cat instantly raised her head and looked at the person in front of her, wondering if what she had just heard had really been comfort?

Lang Chen patted the cat, got up, and left.

Qi Xiaohan looked at the two green fruits placed on the table, raised her paw, and touched them. Her little cat paw cupped it and she took a small bite.


It was sour and bitter!

When Lang Chen returned to his companions, they curiously glanced over at that direction and said with a smile, “That’s your junior sister, huh? The one who previously waited for you downstairs? So cute, she’ll definitely look good in human form later.”

Lang Chen gave a hmm.

Surprisingly, he approved?

His companion looked at him in surprise.

“And you especially gave that cat a spirit fruit to eat……” His companion looked at Lang Chen, then at the little cat behind him who held the spirit fruit and was gnawing at it. It was the first time that he had seen such a gentle attitude from Lang Chen towards a junior sister.

However, the spirit fruit sent by Lang Chen didn’t taste very good, right? That flavor of spirit fruit was sour and bitter. Lang Chen, this tiger, had the intention to offend the little cat, right?

President Bi Xi patted Lang Chen’s shoulder and said in a serious manner, “Lang Chen, it’s not alright to treat a girl like this, you should buy her something delicious.”

The tip of Lang Chen’s eyebrows twitched as he looked over towards his direction, some doubt in his eyes.

Bi Xi was already a senior this year and had been sent out by the school for an internship, thus, he had basically not appeared in school this semester.

Bi Xi had originally been gentle in character. Furthermore, seeing the growth of his tiger brother, and that this tiger had some problems with chasing girls, he couldn’t help but mention:

“Little girls like to eat all kinds of delicious food at this age, how could you give her sour fruits? You can’t give any more even if it’s good for the body. Take her out for a few delicious meals, give a few more bottles of those strange elixirs from the Dan Department to the little cat, can’t you do that?”

When Lang Chen heard about the elixir, he touched his nose and covered up his laugh.

“The elixir won’t be needed, I'll buy her other snacks next time.”

Bi Xi nodded his head with approval at once. “That’s right.”

Lang Chen turned back and saw that the little cat was crinkling her face and nibbling on the fruit with a big smile in her eyes.

How was Xiaohan this cute.

Even if she was bullied, she was still very cute.

(T/N: Our cute tiger is in love {sings Love is in the Air} )


For the afternoon exams, the students waited in line outside the central tower as the instructors led the way inside.

The central tower belonged to Xunhai Union University’s military department. It was only open once a year for freshmen to carry out qualification tests. The rest of the time, it was closed and was only accessible by the military department.

Students of the Fire Spirit Academy were assigned to the Fire Spirit Testing Hall, which was on a very high floor and covered with black transparent stone tiles, which was grim and depressing.

In the center of the hall, there was an obelisk reaching directly up to the second level. It was unknown what kind of material it was made of, but it felt as if the pillar was so dark that even the light was absorbed into it.

The students inside were silent excluding the sound of the officer sitting at the front and announcing the qualification levels.

His cold, empty voice echoed throughout the hall.

The freshmen were subconsciously subdued by the solemn atmosphere.

“Fire Spiritual Root Branch – Thunder Spiritual Root; Spiritual Power Level – Medium Spiritual Lead Level 1; Spiritual Root Qualification: medium to upper.”

Hearing his result, the student with the thunder spiritual root’s eyes lit up for a moment, took his identity card, and walked out happily with his head lowered.

“Fire Spiritual Root: Orthodox; Spiritual Power Level – Lower Spiritual Lead Level 1; Spiritual Root Qualification: Medium.”

Another student left with an identity card.

The little cat followed from the middle of the line, her feline neck stretched to look ahead, and when she did, the officer in uniform sitting in front of her gave her a look and instructed:

“Raise your paw and press it on the spirit measuring pillar in front of you, then inject the fire spirit until you can’t hold on to it.”

The little cat nodded, tilted her head to look at the obelisk in the center of the hall that was a height equal to that of the floor, solemnly lifted one paw, and pressed it on the lower end of the pillar.

After a while, the spirit measurement column began to change color from the bottom, beginning from demon red, gradually becoming purple, and ultimately becoming a pure demon purple. The fire spirit gradually rose and the little cat once again pressed hard–-

The entire hall was dazzled by the brightness of the spiritual energy driven by the fire spirits. The fire spirits then shot straight up and scurried to the very top.

The flowing flame seemed to be alive as it surrounded the little white cat. She didn't know when she had closed her eyes but her ears stuck straight up solemnly and quivered slightly.


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