My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 45: Chapter 29.4

“Hahahahahaha, Xiaohan is the first cat I’ve seen talking.”


After a while, the two cats and the human stopped making a fuss. Zhou Mingyu tidied up, took a sip from his juice, and started talking: “Anyway, I’ve never seen a talking cat before, but Zheng Ze has. He’s half-demon. When he was a child, he still didn’t know his lineage, so many demons and monsters pestered him. At that time the General Administration of Paranormal Things came and helped him.”

“It seemed that it was a tabby cat. He said that the cat was especially fierce and could easily tear ghosts apart with its sharp claws. He was taken care of a lot by that cat when he was a child. That’s also the reason why he knew that he could study at Xunhai Union University.”

Qi Xiaohan remembered the boy who was always a bit disappointed, and mewed.

At this time the little cat’s ice cream was about eaten, Qi Xiaohan took out her phone and texted her roommates:

-Xiaohan is a white cat: “Still not here yet?”

No one replied in the group. After a while, Xiao Mengmeng finally came online. “I’m out, Lu Ling is still inside. I guess it’s almost over. You guys are currently at the commercial street, right? Just wait there, we’ll go over later.”

Little Maomao put away her phone, then she saw that Zhou Mingyu was looking at her. “You guys going out later?”

The little cat meowed, “After the exam, to relax.”

Zhou Mingyu’s eyes lit up for a moment: “Why not organize a group? I’ll call Zheng Ze, it’s better than staying in the dorm. Ask your buddies if it’s okay?”

Little Maomao looked at Zhou Mingyu, then took out her phone and started typing.

After a while, the little cat looked up. “Sure, let’s go and hang out together.”

Xiao Mengmeng quickly took Lu Ling to Qi Xiaohan and their sides. Zheng Ze also came a short while later. The four cats and two humans set off immediately towards the outside of the school.

The off-campus recreational facilities were very much complete. There weren’t many residents around there. The entire Xunhai Union University including its residents at the outer ring could already be considered a small city.

The outermost living area was even mixed with ignorant humans. After all, the extent of the boundary had come to an end at that place. The power of the boundary also began to weaken, and many humans had mistakenly entered.

One could only enter the outermost part. It was impossible if you wanted to go in deeper.

At the first layer, you would need to possess the Xunhai issued identity card. Previously, the fox’s girlfriend Suisui had been deported back because of her fraudulent identity card.

And at the outer layer, occasionally something that violated science would happen and could scare these humans.

When Zheng Ze came over, he also rented a car for them to conveniently travel.

Zhou Mingyu looked at the little white cat. “Xiaohan, are you going to the amusement park first?”

Qi Xiaohan meowed, “Yes, we are planning to go to the amusement park first, eat dinner when it’s eight o’clock, and then go to a midnight screening afterward.”

This itinerary, kinda full.

Zhou Mingyu listened and thought it was alright. He hadn’t been to the amusement park inside the boundary. He heard that it was very different from the outside, a unique place.

He had intended to experience it, but hadn’t been able to find the right companions. It would’ve been strange if it had only been him and Zheng Zhe. This time, they came with the little cat’s roommates.

Zheng Ze, with five behind him, drove and arrived at the outer layer’s amusement park. After parking the car, the group walked towards the amusement park.

“Let’s ride the roller coaster?” The little bobcat suggested.

The cats had never been to a human amusement park before. After all, there was no playground that allowed them to sit up and ride the roller coaster. Not to mention Qi Xiaohan, even with the snow leopard’s breed, they would be ready to be taken away.

Several cats agreed and Zhou Mingyu also nodded along. Unlike the big and small cats, they had never ridden the roller coaster with cats, and they were also curious as to how cats ride a roller coaster.

So, all together, they lined up at the roller coaster. On the other side of the line, they saw the little vermillion bird who was from the same dorm as Qi Xiaohan, Senior Li Zhu.

When he saw the little white cat, he was a bit surprised. He greeted her and continued to urge the little unicorn beside him: “What are you doing not standing up? Why are you like this? And you came here with me to buy tickets, but after already buying the tickets, how can you say you’re afraid of heights? I’ve never seen a unicorn that’s afraid of heights!”

The little unicorn was aggrieved. He held the side railings and shouted: “I didn't really want to come over here and play! You can fly by yourself. What do you need a roller coaster for to fly when you yourself can!”

“You get up!” The little vermilion bird noticed that the surroundings were looking at them. He was feeling very humiliated and so angry that he wanted to peck at the little unicorn’s head.

The little unicorn just hugged the pillar. Let him peck his head any way he wanted, he didn’t want to get up.

The little unicorn’s head had scaled armor so he wasn't scared if the little vermillion bird pecked him on the head.

“You don’t have to be afraid, I’ll grab you if you fall down.” The little vermilion bird yelled in anger.

Perhaps not wanting to lose face in front of his junior brothers and sisters once again, the little vermilion bird patted the little unicorn with his wings and said in a muffled compromise, “Okay, let’s not ride the roller coaster.”

The little unicorn looked up suspiciously at the little vermillion bird, then released the hoof embracing the railing and stood up.

When he saw Qi Xiaohan and the others behind him, he greeted them warmly: “You’re my junior brothers and sisters, right? I’m Jiang Yu of the Fire Spirit Academy, your senior brother. You guys came here to play too?”

The little cat looked at this senior brother who changed his expression on the spot and meowed, “……Yes, we’re planning to ride the roller coaster.”


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