My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 46: Chapter 29.5

The little unicorn suddenly shook his head: “You young pups, don’t ride the roller coaster, it’s unhealthy. Come follow this senior brother to the mirage where you can create your own illusion!”

(T/N: A mirage is a sort of optical illusion, a reflection of light that can trick the mind into interpreting the sight as an apparently solid thing. In short, it’s a hallucination/imagination. [Source: Merriam Websters])

Zhou Mingyu was a bit interested when he heard it. He had previously seen it and the sightings of the mirage on an online forum. It was said that you could see what you wanted to see, and its online reviews were high too.

A ride like a roller coaster could exist as long as there was an amusement park, but mirages weren’t common.

Mirages were rare.

Right now, the sky was bright. It was said that you had to wait until the dark so you could see another sight.

“Even if we can’t go to the mirage now, we can go to the submarine booth next to it. I hear that there were improvements and that a new section has been added.”

Originally, Qi Xiaohan and her group were going to ride the roller coaster but instead, they were dragged to the submarine booth.

This submarine booth was built like a dragon. It was said that it had been built after the Dragon Palace. They didn’t know if this was true as it looked better on its promotional photos.

This submarine booth had an octopus massage, an old turtle’s hour-long patrolling, special seafood, many marine life performances, etc. It could be considered to be a beautiful place.

After the little unicorn brought them over, the group of people bought separate tickets for the submarine booth. And after they received the water evasion beads at the door, they went directly into the submarine booth.

The little cat curiously looked at the underwater house scene. It was different when looked at from below. The clam women greeted them at the door with a polite smile and led them in.

Their bodies were soft, their skin delicate, and their feet still in the mussel shell.

Seeing the little cat looking at them curiously, the clam woman smilingly placed her hand in front of the little cat. Qi Xiaohan lifted a paw and gently touched her palm.


Oh, so soft.

The little unicorn had already run on ahead, with Li Zhu following behind him.

The little cat also shouted out a meow, and treaded down with her paws, following them. Then they arrived in front of a bubble machine. The little snow leopard pressed down with her paw, and a bubble was blown out, gradually getting bigger until it sucked the little snow leopard inside.

The little snow leopard was very amazed. She lifted her paw to touch it and it didn’t break, instead supporting her weight.

The little cat also ran over with interest, released a bubble to wrap herself in, directly ran towards the little snow leopard, and crashed on over.


The little snow leopard gave out a cry, trying her hardest to hit the little white cat. But land was different from water and her hit direction wasn’t right. It only drove her farther from the little white cat.

Little Maomao laughed, letting the bubble carry her and let her float in the water.

Zhou Mingyu and the others followed suit, hitting each other with the bubbles. For a while, the water became disturbed from their playing.

The little unicorn liked this situation. He pushed his head onto the bubble and slammed it into Li Zhu.

The little vermillion bird felt so angry. He couldn’t blow fire in this place and could only flap his wings in annoyance. He also couldn’t slam the little unicorn in accordance with his wishes.

The little mountain cat suddenly found something and said, “Hey, these bubble can be combined into one!”

She had already combined with Zhou Mingyu, and was moving towards the little white cat’s side.

The little white cat and the little snow leopard, upon hearing it, also wanted to try it together. The eel girl serving at the side helped them to apply a liquid on the bubble, and the little white cat’s bubble fused with the little snow leopard’s. The two cats rolled inside the bubble and couldn’t stop laughing.

The little white cat moved forward, pushing it with her paw while the little snow leopard kicked her from behind, the bubble actually following the movement. Although it was very inconvenient, the two cats still adapted to it.

Seeing that Zhou Mingyu and the others were about to bump over, Qi Xiaohan gave an excited meow~ and also crashed over towards them.

With a bang, the two bubbles collided heavily with each other, and then separated again. Water splashed around, and the cats and humans in the bubbles rolled around in a heap.

Qi Xiaohan couldn’t feel the ground under her paws when she emerged from the bubble, eyes bright, and feeling very new.

When the little vermillion bird stumbled out of it, he didn’t feel very good. He placed his other wing on the table, balancing himself, and told them: “I ordered a table of seafood earlier, so we should go and eat.”

The little unicorn didn’t have any objections, happily agreeing to it. Qi Xiaohan and Zhou Mingyu politely declined. After all, they were seniors whom they didn’t know much and it wasn’t polite to go eat other people’s food.

Not to mention, a table of seafood at the submarine booth wasn’t cheap.

After their seniors went to eat seafood, they planned to go outside of the submarine booth where grilled shrimps, grilled squids and the likes were located. Not only were they cheaper but they were also delicious.

The little unicorn listened and laughed: “It’s okay to eat together with us. This submarine booth was opened by our professor and he gave us many coupons, 30% discount.”

30% off!


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